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“ Wondrous are the Works of Him who

is perfect in Knowledge," 194
“ Ye shall be gathered one by one, O

ye Children of Israel," 86

The Hebrew Christian Witness



"TY DON. “Ye are My Witnesses”—Is. xliii. 10.

No. 13.]

JANUARY, 1874,



THE NEW YEAR. DEAR EAR FRIENDS,- Through undeserved mercy, our Heavenly Father,

and the great Master of the world-wide vineyard, continues to employ as as His labourers here on earth. We are called upon to go on with this our work, which He has given us to do, for another year. Conscious that it is His work which we have to do, we come before you, on the New YEAR, full of confidence and trust that He who has put it into our mind to begin this work will vouchsafe to us His grace and mercy to carry it to the end which He has purposed in His own mind. He will strengthen our hands, and bless us with the blissful assurance that our sufficiency is of Him. He will enable us, as He has hitherto done, to acknowledge Him in all our ways, so that He may direct our paths. He Himself will move upon our thoughts, control our words, suggest the themes which He deems best and fittest for our bearing witness to the praise and glory of His holy name in Christ Jesus.

We tell you all this, dear readers, because we wish you not only to join your supplications to ours, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need, but also to determine yourselves, in God's help, at this beginning of a New Year to trust in the LORD with all your hearts, and not to lean to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.*

A NEW YEAR, dear readers, is a most solemn landmark in our earthly pilgrimage, which—while it counts up the miles in the journey of life which we have already traversed-points onward to the ground which must be gone over. The difficulties and dangers of that ground are mercifully concealed from our view, but sure enough there they are, and must sooner or later be encountered by the children of God. In order to

* Prov, iii. 5, 6.


conquer those difficulties, and to vanquish those dangers, we point you to the great Captain of our salvation, the Great Deliverer. God, the Shepherd, the Angel, the Redeemer, who delivered our patriarch Jacob from all ovil,* will deliver you also. Or once more, in the words of our wise king Solomon : “ Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

Dear brethren in Christ, the year on which we now enter may prove the beginning of the great final conflict between the principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, on the one hand, and the children of light on the other hand. The year

which has just past and gone—a year freighted with eventful surprises to the Christian WATCHMAN-has closed with the most startling, yea, the most alarming incident in the English branch of the so-called “ Christian Church.” THE HEBREW CHRISTIAN WITNESS AND PROPHETIO INVESTIGATOR, God helping us, shall never cease to be on the watch, on the

strong tower" of the name of the Lord,f to warn the unwary, to comfort the mourners over the iniquity which now, more than ever, is beginning to abound, and to endeavour to rekindle the love which, in the hearts of many, is beginning to wax cold according as our Lord's graoious hand be upon us. We feel more and more convinced that we have laid hold of the right plough in the great Husbandman's field, and that woe would betide us if we were allured to look back ere the work which He determined for our enterprise here shall have been accomplished according to His purpose.





HE untoward parody, the unseemly burlesque of the WORD OF GOD

which has been enacted and performed on Wednesday, the third day of last month, in the most venerable Christian Temple in this land-must have startled even the most lukewarm Christian professors, if we may judge from the criticism of the non-religious newspapers. The hearts of the true Christians, however, were stirred and pierced with sadness unspeakable, to the very core, at the daring exhibition. That Wednesday was a most solemn day. It was set apart, by the heads of the national Church, as a day of intercession in behalf of Christian missions; to thank God for His past mercies to the work of His labourers in His

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