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D'Arblay, Madame, her account of
the Sale of Thrale's Brewery,
i. 146.

her description of the last year
at Streatham, i. 179.
her "Memoirs," and "Diary"
compared, i. 184.

her account of a scene in Bolt
Court, i. 214.

her letter to Mrs. Piozzi on
her marriage, i. 232.

her remarks on Johnson's
66 Letters," i. 309.

her character of Mrs. Piozzi,
i. 364.

her marriage with M. D'Arblay,
i. 366.

her" Camilla," i. 89.

Death, Dr. Johnson's letter upon,

i. 310.

Delap, Dr., i. 294.

Della Crusca verses, ii. 197.
Demosthenes, Johnson's remark on,
i. 51.

Dent," Dog," and his bill on dogs,
ii. 242.

Desmoulins, Mrs., i. 21, 23.
Dido, epigrams, ii. 204.
Dimond, the actor, i. 352.

Divorces, conversation at Streatham
on, i. 47.

Dixie, Sir Woolston, and Queen
Caroline, ii. 103.
Dodington, Bubb (Lord Melcombe),
his" Diary," ii. 350.
Donkin, General, ii. 324, 331.
Dress, Dr. Johnson's observations on
female dress and demeanour, i. 75.
Dryden, John, Mrs. Piozzi's remarks
on, ii. 142.

Duncan, Lady Mary, and Pacchie-
rotti, verses on, i. 165.
Dunning, Lord Ashburton, his ugli.
ness, ii. 113.

Duppa, R., Esq., edits Johnson's
66 Journey into Wales," i. 82; ii.


Dymerchion Church, i. 85.

Edinburgh Review, remarks of the,
on Mrs. Thrale's second mar-
riage, i. 229, 243.
solution of Johnson's character,

i. 25'7.

[blocks in formation]

Garrick, David, Dr. Johnson's opi-
nion of his talents for light
gay poetry, i. 45.

his profession depreciated by
Dr. Johnson, i. 284.
anecdote of, ii. 13.

lines on his portrait, ii. 176.
his lines written at Streatham,
ii. 294.

Garrick, George, i. 294.
Garrick, Mrs., i. 303.

Gas lights introduced into London,
ii. 281.

Gay, John, Mrs. Piozzi's remarks
on, ii. 151.

George III., caricature on, ii. 92.
anecdote of, ii. 101.

Gibbon, Edmund, remarks on his
style, ii. 279.

Gifford, W., origin of his "Baviad

and Mæviad," i. 271.

his lines on Mrs. Piozzi, i. 327.
his attack on Mrs. Piozzi's
"British Synonymy," i. 337.
Gisborne's "Natural Theology," ii.


Glasse, Rev. G. H., notice of, ii. 346,

his motto, ii. 398.

Globe Theatre, in Southwark, ii.


Glover, Miss, the actress, ii. 242.
Gluttony, female, Mrs. Piozzi's re-
marks on, ii. 83.
Goldsmith, Oliver, i. 336.

his imprudence, i. 340.

lines on his portrait at Streat-
ham, ii. 175.

Gordon Riots, the, i. 128.

Grafton, Duke of, and Nancy Par-
sons, i. 59.

Gray's "Odes," i. 295.
Gray, ii. 161.
Gray, Dr., his character and writ-
ings, ii. 248.

Mrs. Piozzi's letters to, ii.

his lines on the sun-dial, ii.

Gunning, the Misses, ii. 81.
Gwydir, Lord, his death, ii. 453.
Halifax, Lord, ii. 13.

Halsey, Edmund, uncle of the elder
Thrale, Mrs. Thrale's note re-
specting his rise, i. 9.
Hamilton, Archdeacon, ii. 104.
Hamilton, Lady Archibald, ii.


Hamilton, Single-speech, supposed
author of "Letters of Junius," ii.

Handwriting of Mrs. Piozzi, i. 42.
Harrington, Dr., ii. 316, 318.
his death, ii. 321.

Harris, James, Esq., author of
"Hermes," i. 57; ii. 29, 31.
Hart, Polly, ii. 441.

Hawkins, Sir John, his account of
the correspondence between
Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Piozzi
on her marriage, i. 249.
his "
Life of Dr. Johnson,” i.

298, 299.

Head, Mr., ii. 81.

Hell-fire Club, incident at the, ii.
111, note.

"Herald, The Morning," verses in
the, quoted, i. 58.

Hinchliffe, Dr., bishop of Peter-
borough, and Sophy Streat-
field, i. 114.

as a reader of verse, i. 125.
Hogarth, William, his portrait of
Mrs. Thrale, in the " Lady's
Last Stake," i. 44; ii. 28,

his impromptu addressed to
Mr. Tighe, ii. 308.

Holland, Sir Henry, Bart., i. 373.
Horsdale, James, ii. 156.
Huggins, W. (the translator of
Ariosto), and Baretti, i. 98.

Ireland forgeries, the, ii. 228, 230,


Jackson, Humphrey, his connection
with Mr. Thrale, ii. 25.

Jackson, ii. 54.

Jebb, Sir R., i. 135.

anecdote of, ii. 187.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his literary
eminence, i. 3.

his letter to Mrs. Thrale re-

specting"Thraliana," quoted,

i. 6.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his introduc-
tion into the family of Mr.
Thrale, i. 7, 11.

his account of the rise of Mr.
Thrale's father, i. 7.
his contempt for Woodhouse,
the poetical shoemaker, 12,


visited in Johnson's Court by
Mr. and Mrs. Thrale, i. 14.
disliked by Mrs. Thrale's mo-
ther, i. 14.

his habits, i. 14.

his extremities of poverty and
want, i. 15.

his eating and drinking, i.


his favourite dishes, described
by Peter Pindar, i. 17.
his affectation of great nicety
of palate, i. 17.

his fondness for late hours, i.

his fits of depression, i. 20.
his sterling virtues, i. 20.
his household, as described by
Lord Macaulay, i. 21.

his lines on the death of
Levet, i. 22.

society in which he moved, i.


his reverence for bishops, i.

his 66


Lives of the Poets," i.

his behaviour in the society of
women, i. 29.

his fondness for female society,
i. 31.

and for conversing with pros-
titutes, i. 32, note.

his admiration for Miss Booth-
by, i. 32.

and for Molly Aston, i. 33.
his wife, i. 33.

his remarks on love, i. 34.
his gallantry, i. 35, 66.
probable causes of his long
domestication at Streatham,
i. 36.

his complimentary verses on
Mrs. Thrale, i. 36.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his Latin ode
to Mrs. Thrale translated by
Mr. Milnes, i. 37.
his verses on Mrs. Thrale's
thirty-fifth birthday, i. 38.
his gloomy apprehensions of
death, i. 42.

his dislike at being painted
with his defects, i. 43.

his conversations at Streatham
Park, i. 45, 47.

his interview with Lord March-
mont, i. 46.

his epigram on Mary Aston, i.


his remarks on Demosthenes
and the Athenians, i. 51.
his opinion of, and respect for,
Mrs. Thrale, i. 53, 57.

his translations from Boethius,
i. 55.

and tale of the "Fountains," i.

his introduction to Miss Bur-
ney, i. 62.

his account of the children of

Mr. Langton, i. 64.
his story of Bet Flint, i. 66.
his remarks on his own polite-
ness, i. 68, note.

the moralist and the hatter of
Southwark, i. 71.

Mr. Thrale's intention of bring-
ing Johnson into Parliament,
i. 71.

assistance afforded by Johnson
to Mr. Thrale in his difficul-
ties, i. 72.

portrait of Johnson by Doughty,
i. 74.

his attention to domestic econo-
my, i. 75.

and to propriety in dress, i.

[blocks in formation]

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his diary of a
tour in Wales, i. 82.

- his description of Bâch y Graig,
i. 83.

his fondness for fruit, i. 87.

his visit to Lord Sandys, i.

his dislike to the Lytteltons, i.


his rudeness to Sir Lynch Cot-
ton, i. 88.

his tour in France, i. 90.
instance of his occasional im-
practicability, i. 90.

his friendship for, and opinion
of, Baretti, i. 92.

his evidence on the trial of
Baretti, i. 95.

Dr. Campbell's description of
him, i. 99, 100.

his rapid writing, i. 102.
story of his want of firmness,
i. 122.

his advice to Mrs. Thrale on
the death of her husband, i.
136, 137.

appointed one of the executors,
i. 138.

his regard for Mr. Thrale, i.

[blocks in formation]

her marriage with Mr. Piozzi,
i. 213, 217, 236.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his feelings
on Mrs. Thrale's second mar-
riage, i. 249.

was he a suitor for the hand of
Mrs. Thrale? i. 250, 257.
Miss Seward's account of his
loves, i. 256.

his romance and worldliness,
i. 259.

his last days, i. 261.

his death, i. 264.

his strict attention to truth, i.

his rudeness, i. 281, 293.
his retort to Pottinger, i. 283.
his habitual disregard for the
rules of good breeding, i.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

"Letters to and from the late Samuel
Johnson, LL.D.," publica-
tion of, i. 307; ii. 218.
opinions on them, i. 309.
Levet, Mr. Robert, in Dr. Johnson's
house, i. 21.

Johnson's lines on the death of,
i. 22.

Literary Club, formation of the, i. 25.
Liverpool, Lord, charms of his con-
versation, ii. 106.

Llewenny Hall, ii. 7, 283, 372.
Lloyd, Col. Thomas, i. 89.
London, verses for and against, ii.


Lort, Rev. Dr., i. 47, 305; ii. 128.
Loughborough, Lord, his remark

on Benjamin Franklin, ii, 113.
Love, Dr. Johnson's remarks on, i.

Luttrell, Simon, the "King of
Hell," ii. 23.
Lutwyche, Mr., ii. 311.
Lysons, Rev. Daniel, ii. 442.
Lysons, Rev. Samuel, of Hemp-
stead Court, his collection of
books and MSS., ii. 217.

[blocks in formation]

i. 184.

his summary of Mrs. Piozzi's
imputed ill-treatment of Dr.
Johnson, i. 262.

- his account of Mrs. Piozzi's
second marriage, and of
Johnson's banishment from Streat-
ham, i. 262.

Malherbe, anecdote of, ii. 157.
Mallet, Mr. and Mrs., ii. 160.
Maltzan, Count, ii. 100.

Mann, Sir Horace, at Florence, i.

Mauners of 1782, i. 59.
Mant, his verses, ii. 449.
Manucci, Count, ii. 68.
March, Lord, i. 59.

Marchmont, Lord, Johnson's inter-
view with, i. 46.

Marie Antoinette, Queen, note on
her first confinement, ii. 89.
Marlborough, Duke of, at Bath, ii.


Marriage, Dr. Johnson's remarks on,
i. 78.

Marriage, Selden's remarks on, ii. 80.
McEvoy, Miss, ii. 389.

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