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have been a prefumptuous sinner, and have gone on fo long in a tract and trade of sin and rebellion against God, that 1am afraid God will endure me no longer; my day of grace is over and gone.' Well but, fays the Lord, " I am I.ONG-sUF- W Firing: My patience towards sinners is not foon worn out. It is true indeed 1 did not fusser long the indignities thatwerr done to me by tbe angels that fell 5 for that very moment they sinned they were turned out of heaven, and laid up in everlasting chains of darknefs, in which they are " referved unto the judgement of the great day," Jude 6. But this is not my method of procedure towards sinners of Adam's family, whofe nature I have assumed, when I pasted by the angels that fell. I am not willing that any of them should perilh, but that all should come to repentance, 2 Pet. iii. 9. "1 have no pleafure in, their-death, but rather that they turn unto me and live," Ezek. xxxiii. 11. And, therefore, " I wait that I may be graciobs," If. xxx. 18. 1 stand yet at the door and knock; Md if any man, be what he will, will "hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will fup with him, and he with me," Rev. iii. ao. What is long-fussering! but patience extended and stretched out beyond all expectation, and beyond all deferving. 'If I had had a mind to cut thee ofl, and cast thee into hell, I have not wanted occafion and opportunity; but 1 have hitherto born with all thy folly and wickednefs, and to this day " I stand with the outstretchedarms of love and mercy, crying, Behold me, behold me," If. lxv. 1. "Turn ye, turn ye, why will ye die?'' Ezek. sxxiii. 2. But,

5. May the poor doubting foul fay, ' There may, has been, and is, fuch an abounding of sin and wickednefs with me, that my sin is like unto the great mountains, it is gone up into the heavens, and cries for wrath and vengeance like the sin of Sodom; and therefore I need look for nothing unt indignation and wrath.' Well but, fays the Lord, Let it be fo that thou art ::bandant in wickednefs, my name it Abundant In Goodness. As if he had faid, ' Thy wicked- , nefs and sinfulnefs, though it begreat, yet it is but the wickedness and sinfulnefs of a sinite creature; but my goodnefs is the goodnefs of an insinite God, that can never never be exhausted; aud therefore come to me, and get all thy wants fupplied, according to my riches in glory, by Christ Jefus. , My goodnefs is fuch, that 1 am good even to the evil and unthankful: 1 make the fun to rife, and the vain to fall, 011 'he evil and on the pood, upon the ji:fl and unjust, Matth. ^.45-. # My

My goodnefs extends unto all: and therefore come, C come, open thy mouth wide and I will sill it, Pfal. lxxxi. 10. Oli! taste and fee how good I am, Pfal. xxxiv. 8. My treafures are full, and they are open r O, therefore, whofoever will, let him take of my goodnefs freely. Oh! eat ye that which is good, and let thy foul delight itfelf in the abundance of my goodnefs, If. lv. 2. "I fatisfy the desire of the longing foul," Pfal. cvii. 9.

6. May the poor foul Cay, " I can receive no good at the hand of the Lord; for 1 have an evil heart of unbelief, that calls his truth and faithfulnefs in question. I fee indeed great and precious promifes in the word, but I dare not lay claim to them: I doubt and fear that I may not meddle with them; and, when I prefume to meddle with them, my unbelieving heart draws back my hand, faying, "His promife fails for evermore:" and thus I lofe the benesit of God's promife.' Well, fays God, * To cure thee, O man, of thy unbelief, I prefent my name to thee, not only as abundant in goodnefs, but IN Truth. My name is faithful and true, Rev. xix. 11. *' Righteoufnefs is the girdle of my loins, and faithfulnefs the girdle of my reins," If. xi. 5. "It is impossible for me to lie," Tit. i. 2. "My faithfulnefs is establilhed in the very heavens," Pfal. xxxvi. 5. Yea, " heaven and earth shall pafs away; but one jot, or one tittle, of my word shall not fall to the ground," Matth. v. 18; and therefore thou roayefl, with the greatest fafety, trust my word of promife. It is not a thing that I can come and go upon: it is not yea to-day, and nny to-morrow; but it is always yea and amen, 2 Cor. i. 17. 18. And therefore believe the promife; set to the feal to it; for thou canst not put a greater honour upon me, than to fet to the feal that 1 am true, John iii. 33. Therefore, "iielieve aud fee the falvation of Gpd," If. Iii. 10.

7. O, may the poor trembling foul fay, ' What if God has shut i:p his tender mercies in wrath, and fo will be favourable no more?' Pfal. lxxvii. 7. 9. Unto this it is anfwere.l, 1 Keep Mercy For Thousands, Ij. d. ' I have extended mercy to thoufands, that is, innumerable multitudes; and yet my treafures of grace and mercy are as full as ever, and I am as ready to extend my mercy to thoufands of perfons, yea, thoufands of generations, as ever: "Whosefoever believes in my name, shall not perilh, but have everlasting life," John iii. 16. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, fo are my thoughts higher than vour thoughts," If. lv. 9.

8. Might the sinner fay, * My sins arc fo many, tljey have

been been so multiplied and highly aggravated, that I sear he will never forgive me.' Unto this the Lord answers, I Takboh I.VIQJIITT, Transgression, An» sof, L e. all manner of sia

and provocation that can be ihouz'-.t on; and though jour sins be red as scarlet and crimson, I will make them aa white as snow, and as wool, If. i. iS. There is pleat et us redfraption with me that I may be fought unto; and therefore fear not, only believe; for this is my prerogative, that I love to display, "I, even I, am be that blorteth out thy transgressions for my own fake, and will not remember thy sins," If. jjiii. 25.

Thus you fee what a wide door is opened in the New Testament Ark, or what a nobie ground os faith is laid in that name of God proclaimed to Moses.

But now, because sinners are ready, like the spider, to sock poison out of this rich declaration of the name of God, merciful and gracious, and to turn his grace unto wantonness, laying, * If this be the cafe, we will fin, that grace may abound, Rom. vi. 1. We need not fear the wrath of such a merciful God:' Therefore observe what an awfal word immediately follows, Who Will Bt No Means Clear Thz Goiltt, q. d. 'The design of all this grace and mercy which 1 have proclaimed, is to lead sinners to repentance, through an apprehension of my mercy in Christ; but if any shall abuse my name, Merciful and Gracious, to encourage thero•elves in a way of un and rebellion againlt my authority, let them know that I will by no means clear such persons: No, no, he " is condemned already, and my w»ath abideth on. him," John iii. 18. 36. And when "he turns this grace unto wantonness, he but treasures up wrath against the day of wrath, and the revelation of the righteous judgement of God," Rom. ii. 5. And therefore, "Let the wicked forsake his Tay, and the unrighteous man his thoughts," If. Iv. 7. " and let him return unto the Lord," from this consideration, that "1 am the Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious; fury 13 not in me," If. xxvii. 4. I do not delight in the death of "nners, Ezek. xxxiii. 2. but am ready to shew mercy to thousands. But if he will harden himself in sin because I am merciful and gracious, he will do it to his cost; for "who would set the briars and thorns against me in battle? I would go through them, I would burn them together," If. xxvii. 4. "But let him take hold of my strength (the man of my right hand), that he may make peace with me, and he shall make Peace with me," If. Iv. 7.


Heu. xi.7.—By faith TTonb. Icing warned of God of tltiagt not fun as yet, movsd with fear, prepared an arl to the Ja~ ving of bis bouse.


I AM speaking of Christ, the New Testrtmemt Ark, into which sinners are to enter, in order to their bein^ fared from the'deluge of divine wrath and vengeance. Jsirs, I would not with to have .the blood of any sonl in this, or under n-.y charge, upon my head: and therefore 1 hare been essaying to £hew you a way of escape; and for this end, I have already essayed to open seven doors by which yon may enter by faith into this New Testament Ark. I have yet a few more to open: and O that, while I am opening them, God may persuade and enable you to enter in and be saved.

1st, then, The coramiflion Christ got from his Father, to save and redeem lost sinners of Adam's family, is a pleasant door by which entrance is to be had into the New Testament Ark. He did not take this office unto himself, but was called of God, as was Aaron, Heb- v. 4; If. xlii. 6."" 1 the Lord have called the* in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will help-thee." You knew, when a man is regularly called or ordained unto any office, it is a sufficient warrant for any man to employ him in his office ; and when he is employed, lie is obliged to discharge the duties of his office unto those that employ him: Well, Sirs, this is the very cafe with Christ. And, to clear this, consider these particulars.

1. He was tlected unto his oilice as a Saviour, If. xlii. 1. "Behold my servant whom I uphold, mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth." Hence he tells us, Prov. viii. 23. That he " was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was."

2. He was anointed, fitted, and furnished, with all gifts, grace?, and endowments, necessary for the discharge of his saving work. Hence he himself declares, Is. lxi. 6. " The spirit os the LcrJ God is upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings to the mrek." If. xlii. 5. "I have (fays the Father) put roy spirit upon him,


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