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When Pleasure marks each hour that flies,
And Youth rejoyces in his prime,
It may be good, it may be wise,

To watch with care the flight of time.

But now;

when friends and hours are seen

To part, and ne'er return again ;

Who would admit of a machine

To mark how few there yet remain ?

I am asked to produce some étrennes for dear Mrs. Lutwyche. Will these verses do, accompanied by a bouquet?

The charms we find Maria still possess,
Deciduous plants like these but ill express :
Your emblem in a brighter clime we see,

No season robs of flow'rs-the Orange Tree.*

* It was the fashion of her day to play at emblems. C. J. Fox presented a bunch of grapes to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, for her emblem, with the motto Je plais jusqu'à l'ivresse.



DEATH (loquitur).

Tell her, old Time of foot so fleet,

Once caught, she can't our strokes avoid :

H. L. P.

I know it; but when next we meet, "Twill be to see you both destroyed.




THE two brothers to whom the first batch of the following letters are addressed, were members of a county family settled for more than two centuries at Hempsted in Gloucestershire. Both were eminently distinguished by the extent and variety of their antiquarian and literary acquirements, as well as highly esteemed for their social qualities. It is sufficient to mention their principal work, the "Magna Britannia," which they undertook in copartnership. The younger, Samuel, afterwards Keeper of the Records in the Tower and a V.P.R.S., was presented to Johnson and favourably received by him; but the acquaintance commenced only a few months before Johnson's death.

The present proprietor of Hempsted Court and rector of Rodmarton (the family living) amply sustains the hereditary reputation of his family, being the author of several works of learning, ingenuity and research.

A selection of letters from Mrs. Piozzi to the same. gentlemen, of an earlier date, appeared in "Bentley's

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