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HURD (Rich.) Bishop of Worcester. Dialogues, moral and political. 8° Lond. 1759. with Letters on Chivalry and Romance. 3 vol. 8° Lond. 1765. Dialogues on the Uses of foreign Travel. 8° Lond. 1764. Twelve Sermons, Introductory to the Studies on the Prophecies. 8° Lond. 1772. o Sermons preached at Lincoln's Inn. 3 vol. 8° Lond. 1776–80. — Sermon before the Society for the propagation of the Gospel. 4° Lond. 1781. HURGRONJE (Jacobus) Disput. de Legato Liberationis. 4" Lug. Bat. 1716. HURGRONJE (Joh.) Disput. de jure accrescendi in haereditatibus et legatis. 4° Lug. Bat. 1705. HURLEBUSCHIUS (GERH.) Theses de Angina. Helm. 1610. HURLL (MARY) Account of her Conversion and Experience. 12" Lond. 1711. Horose (thos.) Just in Time, a Comic Opera. 8° Lond. 792. ####". His Tryal. 4° Lond. 1701. HURLEY (thos.) Account of his conversion. 12' Dub. 1766. HURRION (John) v. Ridgley. The Hope and Resurrection of the Dead. A Funeral Sermon on Mrs. E. Thompson. 8° Norw. 1712. — The Christian's hidden life. A Funeral Sermon on Revd. J. Nesbitt. 89 Lond. 1728. HURRY (thos.) Tables of Interest. 8" 1786. HURST (HANNAH) v. HARRison. Hollis. HURST (HEN.) v. ADAMs. Burgess. – Funeral Sermon on T. Cawton. 4° Lond. 1677. HURTADO, v. MeNdoza. HURTADUS (thos.) v. Quintin. HURTE (MARt.) Disput. de Secundinarum post Partum excernendarum retentione. 4° Altd. 1672. HURTERN (Joh. chil.) Geographia Sueciao. 4° Augs. HURTLEY (thos.) A concise Account of some natural Curiosities in the Environs of Malham, in Craven, Yorkshire. 8" Lond. 1786. HURUGES ( ) Marquis de St. Memoire a consulter, et consultation pour le Marquis de St. Huruges, contre les Sieurs Bailly et La Fayette. 8" 1788. HURWENEN (Matth.) Disput. de Haeret. Apost. Judae Pagan. &c. 40 Ultr. 1657. HURWITZ (H.) Elements of the Hebrew Language. Part. I. 8” Lond. 1807. HUSANUS (pet. ERAsm.) Decas Quaestionum Anthropologicarum. 4° Witeb. 1617. HUSBAND. The mistaken Husband, a Comedy. 4° Lond.


HUSBANDMAN. The Husbandman's fruitful Orchard, by N. F.
Lond. 1609.
A Direction to the Husbandman. 4° Lond. 1634.
The Western Husbandman’s Lamentation. 4° -
The perfect Husbandman, or the Art of Husbandry,
by C. H. B. C. and C. Ms. 4° Lond. 1658.
The Husbandman’s Advocate. 4° Lond. 1690.
The Husbandman, Farmer and Grasier's Instructor, by
A. S. 120 Lond. 1697.
- The Epitome of the Art of Husbandry, by J. B. 12"
Lond. 1670.

— 8° Lond. 1685. The whole Art of Husbandry, by J. M. 8° Lond. 1707. * Observations upon the Husbandry of Flanders. 8° Lond. 1726. The new Horse-houghing Husbandry. Lond. 1731. — American Husbandry. 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1775. HUSELITT (Mauritius) Cogitata de Bibliotheca. 4" Jen. 1710. HUSEN (JEREMiah van) A true account of a revelation lately discovered to Jeremiah van Husen. 8° Lond. 1719. HUSERUS (connad.) Tractatus de Imposturis, et Ceremoniis Judaeorum. 8° Bas. 1575. HUSON (Pet.) v. GRAvenor. HUSS (Joh.) Opera, cum Appendice Otthonis Brunnfelsii. 4° Epistolae, cum Lutheri Praefatione. 8° Witeb. 1537. Processus Consistorialis ejus Martyrii. 4° HUSS (Joh.) De antiquis humandi ritibus. 12” Upsal. 1698. HUSS (LAURENtius) Dissert. de Urinatoribus. 8° Upsal. 1692. HUSS (MAtth.) Schreiben und Memorialen betressent die ausanwortung bey jungster Atlaque gebliebenenhothen Officiers. 40 HUSSEY (6.) Memorabilia Mundi: or Choice Memoirs of the History and Description of the World. 12° Lond. 1670. HUSSEY (ww.) A plea for Christian Magistracy: in answer to Mr. Gillespies Sermon. 4° Lond. 1646. TT646. T An answer to Mr. Tombes on Infant Baptism. 4° Lond. 1646.

A just provocation of Mr. Tombes to make good his

generall Charge against Mr. Hussey's satisfaction to his scepticall exercitation. 4° Lond. 1646. The Magistrate's Charge for the People's Safetie. A Fast Sermon. 4° Lond. 1647. HUSSUS (D.A. G.) Disput. de Natura. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1607. HUSWEDEL (Joh. Alb.) Epistola de Lympha Bartholiniana. 4°

Hafn. 1658. HUSZTI (steph.) Dissert. de prudente Medicamentorum appli

catione in tempore. 4° Hal. Mag. 1695. HUTCHESON (ARchib.) Letter to him on his Scheme for the

payment of the National Debt. 89 Lond. 1718.


HUTCHESON (Archib.) Answer to Mr. Crookshank’s seasonable Remarks. fol. Lond. 1719. Case of Contracts for South Sea Stock. fol. Lond. 1720. Answer to the Queries in the Whitehall Evening Post. fol. 1721. Appendix to Calculations, &c. fol. A Collection of Treatises relating to the National Debts and Funds: and also a Collection of Treatises relating to the South Sea Stock and Scheme. fol. Lond. 1721. HUTCHESON (FRANC.) An Inquiry into the original of our ideas of Beauty and Virtue. 8" Lond, 1729. Philosophiae Moralis Institutio compendiaria. 12" Glasg. 1742.

Angl. Glasg. 1747. —— Reflections upon Laughter, and Remarks on the Fable of the Bees. 12" Glasg. 1750. A System of Moral Philosophy. To which is prefixed an account of the Author by W. Leechman. 2 vol. 4° Lond. 1755. HUTCHESON (Geo.) An Exposition on the XII Minor Prophets. 2 vol. 8" Lond, 1653. HUTCHESON (Gilbert) Treatise on the offices of Justice of Peace, Constable, Commissioner of Supply and Commissioner under comprehending Acts, in Scotland. 2 vols. 8." Edin. 1806. HUTCHESON (Mr.) Letters to the late Earl of Sunderland. 8 Lond. 1722.

8" Lond. 1722. [2d Edition.] Defence against the aspersions cast upon him in the St. James’s Journal. 8° Lond. 1722. HUTCHINS (Edw.) Sermon on the Epiphany. 12" Oxf. 1589. HUTCHINS (John) The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1774. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1796. *Biographical Anecdotes of J. Hutchins. [being No. XXXIV of the Bib. Top. Brit.] 4° Lond. 1785. HUTCHINS (Rich.) Funeral Oration on Revd. W. Dowers. 8" Lond. 1795. HUTCHINS (tho.) Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina. 8° Lond. 1778. HUTCHINSON (FRANcis) Bp. of Down and Connor. Visitation Sermon. 4° Lond, 1692. Sermon on Psalm IX. 15.4° Cantab. 1698. *- Short view of the Pretended Spirit of Prophecy taken from its first rise in the year 1688, to its present State amongst us. 8° Lond. 1708. Historical Essay on Witchcraft, and also two Sermons: one in proof of the Christian Religion; the other concerning good and evil Angels. With a Defence of the compassionate Address to Papists. 8" Lond. 1718. Examination of his Sermon preached before the Sons of the Clergy. 8° Lond, 1728. 7 HUTCHINSON HUTCHINSON (FRANcis) Bp. of Down and Connor. Defence of the antient Historians, relative to Ireland. 8" Dubl. 1734. HUTCHINSON (Governor) Letters of Governor Hutchinson and Lieut. Governor Oliver, &c. printed at Boston, and remarks thereon. 89 Lond. 1774. HUTCHINSON (John) Moses's Principia. Part I. Of the invisible Parts of Matter, of Motion, of visible Forms, and of their Dissolution and Reformation, 8° Lond. 1724. - Part II. 89 Lond. 1727. T. P. Lemmata Principiorum Mosaicorum Hutchinsoni. 4° Lond. 1734. — Essay towards a natural History of the Bible, especially on some Parts which relate to the Occasion of revealing Moses's Principia. 8° Lond. 1725. Moses's Sine Principio. 8" Lond. 1729. A new Account of the Confusion of Tongues. The No. and Attributes of the Trinity of the Gentiles. 8° Lond. 731. A Treatise on Power essential and mechanical. Wherein the original and that part of Religion which now is natural, is stated. 8" Lond. 1732. Glory or Gravity essential and mechanical. Wherein the Objects and Articles of the Christian Faith are exhibited Hieroglyphically. 8" Lond. 1733. The Religion of Satan, or Antichrist, delineated. The Use of Reason recovered by the Data in Christianity. 8° Lond. 1736. A modest Apology for those of the superior Clergy, who have not yet subscribed to the Proposals for publishing the Works of Mr. Hutchinson. 8° Lond. 1748. HUTCHINSON (Lucy) Memoirs of the Life of Col. Hutchinson. 4° Lond. 1808. HUTCHINSON (Mr.) v. Burnet. HUTCHINSON (Rich.) Disput. de Calculo. 4° Ultr. 1668. HUTCHINSON (sAM.) Bp. of Killala. Sermon before the Dublin Society. 4" Dub. 1761. HUTCHINSON (tho.) The usual Interpretation of AAIMONEE and AAIMONIA in the New Testament asserted. A Sermon. S” Oxf. 1738. Remarks upon a Pamphlet, intitled, a Review of the Controversy about the Meaning of Demoniacks in the New Testament. Lond. 1739. The use and scope of the ceremonial Law briefly represented. A Sermon. 87 Oxf. 1740. HUTCHINSON (william) A Treatise on practical Seamanship. 4° Lond. 1777. Treatise on the best form of Merchant Ships in general. 4° Liverp, 1791. - -

HUTCHINSON MUTCHINSON (w.) A View of Northumberland, with am excursion to the Abbey of Mailross in Scotland. 2 vol. 4° New- | cast. 1778. A State of the Churches under the Archdeaconry of Northumberland and in Hexham peculiar Jurisdiction, with the succession of the Incumbents, extracted from the Mss. of T. Randall. 40 1779. The History and Antiquities of the County of Durham. 3 vol. 40 Neu). 1785. History of the County of Cumberland, and some places adjacent. 2 vols. 4° Carl. 1794. HUTCHINSONIANS. A Word to the Hutchinsonians: or Remarks on three extraordinary Sermons lately preached at Oxford by Dr. Patten, Mr. Wetherall and Mr. Horme. 8° Lond. 1756.

True Censure no Aspersion : or a Vindication of a late seasonable admonition, called, A word to the Hutchinsonians. Lond. 1756. HUTCHISON (F.) Compassionate Address to the Papists. 8° Lond. 1716. HUTH (Joh. chr.) Disput. de Potu Chocolatæ. 4° Argent. 1695. — Disput. de Cardialgia. 4° Arg. 1699. HUTH (Joh. Phil.) Disput.T de affectione hypochondriaca. 4° Argent. l66l. Disput. de Semitertiana. 4° Argent. l663. Disp. de Hernia Vera. 4° Lug. Bat. 1685. HUTH (Phil. geo.) Disp. de Ischuria. 4° Att. 1703. HUTH (Phil. lud.) Disputatio de Ornamentis Codicum veterum. 40 Alt. 1716. HUTHICHIUS (Jo.) v. iiuttichius. HUTSON (Mary) v. bryAN. HUTTEN, v. HeARNE. HUTTEN (Ulric de) v. burchArd. Orationes et Epistolæ, &c. 4° In arce Stekelberk. 1519. OYTIX. 40 Lovan. 1518. 4° Bas. 1518. -_- 40 Bas. 1519. Dialogi. 4° 1520. Epistola, Vitæ suæ Rationem exponens. 4° Argent.


Aula, Dialogus. 4° Aug. Vind. 1519.

40 Par. 1519.

De Morbo Gallico. 4° Mogunt. 1524.

12° Mogunt. 1531.

Venet. 1535.

Angl. by Thomas Poynel. 12° Lond. 1533.

120 Lond. 1539.

Lond. 1540.

Arminius, Dialogus. 12° Hag. 1529.

Auffwecker der Teutschen Nation. 4° 1632.

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