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sensation they are letters written by me to them in distant days, I know not how happy. You will have to look them over after my death, and I dare say they are better than those I write now. My intention, however, is not to be in haste: though Salusbury seemed to apprehend his journey would be long and expensive if I died at Penzance. So here is poor aunt at the embouchure of his favourite River Severn, and here he may come after the 10th of July to look after the demise and the legacy [leg I see]; but he must stay away till I have put my house in order.*

"On the day following the date of this letter, which was the last I received from Mrs. Piozzi, I called at the Castle and Elephant at Bath, and found her and Mrs. Pennington. She was in high spirits, joking about the l. e. g. She dined with my father and sister, at No. 7, Russell Street, and was throughout the evening the admiration of the company, amongst whom were Mrs. Pennington, the lady so often mentioned in Anna Seward's correspondence as the beautiful and agreeable Sophia Weston; Admiral Sir Henry Bayntum, G.C.B., a distinguished naval officer at the battle of Trafalgar; Mr. Lutwyche (Mr. Lutwyche's house in Marlborough-buildings was celebrated for its hospitality, and as the resort of all the most agreeable society at Bath. Mrs. L. was the daughter of Sir Noah Thomas, a baronet and distinguished physician); and Mr. Conway, the actor, who was held in high estimation for his excellent private character. He fell overboard and was drowned on his passage from New York.” — Sir J. Fellowes.




Abington, Mrs., i. 102.
Addison, Joseph, Mrs. Piozzi's re-
marks on, ii. 146.
Aldborough, Lady, anecdote of, i.


Alexander I. of Russia, anecdote of,
ii. 279.

Alfieri and the Duchess of Albany,
ii. 93.

Allegrante, the singer, i. 165.
Amelia, Princess, daughter of
George II., ii. 93.

Andrews, Miles Peter, ii. 97, 280.
"Anecdotes of Dr. Johnson," i.

Anne, Queen, couplet on, ii. 92.
Anglesea, isle of, ii. 396.
Ashe, Miss, ii. 94.

Asheri, Mrs. Piozzi's story of, ii.

[blocks in formation]

Barclay, Mr., the Quaker, purchases
Mr. Thrale's brewery, i. 144; ii.


Baretti, Signor Guiseppe, his verses,
quoted, i. 36.

accompanies Dr. Johnson and
the Thrales on a tour to
France, i. 90.

history of Baretti, i. 91.
his trial for murder, i. 95.
his introduction to the Thrales,
i. 98.

account of him by Dr. Camp-
bell, i. 100.

his dislike of Boswell, i. 101.
his papers in the "European
Magazine," i. 243, 301, 315.
his character, sketched by Mrs.
Thrale, i. 103, 317.

the comedy of the "Sentimen-
tal Mother," i. 317.

lines on his portrait, ii. 177.
Barnard, Dr., Provost of Eton,
Johnson's remarks on, quoted,
i. 68, note.

Barrow, his description of wit
quoted, i. 371.


Bassi's verses, ii. 192.

translation of, ii. 193.
Bayntun, Admiral Sir H., ii. 448.
Bearcroft, Mr., anecdote of, i. 355.
Beauclerc, Lady Diana, i. 293.
Beauclerc, Topham, ii. 112, 127.
Beloe, his "Sexagenarian," ii. 383,

Bentley, Dr. Richard, his verses on
Learning, ii. 88.
Betty, the actor, ii. 263.

Biffin, Miss, ii. 389.

Blue Stocking Clubs, origin of the,
i. 27.

Bodryddan, visited by Johnson, i.


Bodville, Mrs. Thrale's birthplace,
i. 86.

Boethius, Dr. Johnson and Mrs.
Thrale's translations from, i. 55;
ii. 86.


Lord, anecdote of

Johnson and, i. 293.
Bolingbroke, Lady, i. 293.

Bolton, Duke of, (Lord Harry Pow-
lett,) anecdote of, ii. 118.
Boothby, Miss Hill, Johnson's ad-
miration for, i. 32, 256.
Boswell, James, his character as a
biographer, i. 4.

his "Letters to Temple," and
"Boswelliana,” i. 4.

his account of Johnson's intro-
duction into Mr. Thrale's
family quoted, i. 11.

his first visit to Streatham Park,
i. 44.

arranges an interview between
Johnson and Lord March-
mont, i. 46.

his dislike of Baretti, i. 101.
Walpole's remarks on his "An-
ecdotes of Dr. Johnson," i.

reasons for his depreciating
Mrs. Piozzi, i. 286.
Peter Pindar's satire on, quoted,

i. 287.

his "Life of Johnson," and
Mrs. Piozzi's remarks on it,
i. 341.

Marginal Notes of Mrs. Piozzi
on it, ii. 123.

Bouverie, Mrs., ii. 102.

Boyce, Johnson's description of, ii.


his verses to Cave, ii. 84.
Bread, price of in 1800, ii. 256.
British Museum, ii. 410.
"British Synonymy," Mrs. Piozzi's,
i. 337.

Brougham, Lord, his remarks on
Mrs. Thrale's second marriage, i.


Browne, Isaac Hawkins, ii. 83.

[blocks in formation]

Burdett, Lady, ii. 435.

Burdett, Sir F., ii. 404.

Burke, Right Hon. Edmund, his
opinion of Dr. Johnson as a
public speaker, i. 72.
instance of his laxity, i. 123.
remarks on him, ii. 113.

lines on his portrait, ii. 178.
Burney, Miss. See D'Arblay, Ma-

Burney, Dr., ii. 77.

his visit with his daughter to
Streatham Park, i. 60.
Mrs. Thrale's remarks on him,
i. 126.

his lines on the Thrales, i. 127.
Memoirs of him, by his daugh.
ter, i. 184.

his description of Mr. and Mrs.
Piozzi in 1808, i. 354.
and Doctor Johnson, ii. 78.
his verses to Mrs. Thrale, ii.

lines on his portrait, ii. 178.
Burton "On Melancholy," i. 52.
Byng, Admiral, ii. 105, 160.
Byron, Mrs. (wife of the Admiral),
i. 125; ii. 269, 457.
Byron, Lord, ii. 269.

his estimate of life at thirty-
five quoted, i. 39.

his theory of the hand, i. 43.
his "Cain," ii. 447.

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Caroline, Queen, at Bath, ii. 272.

her trial, ii. 274, 457.

Caroline of Naples, story of, i.


Catalani, the singer, i. 227, note.
Catherine, Empress of Russia, verses
on, ii. 92.

Catholic question, ii. 406.
Cator, Mr., ii. 69.

Dr. Johnson's remark on, i.

Cave, Boyce's verses to, ii. 85.

[blocks in formation]

lines on his portrait, ii. 176.
Chance, games of, ii. 139.
Charles Edward, the young Pre-
tender, at Florence, ii. 93.
Charlotte, the Princess, her mar-
riage, ii, 323.

Charlotte, Queen, i. 310; ii. 272, 273,

her death, ii. 399.
Chester, walls of, i. 83.
Chesterfield, his lines to a young
lady, i. 51, note.
Cicisbeism in Italy, i. 330.
Club, the Literary, formation of the,
i. 251.

Club, Hell-fire, incident at the, ii.

[blocks in formation]

Conway, W. A., and Mrs. Piozzi, i.
357; ii. 461.

notice of him, i. 357.
Conway Notes, the, quoted, i.

Costar, the French wit, ii. 157.
Cotton, Mrs. (afterwards Lady),
i. 84.

her cascade, i. 84.

Cotton, George (afterwards Dean of
Chester), ii. 407.

Cotton, Sir Lynch, Johnson's visit
and rudeness to, i. 88; ii. 12.
Cotton, Sir Robert Salusbury, ii. 9.
Cowley, Abraham, Mrs. Piozzi's
remarks on, ii. 132.

Cowper, Countess, ii. 92.

Crewe, Lady, her account of the
origin of the Blue Stocking
Clubs, i. 28, note.

Mrs. (afterwards Lady), i. 70;
ii. 102, 107, 419.
her letters, ii. 107, note.
Fox's verses to, ii. 108, note.
Croker, Right Hon. John Wilson,
Lord Macaulay's remarks on
his edition of Boswell's
"Johnson" quoted, i. 39.

his account of the correspond-
ence between Dr. Johnson and
Mrs. Piozzi on her marriage, i.

Crutchley, Mr., i. 143, 144, 154, 155,
192, 196.

Cuzzona, the actress, story of, i.

D'Arblay, Madame, her account of
her first visit to Streatham
Park, i. 60.

her account of Dr. Johnson's
household, i. 23.

her account of the origin of
the Blue Stocking Clubs, i.
28, note.

her "Evelina," i. 61.

her introduction to Dr. John-
son, i. 62.

her notes of conversations at
Streatham, i. 67.

her account of Sophy Streat-
field, i. 115.

her partiality for Mr. Crutch-
ley, i. 143.

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