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HAMBURG. Memoria Bibliothecæ Hamburgensis. 4° Ham&. 1651. HAMICONIUS (MArtixvs) Frisia, seu, de Viris Rebusque Frisiae illustribus. 40 Franek. 1620. HAMEL (Elb.) De Catalepsi. 4° Ultr. 1652. lHAMEL (fnid.) De Pactis. 4? Tr. ad Rh. 1685. HAMEL (j. b. Du) v. Biblia. Lat. REGis. HAMEL (JaN. du) De la Nature et des Vertus des Eaux de Dinan. 8° Dinam, 1648. HAMEL (Joh.-B Apr. du) Astronomia physica, seu, de Luce, Natura, et Motibus Corporum coelestium. Accessere P. Petiti observationes. 4° Par. 1660. Philosophia vetus et nova, ad Usum Scholæ Burgundiæ accommodata. 6 tom. 12° Par. 1687. Regiæ Scientiarum Academiæ Historia. 4° Par. 1698. - 40 Par. 1701. HAMEL (Mich.) Epist. ad Dr. Merlet cum resp. 4° 1655. HAMEL (Mr. Du) du Monceau. Traité de la Fabrique des Manoeuvres pour les Vaisseaux, ou l'Art de Corderie perfectionné. 40 Par. 1747. Traité des Arbres & Arbustes. 2 tom. 4° Par.


La Physique des Arbres. 2 Part. 4° Par. 1758. Des Semis et Plantations des Arbres et de leur Culture. 4° Par. 1760. De L'Exploitation des Bois. 2 Part. 4° Par. 1764. Du Transport de la Conservation et de la Force des Bois. 49 Par. 1767. Traité des Arbres Fruitiers. 2 tom. 4° Par. 1768. Traité general des Pesches. fol. Par. 1769. HAMEL (Mahis) De la Morsure du Chien enragé. 8° Lisieur. HAMEL (Nicol.) The World in Miniature. 12° Lond. 1800. HAMELMANNUS (heRM.) De Recordatione perpetua quatuor novissimorum. 4° Lips. 1592. De Vetustis Titulis et Nominibus Principum et illustrium Familiarum in Saxonia, Angriuaria et Westphalia. 4° Lips. 1592. Oldenburgische Chronicom. fol. 0ldenb. 1599. HAMENS (Dr.) v. chAMBERlEN. HAMERS (Petr.) De Origine Boni. 4° Lug. 1669. HAMERSLEY (Rich.) Advice to Sunday Barbers against trimming on the Lord's Day. 12° Lond. 1706. HAMERUS (Joh. herM.) De Medicina renunciatoria. 4° Erf. 1692. HAMEY (baldvinus) De Juramento Medicorum, qui OPKo> ITIIIOKPATOY» dicitur. Ed. ab A. Littleton. 4° Lond. 1693. HAMILL (will.) Memorial. 80 Lond. 1719. A View of the damger and folly of being Publick-Spi

rited and sincerely Loving one's Country. 4" Lond. 1721, HAMILTON.

HAMILTON. A relation of a victory over the Scots at Hamilton. 4° HAMILTON (Alex.) A new Account of the East-Indies. 2 vols. 8" Lond. 1744. HAMILTON (Alex.) Elements of the Practice of Midwifery. 8° Lond. 1775. 80 Lond. 1781. — 8° Edinb. 1784. — A Treatise on the Management of Female Complaints, and of Children. 8° Edinb. 1792. — Letters to Dr. Wm. Osborn. 8° Edinb. 1792. HAMILTON (ANDREw) Relation of the Actions of the Inniskilling Men. 4° Lond. 1690. HAMILTON (ANToINE) Memoires du Comte de Grammont. 4" Lond.

—— 12" Col. 1713.

——— 8" Rotterd. 1716.

—— avec notes par M. Hor. Walpole. 4° Strawberry Hill, 1772.

Ang. by Mr. Boyer (with MS. notes by Sir W. Musgrave.) 8° Lond. 1719. HAMILTON (Lord ARchibald) Articles exhibited against Lord Archibald Hamilton late Governor of Jamaica. 8° Lond. 1717. An Answer to an Anonymous Libel, entitled, Articles against Lord Archibald Hamilton. 8" Lond. 1718. HAMILTON (c.) Earl of Abercorn. The Case of the Earl and Countess of Abercorn. fol. The petition and case of the Creditors of the E. of Abercorn. fol. HAMILTON (chas.) The Patriot, a Tragedy. 8" Lond. Historical Relation of the Rohilla Afgans of Hindostan. 8° Lond. 1787. Transactions during the reign of Queen Anne. 8" Lond, 1790. HAMILTON (Sir David) The private Christian's Witness for Christianity. 8" Lond. 1697. The inward Testimony of the Spirit of Christ to his outward Revelation. 8° Lond. 1701. HAMILTON (David) De Praxcos Regulis, et de Febre miliari, &c. 8° Lond. 1710. - - HAMILTON (dav.) De Passione Hysterica. 4° Par. HAMILTON (FRANC.) De Sanctorum Invocatione. 4" Wircel. 1596.

I De legitimo Cultu Sanctorum per Imagines. 4" Wirect. 597. HAMILTON (Sir FRed.) v. cole. - — His Information given to the Committee of both Kingdoms, concerning Sir William Cole, with the scandalous Answer of Sir W. Cole. 4° 1645.

HAMILTON HAMILTON (cAvis) Windication of G. Hamilton and John

Balfour, from the Charge brought against them, in a Memorial concerning the Property of the Edinburgh Medical Essays. 12" Edinb. 1756. HAMILTON (Geo.) A voyage round the World in 1790–1792. 80 Berwick, 1793. HAMILTON (JAMEs) Duke of, v. croMwell. Speech in the Parliament of Scotland concerning the Kings return into England. 4° Lond, 1641. Copy of a Letter from Duke Hamilton to the Ministers at Lancaster, with their Answer. 4° Lond. 1648. Two votes of the Commons declaring the forces under the Duke of Hamilton to be rebels. fol. Lond. 1648. A new declaration set forth by Lord Gen. Hamilton, wherein is declared the resolution of the Scottish Army to settle the King in his Throne. 4° Lond. 1648. The manifold practices and attempts of the Hamiltons and particularly of the present Duke to get the Crown of Scotland. 4° Lond. 1648. Duke Hamilton's conditions for surrendering himself with all the Officers and Soldiers under his command to the Parliament Forces in Staffordshire, &c. 4° Lond. 1648. A List of the Judges for the Tryall of James Earl of Cambridge, Henry Earl of Holland, George Lord Goring, Arthur Lord Capell, and Sir John Owen. 4° 1648. Digitus Dei; or God's justice upon Treachery and Treason, exemplified in the life and death of the late James Duke of Hamilton. 4° Lond. 1649. The several speeches of Duke Hamilton Earl of Cambridge, Henry Earl of Holland, and Arthur Lord Capel upon the scaffold. 4° Lond. 1649. Declaration concerning his engagement against England and his speech upon his Death-bed, &c. 4" Lond. 1651.

Duke Hamilton’s Ghost, or the Underminer countermined. 4" Lond. 1659. HAMILTON (JAMEs) Duke of Hamilton and Brandon. v. Boyle. BURNet. Moh UN. Representation of the Scotch Peers on his case. fol.

1711. — Account of his Quarrel and Duel with Lord Mohun. 8" Lond. 1712. — A full and exact Relation of the duel between the Duke of Hamilton and Lord Mohun. So Lond. 1713. -— Memoirs of his life and Family. 8" Lond. 1717. HAMILTON (JAMEs) Earl of Abercorn. Calculations and o relating to the attractive Virtue of Loadstones. 8" 729.

A Treatise on Harmony, 8° Lond. 1731.

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HAMILTON (JAMEs) Observations on the seats and causes of Diseases: illustrated by the dissections of Professor Morgagni. Vol. 1.89 Edinb. 1795. Select cases in Midwifery. 8° Edinb. 1795. HAMILTON (JAMEs) On purgative Medicines. 8° Edinb. 1805. — 8° Edinb. 1806. HAMILTON (JAMEs Edwd.) A Letter to the people of England upon the present Crisis. 8° Lond. 1790. HAMILTON (JAMEs) An act of Sale of part of his Estate. fol. Hamilton against Stevenson: the Appellant's Case. fol. HAMILTON (ihone) A facile Traictise contenand ane infallible Reul to discern trew from fals Religion: Nixt a declaration of the Nature and Effects of the Sacraments. 12" Lovan. 1600. HAMILTON (John) A particular account of the Tryal of John Hamilton, Esqr. for the Murder of Charles Lord Mohun and James Duke of Hamilton. fol. Lond. 1712. HAMILTON (John) Stereography, or a compleat Body of Perspective. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1738. HAMILTON (Robert) Introduction to Merchandize. 2 vol. 8" Edinb. 1777–9. 80 Edinb. 1797. System of Arithmetic and Book-keeping. 8° Lond. 1788. HAMILTON (thos.) Earl of Haddington. Treatise on the manner of raising Forest Trees. 8° Edinb. 1761. HAMILTON (wm.) Duke of v. Burnet. HAMILTON (william) Life and Character of James Bonnell. 12° Lond. 1703. — 8° Lond. 1707. HAMILTON (wM.) Poems. 8° Edinb. 1760. HAMILTON (Sir will.) v. D'HANcArville. Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and other Volcanos: in a series of Letters to the Royal Society. 8" Lond. 1774. Campi. Phlegraei. Observations on the Volcanos of the two Sicilies. With drawings coloured after nature by the Editor P. Fabris. Eng. Fr. 2 vols. fol. Naples. 1776. Supplement to the Campi Phlegraei ; being an Account of the great Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in August, 1779. With drawings coloured after Nature by P. Fabris. Eng. Fr. fol. Nap. 1779. HAMILTON (wm.) v. PAGAN. HAMILTON (wM.) Remarks on several parts of Turkey. Part. I. HEgyptiaca. With Etchings from drawings by C. Hayes. 4° Lond. 1809. - HAMILTON (wm.) Some necessity of reformation of the Church of England. Or a reply to Dr. Pearson. 4° Lond. 1660. HAMILTON (wm.) O-Brazile, or the enchanted Island. 4° Lond. 1675. Vol. III. G g HAMILTON HAMILTON (ww.) Mystagogus Lilianus: or a practical Comment upon Lilly's Accidence. 12" Lond. 1712. HAMIN (ABEN) v. PEREz. HAMLET (wm.) Plan of a Machine to act as a preservative against Fire and House-breaking. 8" Birm. 1786. HAMMEN (Lorenço vander) y Leon. Don Juan de Austria. 4° Madr. 1627. HAMME (Ludovicus voN) De Herniis, Dissertatio. Accedunt de Crocodilo ac Vesicae mendaci Calculo Epistolae et Responsiones. 12" Lugd. Bat. 1681. HAMMERER (Joh. AND.) De Necessitate Artis medicae. 4° Hal. Mag. 1712. HAMMERER (Joh. cAR.) KAOAPTOAOTIA. 4° Arg. 1669. HAMMERSMITH and Fulham Case. fol. HAMMERSTEIN (Joh. ADAM. Ab) Dissertatio politica de Nomothetica, seu de recta Legum ferendarum ratione, et in specie jo" Constitutione in Imperio Germanico. 4" Helm. 663. HAMMERUS (chais.) De Anima sensitiva et Sensibus exterioribus. 40 Witt. 1613. HAMMERUS (Geo. Frid.) Disputatio Arooswai, a Stoicis affectatam et assertam exhibens. 4° Vitemb. 1715. HAMMIZVOTH Sepher, Liber Praeceptorum, tam negativorum, uam affirmativorum. 4° - HAMMON (Geo.) A discovery of the Latitude of the loss of the earthly Paradise by original Sin. 12° Lond. 1655. Syon's Redemption, and Original Sin vindicated. 4° Lond. 1658. Truth and Innocency prevailing against Error and Insolency. 4° Lond. 1660. HAMMOND (A.) v. Avenant. HAMIMOND (ANth.) A modest Apology on the late unhappy #" of Affairs, with Relation to publick Credit. 8° Lond. 721.

Solitudinis Munus, or Hints for Thinking. 12” 1721. HAMMOND (charles) Israels just Judge; or the Maiestrats Brest-plate against the darts of Pride, Envy and Hypocrisie. 40 Lond. 1657. HAMMOND (G.) v. treaty. HAMMOND (Henry) v. CLERicus. DIATRibe. Fell. schism. SM1th. The poor man's tithing, a Sermon. 8° Lond. 1640. — Of resisting the lawfull Magistrate upon colour of Religion. 4° Lond. 1643. The Loyall Convert. 49 Oxf. 1643. Of Conscience. 4° Oxf. 1644. Of Will-Worship. 49 Oxf. 1644. Of a late or a death-bed Repentance. 4° Oxf. 1645. Of sins of weakness and wilfulness. 4° Oxy. 1645. A Practicall Catechisme. 4° Lond, 1646. HAMMOND

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