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effroztery to reproach us! Is it not indicate that the Committee had every heartrending to see an old man on the opportunity of introducing the subject brink of his grave I take him near into their programme had they been seventy years, if not more-to have 80 disposed. I fear that few of our only one thought, and that is deceit. American brethren have yet given to it His name is Wolf Solomon ; he came a place in their sympathies and attenfrom Plymouth.

tion. I am, yours obediently, I would ask our Jewish brethren

A. A. ISAACS. to study the following passage from Christ Church Vicarage, Leicester, our St. Paul:-"Behold, thou art

Dec. 9th, 1873. called a Jew, and restest in the law,

“In the stated meeting of the Soand : makest (thy boast of God, and

ciety, held in Cooper Union, September knowest His will, and approvest the

the 9th, 1873, Rev. J. C. K. Milligan, things that are more excellent, be

President, and Rev. Abraham C. Tris, ing instructed out of the law; and

Secretary, were appointed as a Comart confident that thou thyself art a

mittee to bring the cause of Israel guide of the blind, a light of them

before the Evangelical Alliance, and which are in darkness, an instructor

handed the following paper to Dr. of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which

Prime, Chairman of the Committee of hast the form of knowledge and of the

arrangements :-truth in the law. Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou 6 . To the Committee of Programme of not thyself ? thou that preachest a man the Evangelical Alliance Meetshould not steal, dost thou steal ? thou ing, September 20th, 1873, Room that sayest a man should not commit 38, Bible House. adultery, dost thou commit adultery ? « • Brethren,-We, the Committee of thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou the American Christian Society for commit sacrilege ? Thou that makest Promoting Christianity among the thy boast of the law, through breaking Jews in New York and elsewhere, the law dishonourest thou God? For desire to bring before the next meeting the name of God is blasphemed among of the Evangelical Alliance a very the Gentiles through you, as it is, writ. brief paper, calling the attention of ten. For circumcision verily profiteth, if all Evangelical Christians to our comthou keep the law ; but if thou be a mon duty of preaching the Gospel to breaker of the law, thy circumcision is the Jews, and the happy results which made uncircumcision. Therefore, if the will follow their conversion to Christ. uncircumcision keep the righteousness 6.We hope that your Committee will of the law, shall not his uncircumcision give us the opportunity to present that be counted for circumcision ? And subject before the meeting of the shall not uncircumcision which is by Evangelical Alliance, feeling with us nature, if it fulfil the law, judge thee, an interest in the salvation of that who by the letter and circumcision people of Israel, yet beloved for the dost transgress the law? For he is not fathers' sake. a Jew, which is one outwardly; nei. 6 Please let us know the decision of ther is that circumcision, which is out- your Committee. ward in the flesh : but he is a Jew

"J. C. K. MILLIGAN, which is one inwardly ; and circum

“* ABRAHAM C. TRIS. cision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter ; whose praise is

“The following reply was received. not of men, but of God.” (Rom. ii. "To Rev. Abraham C. Triss, 17-29.)- I remain, yours faithfully,

“«917, Fourth Avenue, New York, LEOPOLD LOUIS. "I am directed by the Programme

Committee to state that the time of the

Alliance is already overcrowded with THE EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE CON. papers of general interest, and that it FERENCE AT NEW YORK.

is impossible to introduce papers de

sired by many local Christian organi. DEAR SIR,-Your strictures on the

sations. omission at the Conference of the Evangelical Alliance at New York of

" (Signed)

"G. W. LAMSON. all reference to the people of Israel is

"28, Bible House, Sept. 19, 1873.' well deserved. Mr. Tris sent me the The programme (general) omits following correspondence, which will entirely the cause of Israel to mention.”


THE LAND OF SINIM. DEAR SIR, I shall feel much obliged to any of your readers who could throw any light on the expression, “The land of Sinim," which occurs in the forty-ninth chapter of Isaiah and 12th verse. I remember the Rey, and lamented George Candy, of Bombay, many years ago saying it was now supposed to mean China.

Thomas Scott, the commentator, says some province in Egypt or Arabia is probably meant; and considering that China could scarcely be known to the prophets in their day, if at all in Palestine, probably Mr. Scott is right. But it is an interesting question, and I should like to see some light thrown

I should like also to know if it is supposed there are any descendants of the ten tribes or Jews in China at the present time, or in the West Coasts of South America, or Central America. Yours very truly,

T. H. B.

upon it.

Literary Notices.

sleep : for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed." Every such student, every such exhortation takes our sympathy by storm, notwithstanding that we cannot accept some of his minor theories.

The following are the subjects which are treated, with considerable clearness, from the author's point of view, in this pamphlet. " The time of the end between 1866 and 1882." “The mode of identification of the Antichrist.” “The Pope not the Antichrist." “Who is the Seventh Head of the Beast ?" "Characteristics of the Antichrist, or Eighth Head of the Beast.” “His name." “His origin." “ The Antichrist's deadly wound and resurrection." “The sword-wound." “ Circumstantial evidence in favour of the theory" (viz : "that Napoleon III. will re-appear and become the Antichrist "]." The ascent of the Antichrist from the bottomless pit." “ The IIAPOYXIA, or mode of appear. ance of the Antichrist."

“ To sum up briefly the argument.” “The re-appearance of Napoleon III.We wish that our space had allowed us to cull, now and then, a passage from some of the sections, which we have enumerated ; but this we cannot do at present. We cannot however, take leave of the small volume without giving the readers of the HEBREW CHRISTIAN WITNESS AND PROPHETIC INVESTIGATOR the benefit of the author's closing remarks ; they appear to us strikingly apropos to these last days :

“In conclusion, let us remember that, whoever may be revealed as the Antichrist, and whenever he may appear, then we may indeed look up and lift up our heads,' for then we shall know that, 'our redemption draweth nigh.' He who said these words, said also, • Behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. And though it may be said with much apparent force that 'nearly twenty centuries have elapsed since these words were uttered, and still the world holds on its course,-the trance of the ages has not been broken by this assured manifestation of the Redeemer's glorified Person. We put our ear to the earth; there is heard no sound of His chariot-wheels.'* Be it 80-Yet & little while, and He that shall come

The Coming of the Antichrist : showing

from Holy Scripture, the marks of identification by which he way be recognised ; and that the Second Personal Advent of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is nigh at hand. Lon

don : S. W. Partridge and Co. THERE is no author's name on the title page of this pamphlet, but the perusal of the brochure has enlisted our profoundest respect for the writer of it. This our statement must not be construed into an approval in toto, on our part, of some of the startling theories which the author advances and maintains in his sixty or seventy pages. Far from it. But the tone, the style, the pathos, the unction which characterise the little work are worthy of all commendation ; whilst his little work is entitled to a careful perusal. We write this after spending a sleepless night in mastering its contents. The writer is a devout and diligent student of the Bible in the first place, and of the great works on unfulfilled Prophecy in the next place. He is moreover making the best use of his studies, namely crying aloud to a heedless and dormant Christendom, as his motto on his title page betokens:“Now it is high time to awake out of

* “Memories of Patmos," by J. R. Macduff, D.D. p. 15.

will come, and will not tarry.'-For we stand in the evil day' (Eph. vi. 11-18) are expressly told that, 'as a snare which is coming on the world ; and let shall the day of the Lord come on all us remember that He who said, 'Bethem that dwell on the face of the hold, I come quickly ;' said also, “Bewhole earth.' In the words of the cause thou hast kept the word of My same author, 'Some may indulge un. patience, I will also keep thee from the seemnly levity as to the apparent stul- hour of temptation, which shall come tifying of the Divine declaration,-the upon all the world, to try them that bridal lamps kept trimmed in hourly dwell upon the earth. Hold that fast expectancy of the Bridegroom's ap- which thou hast, that no man take thy proach, while no footfall for weary crown.' (Rev. iii. 10-11.)” centuries has been heard ; but of this

We cannot help expressing our regret we may be assnred, that He to whom

that our author should have withheld & thousand years are as one day, has his name from the title page. We some wise and all-sufficient reasons for

should very much have liked to enjoy the apparent delay, and for the urgent

the friendship of a man of such eartransmission from age to age of the stir

nest faith, sincere piety, and ardent ring and ever-needful prophetic watch

Christian love as is unquestionably word; andone of these reasons, doubtless,

the author of “THE COMING OF THE is that “He is long-suffering to usward;

ANTICHRIST." not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

A Neno Solution of the Contemporary * As the children of time, whether for good or evil, we move onwards in per

Symbols of the Revelation of St.

John; showing that the First Series petual change, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever.'

describes the Apostasy; the Second.

the True Church ; and that the Con* He is at this moment all that he was

stantinian Church of the Fourth Ceneighteen centuries ago, all that He has been to our fathers, all that He will

tury was the former; the Rupture of

the Seals its Development under the be to our children. He is the Divine

Man of Sin, or Antichrist ; and the and Infallible Teacher, the Healer and

blast of the Seventh Trumpet, or the Pardoner of Sin, the Source of all

Discharge of the Vials, its Destrucgraces, the Conqueror of Satan and of Death-now as of old, and as in years

tion. By Rev. R. Gascoyne, M.A.

Second Edition, corrected, and nearly to come, Now, as heretofore, He is

re-written. "able to save unto the uttermost them that come unto God by Him;" now, as

In these last days, the sober inquirer on the day of His triumph over death,

“ Watchman, what of the night ?"He opens the kingdom of heaven to reads with avidity every book and all believers ;” now, as in the first age

pamphlet that has been published on of the Church, He it is that hath the

the APOCALYPSE. A book with such a key of David, that openeth, and no

comprehensive title as the one before man shutteth ; and shutteth, and no us, proclaims on the face of it that it is man openeth.")*

the production of an original and proMay we all strive to realise these

found thinker. We have therefore glorious truths in the Coming Advent read it carefully, and have found it -the most solemn Advent, as we be

such as its title page implies it to be. lieve, that has yet dawned upon the

Though we cannot at present endorse Christian Church, since her great Mas

the theories propounded by this pious ter and Divine Head vouchsafed His

student of the Word of God, we have gracions promise, 'I will not leave you

yet read the result of his studies with comfortless; I will come to you.'

attention, interest, aad profit. We “The present is our own; for how

have found in it many a gem of spishort a time we may be permitted to

ritual thought, which we value very enjoy it is known only to the Infinite much. We gladly, therefore, commend Being who inhabits eternity. But

it, as well worthy of study, to every while we have the power 'we may re

one interested in the proper undersolve, if we will, to live as men who

standing of those portions of Holy live for the glory of an Incarnate God.'

Scriptures, the burden of which is Let us then put on the whole armour

essentially prophetical; especially in of God, that we may be able to with

the right meaning and import of the

last Book of our Bible. We say Mr, Canon Liddon, Bampton Lectures, Gascoyne's work is well worthy of 1866, op. cit. p. 600.

study; a cursory, hasty perusal of it

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will not enable the reader to perceive the Author's drift,

It is impossible, with the limited space at our command, to give an analysis of the work, or even to furnish any specimens of the Author's style and spirit by extracts from it, though we marked many a passage for that purpose. We can simply recommend to our readers to give the work an attentive and studious perusal, and whether they agree with the Author or not in his Apocalyptio interpretations, they will not fail to profit, in a spiritual point of view, by the many valuable suggestions which they will assuredly gather from it.

The Troo Worlds ; or, Pere and Here

after. An Epic in Five Books, by William Howell. London : Simp

kin, Marshall, & Co. THE aim and object of our bard seems to have been the same which have stimulated & Milton to indite his PARADISE LOST, and PARADISE REGAINED, or a Pollok, his COURSE OF TIME. Of course their respective works have been differently performed; but the same ruling idea, the same dominant principle, is the vital characteristic of the performance of every one of the poets dead and living to which we allude, Mr. Howell, in his preface, tells his readers : “ One prevailing thought has energised throughout the whole exercise—that God may be glorified, being vindicated, feebly but earnestly, in all His dealings with man, and from man's assertion of His governmental character.” This is a true description of the poem, but not a sufficiently comprehensive one. The work brings out the results of the Christian bard's deep study of the Word of God. Many a passage in the writings of Ezekiel, Daniel, and St. John are ably elucidated in the course of his poetic narrative. Antichrist is graphically sketched. The kingdom of Christ comprehensively delineated. The sublime themes upon which the Poet seeks to rivet our thoughts, and succeeds in doing so, makes us condone the prosiness which, now and then, finds its way into his verse. We look upon The Two WORLDS principally as a study for the soul; in many respects as a commentary on certain prophetic portions of the Word of God, As such we cordially recommend this poem to the readers of THE HEBREW OHRISTIAN WITNESS AND PROPHETIC INVESTIGATOR,

The Polyglot Daily Text Book. Lon

don : S. W. Partridge and Co. Bible

Stand, Crystal Palace, S.E. This interesting little volume, as we have already intimated in our issue for last November, p.526, is the compilation of our indefatigable Hebrew Christian Brother, Mr. J. Alexander. The languages which are used in the TEXT Book are English, German, French, and Italian. We cannot do better than give the compiler's own Preface:

« The compiler of this little Polyglot Text Book having, in the course of a large experience in Bible distribution among foreigners, been asked for a similar manual to the many little compilations in English, ventures to hope that its special features will be suffi. cient reason for its appearance.

“The comparison of the different translations will, we trust, repder it interesting to many; as they will then be enabled to perceive various suggestive shades of meaning in the Divine Word.

“The Continental tourist may here find a word in season' for his foreign fellow traveller.

“ Many of the familiar phrases of God's Word may therein be acquired by the student of the chief Continental languages.

" The blank space after the verses will also serve the purpose of the ordinary •Birthday Text-Book,' and for preserving the autographs of friends, and formementoes of interesting family or public events.

"Our chief desire, however, is that the Divine Spirit may by its simple instrumentality give to each and all into whose hands it may come, DAY BY DAY THEIR DAILY BREAD."

The tiny book is neatly and hand somely got up. It has been stamped on the opening cover with a side view of the Crystal Palace, and has for frontispiece a miniature of the grand front of the now world-famed structure. It is a suitable present for the NEW YEAR.

Englishmen Not Israelites ; An Answer

to Twenty-seven Identifications" and " Flashes of Light." By John Wilkinson, a Friend of Israel. Lon

don : S. W. Partridge and Co. We have all along, for obvious reasons, abstained from giving an opinion on the interesting problem which the late Mr. John Wilson's work “Our Israeli

tish Origin ” has raised. Mr. Hine's refutes it. Mr. Wilkinson has searchdilution of that work, in fluids of his ingly reviewed those pamphlets, and own, which he labelled “ Twenty-seven utterly refuted them. We are glad Identifications" and "Flashes of Light,” that the refutation has been underwe always particularly disliked. Those taken by him. Another writer might pamphlets always gave us the idea of have been betrayed into the same flipmiserable burlesques on our dear de- pancy which characterises Mr. Hine's parted friend's grave and sober work. productions, and held up the Jews to We have perused therefore the pam. ridicule, by paying them sinister comphlet which heads this notice with pliments. Mr. Wilkinson's unaffected close attention and peculiar interest. love for the kinsmen of our Saviour We sincerely thank our beloved bro- is never betrayed even into an ungenether in Christ, the Rev. John Wilkin- rous insinuation against the children son,-a more genuine friend of Israel of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We we do not know,—for yielding at last recommend his pamphlet as a most to the importunities for an answer, to important contribution to the literaMr. Hine's parodies, from his pen. He ture which the problem,“ Our Israelihas given that answer in a Christianlike, tish Origin," has propounded, and we scholarly, and effective manner. It is thank him heartily for his lucid solunot every one who reviews a work who tion of the same.




UR Subscribers, who transmit their Subscriptions by P.O. Orders,

would save us a good deal of unnecessary trouble, and also unnecessary expense, if they would kindly refer, before taking out the order, to our notice on that head ; in which they will find explicit directions given as to whom, and where the Orders should be made payable. We reproduce them here. Payments by Post Office Orders (NOT STAMPS) to be made out in favour of the Rev. Dr. Moses MARGOLIOUTH, 22, Pelham Crescent, South Kensington, S.W. Payable at 127, Fulham Road Post Office, S.W.

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-“ Replete with rare gems of various kinds in Gospel truths, Biblical Criticism and Exegesis, Homiletical Expositions, historical research, Christian biography," &o, &o.

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