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entwined itself like the ivy round the shall have become extinct, yea, more, oak, the Church; so that her, wor- when the knowledge of the one true shippers in, alas, too many cases, God, shall cease to exist in the earth. have deeply imbibed its spirit, drunk Is not the desire of the infidel portion freely of the poisonous draught, have of the community to exclude the Bible become stupefied, senseless, and ob- from our national schools, a certain noxious to God and man (Isa. i. 11-15; indication that this will be the case ? Amos v. 21-24). Yea, more ; having For what more sure sign could we wrapped themselves up in the thick have? Is it not equally true, that blanket of formalism, they recline on the tendency of the present age, is to the lap of self-indulgence, quite com- preach up morality as the only ground fortable, perfectly safe. When they of a sinner's hope of acceptance with have attended to the outward forms God, instead of preaching the Gospel of public worship they think they doctrine that he can only be saved have done their duty, and nobody has through the blood and righteousness any right to find fault with them; of Christ, another clear index? pointthey do their best, and no more ought ing as it must inevitably do, to the to be required of them. Is not this, effect of such soul-destroying teachwe inquire, this very worldliness of the ing. Such we fear will be the world's Church and its worshippers, the great crisis! Is not the prospect enough characteristic of the present age? Yea, now to arouse the living dead? Yes, more, one of the most remarkable and

enough to awaken a slumbering church distinguished signs of the latter days. and sleepy world? Yet, such will be Both Scripture and experience confirm the probable future in the world's our statements.

history. These days Messiah foretels. Besides the spirit of worldliness so (Luke xxiii. 8.) May God, arouse · rampant amongt us, there is by far a His slumbering Church, and quicken more gigantic evil prevalent in our the living dead by the mighty energy minds; viz., the Goliath Infide- of His Holy Spirit: yea, may He, of lity. Now, attempts have been made His infinite mercy, Lighten the eyes from time to time by pious and of both, lest they sleep the sleep of learned men, to destroy this giant of death.(Ps. xiii. 3.) the Philistine host, with the sling And again, ever since the birth of and stone of truth; but with little time, or ever the world was made, no effect. He still comes boldly forward age of it has been, I suppose, without to the front, in order to defy the its impostors. Both religious and armies of the spiritual Israel. His ad- worldly hypocrites have every now mirers and advocates are many, both and then entered on the stage of life. within the Church and out of her. Witness the age subsequent to the Alas! that it should be so. What a Christian era. No sooner had the paradox! Painful as the truth is— Church of Christ begun to exist than the Church has more danger to fear a deceiver rose up in the person of from her secret enemies within her, Ananias. He, however, met with his than she has from her more open foes deserved fate. Simon Magus was anowithout her. Yet, is not this also ther fictitious character. The Eastern one of the marked signs of the times impostor Mohammed entered on the in which we live? Yea, more, the theatre of life, and afterwards, like a prelude to the great apostasy pre- meteor, disappeared. So worldly as dicted in the Book of the Revelation well as religious impostors have tried chap. xiii. 6): “And he opened his to palm their tricks of imposition mouth in blasphemy against God, to on society. The present age howblaspheme His name, and His taber- ever, bas been characterised perhaps nacle, and them that duell in heaven." by the appearance of one of the Does the world as it grows older greatest worldly impostors that ever grow wiser and better?

Are not existed. Judges and juries have had things getting worse and worse? the greatest difficulty of discovering going on from one degree to another, the cheats attempted to be practised hastening on apace to the direful end upon them by criminals from time to when religion and religious worship time ; yet, never in the annals of crime, has there been known a more flood, they were eating and drinking, artful and daring impostor than the marrying, and given in marriage, until present claimant. Notwithstanding the day that Noe entered into the ark;" this, another period of time may even (39) “and knew not until the flood produce a more gigantic impostor than came and took them all away ; 80 shall he. To a certainty, the most infa- also the coming of the Son of Man be." mous of all impostors that

ave ever

Watch therefore ; for ye know not been, or will be, is yet to come forth what hour your Lord may come." as predicted, in the person of the Anti- Pondering over what he has read he christ, the Man of Sin, the incarnation says to himself, how truly descriptive of Satan ; then will he be dominant, is all this of what mine eyes now beand his reign for a short season be hold. Once more, he finds it thus despotic. Yet, he, together with the written in Luke xviii. 8.

" When false prophet, shall be cast down into the Son of Man cometh, shall He find hell. (Rev. xx. 10.)

faith in the earth?" Now, have we But once more, in passing, there is not at this very hour, ocular demon. another wide-spreading evil which stration of the accomplishment of the we must notice; and which is also first three prophecies? will the latter another remarkable sign of the latter think you fail of being fulfilled ? " He days: viz., indifference to religion. that hath ears to hear, let him hear" We do not stay now to inquire into what Messiah saith, For verily I the cause, but can only speak of say unto you, till heaven and earth pass the fact. This is manifest to every away, one jot or one tittle shall in no observer of recurring events; and wise pass from the law till all be fultherefore, cannot fail to strike the filled.(Matt. v. 18.) Note carefully mind of every sincere and devout the warning given in Mark xiii. 33. child of God with horror, and to over- " Take ye heed, watch, and pray: for whelm his soul with deepest sorrow. ye

know not when the time is." He With fixed but weeping eyes he stands that endureth to the end shall be gazing upon the present sad specta- saved." (Matt. x. 22). Lastly, Recle. In silence he mourns the fact. member the words of the Lord Jesus, The future prospect he deplores. how He said in the Book of RevelaNotwithstanding, this dark terrible lation-(chap. ii. 20)--" Be thou vision rises up before the seat of his faithful unto death, and I will give imagination, in contemplating the thee the crown of life.present and future scenes which now, and will be hereafter enacted in life's SCRIPTURE EMENDATIONS. great drama; yet, as a solace to his unhappy spirit, he turns to his only Rom. v. 13: "For until the law, sin infallible guide-book-the Book of was in the world : but there being no Books—the Bible, and then asks what law, sin is not put to its account." saith the Great Prophet? He looks What does the A.V. convey to the and reads the solemn words of holy mind of the reader? That sin was writ, and because iniquity shall not imputed to him who lived in the abound, the love of many shall wax times before the giving of the law. cold.” (Matt. xxiv. 12.) Again, he Perhaps no one would be actively turns to the Sacred Record, and under this impression; it is so contherein reads this prophecy in Matt. trary to all the instruction of the inX. 21, “And the brother shall deliver spired word. The same is stated by up the brother to death, and the fa. the above emendation as

" where ther the child : and the children shall there is no law there is no transgres. rise up against their parents, and sion " against that law. The careful cause them to be put to death.” And and thoughtful might so understand again, he peruses another " Scripture this passage, but we have to consider of truth." He begins at verse 37, and those who read what is written, and leaves off at the 43rd verse of Matt. who understand according to the verx. : " But as the days of Noe were, 80

bal structure. shall also the coming of the Son of Man

In Rom. iv. 22, we read “it was be." " For as in the days before the imputed to him for righteousness,"


are too

them up."

and one might suppose that the same of God's grace, with all the furniture kind of procedure, judicial or gracious, of His love, can His children desire was indicated here. Not so; the “the husks which the swine do eat," words are different; viz., dovíšoua, and be clad with the world's finery? in iv. 22, but & loyéw in v. 13. These

Alas! yes. They slumber, they forhave opposite meanings : whilst the get, they shut their eyes, they beformer means to reckon for, the latter

come blind to the beauties of their means to reckon against. Whenever

Father's house; they “grope at noonany thing is put to the account of the law it is against the sinner. “Until

The words“ contrary to' the law” the sinner was not actually

weak to express the actual condition without law, he was a law unto him- of the parties. It is not a merely self, “the law was written in their passive condition, as these words hearts." The flood and the cities of might intimate, but a life-long con. the plain are witnesses that God im

tention. The word is so translated puted sin to the sinner before the in 2 Thess. ii. 4, “ opposeth himself," giving of the law : “ because when and the participle of the verb is comthey knew God they glorified Him monly rendered " adversary." not as God . . . wherefore also God Let the will be on the side of the gave

Spirit and “we shall not fulfil the What a mercy to be delivered from lusts of the flesh." Let it be on the the two laws; *the law of sin," and side of the flesh, and then “I build " the law of Moses !" Not a word of again the things which I destroyed, I mercy from either; “for as many as make myself a transgressor.” There have sinned without law, shall also is no countenance given in the word perish without law; and as many as of God that a regenerate man cannot have sinned in the law, shall be do the things that he would. “My judged by the law.” (Rom. ii. 12.) grace is sufficient for thee,” said the And then the unutterable mercy of God of armies to the fainting warrior, being “under law to Christ !"

smarting under the wounds of Satan; condemnation !" "If any man sin we but it is not for the self-willed minder have an Advocate with the Father.” of the flesh. The promise of support, Confession-forgiveness.

of deliverance, is to those who value Gal. v. 17: "For the flesh lusteth such proofs of their Redeemer's love. against the Spirit, but the Spirit is What can the gross worldling know against the flesh, and these oppose of such care and love? He values one another,) that ye may not do those nothing of these. If a new creature things which ye would.

—and alas! how many such have beIt is correct enough to say that the come, to the eye of man, worldlings ! flesh lusteth against the Spirit, but he is a marvellous instance of the not seemly to use such an expression grace of God; but he traduces that relative to the operation of the Spirit grace, forgetting that “the grace of against the flesh, nor does the con- God leadeth him to repentance" struction require it: supply the word daily. " is,” and we have a statement abun- Let us ever be conscious what law dantly sustained. The parenthesis the believer's sins are put to the acadopted here leaves the mind to con- count of. If there is no law for him— nect the final statement in the verse for he is free from the law of Sinaiwith the work of the Spirit only. then his sins, unconfessed, are put to Such is the aim of the Spirit being the account of no law, but he is against the flesh, “that yo may not der law to Christ.” Are not all the do (TOLTTE) the things which ye believer's sins atoned for and blotted would "-or will to do.

out? Most boldly we say-No, exThe translation “cannot do" has cept confessed.

The sins we now no warrant. There is no idea of speak of are the sins of the family. constraint, but of help. The new The Father will forgive the sins of creature is free to sin, if he will, but His children on confession, and then " he shall of the flesh reap cor- cleanse by the precious blood of His ruption." With all the rich provision dear Son from all unrighteousness.

• No


,בית המדרש ,also a mission room


If there is no confession and with it received from him, “Truly has the a forsaking, then there is judgment, Lord, in a manifest way, shown His “some they follow after."

presence and blessing in my humble Further, concerning confession, efforts. I have now, as colporteur God will have his due, and He will working with me, a Hebrew Chrissee to it that man has his. If any tian, whom I have baptized. I have think that confession to God is enough, a , ), may the Lord open his eyes to see which, I am very pleased to say, is a the folly thereof? God's love is not general and well known resort for the greater than His justice; “justice Jews, and frequented by them daily.” and judgment are the habitation of His throne.” It is then to the ac

SIR ANTHONY DE ROTHSCHILD, count of “ the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” that the believer's


OF ENGLAND, IMPALED OPPOSITE sins are put. But-0) unutterable grace!—“ if we confess, He is faithful

TO EACH OTHER, ON THE RE. and just to forgive."

SPECTIVE HORNS OF A DILEMMA. Clifton. W. HOWELL. We do not profess to indulge an over

weening admiration for the modern

Jewish pulpit. If we had done so, we THE LATEST BENEFICED HEBREW might perhaps have occupied as dis

CHRISTIAN CLERGYMAN. tinguished a position in it as Drs. FROM THE “EASTERN MORNING NEWS"

Adler and Artom. Some of our bitter. est Jewish maligners even are now and

then surprised, in their lucid intervals "On Thursday, July 23rd, the Rev. of candour, in crediting us with the Canon Brooke, acting under a com- possession of abilities and qualifications mission from His Grace the Arch- sufficient to do justice to any synagogue bishop of York, instituted the Rev. pulpit in Jewry. But, as we have in. Joshua C. S. Krønig (senior curate timated, we have no bias for the teachand Clerk in Orders of Holy Trinity)

ing from that quarter. To be frank, to the Incumbency of St. Barnabas,

the more we hear or read of the instruc

tions vouchsafed thence, the less we on the nomination of the Archbishop

like them. However, our impartiality of York; the Rev. Canon Brooke; William Harrison Broadley, Esq.,

in the matter qualifies us to take a

common sense view of synagogue afof Welton, in the county of York,

fairs. We cannot help thinking that Member of Parliament; Henry the chief rabbi of the German and Strickland Constable, Esq., of Was- Polish Jews in England made a serious saw, in the said county of York; and mistake by inhibiting the Russo-Polish Theophilus Carrick, Esq., of King- Jewish preacher holding forth in the ston-upon-Hull, Chairman of the synagogues under his jurisdiction. Trustees of the advowson of the said Had but Dr. Adler exercised a discreet Holy Trinity Church; being the

toleration, he would have escaped the Trustees of the said Chapelry, and,

impalement of himself and the Presi.

dent of the Bell Lane Jewish Free as such, the true and undoubted

School, opposite to each other, on the patrons thereof.

respective horns of a dilemma. The “On Sunday, August 2nd, the Rev.

following memorial can have no other J. C. S. Krenig, in accordance with effect : for whilst Sir Anthony Roththe established usage of the Church schild is President of that School, Dr. of England, ‘read himself in,' in the Nathan Marcus Adler stands first on presence of a large congregation, &c." the Committee of the same school :

One of the principal causes which “11 and 12, Exchange Buildings, decided our brother in accepting the “Houndsditch, E.C., Aug. 19, 1874, Incumbency was in order-being per

"To Sir Anthony de Rothschild, Bart. manently settled in Hull—to be able

“ Honoured Sir,-We, the under. to give greater solidity to the Jewish

signed, being resident Jews of the evangelisation there, which is, we are City of London, beg to draw your atthankful to say, prospering abun- tention to the following circumstances, dantly. Well might Mr. Kronig say, knowing full well how desirous you in a letter which we have recently are of furthering the interests of your

poorer brethren, and of teaching them the ways and means whereby they may become enlightened and civilised subjects of this happy land.

“You are well aware how detestable the habit has become of our co-religionists congregating in Whitechapel on the Holy Sabbath, for several hours engaging in various ways during that time, which might be more profitably employed in study, or in listening to the exhortation of some worthy man. During the past six weeks such a man has come in our midst. He has succeeded by his powerful exhortations in attracting such numbers, that the room in which he preaches is found too small to accommodate them. Those who were accustomed , to visit mission halls and such like vile places* have been lured from their haunts, to hear the eloquence and tradition of the good and pious Rabbi Dainow of Russia, a man noted as much for his learning and piety, as for having the religious and temporal welfare of his nation at heart.

“ He alone is able to advise the poorer classes in the way that they may raise themselves to self-respect, and become ornaments to the glorious race from which they spring.

“We, who are his countrymen, know and understand the benefits to be derived from intercourse with such a man, who counts among his friends Baron A. de Rothschild, of Paris, the Chief Rabbi of the same city, and many other gentlemen of note.

“Our object in addressing you is to ask you kindly to assist us by placing the Free School in Bell Lane at our disposal every Saturday afternoon, until such time as we are able to rent suitable premises.

“We leave you to imagine how much good has already been done, when we tell you that a missionary came to hear the preacher, and expressed his wonder that he had to preach to empty benches in consequence of a more forcible attraction. †

“ We trust, Sir, that you will consider the subject earnestly and impartially, and grant us the aid we require in the furtherance of our scheme.

“ We have the honour to remain, Honoured Sir, your obedient servants, &c."

(Signed by 70 Seatholders and

Members of the various City

In Memoriam.


From "The Record" of the 10th ultimo.

“It is with deep regret we announce the loss of this honoured servant in the Lord's vineyard, whose name will be so familiar to our readers in connection with the mission labours among the Jews. After some months of suffering he passed to his rest early yesterday morning. Few men have more spent their lives in the attempt to realise one grand object than the late Dr. Ewald. His sole desire was to see Israel saved, and with the most untiring industry and evangelical energy, he laboured to bring those whose ancestors had crucified the Mes. siah to the foot of the cross. And it

pleased the Lord to bless his efforts. From the time when he first joined the London Society for Promoting Christi. anity among the Jews in 1832, down to the last year of his life, he was a powerful instrument in the hands of the Master to wean many from the dark errors of Judaism. His sphere of work was an extended one. For nine years he laboured on the north coast of Africa-at Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and other great towns-and succeeded in effectually establishing a permanent Mission amongst God's ancient people. On the appointment of Dr. Alexander as the first bishop

[Rather a suicidal admission. A certain Jewish print stoutly averred that no Jews ever visited " mission halls."--Editor of H. C. W. & P. I.]

† (To be consistent with their own clamours for names, the memorialists should have furnished the missionary's name. However, the undesigned admission is instructive. So, heretofore, before "Rabbi Dainow of Russia" appeared in London, the nameless Missionary had not " to preach to empty benches."--Editor of II. C. W. & P.I.]

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