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of the Anglican Church at Jerusalem, And only in Thy Holiness (c)
Dr. Ewald accompanied his Lordship Could I my Father see. (d)
as domestic chaplain, and for some ten Thou art “the Holy One of God ;"
years was arduously engaged in the Yet my Sin-bearer Thou !
great work of Jewish conversion in Stern justice lays aside the rod-
the holy city. An account of this in- Free pardon meets me now!
teresting period of his life can be read
in his autobiography," Missionary

I need Thee,“ Powerful" Saviour, (e) Labours in the City of Jerusalem.”

To bear the mountain-load Ill health compelled him, in 1851, to

Of condemnation, and of guilt, quit the East, and he now took up his Between my soul and God.( abode in London, acting as the Princi- I joy to hail Thee as the King, pal of the Home Mission of the Jews'

To whom Jehovah gave Society. In this responsible post,

The keys of death and hell, that Thou founding the Wanderer's Home for Should'st mighty be to save. (g) poor Jews anxious to learn the truth, visiting the synagogues, and instruct

I need Thee, for I need a Friend,"(h) ing and arguing with the children of Unchanging, true, and tried : Israel scattered throughout our vast

And such I find in Thee alone, metropolis, he remained till 1872, when

Who for lost sinners died. (i) a general debility of constitution ren

An alien from God and Heaven, dered it necessary for him to tender

In Thee I'm reconciled ; (j) his resignation to the Society, whose And now enjoy sweet "fellowship valued servant he had been for up

As Thine own Father's child. (k) wards of forty years. In one of his speeches in Exeter Hall, the late Bishop

I need Thee, “ Refuge" of my soul !(1) Villiers, when speaking of the labours

For in this weary land of Dr. Ewald, called him “a mission

Are drought, and heat, and tempests

wild : ary genius," and none who knew the devotion, tact, and patience of the de

Who build here, build on sand. (m) ceased will gainsay the title. Dr. Ewald was a graduate of the Univer

(C) 1 Cor. i. 30. “ Christ Jesus of God sity of Erlangen, in Bavaria, and on is made unto us--SANCTIFICATION." the publication of his translation of (d) Heb. xii. 14. certain books of the Talmud, the (e) Shechem” (

OV) means “Shoul. degree of Doctor of Philosophy was der," or that which bears or carries--conferred on him. In 1872, the Arch- word implying strength. Christ is the bishop of Canterbury admitted him to Power," or

Strength" of GOD." НЕ the degree of Bachelor of Divinity.

hath borne our sins and our sorrows. (Isa. In the death of this firm and faithful liii. 4-7, &c. &c.). He bears rule, as our soldier of Christ, the Society for the

King: the keys of government have been Promotion of Christianity among the

laid upon His shoulder. (Isa. ix. 6, and

xxii. 22.) He bears the glory (as the only Jews has lost one whom it will with

Worthy One) of the Heavenly Temple. difficulty replace."

(Zech. vi. 12, 13.) He bears the ChurchHis Bride,-as the "signet" on His heart.

(Cant. viii. 6; Isa. xlix. 16.) Poetry

Isa. lix. 2.

(9) Rev. i. 18; Ps.lxviii. 20; Isa. lxij. 1. THE CITIES OF REFUGE; OR, THE

(h) Hebron" (7172) means “Friend

ship," or " Fellowship;" it is from the root NAME OF JESUS.

yn, to be joined or bound together, as a SCRIPTURAL STUDY.

husband and wife, a companion, an asso

ciate, &c. [Num. Xxxv. 9, &c., with Josh. xx. 7-9 inclu

(i) John x. 15, 17, 18, and xv. 13; Rom. sive. Also Isa. xxii. 2; Joel iii. 16 (marg. read.); John x. 30.]

v. 7, 8; viii. 34.

(1) Rom. v. 10; Col. i. 21, 22. I NEED Thee, “ Holy(a) Saviour !

(k) John xx. 17; Rom. viii. 15; Gal. iv. For sin defileth me; (6)

5,6; 1 John iii. 1, 2; and 1 John iii. 3, last

clause. Kedeshis a Hebrew word (WTP)


(1) Isa. xxv. 4; Deut. xxxiii. 27. signifying Holy" Christ is "Holy, zer" (732), “Stronghold,” or “Rock,"

the Holy One." Rev. iii. 7, &c.; Ps. xvi. or “ Fortress." (Nahum i. 7; Isa. xxv. 4, 10; Mark i. 24, &c.

and xxvi. 4-margin.) (6) Rom. iii. 23 ; 1 John i. 8; Eccles. (m) James iv. 13, 14; 1 Pet. iv. 7; 1 John vii. 20, &c.

i. 17, &c.

" Be

The only sure foundation Thou, (n)

The only " Fortress" made Invincible to hostile powers ;

The only Sun and Shade. (0)
I need Thee, my “ ExaltedHead! (p)

For I am very low ;
And, but for Thee, I must have sunk

In depths of sin and woe.
But Thou didst conquer death, and rise

To God s right hand in Heaven ;(7) And pleadest there availingly

That I may be forgiven. (r) I need Thee, my unfailing “ Joy!.(8)

Earth is a weeping vale ; [bliss With Thee are countless heights of

Which grief can ne'er assail. (t) Time's brightest mornings have their

clouds, (u) Or, as a dream, depart; But evermore may they rejoice

Whose chiefest joy Thou art. (v) Jesus, my LORD ! Thy name I love !

Its fragrance, spread abroad,
Hath been a strong magnetic power

To draw our hearts to God. (10)
Each barrier which rose between

Sad exiles and their Home,
Was broken down when Thou for us

Didst to this dark world come.
Sin,-Thou hast blotted out, and Thou

Our " KedeshCity art;
Our “ Shechem,” too, Thou bearest us,

And reignest in our heart.
No longer outcasts from our Home,

We now in “ Hebron " dwell;
In fellowship" with God and Thee,(w)

In joy unspeakable !(y)
Safe within “ Bezer's " lofty towers,

We can look down and smile

Upon the dangers and the griefs

Which seemed so dread erewhile. (-) In sight the gates of " Ramoth" stand,

Erst open'd to our King;
And soon within their shining walls

His ransom'd hosts He'll bring !(a) On" Golan's " (b) threshold we have

But oh ! to enter in, [stood ; (c) Earth's burial clothes must be cast off

Death, Misery, and Sin.(d) Eternal, cloudless " Joyis there,

- Pleasures for evermore ;" (e) For they who reach that blest abode

Go out from thence no more! (1)
Six Refuge Cities-all in ONE!

For CHRIST is all in all !"
And they who are in Him, are where

No evil can befall.
But out of Him no Refuge is -

No other Name 'neath Heaven
To be the sinner's hiding-place
Hath God to mortals given. (9)

J. E. J. "A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it; whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth.” (Prov. xvii. 8.)

“ Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.” (2 Cor ix. 15.)

Look at this Gift in whatever aspect we may, “it prospereth ;" it presents some new beauty ; its worth becomes more apparent. Unto those that “believe He is precious most precious—the “ unspeakable gift;" for language has no words that can adequately express His value

the “Chief among ten thousand "_"the Altogether Lovely!

(n) Isa. xxviii. 16 ; 1 Pet. ii. 6, 7.

(o) Ps. lxxxiv. 11 ; Isa. xxxii. 2. CHRIST, and CHRIST alone, is a Refuge from the consequences of sin; from its power ; from all our enemies, visible and invisible, known and unknown; and from the troubles and sorrows of this present life.

(p)Ramoth" (JION), i.e., "Exal. tation.” (This word is applied to Christ several times in Scripture.) Acts ii. 33; v. 31; Phil. ii. 9.

(9) Mark xvi. 19; Heb. i. 3 ; Acts. vii. 55; Rom. viii. 34, &c. &c.

(s) Isa. liii. 12; Heb. vii. 25; 1 John ii. 1.

(8) " Golan,” (1959) i.e., " Joy." John xv. 11; Ps. xliii. 4; John xvii. 13.

(t) John xiv. 2, 3.
(u) In loco.

It has been beautifully suid by an old divine, " The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the only morning without clouds.'” (2 Sam. xxiii. 4.)

(v) Isa. xxxv. 10; lxi. 7; last clause lxvi. 5; 1 Pet. i. 8.

(w) Cant. i. 3.

(*) 1 John i. 3.
(y) 1 Pet. i. 8; Heb. xii. 22, 23, 24.

(3) Prov. xviii. 10. (See also marg. reading.) Ps. xviii. 2 ; xlvi. 1, 2.

(a) Rom. v. 17; viii. 17; 2 Tim. ii. 12; Rev. xxii. 5 ; John xii. 26; xiv. 3 ; xvii. 24.

(6) Or, "On Golan's' shore we've pitched our tents," &c.

(c) Rom. v. 2-11, and xv. 13; 1 Pet. i. 8.

(d) The redeemed in heaven have come out of" tribulation-the great tribulation caused by sin, and consequent suffering and death and have left it far behind them for ever.” (Rev. vii. 14.)

(e) Ps. xvi. 11 ; xxxvi. 8; Isa. xxxv. 10; li. 11. Ps. xxx. 5. Sorrow,ing," (like a wayfaring man-a sojourner,"') " lodgeth for a night,” (the night of time, which is even now “far spent,"')" but Joy (Heb. ‘singing ') cometh" (and cometh to abide) " in the morning,"- the morning of the resurrection—the nightless day which is “at hand."

(f) Rev. iii. 12.
(9) Acts iv. 12.



sant with Lightfoot's works, but with those of Lightfoot's authorities ; such as the works of Bartolocci, Carpzov, Poole, &c. &c. &c. When we read any ill-digested statement-with respect to Rabbinical dogma-propounded by certain Gentile-Christian Divines, we dismiss it with a smile, which we can seldom repress. But when we find such untenable statements endorsed by a learned Hebrew Christian Divine, such as our esteemed and estiinable correspondent undoubtedly is, we stare and sigh. We would refer Mr. Pieritz at present to our first article in this month's issue, p. 491.-Editor of H.C.W. and P. I.]

THE LORD'S PRAYER. To the Editor of the Hebrew Christian

Witness and Prophetic Investigator. I HAVE a few minutes only which I can spare, and would like to devote to a few remarks on the first article in your August number, on “ The Lord's Prayer;" though as to the subjectmatter, I can now only refer you to Lightfoot, Opera, ed. Leusd., tom. ii., p. 299, seq. ; and more to the same effect is to be found. It was a sermon by Dean Stanley, in his usual style, tending to represent our blessed Lord as a mere man, which led to my remarks on the subject, in my “ Gospels from the Rabbinical Point of View," p. 4 sq. On my first arriving in London, after I had received the faith, in 1835, I was asked for a paper, which then appeared in The Jewish Intelligencer, in which I briefly dwelt on the fact that the learned Jew cannot but be startled at finding that some of the best things in the New Testament are to be found in Jewish writings, and suggested the possibility that the Jews may have borrowed them from the New Testament; but I am satisfied now that this was not the case. When I was once asked by a very learned Jew,“ What one good thing is there in this book of yours (the New Testament), which we Jews have not ? " my answer was,-and it is, in the main, the only right answer—"This : To me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.'"

The real statement, however, is not that the whole of the Lord's Prayer in integro is anywhere to be found in any Jewish work, but as Dean Stanley maliciously, it might be said, put it, as near as I can remember, in these words :-"A learned man in the seventeenth century (meaning Lightfoot) found that most of the petitions in the Lord's Prayer are to be found scattered in Jewish writings." Upon which he based the lesson, that we should imitate the Lord's example in this, make use of all that is good which is old, and add to it. He preached once to a large number of children, when he held up to them the example of Jesus at twelve years of age, as an inquisitive boy, who, thirsting for knowledge, sought instruction at the hands of those best able to teach Him. G. W. PIERITZ.

[We can assure our well read correspondent that we are not only conver

BISHOP WATSON ON GEN. X. DEAR SIR,- In the life of Watson, Bishop of Llandaff, there is a letter written by him, just before the French Revolution, 1791, to a gentleman whose mind had been disturbed by un. believers of those days, on the subject of the peopling of the earth by the sons of Noah. Unbelievers then, as now, endeavoured to invalidate Divine Scripture by sceptical suggestions. Dr. Watson was a learned vindicator of Divine Scripture, and would you think the following extracts from the letter I have named worth insertion ?

“The tenth chapter of Genesis is one of the most ancient, one of the most anthentic, and one of the most valuable records in the world. No person has ever questioned its authenticity ; it is universally allowed to have been written by the author of the Pentateuch; and as to its value, it is inestimable ; for it explains to us the origins of nations, as distinct scions springing from one common stock, Noah. Bochart, Huetius, Goguet, Le Clerk, Bryant, and innumerable other authors have treated this subject with such perspicuity, that it is a shame for any unbeliever to be ignorant of what they have said ; and it will be impossible for him to deny the truth of their argumentation. If my memory does not fail me, it is related by Hornius in his book 'De Originibus Americanis,' that it was proposed by some superstitious people, as a question which none but a man possessed by the Devil could answer, How was America peopled ? Yet the question can now be answered without the aid of supernatural assistance. In whatever way the Islands of the South Seas may bave become inhabited, the time, I conjecture, will come, when the

mother language of all the various being one of its harmonious tunes of dialects spoken in these islands, will last Friday, the 14th inst. I enclose be discovered in some part of Asia. the cutting from my copy of the HeAs to the mysteries of the Christian brew Christian Witness and Prophetic religion, it is neither your concern nor Investigator, on which our droll clown mine to explain them ; for if they are tried his hand at a new tune. I put the mysteries they cannot be explained. cutting from your monthly, and the But our time may be properly employed capers from that weakly side by side ; in inquiring whether there are so many so that your readers may see the point mysteries in Christianity as the Deists of the drollery at a glance. say there are. Many doctrines have I enclose my card. You and I have been imposed on the Christian world had many a polemical tossel, and we may as doctrines of the gospel, which have probably encounter each other on the no foundation whatever in Scripture, same arena again, but I cannot charge and instead of defending these doc- myself with ever having had recourse trines, it is the duty of a real disciple to the petty tricks of the would be of Jesus Christ, to reprobate them as wag, and I gladly bear witness that gangrenous excrescences, corrupting you have never betrayed the faintest the fair form of genuine Christianity. bias for that sort of religious (?) disThat Jesus Christ lived, died, rose from cussion. the dead, and ascended into heaven, I am, Sir, yours obediently, . are facts established by better histori- August 19th, 1874. cal testimony than that Alexander

We subjoin the two cuttings which fought Darius, conquered Persia, and passed into India. But on the resurrec

our correspondent has forwarded last,

with his own brief annotation to the tion of Christ, all our hopes as men,

“capers," as he not inaptly terms the and our obligations as Christians, are

homours of the “jewish world." founded. And if we have as great or

7.-You had better apply to the greater reason to believe that fact, than we have to believe almost any

Editor of the Jewish Chronicle ; he will

be able to give you ‘the true reason' fact recorded in history, we shall act irrationally, and, in a matter of such

for his ignoring his young contempohigh concern, foolishly and culpably,

rary, the self-styled Jewish World. The if we withhold our assent to it; and

probable reason, however, may be that if we do assent to it our duty is

the older Weekly applies to the younger obvious.”


one the Rabbinical adage : - 1922

דחציף כולא האי שמא מינה ממזר



. We own that we have often BELL LANE JEWISH WORLD.

looked upon the young upstart in that

light." —Hebrew Christian Witness and SIR, I am not at a loss to divine Prophetic Investigator. that your monthly space is inadequate

“ We must not omit, however, to reto the monthly contributions which I

mark that the last page of the magahave reason to believe are extensively

zine contains an allusion to the Jews forwarded to you from our own quar

which could not very well be surpassed ter, Aldgate cum Aldersgate, the Lon

in coarseness and obscenity. It is not don Jewry, East. I, as well as other

put in English, for public decency of your Jewish correspondents, do not

would be outraged ; it is not couched feel aggrieved therefore, if you, now and

in Hebrew, because some scholars then, defer sine die a communication

might comprehend its meaning : it is from this point of the metropolitan

put in crabbed Chaldaic, which only compass. I am conscious that my last

the initiated will understand; and no letter to you on the above subject was

translation accompanies it, for obvi. much too long; and if it should have

ous reasons. We could [?] translate it, to wait for insertion till you can afford

but our own self-respect and the resufficient space for the whole, it may

gari we entertain for our numerous probably be kept back altogether till

readers forbid us making the attempt.” the point of the drolleries is somewhat

-Jewish World, for August 14th, p. 5. blunted. May I therefore be allowed to make a suggestion ?

" The humourist, by shifting the I forward you, in this communica- allusion from himself to the Jews'has tion, another specimen of the humour, somewhat overshot his mark. The poor of which our Judæo-Bell-Lane spark- scribbler seems utterly innocent of the ling barrel-organ has so rich a supply, knowledge that the Hebrew-Chaldaic quotation is a common Rabbinical ent interest and importance to devote saying. If he had but been a little to it a certain amount of space in better read, of how much merriment

three or four of our monthly numbers. might he not have deprived his In a certain sense, it furnishes the readers ?"

clearest insight into the prejudiced We give one extract, at present, from mind of a large section of religious our correspondent's former letter :- Jews. In another sense, the little

In his impression of the 10th inst. work may be said to contain the anti[July 10th], occurs the following item, dote to the baneful effect of the mison page 2 :

interpretations which have been so “The Rev. Meshumad Le Hockhiss

lavishly palmed upon the prophecies has just been appointed chief 'depu- respecting the people of Israel. Let tation of the Society for Provoking the author speak for himself :Christianity against the Jews. The salary is £1000 per annum, and the

“One man writes for fame ; ano. duties are light in more senses than one."

ther writes for gain ; a third from In the same paper there is an article

motives of pure philanthropy; whilst headed "Jews and Christianity," in

others, impressed with a sense of man's which the following passage occurs :

immortality, write for eternity. The “The Jewish Journals of the day

following pages are written with a must be consulted, and there, and there

view to the interests of the Church of alone, can the true sentiments of Jews

Christ, as they stand connected with be discovered. In the very teeth of

the Jewish nation. these reliable sources of information,

“The Author's manner of life, which the most daring falsehoods are pub

was at the first among his own people, lished, as descriptive of Jewish feeling."

and which has been latterly among “Can the force of drollery and hu

Christians of different ranks, and of mour go further? A Jewish Journal,

various shades of opinion, has made who could coolly put down such a joke

him acquainted with the errors and as in the first paragraph, claiming to

the prejudices prevalent in Israel on be consulted as a reliable source of in

the one hand, and in Christendom on formation !!!"

the other. This little work is intended The most diverting piece of buffoon

to remove certain misconceptions and ery, at least the jester may have

misundertandings which have most thought so, was the statement, inter

lamentably interfered with the spread alia* reliable items of information,

of the Gospel among the ancient which he ascribed to you - to you of all

people ; and, as the writer believes, Hebrews 1-as having admitted in your

with the interests of humanity at large. last month's issue, the following :

"That a sixth edition of the book is "Hebrew characters, the most filthy,

called for by the public, would indicate vile, obscene, blasphemous Hebrew."!!

that in the views here taken the auSurely, surely, when he pens the terms

thor has appreciated a state of things most daring falsehoods,and False

as it is-THE REALITY ; and also that Witness,' he must do so whilst in rererie

the object contemplated has, in some opposite his looking-glass.”

measures at least, been attained.

“ May the blessing of the God of

Israel still attend this messenger of Literary Notices.

peace !"- Preface to the Sixth Edition.

The work is divided into three parts. The Jew. By the Author of “Both

To give our readers an idea of the One in Christ." Sixth Edition, en

comprehensive character of the little larged, London : William Macin

volume, we reproduce here the tables tosh.

of contents of all the three divisions. VARIOUS are the reasons which make us welcome this new edition with PART I.-Israel's Mission among the gratitude. The venerable author, the Nations not transitory; The Relation Rev. Dr. Myers, Vicar of All Saints, of the Christian Church to the Church Dalston, has adorned THE FAITH, , which

preceded it ; Christianity not a which he has professed upwards of New Religion ; The Place of its Natwo score years, with every Christian tivity, Judæa ; The Treatment of Christ virtue. He is a noble type of the by the Jews nationally, and their guileless Israelite indeed, the genuine Conduct individually ; The Christian Hebrew Christian. We consider this Church established in Israel prior to revised edition of THE JEW of suffici. the Calling of the Gentiles; The He

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