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1408 ole finished, Mr. Mills and myself began to
www.adries and think of returning to our native land. / Where pains retire, and cares, and tears,

en bulon E* And as the passage by sea was then i Then sinooths the rough, the rude re-
die freaca beri ing those places; and therefore wailed! When hymns of bless'd Redemption rise,

hoi bit palat ding themselves before the gentleman's door, || to be distributed. While he was gone, a
them, was das Bestehen who had the immediate agency of the vessel sailed for Charleston. I embra-
leed 5 21 14 200 distribution This gentleman was Aliced the opportunity, as there would
The Elle fred Hennen, Esq. of New Orleans : probably be no other; and am now,

af- Dailo Per-frem, to a who deserves the thanks of Bible Socie- ter a long and somewhat dangerous pas

ART 221 Endt ties, and of the French, for his faithful sage, within a few miles of that port.
one in sillabe di attention to this interesting business.
reparing a adreseHe had more applications than he could The Strail Gate, and the Broad Way.
je Bible Society the possibly attend to; and he was obliged “On this little life depend
i metion 14:2 to send away many from day to day Blessings, and woes, which cannot eod,

that coger unsatisfied. But they returned again, For Faith and Penitence below,
Comp ter interested and were literally “clamorous for the Immortal life and rapture glow;
water way. The Bible.” In one week, more than a thou-| For harden'd guilt, eternal ire,
maibane sand copies were distributed. In three And

In three And waves, that surge unfathom'd fire."
. The or four weeks more than two thousand
cess importerer had been given out in the city, and suit " Then rise from death's benumbing
THEAT E up is able persons had been inquired out to

, THIS superintend the distribution of those des- See, spread beneath the yawning deep!

tined for the different settlements in on rise ! and let salvation call
the country. Often in the progress of Your time, your thoughs, & talents all.”
our mission, have we had occasion to
exclaim, Surely the hearts of men are

“ Two only paths before you spread;
in the Lord's hands. The principal And long the way your feet must tread.
priest in New-Orleans, Father Antonio, This strait, and rough, and narrow,

lies decidedly favors the circulation of the The course direct to yonder skies. Testament. The administrator of the And now o'er hills, on hills, you climb, Bishopric, Du Bourg, although he ap- Deserted paths, and cliffs sublime; proved of the plan, and of the version And vow thro' solitudes you go, proposed to be circulated, when broth. Thro' vales of care, and streams of woe. ers Mills and Schermerhorn formerly Tho' oft you wander sad, forlorn, consulted him on the subject, now re- The mark of spite, the butt of scorn; fuses to countenance the distribution ; Yet your's the sweets, that cannot cloy, on the ground that this is a Protestant The Saviour's peace, the Seraph's joy; version, and that he was not formerly While nurture Heaven itself supplies, acquainted with it. Yet he says he And fruits depend, and springs arise ; does not oppose the measure, and would And Health and Temperance, sisters prefer that this version should be circu

gay, lated rather than none.

The moral and Despise the lessening length of way; religious state of New Orleans remains And sweet, tho’rare, coinpanions smile, extremely deplorable. Profaneness, Deceive the road, and lose the toil; Sabbath-breaking, and vice of every And Hope still points the approaching description, prevail to a fearful extent. As magnets tremble to the pole.” (goal, " When our business in that city was

" As now at hand the realm appears,
open, we thought we should prefer that,

to a tedious journey through the wilder. The deser: blooms, the steep declines;
ness to Georgia. But no opportunity Then bright, and brighter, spreads the
presented immediately of going either

was to Charleston or Savannah. We were Where Love begins her vernał reign.

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a little to obtain a passage. Mr. Mills Your FATHER's welcome bails you

home; li went to the Attucapas country, for

few days, where there were Testaments The LAME, the Spirit bid you come;


And all the Family around

Their journey winds—No friend appears Salute you to the blissful ground, To dry the stream of endless tears. The heirs of life, the sons of God, Sweet Hope, that sooth’d their pains beAnd trophies of their Saviour's blood.”


Returns to soothe their pains no more. “ Full wide the other path extends, Thro' the long night, the eye looks on, Hind round, and round, serpentine bends. But meets with no returning sun; To sense, bewitching flow'rets bloom, While Peace resigns to blank Despair, And charm, and cheat, with strange per. And light is chang'd to darkness there."

fume; Fruits hang dissolving poison nigh,

HYMN. And purpling death enchants the eye.

Juhn vi. 68. Companions, frolicsome and gay,

To whom, my Savior, shall I go

When I abandon thee; Laugh jocund on the downward way,

My guide through all this vale of woe, With wilds entice a thoughtless throng, And more than all to me? And, blinded, lead the blind along, Where smooth, and treacherous, and

The world reject thy gentle reign ;

And pay thy death with scorn ; steep,

0, they could plal thy crown again, It slides, impending, to the deep."

And sharpen every thorn! “At length, where Death dominion

But I have felt thy dying love holds,

Breathe sweetly through my heart,

To whisper hope of joys above;
A wide and gloomy gate unfolds-

And can we ever part ?
Thro' solitudes immensely spread,
The mourning mansions of the deall, Ah no-with thee I walk below
A dreary tomb that knows no bound,

My journey to the grave;

To wbom my Savior, shall I go, A midvight bung eternal round,

When only thou canst save ?-Panoplist.

Dan. And what is death, my friend, that I should fear it?
To die ! why 'lis to triumph ; 'tis to join
The great assembly of the good and just;
Immortal wortbies, heroes, prophets, saints !
Oh! 'tis to join the band of holy men,
Made perfect by their sufferings ! "T'is to meet
My great progenitors! 'Tis to behold

Th’illustrious patriarchs; they, with whom the Lord
Deign'd hold familiar converse. "Tis to see
Bless'd Noah and his children, once a world!
"Tis to behold, oh, rapture to conceive !
Those we have known, and lov’d, and lost below!
Bold Azariah, and the band of brothers,
Who sought, in bloom of youth, the scorching fames
Nor shall we see heroic inen alone,
Champions who fought the fight of faith on earth;
But heavenly conquerors, angelic hosts,
Micbael and his bright legions, who subdu'd
The foes of truth! To join their blest employ
Of love and praise! to the bigb melodies
Of choirs celestial to attune my voice,
Accordant to the golden harps of saints !
'To join in bless'd hosannas to iheir king!
Whose face to see, whose glory to behold,
Alone were heaven, though saint or seraph pone
Should meet our sight, and ooly God were there!
This is to die! who would not die for this ?
Who would not die, that he inight live forever ?... Sacred Draina.

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. den hares !

pusanna: le meille time!

whose giant 37 cm

"On our arrival at Natcha e little perplexed on bois pores of French T'estime

THE u that place, bad not a

iced Mr. Mills to pa + New Orleans to make

had reached these ..oth in the Mississile sporing to strengler Vol. III.


No. 6. - Bible Society then mation respectang

To the Editor of the Panoplist. that it is a practice, which ought to ir,

be discontinued, Does the practice, *

I am extremely happy to learn, from then interfere with the religious duties 25 baba, as

e minutes of the General Assembly of of the sacred rest? This is the first point : 1,001, beda

e Presbyterian Church, and of the to be considered; and surely, there can
- .
: clergse the

eneral Associations of Connecticut be no room for doubt, where conclusive
id Massachusetts, that it was resolved, facts present themselves,
the late sessions of these venerable

“ Thick as the leaves, that strow the brooks,
dies, to unite in petitioning Congress,

In Vallombrosa:"
put a stop to the carrying and open-
; of tlie mail, upon the Sabbath. The

It will be seen, at a glance, that in a
an of circulating copies of the general country so extensive as ours, and one
tition for signature, among all denom- which is every where intersected by
stions of Christians throughout the U. post-roads, it requires a very great
ates, is, I think, very judicious. It is number of drivers and carryers to trans-
lculated to embody and ascertain the port the mails. All these persons have
ength of the good people of this coun-souls to be saved or lost. The law of
-, and to bring their views and wishes, God binds them, equally with others, to
regard to the importance of the Chris- keep the Sabbath holy. It is their in-
n Sabbath, fairly before the national dispensable duty to make it a day of rest
çislature. Anxious to forward this noble from worldly employments, and to
d patriotic design, by every proper spend it in the “ public and private ex:
eans in my power, I have been inducedercises of God's worship.” But the ex-
depart a little from the regular order ofisting regulations of the General Post-
e discussion on which I have entered, Office render such an observance of the
d to send you a few strictures, which Sabbath, by them, impracticable. They
jad intended to make in another place, are required to be on the road, when
on the existing regulations of the Post they should be in the house of God, in
dice department. If you think an early their families, or their closets.
zertion of them will be likely to pro Thus freed from the restraints, and

ote, in any degree, the great and good deprired of the blessings of the Lord's
pilogo vject is view, they are at your service. day, they gradually lose whatever rer.

Z. X. Y. erence they previously had for its sd

cred hours, and divine requirements, ON THE SABBATH. NO. IV.

The consequences are such as might per prema

be expected. The Sabbath being soon n carrying the Mail upon the Sabbath. forgotton by them, other divine institus'mueros, another it can be inade to appear, that the re-tions are of course disregarded, and urut legnas slac transportation and opening of the they are placed at a remove, almost Ta win their

mail upon the Lord's day, interferes, un hopeless, from the kingdom of heaven,

voidably and extensively, with the ap- How many persons are employed every ja attune Ds voire, copriate duties of holy time; and that Sabbath, as mail-carriers, in this exion

de practice cannot be justified by thesive country, I know not. The num-
lea of necessity; it will, I trust, be ad-lber must certainly be great. Probably

amerikan pertempat II who have any regard for the Sabbath, | not their services to be dispensed with,

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if possible? I am sure, that the answer, !! disturbed, by the arrival and departure of Christian benevolence must be in the || of stages, and the noise and bustle which affirmative.*

they occasion * But mail-carriers are not the only Nor do the evils complained of stop persons, who are prerenteu from sanc-here. For the sake of carrying passen. fifying the Sabbath, by the practice now|gers on the Sabbath with impunity. under consideration. All the postmas-stage-coaches are employed, even on ters, who are required to open the mail those routs, where the mail might be on that day, are subjected to such inter-death. Neither the word of God, however, not ruptions, as must be very painful to a se his Providence, authorize any expectation that rious mind, and very prejudieial to reli-be will thus interpose. Quite the reverse. gious improvement. By the arrival of We insist not here, on the vastly greater the mait , during the hours of public Sabbath in driving other carriages those

number of persons, who are employed on the worship, many are prevented from in which the mail is conveyed, and who ould waiting upon God in bis house. And I not be thus employed, vere it not for the cuswhere this is not the case, how painful tomary travelling of mail stages on that day. must it be, to those post-masters, who|Let us suppose all pther travelling on the sabi have any proper regard for the Lord's mail-carriers, in the happy possession of the

hath prevented, and all the inhabitants, except day, to be interrupted by the arrival of Sabbath, and its various means of spiritual imthe mail, when reading the Scriptures, | provement. In that case, would it not be ot, perhaps, in the midst of family or thrught a great evil, that several hundreds of closet prayer, compelled to turn their at persons should be so employed, as to be remor.

ed from hearing God's word, from the ordinary tention, for hours togellier, to letters, I means of grace, and the offers of salvation? newspapers, and way.bills. How much would not the wbole country be filled with also, in many cases, are their families lamentations, on account of so melancholy a se.

clusion from the common blessings of christian* As we conceive this subject to be ircalcn. ity? Is the evil less now, when the multitudes iably important, our readers will pardon is for involved in it are immensely greater, than in adding, by wav of note, a few remarks on some the case supposed ? and when its magnitude is nf the topics, cliscussed by our respected corres-concealed by the extent and authority of had pondent

example? Would it be thought a small matter We must premise, that no salutary effect that a thousand or fifteeu hundred men should can be expected to be produced, by this dis- be subjected to all the horrors of Algerine cussion, upon the mind of any person, who captivity without hope of deliveran: e? Would does not regard religion with seriousness, and a humane man consent, ibat so many individ. mar as an immortalbeing, whose future destiny | uals should be exposed to iininent danger of is to be fixed by the character which he forms such captivity, for the purpose of furnishing in this life. Infidels and scoffers are beyond him, anel others like him, with papers and let. the roach of the most powerful and decisive ar-||ters a day earlier than he would otherwise re. guments on this subject. Bưit we make a confi- ceive them? But how trilling an evil is Algedent appeal to every person, who meditatesrine captivity compared to an eternal confine with sacred awe upon the value of the human | ment in the great prison of despair. soul; to every person, who h lieves, that with Nor is the evil to be lightly estimated be out holiness nn man shall see the l ord, and that cause it may be volontarily incurred ? How with the observance of the Sabbath are int:-|| many of the sufferings of this life are brought mately connecred all the ordinary means of upon men by their voluntary misconduct. Yet grace and salvation. No sich person will no man thinks lightly of these sufferings on this deem it a right thing, that a thousand or fifteen account. Men are too ready, it is true, to trifle hundred men are statedly employed in such a with their eternal interests, and to squander amanner, as to separate thiem utterly from public way their all. But is this a reason why they worslin, and to transform them into heathens. should be encouraged to do so? We should We are nf opinion, that not a single employ- rather argue, that the disposition of men to mert, wbich is tolerated among us in time of neglect their souls should make every chris.' peare, is so perfectly hostile to everythingoftian community cautious how any practices are å serious nature, as is the employment of driv-tolerated, which have an irresistible agency in ing stage.coacles on the Sabbath, which is an strengthening this perverse disposition. inevitable consequence of carrying the mail on * In our larger towns, each post master em. that day. Let a young man be engaged one ploys from two to six clerks, who are occupied, year in this employment, and it is almost cer-I more or less, on the Sabbath, in the commoza tais, that he will be an inveterate Sabhath brea-business of the office. In some towns, it is be ker through life, and that his soul will be lost | lieved the business done at the post office is litforever. We say almost certain ; for God may| tle less on the Sabbath, than on any other day interpose and rescue such a man from eternal of the week.

sonveyed with convenience on horse- || go, to inquire for letters and to hear the
back. The consequence is, that all the news. The stranger, if he is a man of
stage-houses are subjected to more or ipiéty, answers with a sigh, These things
less disturbance every Sabbath. Some- ought not so to be.
body must be in waiting Horses must We need not inquire as to the rest, it
be changed. Passengers must be ac- being perfectly obvious what must fob
coinmodated. The whole company of low. If news papers and letters are ta
Sabbath breakers must breakfast at one ken out, they will be read; and, in uine
nn, and dine at another. Hlave inn- instances out of ten, their contents will
keepers no souls? Have they no reli- more or less engross the thoughts for the
gious duties to perform ? Is it not ex- rest of the day. Nor is this all : many
ceedingly to be lainented, that they of the letters demand, or are thought to
should be subjected to all these inter-demand, iinmediate answers. Writing
ruptions on the Sabbath, in consequence these answers occupies much of that
of the transportation of the mails on time, which God claims as his peculiar
that day ?*

property. By the fluctuations of our Let another thing be considered. The own and of foreign markets, new fields mail-stages canot travel, without making of speculation are opened, on which 2 great deal of disturbance. It is no hundreds are eager to enter. Nor must uncommon thing, where they pass near the Sabbath be permitted to prevent, or · houses of public worship, for the voice to interfere with, the requisite calculo of the speaker to be wholly confused by tions. All these evils, and many more, their rattling, while the eyes of half the are directly occasioned every Sabbath, congregation are turned to the doors in a single town, by the arrival and and windows. Thousands and thou- opening of the mail. sands of families, are much disturbed by Now let the reader stop a moment, the same means.

and consider how many large commer. Further, the multiplied profanations of|cial towns there are in the United the Sabbath,which are occasioned by this states, besides a vast number of smaller practice, ought not to be left out of the ones, wbere the mails are opened on general estinate. A stranger, who hap- the Lord's Day; and of course how pens to spend the Lord's day in one of many thousands of people, of all ranks, our large commercial towns, has his at-are induced to profane the day, in the tention arrested by crowds of people pas-manner just mentioned. Let bim consing by his lodgings. His first thought sider likewise, that where the mail is is, that they must be going to public|merely carried through a place, without worship; but he soon recollects, that it being opened, many are in the habit of is not the proper hour, and perceives collecting at the stage-louse, to glean that they are pressing not into the whatever news they can, from the dri. church, but the coffee house and the ver and passengers. Then let him say, post-ofice. He enquires the cause of whether a practice, which is productive all this eager bustle, and is told, that of so much evil, ought not to be disconthe mail is expected, or that it has just tinued. arrived. But are the people of your There is one other point of view, in city in the habit of thronging the post- which this subject deserves to be serioflice on the Sabbath ? O yes, nothing ously contemplated. Merely seeing the is more common. Hundreds go thither mail-stages pass every Sabbath, tends directly from the churchee. Whenever exceedingly tu make the young think the mail arrives, people must and will lightly of that sacred institution : to em.

* Passengers in the stage, on many routs in bolden transgressors, and to increase
the United States, are compelled either to trar- the difficulty of executing the laws. It
el on the Sabljath, or to stop on the road three is extremely natural for children to sup.
or fwur days. Such a delay, cannot usually be pose, that wiat is sanctioned by high au.
suffered without extreme inconvenience. But thority must be right. They soon lear
it' no stages travelled on the Sabbath, every pas-that the mail is carried by such authori.
senger in the stage could so arrange his jour-
ney, as to suffer ng ineonvenience.

ty. Their first deduction is, that there
and be no harm in the practice. Theit

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