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you a set time, and place and order of exer- ||therefore content yourself with a careless or cises, for performing this duty ?

cursory reading of them. Read and deliber8. Do you daily read a portion of the ate, and examine yourself closely, on the Holy Scriptures, in a devout manner? Do questions under each head; and let your you love to read the Bible? Do you ever heart be lifted up to God, while you are con

perceive a sweetness in the truths of sidering each particular question, in earnest **** Holy Scripture? Do you find them adapt- desires that he may show you the very truth. **** . ed to your necessities, and see, at times, You cannot ordinarily go over all these

it wonderful beauty, excellence and glory questions at one time. Divide them therein God's word? Do you make it the man fore, and take one part at one time, and an

of your counsel, aud endeavor to have both other at another. But try to go over the "3 km de-a luni! your heart and life conformed to its doc-whole in the course of a week; and do this , 1977 trines and requisitions ?

every week, for some months. When you mwOL

9. Have you ever attempted to covenant find yourself doubtful or deficient, in any Tot * wat and rice with God?' To give yourself away to him,|| point, let it nou discourage you; but note

E meer op Christene solemnly and irrevocably, hoping for ac- down that point in writing, and bend the ato in Constant ceptance through Christ alone; and taking itention of your mind to it, and labor and

? 1aT.2 God, in Christ as the covenant God, and pray till you shall have made the attainment 3. So Beto satisfying portion of your soul ?

which will enable you to answer clearly. 10. Does the glory of God ever appear It is believed that you cannot fail to see in their bus pat to you as the first, greatest and best of all how each question ought to be answered. com meu tio destes objects? Do you desire to promote the glo 2. Remember that secret prayer,

read2010 TOU ry of God, as the chief object of life? ing the word of God, watchfulness and self

11. Do you feel a love to mankind-such examination, are the great means of prepe. Vestition **

as you did not feel before you became reli- serving comfort in religion and of growing carnis iste gious? Have you a great desire that the in grace. In proportion as you are exact

souls of men should be saved, by being and faithful in these, such usually, will be Armpie cia brought to a genuine faith and trust in the your inward peace, and the safety of your edes Redeemer? Do you love God's people with state. Unite' them altogether, and never

a peculiar attachment_because they bear cease to practice them while you live. Think
their Saviour's image ? and because they often of the character of Enoch, azd try to
love and pursue the objects, and delight in walk with God-Read Mason's little book on
the exercises, which are most pleasing and self knowledge, I recommend it as excel-
delightful to yourself? Do you from yourlent.
heart, forgive all your personal enemies, and 8. Besides the Bible, have constantly in
refuse to cherish or entertain any senti- reading, at your leisure hours, soine author
ments of hatred or revenge? If you have of known piety and excellence. Read Ow-
injured any person, have you made repara-en's works, Baxter's Saints' Rest, Doci.
tion ; or are you ready & willing to make it? ridge's works, Watt's works, Witherspoon's

12. Do you fvel it to be very important works, Newton's works, Scott's Works,

to adorn religion, by a holy, exemplary, a-Venn's Whole Duty of Man, The Christian .: Neue miable and blameless walk and conversa-Observer, &c. &c.

tion? Do you fear to bring a reproach on 4. Do not suppose that any evidence the cause of Christ ? Does this appear to which at present, you may think you pos

you extremely dreadful? Are you afraid of sess, of a gracious state, will release you - e-kus sztombacksliding, and of being left to return to a from the necessity of maintaining a con

met 'n ha state of carelessness and indifference in Restant vigilance in time to come ; nor from ligion ?

repeated examinations and trials of your13. Do you desire and endeavor to grow self even to the end of life--Many marks in grace, and in the knowledge of Christ and evidences of a grcious state are set your Saviour, more and more? Are you down by pious writers. But they must all willing to sit at his feet as a little child, and come to this to ascertain what is your preto submit your reason and understanding, valent temper and character-Whether, on implicitly, to his teaching; imploring his the whole you are increasing in sanctifica-, spirit to guide you into all necessary truth, tion, or not? If you are, you may be comto save you from all fatal errors, to enableforted; If not you have cause to be alarmyou to receive the truth in the love of it, | ed. It is only he that endureth to the end and to transform you more and more, into that shalj be saved. a likeness to himself?

5. I think it of very great importance to Counsel.

warn you not to imagine that true religion 1. Remember that these questions are is confined to the closet or to the chur! intended to point your attention to subjects even though you apprehend that you of inquiry the most important. Do not great comfort and freedom there. )


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dom and comfort there are, indeed most , humiliation undoubtedly exist, true relidesirable ; but true religion reaches to eve- gion and sound morals, are on the whole ry thing. It aliers and sweetens the tem- making a very gratifying progress. Ing

It improves the manners. It goes Gidelity has becoine insignifican', both id into every duty, relation, station and situa- the numbers and talents of those who tion of life. If you have true religion you will have a better spirit

, you will be better affect it. Vices hitherto domineering, sons, better scholars, betier friends, better bave been, in many places, successfully members of society, and more exemplary encountered by the efforts of the friends in the discharge of every duty, as the sure of Godliness. The destructive sin of in. consequence of this invaluable possession :|lemperance, against which the zealous And if your religion does not produce these labors of the church and the inffuence of effects, although you may talk of inward all good citizens have been of late with great reason to fear that the whole is a de- peculiar energy directed, does not exhilusion, and that the root of the matter is bit itself to its former extent of atrocity not in you.

“ Herein (said the Saviour)||and shamelessness. Order, harmony, is my father glorified, that ye bear much| peace, correct principles, stedfastness in fruit, so shall ye be my disciples.” the faith,ministerial fidelity, and a decent

6. Be careful to avoid a gloomy, and to and serious attention to public worship cherish a cheerful temper. Be habitually and divine ordinances on the part of the cheerful; but avoid levity. Mirth and

, . or , laughter are not always sinful; but let your of those dissentions have occurred which indulgence in them he clearly innocent, not very frequent, and never of long con- present a threatening aspect to the prostinuance. Be very humble. Be not talk-| perity of Zion. No dangerous, or even ative. Before experienced chrisjans be important error is apprehended to exist. a hearer, rather than talker. Try, in every The missionary has carried the gospel way, however, to promote religion among || to destitute thousands, breaking to them your relatives and friends. Win them to the bread of life, and refreshing them in it, by your amiable temper and exemplary || the wilderness with the waters of eternal deportment. “Flee youthful Justs.”Shun every excitement of them.-Guard consolation. New Congregations have against dissipation; it extinguishes piety.

been formed in various parts of our Be not disconcerted by ridicule and re-country. In some distant sections of proach. Your Savour bore much of these our ecclesiastical community, where the for you. Think of this and be ashamed of stated means of grace have not hithernothing so much as of being ashamed of||to been enjoyed, there is a prospect of him.. Trust in his protection, live to la pamerous and speedy accession of his praise, and you will spend an eternity || ministers. The additions to the comjo his blissful presence.

munions are, in many congregations, vea Narralive of the state of Religion wilh-ry large : in almost all considerable ; and in the bounds of the General Asse.inbly informed by several of their southern

of these, the Assembly are happy to be of the Presbyterian church, and of the General Associations of Connecticut, Presbyteries, are numbers of the African of Nero- Hampshire, of Massachusetts proving the opportunity which this infor

The Assembly, desirous of im. proper, and of the General Convention mation affords them, claim the religious of Vermont, during the last year.

attention of their Ministers and Elders to. THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, this class of people, whose immortal con

In laying before their beloved people cerns are too apt to be neglected by as accurate an account as they could ob-throse very persons for whose ease and tain of the state of religiou in their Con-affluence they toil. gregations during the year past, rejoice Revivals, to a greater or less extent, to have it in their power to announce have occurred in various portions of our that the gracious footsteps of the Lord church. In the towns of Rahway and have noi ceased to be visible in the Woodbridge, in the Presbytery of Jermidst of them. From the reports, sub-sey, unusually great additions have been mitted by the several Presbyteries, it made to the communion; a very lively appears, that although causes of deep interest has been excited with reference

to eternal concerns, and much done to-|| better by the visitations of God, the alien wards promoting the Redeemer's cause. from the Commonwealth of Israel, the This is the more worthy of notice inas-man of earth, the unbelieving servant of much as 'a lamentable indifference is the corruption which is in the world known previously to have existed in through lust, hay regarded them with inthose towns. A revival of importance difference, or barred the avenues of senhas occurred in the Second Congrega-sibility against the admission of their tion of Wilmington, in the Presbytery of monitory call. Hence, to the pleasing Newcastle, a fact connected with which, representation ofthings given above, the the Assembly deem it proper to mention Assembly are constrained to acknowlfor the encourageinent of their people :

-edge some unhappy exceptions. InThere had been a society for prayer, temperance, altho' it should seem, on whose meetings began to be neglected the decline, still disfigures the moral as. to such a degree as to threaten its dissolu-li pect of society. In too many parts of tion. Its discouraged friends talked of our country, the violation of the christian this as an event near at hand. Through Sabbath calls as loudly upon the beliethe restraining providence of God, how-ver to oppose to its influence, his admo. ever it was not dissolved, Circumstan-nition, and his prayers, as if nothing had ces soon occurred, which under the ad- yet been done. The rancorous hostility ministration of the Spirit, renewed the of political party preys upon domestic face of the congregation: and in a few and social peace, and indisposes men to short months, instead of a single society, admit the kindly influences of religious wasted and feeble, and about to expire, love. The spirit of the world struggles arose four societies, “ fervent in spirit successfully for dominion. And in a serving the Lord;" "quickened to call word many humbling facts present them. ' upon his name;" wrestling like Jacob/ selves to urge pious people to the throne for his blessing, and like Israel prevailing of Grace that they may supplicate a to obtain it. True was the expression more copious effusion of the enlivening of the brother relating this fact,“ the and converting spirit. darkest hour is that nearest day-light.” The reports made by the Delegates

It were to be wished that the Assem- from the General Associations of Conbly could perceive, in a more general necticut, New Hampshire, and Massaamelioration of manners and habits, thatchusetts Proper, and the General Conimprovement of the dispensations of Al-vention of Vermont, afford very exhilamighty God which he expects and man-| rating intelligence; resembling, in its prokind are obligated to exhibit. The minent features, that submitted by the judgments of Pestilence and War have Presbyteries. In Connecticut and Mascarried their desolations over a large por-sachusetts Proper, revivals of magnitude tion of our land; wringing the widows meet the enquiries of the Assembly and heart, and dimming the eye of the fatherestablish the Lord's claim to the gratiless. Infelicities of a diversified char- tude of his believing people. In the first acter have followed in their train. Re-mentioned of these associations, the versed fortunes, and defeated hopes, most laudable exertions are made tohave not been wanting to tell men that wards the furtherance of foreign mis"they bụild too low, who build beneathsions. From the other, the Assembly the skies." But men do not know ;-are pleased to learn, that certain errors, neither will they consider. The effects of a pernicious character infesting that of these judgments have been different district of country for a length of time, on minds of two opposite classes. Nor bave ceased to advance, if they have will it be a matter of surprize to any not been driven back from their threatwho are acquainted, on the one hand, ening position. Young Ministers, sound with the workings of the gracious prin-| in the faith, have been settled of late in ciple, or apprized, on the other, of the many congregations esteemed hitherto force of depravity and the callousness of to be disinclined towards correct prins the heart, to learn that while the real || ples. New Hampshire and very christian has been confirmed and made also, have been partially visited

rclesiasticer ed enne Ol

pai eninred, # Item) and

Tue um 42700s are, iu marr

Hae: in almosia.

these, the Assemer **spini

niormed by vererdi Prnabyteries, are outro

race. The Assemos Pinelan nation afords them. Can T

oring the opportuuct me wiieation of their Vinisters and

hái ciase of people, whose mais I pre are loo apt to be seenten de "Imse very persons for uence they toil

lievivate, to a greater or lessen cepe care occurred in various portions are * "farct. In the towns of Palmas

oodbridge, in the Presbytery -F5, unually great additions have the made in the communion; a very ha interest has been excited with relens

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former, more especially in the town of||of God may be brought nigh onto them; Haverhill, the inhabitants of which had and others, again, for supplying the long been without a settled Minister and pressing wants and alleviating the bodicareless of possessing the privileges and ly diseases of the indigent sufferer. ordinances of the Gospel.

To the benefits derived from those inThe Assembly would do injustice to stitutions which bave been denominated the subject were they not to advert more moral associations the Assembly bear particularly for the iostruction and coun-their willing testimony. Abundant eviselling of their churches, to certain factsdence has been furnished of their sucand circumstances which they consid. || cess in repressing audacious vice and er both as instruments and evidences of producing a degree, at least, of external a progressive work of grace extending reformation. Sobriety has obviously been itself through the past year.

promoted by them; and rigidly discounThe "social principle is mighty in its tenanced by them, profaneness has grown operations. It constitutes a powerful into disrepute, law of our nature, When sanctified by Bible societies, forming a most imporreligion, and consecrated to the imme-tant feature of the religious character of diate service of God, what results of high the times,are multiplying daily. Scarcely import and holy advantage, may not be can there be discovered any consideraexpected from it? Growing out of this|ble portion of settled country in these principle, a multitude of associations of states where some association of this a pious and benevolent pature have kiod is not either organized or about to spread themselves through the churches be organized. Words are wanting to under the Assembly's care, as well as express the inestimable value of these those with which we are in ecclesiastical societies, which, by putting the book of connection in the Eastern States. The life into the bands of the needy, enrich practice of uniting the talents, influence, them with heavenly treasures; and which, and resourses of individuals by these hal embodying, so to speak, the zeal of all lowed bonds and for these religious, christian denominations, and knitting to moral, and charitable purposes is not no-each other persons, who, however they vel. It has been more than once before may differ on many points of greater or this announced to exist among our peo- of minor importance, agree in affirming ple. But it would seem that at no for- the word of God to be the only infallible mer period bas it been pursued with such | rule of faith and practice, neutralize the vigor, extension, and success, as recent- asperity of the bigot and the sectarian, ly. The spirit in which it originated is and reconcile the contending members more actively at work than ever, and of the same great brotherhood. The tendiffuses itself far and wide. Christian dency of Bible societies to produce this women-the mothers and the sisters in auspicious result is not now a matter of Israel-the daughters of Jerusalem- experiment: facts have ascertained it. mingling with the softest sensibilities Justice, and the 'praise due to perseof uature the holier refinements of a gra-vering piety, forbid the Assembly to pass cious heart-minister of their substance unnoticed the continued labours of one to the Lord Jesus—serve him by serving|| particular Institution; viz. The Evangelhis poor—and rival, where they do notical Society of Philidelphia for the insurpass, their brethren in instituting and struction of poor children: the members maintaining societies promotive of the of which have, during the past year, had interests of his Divine Religion. It under their care about one thousand would be difficult to number the associa- children of this description. More than tions of these virtuous and praise worthy one of these have proved to be little women formed, some, for contributing brands plucked from the burning, and to the education of poor and pious youth have manifested, in death, the blessed for the office of the Holy Ministry ;| fruits of that sacred sympathy which others, for the distribution of Bibles ;ll brought them out of darkness into light others, for instructing the ignorant of || and from the power of Satan into the adult age to read, in order that the word | glorious liberty of the children of Gode

- DETSA Ribe towards Him from whom cometh down | As many as fisty," he states," have giv

5 kiloa olence; and the violent take it by these belong to Virginia, and the states
23 imicercle dlars of information at once highly im. gracious-
Report of the General Assembly on the state of Religion.

17 he town oi. A God may be bet

Praying societies constitute another ||kens of the Divine presence. Within the ishich had and gues, ain

*particular worthy of observation in de space of a very few weeks, many of its sauer and pressing wants and årza tailing the religious character of the past youth have been renewed in the spirit of and ly disease be inéga 3 year.--Not that their origin is of a date their minds, and have returned unto the

To the bereits derisa a thus modern. They have long subsist-Lord their rest. Many more have been *stitutions which have den ed in certain parts of our church--excited to serious reflection. And, of € moral associades the But of late years they have been multi- one hundred and forty students, but one out their Filling testimont

. as plied ; and since the narrative rendered it is stated, remains unimpressed: while tot dence has been furnize by the last Assembly their number has at the same time, a number of the younems ces in repressing andere been very considerably augmented, and ger inhabitants of the town in which the apers on nimodacing a degree

, at keze their influence in quickening the zeal of college is situated, share tlie precious efsam reformation. Sobriety ha cs the pious and converting those that are fusion.

monotec hit them: and who without, singulariy attested. For all Passing on from this institution, to lesanced by them, prvízens" the spiritual blessings which are in Middlebury college, in Vermont, the Asinto disrepute.

heavenly” things and places“ in Christ sembly behold, there also, the footsteps cs, ji bude sacieties, formingus Jesus” God will be enquired of. Wher of the reviving spirit. A number of the

HTTP al fety of the religiu o ever two or three are gathered together youth of Middlebury have become seriszet e timesse an ultiplying at : in the name of Christ, they have his ous christians-trees of righteousness,

it is there be tiscovered er: promise that he will be with them ;- the planting of the Lord—that he may

Hip portion of settled crot and never is the Holy Spirit refused to be glorificd. **. tales where some as coz those who with contrite hearts and hum

Retracing their steps, the Assembly s is not either organiseu sa ble faith implore his fellowship. Chris: find their attention called to operations a urganidei. Taiders tian love is excited and cherished, and of greater extent, in Yale college, Cona reciprocity of encouraging and fortify-necticut. In the progress of God's

grawarties are ca nu pocng na ing motives created, by what the Assem-cious visit to this seat of learning, the The go. Tatais biens bly may be permitted to call a common whole college,” to use the emphatical

conciousness of common wants, desires description of the delegate reporting on en Bilisera, des and weaknesses. Heart springs to heart. the subject

, “ was shaken as the trees of A full tide of mingled affection sets in a wood are shaken by a mighty wind.” au man motto 13 every good and every perfect gift.-en evidence of having passed from death

The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth vi-unto life. A considerable number of force.”

farther south.” The Assembly have reserved for the “ The ways of the Lord are right”cu intele energie conclusion of their narrative some partic-(they are wise-they are holy-they are

-they socieleesat portant and uncommonly gratifying. sought out of all them that have pleassult is more They relate to the revivals with whichure therein.” Intelligence of the inter.

it has pleased God to favor several of||esting scenes which were taking place

the most distinguished Seminaries of at Princeton, is said to have been one and the Asian Learning in the United States of Amer-important means of quickening the

ica : indistinct intimations of which, it is church to prayer and religious conver-
notinued lowest
avis. The la not doubted, many of their people have sation previous to any favorable appear-

ances in Yale college.
Divine impressions have been made The Assembly, therefore, returning
ceruze tie past yet upon the minds of a number of the youth towards the centre of their ecclesiastic-
wout one those of Hampden Sydney College, within the al concerns, recognize with gratitude

bounds of the Presbytery of Hanover. In God's gracious work in the college of
endue proved to be several of the subjects of these impress New Jersey. From the report of the
www he burning jons, it is believed, a saving change has President of this seminary, to the board of

been affected ; wbile their influence is | Trustees, which report has been read ses Jassen ish boting ceai, be bler

visible in stamping a religious solemnity to the Assembly, it is learnt that “a maitu vitattá tmpathy Thi

on the face of the Institution generally. jority of the students now in the colle two i wardess into the -- 104 bedelli pesakita ut solantinio

· Dartinouth College, in New Hamp- || may be viewed as hopefully piou." > Visos Adesung he will winstreu vist that

shire, has beep favored with lively to-tat "a large proportion of the i

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# the praise dur B1

Philidelphia for the
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