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appear to possess much tenderness of|| seminary in the Republic ; that the conscience, and show a very desirable schools of the prophets may never cease regard to religious duties and obligations. to be fed from the halls of science and Among the causes which have been the liberal arts ! made effective of this blessed revolution In the view of all the facts and details in the spiritual state of Nassau Hall, which have been related, the Assemthree have been presented which the bly offer their congratulations to the Assembly deem it useful to mention ;-friends of Zion and to those who have and simply to mention, for the sake, es-prayed for the peace of Jerusalem“ God pecially, of such of their people as may is in the midst of her ; she shall not be be concerned in the care of our precious moved : God shall help her, and that youth :—1st. The study of the Holy right early.” “God is known in her Scriptures ; accompanied with com- palaces for a refuge.” “ According to ments on the portion read, and a practhy name, O God, so is thy praise unto tical application of the leading truths the ends of the earth : thy right hand contained in it. 2d. Moral discipline, is full of righteousness. Let mount Zi. vigorously and vigilantly maintained.-on rejoice, let the daughters of Judah be 3d. The few pious youth who were glad, because of thy judgments.--. members of college before the revival, Walk about Zion, and go round about as a leaven leavening the whole mass.- her : tell the towers thereof. Mark ye The subjects of this revival are of a di- well her bulwarks, consider her palaces: versity of religious denominations, great that ye may tell it to the generation folcare having been used to avoid both an lowing. For this God is our God forevexcluding and a proselyting spirit. Iter and ever ; he will be our guide even has occasioned no remission of the orunto death." dinary pursuits of literature and science, Published by order of the General Asbut on the contrary has had a friendly sembly:-Attest, bearing upon them. No infence from JACOB J. JANEWAY, Stated Clerk. the quarter of authority has been introduced to force any of the youtb into a A Narrative of the Revival of Religion in the participation of the extraordinary exer.

Reformed Dutch Church at Poughkeepsie,

under the pastoral care of the Rey. Cornel cises which took place. But the As ius Cuvier. sembly forbear to enlarge.

Addressed to the Classis of Poughkeepsie. It is scarcely possible to light upon REVEREND BRETHREN, subjects of more deep and lively inter I communicate with pleasure, accordest to the soul that sincerely loves the ing to your request, an account of the Redeemer and his cause, than the scenes glorious work which the Lord has which have now passed in review before wrought in the Church and congregathe churches. The strength and wealth tion committed to my care. It has inof the kingdom of Christ on earth are deed been a work which has been strongfound in its youth of promise. Here then ly marked as his own. No one else are at least a hundred and thirty young could have done ilm his power and christians, to be sent abroad into the grace are abundantly manifest in it, and world froin the bosom of sanctified sci-he shall have the glory of it ascribed to ence, to go forth to the help of the Lord him.-In making the detail I shall be as against the mighty. Here are the hopes precise and particular as circumstances of Zion bred in the nurseries of learn- will permit. ing and of piety. 66 Here is a verification During the year 1813, this church and of the oracle," the children of thy ser- congregation were in a cold and distractvants shall continue, and their seed challed state--the hands of our praying peohe established before thee.” And here ple hung down, and their hearts were are the fountains whose streams, conflu- heavy and sad-labor was a burden to ent, a d yet pellucid, smooth, and noise- me, and I had it in serious contemplaless, make glad the city of our God.tion to give up my charge, and see wheMay the propitious influence of these ther the Lord had not work for me in revivals extend with rapidity to every some other part of the vineyard.

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The year 1814, opened with a more, doubt that the Lord has answered

prayer * orable prospect. The word and or- in this work. He has been earnestly -tances of God were better attended sought by his people, and has evidently

nusual, and we had from time to blessed them.
le some faint hope, some distant ex It has been a peculiarly deep and sol.
etation, that a good work had com- einn work. Our meetings have general-
enced. One reason of our hope was, ly been, literally houses of mourning--

ut our Wednesday evening prayer Never, under any circumstances, have I -eling (which has been kept up near- seen such deep sorrow and humility, I

all the time of my ministry,) became have seen a whole assembly, consistings crowded that we were obliged to re- of at least a hundred, sitting in tears beve from private houses to the church. fore the exercises commenced, and duthe month of April last another pray-ring the exercises, moved to sobbing, so

meeting was opened in the church on that I have felt afraid to proceed – This

lopubbath evenings, which has uniformly was equally the case under the promis vest. I. P. en well attended. [It was laid asidees of the gospel as under the terrors of - motor les course for the winter season, when the law_Indeed, mercy and grace ap

each in the evening; but has againpeared to have the most affect to move : Wat buruh wie z -en-resumed.] Both these meetings I think that the consideration of God's

have uniformly attended, when not mercy and goodness to sinners, in sparrejsent from the place. From this time ing them, in restraining them, in providlur praying people were considerablying such a Saviour, in shewing them their

They were drawn out to need of him, and making them willing ray specially to the Lord for a revival and desirous of being saved by him, has f his work. Through the last summer caused more sorrow than all things else. ears and hopes predominated aller-||I have seen or heard very little of the iately.

terrors of the law. Their hearts have The last Sabbath in July, and 1st and been too deeply humbled to be greatly 2d Sabbaths in August I was absent.- terrified.

terrified. They have generally very But the prayer meetings were contin soon been brought to feel what it is to

aed, although they were not so well have "a broken heart and a contrite una: attended as usual.

On the evening of spirit"--They have remarkably humone of those days, I am informed that bling views of themselves-l consider those who usually officiated in prayer great humility of soul as distinguishing were much depressed and discouraged the work. -so much so, as to say to one anotlier, The work has not been confined " What will become of us.?"! One of to any class of moral character. I be.

them intimated a hope, that the Lord lieve that as moral a man as I have ercburen would speedily visit us with a blessing. er known, has been a subject of its savamazi my cat From this time we date the commence-ing influence; and there are certainly

ment of the revival, although there some of the vilest of the vile, who have was no public appearance of it till some been brought to hate sin, and love and tiine in November. From this time practice holiness. There are among there was great ardency in prayer, and the number, several of the votaries of strong desires for a blessing from the pleasure who last year were gay and Lord--Since November there have been dissipated; whose hearts vibrated to the prayer meetings every evening in the notes of the viol, and rejoiced in the week, except when there was preaching; foilies of the ball room. Very few of I have uniformly attended them, and those who have been affected by the lectured from some passage of scripture. work have passed the midille age.Except Wednesday evenings, they have The work has chiefly been among the been held in private houses in different young, and a considerable part of them parts of the congregation. The private have been my catechu'nens. There is houses have been crowded. At the among the converts, a man of seventi Church there were generally from one i four--He is a Canadian by birth, he to three hundred present; I have no neither read nor write, speaks the

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lish language very imperfectly, and was have generally found them teachable and educated a Roman Catholic, I have willing to submit to the decision of the seen a child of seven years of age, who scriptures. This has been the more has been considerably exercised, and a happy, as attempts have been made to nother of nine who I hope has become prejudice the minds of some by cavilling savingly acquainted with the Redeemner. | against the doctrines of grace as inconAged sinners have been comparatively sistent with moral agency and the use of but little affected. The most of the means, or by wpisrepresenting them as work has been among the middling class leading to licentiousness. It has been in life, but there are instances in both ex-a standing rule with us to have no col. tremes—There are in one extreme, tenlision with those who differ from us, and or twelve poor, illiterate Africans, who to declare the truth without a reference are rejoicing in the hope of the gospel. to the sentiments of others. This kas Ethiopia is thus stretching out her hands had a very favorable effect, for, altho'it unto God.

has not stopped the mouths of gainsayers, With respect to doctrines, I would re- it has led serious seekers to think more mark, that the whole truth as it is in favorably of the doctrines of grace. The Jesus, has been intended to be declared | doctrines which I have mentioned are without any reference to the consequen-those which have been embraced by ces which might result from it-The to-the converts--It is difficult to tell what tal depravity of man: the just judgment doctrines have been found most comof God against him as a fallen and rebel-fortable, as there has been a consideralious creature; his cntire inability to a ble variety of exercises of mind-I betone for sin, or, raise himself to the en-| lieve, however, that the all-sufficiency of joyment of the favor of God; the neces- the Saviour, the unspeakable love of God sity of a radical change by the super-| in the gift of him, and the freeness of natural operation of the Holy Spirit;- the grace of God in the salvation of sinGod's unspeakable love in the gift of|ners, have bad the greatest effect to comthe Saviour; the character, natures, offi-fort-But as various doctrines hare in ces, and work of the blessed Redeeiner; the first instance been applied to the conGod's unchangeable and electing love; viction of the sinner, so have different his faithfulness in carrying on and com-truths at different times been blessed to pleting the work which he commences the comfort of the soul. in the heart, fulfilling his own purposes; Under the first deep impressions, the peculiar consolations of the gospel, ||those who have been exercised by them and particularly its nice and accurate have been very earnest and imporlunate adaptedness to the several situations in in prayer_They have also been very which poor sinners find themselves; the constant in their attendance upon the experience of God's children under vari- means of grace, and free in couversous circumstances; the misery and dan- ing upon the state of their souls--their ger which attend a continuance in sin; || state of mind has often been indicated the awful state of the wicked in eterni- by great sadaess and depression of coun. ty; and the blessedness of the redeemed,tenance; some were bowed down and are all subjects which have been called distressed for weeks in succession; othup, elucidated and enforced—the evi-ers were brought to the enjoyment of dences of a gracious state, have also fre-|| peace and comfort in a few days_1 qently been elucidated, and care has have also remarked that those whose been taken to do away those falsc im-minds have been seriously exercised, pressions which arise from a depend were fond of being together-Similarity ence upon iinpulses, frames and feel- of situation created fellowship of feeling ings: they have been taught to prove --I have frequently spent from one to themselves by the law and she testimony. two hours in conversation with them afThe peculiar doctrines of grace, have ter meeting, and often had a difficulty in generally been well relished, and when I sending them away from the place of difficulties occurred, they have easily meeting I believe I could bave kept been removed by frce conversation: 1|| them together all night on some occa

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...II- Le sa Jessheuded, and the morals of society are have been inarvellous then it consisted' 2. ist er en were brough it enor bling, drunleeness ani sabbath breaking into its communion, chiefly from the j., Iran Ire peace and comio. 2 a Religion has become a general con-wide world.-He has laid us under infi

mais distressei igra profane swearing, tavern-haunting, gam- dred and one have since been received 18 care bae bare also remarkte Versation, and sinners are less bold and nite obligations of love, and gratitude, false in minds have been an eis Open in their wickedness; so much gen- and praise. O that his blessing nay be I feel of situation created to witnessed among us; and the circum-l in days that are past, and even more &-- hare frequentit span nu

They have been very earnest in The cause of God is greatly strengthen

for their pastor, beseeching the cd in this quarter, and many fervent to spare and support him, and lay prayers are offered up for its prosperity

ly to his hands of the words of e- to the ends of the world. 95 life. The conduct of those who In January we received forty-four in*** Unade a profession, or been brought to the cominunion of the church-—-dye 100% ertain a hope, has generally been ring the present month we have receiv. Diete and exemplary-I believe they (ed forty-four more. It is hoped that a

much engaged in prayer, and seek-bout one hundred and ten hare been 25 grow in grace and christian knowl-| brought to the knowledge of the truth Huis la In many instances their growth is in our congregation alone, and probaalt te manifest-The scriptures are much bly nearly as inany more in the other men i and when they meet with difficul. congregations in this place—A number

za bey are very ready to ask explana- still appear to be anxiously seeking the 12.3—They appear to be sensible that Lord; and we s:ill hear of new cases of 3" * are and can be saved by grace a- awakening, tho' pot so frequently as the dire through faith, and that not of them heretofore. Within a week or two I

wees, it is the gift of God! The riglit-|ihink the attention has increased. At Preness of Christ is very precious to first it was confined the village but

There are a number who give has since extended to two districts in per les of being very useful in the church; the country, from one of which we have ** 20e and perhaps four, contemplate the received six members, and the other

pel ministry; two of thein have been two. The work is the Lord's and it is Rasuing classical studies for some time. Inarvellous in our eyes. How long it Insteaza ve generally great reason to be sat- will continue, or what the final result

anied with their walk and conversation. may be, HE alone knows. With him it cannot be that such a work should I would leave it, and to him be all the esibil have a considerable effect on society glory. lo the course of this revival ! enerally-it very early attracted public have had abundant reason to feel iny

ention. For more than two inonths | self a mere earthen vessel which He e world stood looking on with silent condescends to use, but which he can tonishment, and scarcely a word was easily dispense with.

tered against it-But since that time From this narrative, you will readily jera jdey have talked very freely. Some perceive, dear brethren, that the Lord

ave called us enthusiastic-others inad. has visited this place, and especially this svome bave attributed the effect to the congregation with loving kindgess and fforts of the minister's--others call the tender, inercy. He has been to us as whole a delusion.

der and rain from heaven, watering our Of this, however, we are certain; reli- parched fields, and making them bring Z

zion generally is more respected than forth abundantly. His dealings with this et e mira as superer it was; its ordinances are better at church and people for six years past 18SX : much . We have of about forty ineinbers,

, , , ral seriousness has before been upon us in time to come, as it has been

|| . ter meeting, and often med gives a hope that the cause of God will upon you

my beloved brethren, anii sending them away from the place long live and tourish here. It will be | your people, until you shall say, " It is "lecting-1 believe from here to as salt to preserve the mass of communi- enough, Lord it is enough." Wie : *** together all night on someone ty from corruption in time to conne.-- j dent prayers, that an abynilanı bıle

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!were fond of being toreiz


from God our heavenly Father, and Je-Sabbath. To those efforts there are sus Christ, our divine and ever blessed many adversaries ; and if this opposiRedeemer, through the effectual opera- tion remain armed with national author. tion of the Holy Ghost, may rest uponity, and this assenzbiy, who first rajsed yop and your people, and the Israel of the standard of truth, and invited their God, forever, 1 subscribe myself, breliiren to the glorious strucgle, alsu Your affectionate fellow-laborer and forsake them; the prospect is, that the brother in the Gospel,

Hood.gates of iniquity will be again forCORNELIUS C. CUYLER. ced open, and a far greater inundation Poughkeepsie, April 24, 1815.

follow. These circumstances imperiously urge to the measure stated is the

petition. But what encourageinent, Extracts from the Minutes of the Gene- some may say, can we have to renew

ral Assembly of the Presbyterian our application after such a refusal ?Church 1815.

Your committee are of the opinion, that Your committee to whom was refer. the very act of petitioning will have no red a petition communicated by the small effect, boih to animate the friends, committee of overtures, requesting x and to weaken the enemies of this cause. renewed application to the Congress || But this is not our only hope. Shall we of the United States, with respect to the forget that God has the entire controol violations of the Sabbath occasioned by of the hearts of men, and that those who the transporting and opening of the mail faithfully pursue the path of duty may, op that sacred day, beg leave to report, with confidence, rely upon his aid ?that it is the opinion of your counmittee Nay, we are encouraged to the re-applithat no exertions which can be made cation, by the terms in which the refus. for promoting the sanctification of the al of our former request was given.Lord's Day can exceed the importance The reason having ceased to exist on of the object.

which that refusal was predicated, as far A due observance of this institution as we have confidence in the sincerity of our holy religiou, is the characterist-||of our rulers, so far we may extend our ic signature by which God has distin. confidence that they will now give due guished his people, and which he has weight to our remonstrances. Ilow ininstituted as a covenant sign of their re-ded can we doubt the countenance of lation to him. His 'institutions, it be- those in this cause, wbo declare it to be coines us to remember are not useless their belief,“. That public policy, pure furms. They have their foundation in morality, and undefiled religion, comthe nature and constitution of things; we bine in favour of a due observance of cannot, therefore, give up the sign with the Sabbath ?" However weak the pracout renouncing the blessing thereby tical influence of this truth may be found, signified. Were this grand pillar of the we cannot doubt but that it is the lanChristian fabric removed, the whole guage of conviction.

The grand experbuilding would soon fall to the ground.iment by which God has been demonThe powerful influence of that day is strating to mankind the destructive naeven now scarce suficient, as we have ture of infidelity, with regard to society, many melancholy proofs, to support the must force open the eyes even of the cause of truth and vital piety ; who then blind, to see the fatal tendency of sin, can but foresee the diresul consequences especially in republics, which are founof being deprived of its privileges ! ded on the principle, that the law is These considerations receive a pe- the supreine power.

A free govern. culiar weight at the present time froinment, therefore, in which existing laws existing circuinstances. It is doubtless have lost their efficacy, presents to view well known to inany members of this a government in which the supreme body, that great exertions are making in authority lies prostrate under the feet various parts of the Union, and particu-!|of the lawless and disobedient. ln prolarly in the Eastern States, for promot-ducing this most unhappy state of socieng the due observance of the Christiau ty, the first effects of iniquity will be ex

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