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HEADS. The Heads of the great charge against the impeached Members. 4° Lond, 1647. HEALTH. This is the Myrrour or Glass of Healthe necessary for every Person to take in that will keep theyr bodye from the Pestylence, and it sheweth how the Planettes do reygne in every houre of the day and night, with the nature of the XII Sygnes. 12" Lond. by T. Coldwell. [bl. 1.] 12" Lond. Rob. Wyer. [bl. 1.] 12" Lond. Rob. Wyer. [bl.l. another edit.] Health’s Preservative and a discourse on Empiricks, by E. D. 4° Lond, 1606. Directions for Health, matural and artificial, with two Treatises on the Eyes, one by Dr. Baily, the other out of the Writings of Fernelius and Riolanus. 4° Lond. 1633. Monthly Observations for the preserving of Health. [by T. Tryon.] 12" Lond. 1688. A proposal for the better securing of Health. fol. Lond.


The sovereign Preservative of the Health and Life of the Royal Family, Nobility, Gentry and People. 8° Lond. 1708. The Family Companion for Health. 8° Lond. 1729. An Essay on the most rational means for preserving Health. 8° Lond. 1799. HEAMAN (Roger) v. HAMMOND. An additional narrative of the design against the Protestants in Maryland. 4° Lond. 1655. HEARLE (D1GoRy) v. Tidcombe. HEARLE (MR.) A fuller answer to Dr. Ferne, 4° Lond. 1642. HEARNE (ERAsmus) The Antiquarian School, or the City Latin electrified, a Ballad. fol. Lond. 1761. HEARNE (sAM.) A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay, to the Northern Ocean. 4° Lond. 1795. HEARNE (t.) Antiquities of Gt. Britain illustrated in Views by T. Hearne and W. Byrne. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1807. HEARNE (thoMAs) v. Alumedus Beverlacensis. Avesbury. Be-. NEDICTUS. CAIUS. CAMDEN. DODWELL. DOMERHAM. DUNSTAPLE. ElMHAM, FoRDUN. Gulielmus Neubrigensis. hEMINGford. HEM.ING Us. Johan Nes Glastomiensis. JustiNUs. LANGToft. Leland. livius. T. Livius Foro-Juliensis. NEALE. OTTERbour N.E. PllNius Junior. Ricardus 11. Rex Anglia. Robert of Gloucester. ROFFA. ROPER. Ross. SCACCARIUM. SPELMAN. SPROTTUS, TESTAMENTUM NOVUM. Triw ETUS, TROkellowe. Wheth AMSTEDE. Ductor historicus, or a System of universal History, 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1704–14. A Collection of curious Discourses, written by eminent Antiquaries, upon several Heads in our English Antiquities. 8" Oxf. 1720. The History and Antiquities of Glastonbury. To which are added The Endowment and Orders of Sherington’s Chantry; and Dr. Plot's Letter to the E. of Arlington concerning Thetford. 8° Oxon. 1722. HEARNE

HEARNE (thoMAs) Letter on some Antiquities between Wind, sor and Oxford; with a list of the Pictures in the Gallery adjoyning the Bodleian Library. 8" Oron. 1725. — Windication of those who take the Oath of Allegiance. 80 1731. Memorials of his Life and Writings. 8° Lond. 1736. Ectypa varia, ad Historiam Britannicam illustrandam. fol. Oron. 1737. HEART. The Heart opened to Christ Jesus. 12" Lond. 1653. HEART BLEEDINGS for Professors abominations. 4° Lond. 1650. - * HEART (N1c.) The sleepy man awaked out of his five days Dream, being an account of one N. Heart, a Dutchman who sleeps five days every August. 12" Lond. 1710. HEART’S EASE in Heart trouble. 12° Lond. 1691. HEATH (beNJ.) Notae sive Lectiones ad AEschyli, Sophoclis et Euripidis Dramata. 4" Oron. 1762. HEATH (CHAs.) Descriptive account of Tintern Abbey. 8° Monmouth, 1793. HEATH (Job) v. wallin. HEATH (John) Two Centuries of Epigrammes. 12" Lond. 1610. HEATH (J.) Flagellum; or the life and death birth and burial of O. Cromwell. 89 Lond. 1672. HEATH (Nichol.) Bp. of Rochester. v. Biblia. Ang. HEATH (Robert) Clarastella, with other Poems. 12" Lond. 1650. HEATH (Sir Robt.) Maxims and Rules for Pleading, published by W. B. 8" Lond. 1694. h HEATH (Robt.) Natural and historical Account of the Islands of Scilly. With a general account of Cornwall. 8" Lond. 1750. HEATHCOTE (corn.) Disp. de Pleuritide solitaria. 4° Lug. Bat. 1718. HEATHCOTE (Geo.) Letter to the Lord Mayor, &c. of London. 80 Lond. 1762. HEATHCOTE (RALPH) Historia Astronomiae. 89 Cantab. 1747. A Sketch of Lord Bolinbroke's Philosophy. 8° Lond. 1755. The Use of Reason asserted in Matters of Religion, in Answer to Mr. Patten's Sermon. 8" Lond. 1756. Reply to Mr. Patten's Answer. 8° Lond. 1756. Morality and Religion essential to Society. An Assize Sermon. 8" Lond. 1756. – Fidei Fundamentum Ratio. Concio ad Clerum. 40 Cant. 1759. A Discourse upon the Being and Attributes of God against Atheists. In two Sermons. 4° Lond. 1763. HEATHCOTE (Robt.) Catalogue of a selection of books from his Library to be sold by Auction. 8" Lond 1802. Haven. A Declaration of the vulgar new Heavens flat-form. The Plain Man's Guide to Heaven. 12" Lond. 1692. Vol. III. N n HEAVEN.

HEAVEN. An Essay, proving we shall know our Friends in Heaven, written by a disconsolate Widower. 8° Lond. 1698. Heaven open to all Men. 8° Lond. 1743. HEBDON. A Guide to the Godly, or the daily Meditations of Returne Hebdon. 12° 1648. HEBED-JESU, Metropolita Sobensis. Catalogus Librorum Chaldaeorum, Syr. & Lat. per Abr. Ecchellensem. 12" Rom. 1653. HEBENSTREIT (Geo.) Questiones miscellaneae. 12" Tubing. 1627. / HEBENSTREIT (jo. DAv.) Oraculum Apollinis Delphicum. 4" Jen. 1675. HEBENSTREIT (Jo. ERN.) Dissert. de ordinibus Conchyliorum methodica ratione instituendis. 4° Lips. 1728. Dissert. de organis Piscium externis. 4° Lips. HEBENSTREIT (Joh. PAUL.) Dissert. de Scandali natura. 4" Jen. 1708. HEBERDEN (will.) ANTIGHPIAKA. An Essay on Mithridatium and Theriaca. 4° 1745. HEBERT (JEAN) Traité des Longitudes. 12' Par. 1718. HEBIUS (TARREUs) v. BARthius. HEBREW. The fair Hebrew, or a secret History of two Jewish Ladies, a Novel. 8° Lond. 1729. HEBREW. New and easy Method of learning Hebrew without Points. 80 Five Letters containing a new and easy method of learning the Hebrew Language. 4" Lond. 1744. The true and antient manner of reading Hebrew without points. By Th–s Cl—s. 8° Lond. 1747. HECHSTETTER (Phil.) Observationes Medicae. 12” Aug. Wind. 1624.

—— 2 tom. 12” Franc. 1674. HECHT (Joh. Sigism.) Exercit. de Cancro Mammarum. 4" Helm. 1673. : Dissert. de Obstructione Vasorum sanguiferorum. 4" Hal. Mag. 1713. HECHTEL (Joh. Leon.) Dissert. de Abscessu. 4" Jen. 1690. HECHTIUS (GoDoFR.) De Henrico Guelfo Leone, Duce Boivariae et Saxonicae Commentarius. Accedit Dissertatio de Coenobiis Germaniae Rerum in ea gestarum Tabulariis. 4° Vitemb. 1715. Germania sacra et literata. 8° Vitemb. 1717. - Vita Johannis Tezeli. Accedit Epistola F. Myconi auspicia emendatae Religionis illustrans. 8" Vitemb. 1717. — De Gerone primo Lusitatiae Marchione non Duce. 4° HECK (John casp.) A complete System of Harmony. 4" HECKENHOECK (ADR.) Oratio in laudem Constantini Magni. 49 Dord. 1716. HECKER (JoANNEs) Mercurius in Sole. 4" Gedan. 1672. HECKHELER (Joh.) Dissert. de Potu Theč. 4" Arg. 1691. HECKHIUS (Gisb.) Disput, de Partu difficili. 4" Lug. Bat. 1667.


HECKHIUS (John) Disput. de Peste. Davent. 1605. HECKLAUR (EILH. chr.) a Disp. de Periodo Clementina

CIOCLXXXIV annorum. 40 Kil. 1706. HECQUET (M.) v. Procope-coute Aux. HECQUET (phil.) Quaest. Med, an Functiones a Fermentis 2 4° Par. 1695. Quaest. Med. an chronicorum Morborum Medicina in Alimento ? 40 Par. 1695. Quaest. Med. an Morbia Solidorum Tritu ? 12° 1712. De la Digestion & des Maladies de l’Estomac, suivant o Systeme de la Trituration & du Broyement. 2 tom. 8" Par. 730. TT211. Tl De purganda Medicina a Curarum Sordibus. 8" Par. 714. Traité de la Peste. 80 Par. 1722. Novus Medicinae Conspectus. 2 tom. 8" Par. 1722. Reflexions sur l'usage de l'Opium des Calmants & des Narcotiques. 12" Par. 1726. — Remarques sur l’Abus des Purgatifs & des Amers, & sur l'Utilité de la Saignée. 8" Par. 1729. — La Medecine naturelle. 2 tom. 8" Par. 1738. HECTORS. A notable and pleasant History of the Knights of the Blade commonly called Hectors, or, St. Nicholas Clerkes. 4° Lond. 1652. The Hectors, or, the false Challenge, a Comedy. 4" Lond. 1656. HEDA (wilhelmus) v. Beka. — Historia Episcoporum Ultrajectensium. cum Notis A. Buchelii. fol. Ultraj. 1642. HEDELIN (f.) Des Satyres, Brutes, Monstres, & Demons. 12" Par. 1627. — Macarise, ou la Reyne des Isles Fortunées. Histoire Allegorique contenant la Philosophie Morale des Stoigues. 2 tom. 89 Par. 1664. HEDELINUS (Petrus) Ad Johannem Gabrielem Sparvenfeldum Elegia. 4° Upsal. 1708. HéloïAN (eRic. Geo.) Controversiae et Conclusiones ex Jure civili desumptae, 4° Marp. 1626. HEDENECCIUS (eRHARDus) MNHMONEYTHKoN septem Hippocratis Aphorismorum Sectionum, Tabulis comprehensum; item Prognosticorum Hippocratis Synopsis. 4° Bas 1585. HEDENGREN (ANDR.) De Gladio Gustavi Adolphi. 3 Partes. 4° Ups. 1728, 9. HEDENUS (Nic. chr.) Disput. de Odontalgia. 4° Jen. 1681. HEDENUS (Nic. Leonh.) De gutta rosacea. 4" Jen. 1669. — Disput. de Epilepsia Hysterica. 4" Jen. 1676. HEDERICUS (bean.) De Anno et Partibus ejus. 8° Rost. 1598. HEDERICUS (M. BeNJ.) Lexicon Graecum. Auct, a S. Patrick. 4° Lond. 1727.

Auct. et emend. cura J. A. Ernesti. 3 vol. 8"


Lips. 1796.

HEIDAN (Abr.) Epicedia in Obitum ejus. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1678.

Considerationes ad Res quasdam, nupergestas, in Academia Lugduno-Batava. 8° Hamb. 1678. HEIDAN (cAR.) Thesaurus Numismatum plurimarumque rerum quem collegit C. Heidan. 12" Lug. Bat. HEIDE (ANt. DE) Experimenta circa Sanguinis Missionem, &c. 8° Amst. 1686. HEIDE (JAN. van der) Beschryving der nieuw vitgevonden Slang-Brand Spuiten. fol. Amst. 1690. HEIDEGGER (frid. Rudolp.) Disert. de Haemorrhoidibus symptomaticis et perniciosis. 4° Hal. Mag. 1726. HEIDEGGER (Joh. HENR.) Libertas Christianorum a Lege Cibaria veteri, de Sanguine et Suffocato, demonstrata, cum Comment. in Concilium Hierosolomytanum. 12" Amst. 1662. Dissertatio de Peregrinationibus Religiosis. 8" Tig. 1670. HEIDEGGER (Phil. conn.) Disp. de Pleuritide. 4° Heidell. 1681. HEIDELBERG. Confessio Fidei Theologorum et Ministrorum Heidelburgensium. 12" Heidelb. Heidelburgensis Academiae Gratiarum Actio, pro Regis Britann. Conservatione. 4° 1606. HEIDEMANNUS (Egid.) Disputatio de Poetis. 4° Witt. 1665. HEIDEN (FRANs. JANsz. vander) Vervarelyke Schip-Breuk van t’Oost Indisch Jacht ter Schelling. 49 Amst. 1675. HEIDEN (Gottfr.) De Camera obscura. 4° Kil. 1670. HEIDENRICHIUS (i.) v. Francus. HEIDENSTENIUS (Reinold.) De Bello Moscovitico, quod Stehanus Rex Poloniae gessit. 4" Bas. 1588. HEIDER (christ.) Disp. de Terra. Lips. 1660. HEIDER (PRID. CHRist.) Disp. de universali agente in Corporibus. 49 Hal. 1697. HEIDER (MART.) De quinquennio studii Juris. 4° Jena. 1714. HEIDER (wolfGANG) Hypotyposis Scholastici Boni et Mali. 4° Jena. 1607. Orationes dua de Vulpeculis scholasticis. 4° Lubben. 1728. HEIDFELDIUS (Joh.) Sphinx Theologico-philosophica. 12" Herb. 1604. HEIDMANNUS (christoph.) Orationes dua, altera de Juleo novo, altera de Beneficiis Ducum Brunswic, in Academiam Ju liam. 49 Helmst. 1613. Palestina, sive, Terra Sancta, cum Notis Hen. Ernstii, et Auctario Spanhemiano. 4° Wolfenb. 1689. HEIGEL (HENR. MAG.) De Paradoxis et Erroribus novae Sectae, Sennerto-Paracelsianae Disp. III. 4° Amist. 1637. HEIGHAM (tho.) v. chev Allen. HEIGIUS (Petr.) Disp. de Colica. Witt. 1618. HEILAND (Joh. Daniel) Disp. de Apoplexia. 4° Lug. Bat.


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