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The contributions to those Societies, || siness. The Rev. ASAHEL S. NORTON, notwithstanding the incalculable ex- || D. D. Vice President in the chair. The pense of the wars in which that king-| Report of the Directors was read by the dom has been engaged, have from year

Rev. John Frost, and is in the words

following: to year been constantly increasing. In the last two years the annual receipts of The FIFTH REPORT of the Directors the Church Missionary Society rose of the Oneida Bible Society, exhibifrom about twelve thousand dollars to ted at the annual meeting in Ulica, about fifty thousand; and this with the Jan. 17, 1816. other principal Missionary Societies are

The Directors agreeabiy to the corcontinually receiving great accessions stitution respectfully submit the followof strength and of resources, and eontin

ing Report. ually extending their plans and their

It appears from the Treasurer's aeoperations. A similar spirit is rising in

count, which has been audited and apbe advanced to a proportionable activi proved, that the receipts of the last

year amounted to

$605 05 ty and productiveness. Nor is there Balance due the Society at the any danger that by this spirit of liberal

date of the last annual Report 11 22 ity the cominunity will be impoverished. It is estimated that the total annu

616 27 al expenditures of all the Missionary

Your Treasurer has paid over to the and Bible Societies in England do not amount to the anpual expense of sup- To Merrell & Camp, for print

Purchasing Coinmittee $596 34 porting a single ship of the line. What

ing 300 Reports

16 93 we have most to fear is, that the princi- To the Directors counterfeit pal functionaries of the Board will not


3 00 be able, with their other occupations, to bestow upon the continually accu.

616 27 mulating business, that attention which He has still in bis possession, its augmenting importance will demand.

notes on interest to the aIn regard to this subject, however, as

mount of

438 00 well as in regard to every other concern, pertaining to this institution, the bove account that the receipts for the

With pleasure we learn from the awisdom of the Board will be exercised, last year are $138,79 more than those under the direction of Him in whom all

of any preceding year. fulness dwells. This report the Committee beg leave their handē, at the date of the last annu

The Purchasing Committee had in to submit, in the full confidence that the Board will perceive in it many Received of Treasurer

$232 00 al Report

596 34 reasons of devout thankfulness to God, and many inducements to pursue our

They have paid the last year 828 34 great object with unremitting zeal.- To Hudson & Goodwin, for Hitherto the Lord hath helped us.

1000 Bibles, at 62 1-2 cents The work is in his hand, it depends for


625 00 its success entirely upon his blessing.

Paid for Bibles previously purSamuel WORCESTER. Clerk of the


200 00 P. C.

For boxes, transportation and

57 34 The annual meeting of the ONEIDA BI. BLE SOCIETY, was held at the Pres

882 34 byterian Meeting-house in Utica, on the

828 34 17th day of January, 1816.

Leaving a balance in their An excellent Sermon was delivered to favor of

54 00 the Society, by the Rev. AZEL BACKUS, The Distributing Committee, at the D. D President of Hamilton College.-- date of the last annual Report, had in After which the Society proceeded to bu

e recent i

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last year

Rer. As

their hands Bibles for distribution 75. Georgia, 1; Ohio, 6; Kentucky, 1; esiden I:

1 Since that period they have re. Tennessee, 2; Louisiana, 1; Mississippi Director te! ceived from the Purchasing Com Territory, 1; Indiana Territory, 4; Misust, and 11. mittee

1300 souri Territory, 1; Illinois Territory, 1.

The New York Bible Society have EPORTTI

1375 distributed the last year, 1258 English la Bila They have distributed to agents Bibles and 1894 copies of their new eunual Rete In Montgomery county

81 | dition of the French Bible. Most of the 6 Jefferson,

15 | latter have been sent to the French inHerkimer,

20 || habitants of Louisiana and Canada. sagreezbi 3 Oneida,

322 The whole number of Bibles distriifully submit Madison,

93 buted by this Society since its formaLewis,

25 ||tion, including 800 copies of the French Cayuga,

ino Bible, sent to the Bible Societies of been art St. Lawrence,

25 Connecticut and New Jersey, is 14,006. Counties west of Geneva,

21 This Society are taking measures for Distributed themselves to ob. pripting the Scriptures on stereotype Societat jects of charity

79 plates, in a brevier letter and large duWhole number distributed the odecimo form, to make about 1056 pa

781 ges. They have also by vote expressed Leaving in their hands for dis an opinion, that it is expedient to call a - has pasirinkti tribution

594 convention of delegates from different The whole number of Bibles distribu- Bible Societies, to consult on the prop, for' ted since the formation of the Society, priety of forming a General Bible Instiis 3356.

tution for the United States. This vote Believing it would aid the great ob-bas been communicated to the Presiject in view, the Directors, at their late dent of the New Jersey Bible Society, meeting in Whitesboro', the 2d inst. ap. as the most proper person to call such

pointed a number of agents to receive convention. 10:43 and distribute Bibles, and also to solicit The labors of the Rev. Samuel J. 110 thiet and collect subscriptions for the society. Mills and Daniel Smith, who the last

The Directors rejoice in saying, that year have performed a missionary tour learn me this Society continues to rise in impor- through the south-western part of the he most cance. The demand for Bibles, instead United States, bave been attended with 9 m** of diminishing, increases with the in- the most happy effect in the formation

crease of its means; and we are thus of Bible Societies, and in furnishing adTomD" enabled by God, still to share with oth- ditional information respecting the spir

ers in the inestimable privilege of giving itual wants of the inhabitants.
to the poor and destitute that holy book While we rejoice to behold the in-
which contains the charter of salvation.creasing zeal and activity of our breth-

The exertions of similar institutions ren in this country, let us turn to the ofte in this country, and, indeed, wherever Eastern World. Our attention is first 10. So they have been estahlished, continue arrested by that stupendous ļostitution, 2 cea unabated. New societies are constant. the British and Foreign Bible Society,

ly springing up. At the date of the last which has by its unparalleled exertions, annual Report, 62 societies were known drawn to it the eyes, and excited the ad

to exist iu the United States. From miration, the love apd the gratitude of , uz as the best information that can be obtain- all who pray for the prosperity of Zion.

ed, the whole number at present in the From the 11th annual Report it apUnion, is 303; viz.-in New Hampshire pears, that the receipts, including the ?; Massachusetts, 8; Rhode-Island, 2; sale of the scriptures, were £100,000

Connecticut, 2; Vermont, 10; New-sterling, of which the auxiliary socieel York, 25; New Jersey, 5; Pennsylva- ties contributed nearly £62,000.

nia, 13; Delaware, 1; Maryland, 5; During this year it has issued 126,158 District of Columbia, 1; Virginia, 13; Bibles, and 123,776 New Testaments. North Carolina, 1 ; South Carolina, 2;Since its forruation it bas circulated

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nearly 1,300,000 copies of the Scrip-I es new encouragement to exertion, and tures. Thirty auxiliary Societies were calls for gratitude and praise to Him formed the last year in the dominions who has the hearts of all in his hand. of Great Britain, and several new soci When we consider the rapid progress eties have been formed on the conti- of Bible Societies amidst the distress of nent of Europe. The St. Petersburgh nations, what may we not expect in Bible Society has changed its name to more peaceful times? At the comthat of the Russian Bible Society, and mencement of the present century & is extended to all the inbabitants of the Bible Society was unknown. It is about Roman Empire. This change is stated | 12 years since the British and Foreign to have already produced a good effect. Bible Society was formed. How much This Society is now printing 92,000 has been done within this short period. copies of the Bible in twelve different Prejudices the most inveterate have languages. They have resolved on been removed. Christians long sepathe thirteenth, viz. the Samogilian. In rated by names and unknown to each the words of the Rer. John Patterson, other, have united heart and hand in the "Over what an extent of country are good work. not these languages spoken from the Men of the first talents, and holding Arctic Circle to the Tropic of Cancer; the highest offices in state, as well and from the shores of thie Baltic to the as in church, are zealous in this comSea of Baikal !" The increasing ephere mon cause of humanity and religion. in which this Society is acting, will soon It is literally true, that kings are becomireach to that of the friends of Zion in ing nursing futhers, and queens nursing India, engaged in the same cause. mothers to the church.

The prejudices of the Roman Cathol The treasures expended in Europe ics against the dissemination of the and America in war, since the formaScriptures among the common people, tion of Bible Societies commenced, are rapidly diminishing. Many of them would furnish every man, woman and have become active in the work. Some child on earth with a Bible, and would of the dignitaries of that church warmly support for life, all the missionaries nerecommend Bible Societies both by cessary to preach the gospel in every word and deed. In several places the city, town and village, in heathen lands. Bible has been introduced as a school May we not reasonably hope that the book among the Catholics.

time is now at hand when the nations The Mahomedans are beginning to of christendom will cheerfully throw ask Christians for their Bibles. The into the treasury of the Lord as much Tartar New Testament is read with a-l of their silver and gold for the advance. vidity by many of them. Some Ma- ment of that“ kingdom which is not of homedans of rank in Western Africa, this world," as they have expended in have received the Arabic New Testa- the defence of temporal kingdoms which ment with gratitude, and solicited a fur- will soon be no more. ther supply.

Christians are

now awaking from The British and Foreign Bible Soci. their long slumbers, and are alive to the ety are now printing at Berlin a Turk|| immortal interests of the heathen. They ish translation of the Bible, by Hali Bey. | are putting the “sword of the spiritin. This work will probably be extensive to the hands of thousands. ly circulated in Turkey.

The empire of darkness trembles to The missionaries at Serampore are its foundations. Infidels who used to still unwearied in their labors. Their || laugh at the idea of christianizing heatranslations embrace 25 eastern - lan then nations, now look in silent astonguages and dialects. Twenty one areishment at the successful exertion of in press. Ten presses are constantly christians in this work. employed and are unable to supply the Bible Societies have become popu. demand for copies of the N. Testament lar. The influence in their faror which in the Hindostanee and Bengalee. a few days since was scarcely noticed,

Thus we see that every year furnish- ll has become formidable. The humble


-- rivulet, has, by, the aid of tributary || The Society then proceeded to the

streams swolen to a majestic river,which choice of officers for the ensuing year: heeds not the obstacles thrown in its and the Rev, Asahel S. Norton, D. D. way to check its course.

was elected President. The Rey. Mr. l'he lillle cloud, which lately arose Norton thereupon declined accepting po bigger than a man's hand, has spread the said appointment-and itself over a large portion of the globe, GEORGE HUNTINGTON, Esq. siffusing its genial showers, and fertiliz- was elected President. -ing the plains over which it has passed, REV. AZEL BACKUS, with the waters of salvation. Perishing

Vice President. thousands have drank of these waters, Rev. HENRY DWIGHT, “ of which if a man drink he shall ney

Corresponding Secretary. er thirst.The present is a day in

ERASTUS CLARK, Ese. which it is desirable to live. The events

Recording Secretary. of divine providence unite with pro MR. WILLIAM G. TRACY, phetic writ in announcing the rapid ap

Treasurer, proach of that illustrious morning, when Rev. ASAHEL S. Norton, D.D. the sun of righteousness shall arise wilh AMOS G. BALDWIN, healing in his wings upon all nations. JAMES SOUTHWORTH, Let us, brethren, not be weary in well Samuel F. SNOWDEN, doing. Let us be punctual in present

ISRAEL BRAINERD, ing our yearls offerings.

NoАН СoE, , We would call upon churches of ev

JAMES EEELS, ery name, to unite with us in this com CALVIN BUSHNELL, mon cause.

Moses GILLETT, Here we may deposit a treasure,

JOHN FROST, which will yield us a large revenue, ARTHUR BREESE, Esq. when this earth with its treasures shall MORRIS S. MILLER, Esq. be burnt up. When the judge of quick John LINCKLAEN, Esq. and dead shall call all nations before Doct. ELNATHAN JUDD, him-when we shall see the multitudes JER. VAN RENSSELAER, Esq. and in christian and heathen lands rescued Mr. NATHANIEL BUTLER, from the blackness of darkness through Resolved, That the next Annual Meetthe instrumentality of Bible Societies-ing of the Society be held at the Preswhen these happy souls often thanking || byterian meeting-house in WhiteshaGod in the highest strains, shall look | rough. around for those who sent them a Bible, when they shall run to embrace an Account of the Religious Experience the kind strangers and with tears of

and death of AURELIA Bonnel. gratitude thank them for their benerolence, who will not then rejoice that AURELIA BONNEL, daughter of Job he was a member of the Bible Society! | Bonnel was born in Brookfield, (Con.)

Her parents were members of the Preson molion Resolved, That the Re- byterian church in that place by whom port of the Director's be accepted and she was dedicated to God in baptisın. printed.

In the year 1795, the family removed

to Windsor, in the county of Broome, On molion Resolved, That the thanks of the society be given to the Rev. Dr. state of New York. In the beginning

of the year 1809, the sudden death of Backus, for his excellent (liscourse, de

a sister gave some alarm to Aurelia; livered to them, this day,

but the impression was of short dura. On motion Resolved, That the thanks tion. About one year after this event, of the Society be presented to the hon- a brother, who was peculiarly dear to able Jonas Plati, Esq. for his impor-her, expired. His conversation on leavni services while President of the So-lling the world, his solemn warning to all ily.

about him, lis epdearing farewell and

joyful departure, made an affecting im- signed. She retained her reason to the pression on all present, but more espe- last; &nd her farewell address to her cially on Aurelia. She inclined to be parents, relations and friends was solmuch alone, gave herself to reading, emn and affecting. With the name of and progressed in the knowledge of the Jesus on her lips, she breathed her last Holy Scriptures. At this time, here and without a struggle or a groan. One there in the neighborhood, individuals who stood by, exclaimed, If ever there were awakened, which led some chris. was beauty in death it was then to be tians to hope for a general revival of seen! Thus she left her aged parents religion. This hope was realized in the and relations to mourn their loss and to beginning of the year 1811. Aurelia rejoice in that glorious hope which was arrested, felt herself a sinner and made death welcome to her. The under condemnation. Soon after this,|| church have lost a dear young sister, she manifested, a hatred to sin on ac. and the neighborhood a friend. The count of its odious nature, a love to the 26th of Feb. 1812, will long be rememDivine character and law, proper viewsbered by those who witnessed the of Christ and the efficacy of his atono-departure of Aurelia. ment. She desired to feel towards sin as Concerning departed saints it may God does; but feared she did not suf- be said, ficiently see its evil nature. Christians

They sleep in Jesus and are blest, appeared to her in a new and pleasing How sweet their slumbers are. light. She was very jealous of herself, lest she might be deceived; but on ma-| Biograpkical Sketch of the Rev. Clarture deliberation, she thought it her du DIUS BUCHANAN, D. D. taken from ty to make a public profession of reli the London Evangelical Magazine for gion, which she did in the close of the June, 1815. year. In the summet previous to this event she had been visited with sick.

If the pedigree of this valuable man ness which terminated in a deep con cannot be traced to a noble, it may to a sumption. She freely conversed with pious ancestry, which is far more honber friends on leaving the world, and orable. His grandfather was an elder gave herself much to meditation on di- of M'Culloch's church at Cambuslang, vine subjects.

At her request, confer- in North Britain, at the time of the ex ences were holden at her father's house,

traordinary conversions, which took

In this which afforded her, in her confinement, place in the spring of 1742.* peculiar satisfaction. The prospect be- neighborhood was born the subject of fore her appeared to brighten, and she our Memoir, in or about the year 1768. manifested a desire to depart.

His father dying, as we are informed, The awful state of the unconverted while he was very young, his education deeply affected her heart, and she man

devolved on his grandfather and excelifested an ardent desire for their salva-lept mother, who trained him up in the tion. A short time before her deatb, || habits of piety and a strict attention to her father observed to her, that the the Lord's Day. The elements of his thought of parting with her, sometimes classical learning were probably realmost overcame him. To which sheceived at Glasgow, which is not far replied, father,when you are in trouble, from the place where his parents resithink on the great mercy God has

ded. shown to your family,* and let that

When a youth, he came over to comfort you. Are you not willing to

South Brilain, and was for some years give up one to Christ who has bestow-clerk to a respectable solicitor in the ed on you such peculiar blessings.

city. There be formed an acquainThrough the whole course of her ill- tanee, as it is said, with some gay young ness she was serene, cheerful and re- men, whereby his religious habits were

soon relaxed; and (which is generally * Six of the family had been the subjects of the revival,

* See Gillis's lIistorical Coll. Vol. ii. p. 339,


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