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GONCALEZ (Juan) de Mendoga. Historia de las Cosas notables de la China. 8" Rom. 1585. - trad. da Fr. Avanzo. 8° Ven. 1586. 12" Ven. 1587. Gall, par Luc de la Porte. 8° Par. 1589. Lat. per J. Brulium. 4° Ant. 1655. GON CALEZ (Jos. ANT.) de Salas. De duplici Viventium Terra, Dissertatio paradoxica. 4" Lugd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1650. GONDAMOR (count) v. cotton. GONDELA (simon hex R.) Martyrum Pugnac et Victoriae. 4" , Brem. 1682. GONDEZ (comtesse DE) v. Luss AN. GONDI, Maison de, v. comb is Elli. Histoire & Preuves Genealogiques de la Maison de Gondi. fol. Par. GONDRIN (comte DE) La Maniere de faire des Lettres. 8" Lond. 1721. GONDRIN (L. H. De) Lettre de Monseigneur l’Archevesque de Sens a Monsieur le Recteur de l’Université de Paris. 4° 1659. GONDY, v. Retz. GONGORA (GARc1A DF) Historia Apologetica y Descripcion del Reyno de Navarra. fol. Pamplon. 1628. GONIAEUS (Joh.) De Febre maligna Petechiali. 4° Rost. 1604. GONINUS (JAcob.) De Visione. 4" Bern. 1717. GONNELLA. Buffonerie. 8° Fir. Giunt. 1568. — 12° Ven. 1606. GONORRH(FA. A mechanical Account of its Cause and Cure. 89 Lond. 1719. GONSALES (Domin.) The Man in the Moone, or a discourse of a Voyage thither. 8" Lond. 1638. s GONSALVUS, v. cons Alvus. GONSON (Sir John) Three Charges to Grand Juries. 8° Lond. 1728.

Charge to the Grand Jury of Westminster, April 24, 1728. 8" Lond. 1728. " . July 11, 1728. 8° Lond. 1728. July 16, 1728. 8" Lond. 1728. Oct. 9, 1728. 8° Lond. 1728. July 3, 1729, 8° Lond. 1729. GONTERI (i.) Le vraye Procedure pour terminer le Different en Matiere de Religion. 8" Caen. 1607. Response a un Gentil-homme, de la Religion pretendué reformée touchant l'Usage des Images. 12° Par. 1608. Responce d’un Gentilhomme a sa seconde Lettre. 8" Mildelb. 1608. GONTERI (P.) v. CAPellus. GONTIER (P.) v. BERUlle. Exercitationes Hygiasticae. De sanitate tuenda et vita producenda. 4" Lug. 1668. T GONZAGA (Al...) v. Sacchini.


GONZAGA (cesare) v. castiglione. GONZAGA (cARLo) Duca di Mantoa, v. capotoDA. GONZAGA (curtius) Il fido Amante Poema Eroico. 4° Mant. 1582. GONZAGA (ferr.) v. Gosellini. GONZAGA (FRANc.) De Origine Seraphicae Religionis Franciscanae ejusque progressibus. fol. Rom. 1587. GONZAGA (L.) v. cepani. GONZAGA (vesp.) v. sabbio NRTA. GONZAGIA (Elizabeth A) v. BEMbo. GONZAGUE (Louis de) Duc de Nevers. Discours de la Legation de Monsr. le Duc de Nevers envoyé vers le Pape Clement VIII. 12" Par. 1594. GONZALES (Pedro) de Salcedo. Examen de la Verité, ou, Response aux Traittez des Droits de la Reyne d’Espagne, trad. de l’Espagnol, par P. M. A. D. S. C. D. B. fol. Brur. 1673. GONZALEZ (FR.) de S. Pierre. Relation de la nouvelle Persecution de la Chine jusqu’à la Mort du Card. de Tournon. 8." 1714. GONZALEZ (P. ANth.) Hierusalemsche Reyse. 4° Antv. 1673. GONZALEZ (thyrsis) Manuductio ad Conversionem Mahumetanorum. 4" Diling. 1689. GOOCH (bes.) Cases and practical Remarks in Surgery. 8" Lond. 1758. GOOCH (Mrs.) Appeal to the public, on the conduct of Mrs. Gooch. 4° Lond. 1788. — Her life. 3 vols. 8" Lond. 1792. GOOCH (thos.) Sermon before the Commons on Jany. 30. 8° Lond. 1712. — Funeral Sermon on Heny. Compton, Bp. of London. 8° Lond. 1713. GOOD (b.) The true Interest of the Hanover Treaty considered. 89 Lond. 1727. GOOD (John) The art of Shadows, or Universal Dialling. 12' Lond. 1711. GOOD (ww.) A new Catechisme. 12" Lond. 1645. GOOD (will.) The Measurer and Tradesman's Assistant. 8° Edinb. 1775. GOODACRE (Robt.) Arithmetic. 12° Lond. 1803. GOODALL (charles) The Colledge of Physicians vindicated, and the true State of Physick in this Nation faithfully represented. 8° Lond. 1676. The Royal Colledge of Physicians in London, founded and established by Law. 4° Lond. 1684. Historical account of the College’s proceedings against Empiricks and unlicensed Practitioners. 4° Lond. 1684. GOODALL (da.) v. Boulton. o (HEN.) The duties attending a proper discharge of the Ministry. A Visitation Sermon. 4° Cantab. 1748. GOODALL (Thos.) His case, fol.


GOODALL (walter) Examination of the Letters of Mary Queen of Scots to the Earl of Bothwell. 2 vol. 80 Edinb. 1754. — Introduction to the History and Antiquities of Scotland. 8° Lond. 1769. GOODE (DR.) v. Diotrephes. GOODE (w.) v. Ash. — The discoverie of a publique Spirit. A Fast Sermon before the Commons. Lond. 1645. GOODE (wm.) Faith triumphant in death; a Funeral Sermon on W. Romaine. 89 Lond. 1795. Gospel Treasures in vessels of Clay; a Funeral Sermon on the Revd. P. Cadogan. 8° Lond. 1797. —Thanksgiving Sormon. 8" Lond. 1797. GOODENOUGH (MArth.) French liberty and equality weighed in the balance of British policy and found wanting. Or Plain thoughts on the state of the Nation. 8° Lond. 1793. GOODERE (Sir John DIN eley) v. Foote. GOODERE (sAM.) v. Foote. Genuine Dying speeches of Captn. Saml. Goodere, Matthew Mahony and Charles White. 89 Bristol, 1741. GOODLUCK (w. R.) Guide to the capital Prizes. 8" Lond. 1803. GOODMAN (chr.) How superior Powers ought to be obeyed of their subjects. 12" Gen. 1558. GOODMAN (Godfrey) Bishop of Glocester. Les Devoirs des Creatures à Dieu, par Geoffroy Bonhomme, trad. en Fr. par W. F. 120 Par. 1644. — The ineffable Trinity, and wonderfull Incarnation explicated. 4° Lond. 1653. — His Petition to the Protector. fol. Lond. 1655. GOODMAN (John) Seven Sermons. 8° Lond. 1697. — Winter Evening Conference. 8" Lond. 1705. GOODMAN (R. t.) An address to the Committee of the London j." for promoting Christianity among the Jews. 8° Lond. 809. GOODSCHALK (DIDERicus) De Transpiratione. 4° Lug. Bat. 1689.

Prodromus de Ossium, tum Generatione, tum Corruptione interna. 12" Lugd. Bat. 1691.


GOODWIN (Jacobus) Catalogus Medicinarum. 8" Lond.

GOODWIN (JAMEs) His Case, fol. Lond. 1727.

cows (John) Hymn by J. Goodwin and others. 12° Lond. 1650.

GOODWIN (John) v. Resburie. Rickaft. salter.

GOODWIN (John) Of Justification. 4° Lond. 1642.

— The Butcher’s Blessing, or the bloody intention of the Romish Cavaliers against London. 4° Lond. 1642.

Anti-Cavalierisme, or Truth pleading as well the neces

sity, as the lawfulness of this present war for the suppressing that brood of Cavaliering incendiaries who are now hammering England to make an Ireland of it. 4° Lond. 1642. GOOD

GOODWIN (John) Os Ossis et Oris or Remarkable passages in

a book intitled Os Ossorianum. 4° 1643.

M. S. to A. S. with a plea for liberty of Conscience. 4” Lond. 1644.

©EOMAXIA: or the imprudence of men running the hazard of fighting against God: in two Sermons. 4° Lond. 1644.

Faces about. Or a recrimination against him. With animadversions upon his book called @EOMAXIA, 4° Lond. 1644.

Innocency and Truth triumphing together, in answer to W. Prynne. 4° Lond. 1645. Calumny arraigned and cast, in answer to W. Prynne. 4° Lond. 1645. Vindication of Free-Grace. 4° Lond. 1645. Cretensis: or an Answer to Thos. Edwards's Gangrana. Lond. 1646. — Twelve considerable cautions about a Reformation. 49 Lond. 1646. Anapologesiates Antapologias. Or the inexcusableness of that grand accusation of the Brethren, called Antapologia, Lond. 1646. A Candle to see the Sun. 4° 1646. Hagiomastix, or the Scourge of the Saints. 4° Lond.

1646. Postscript to Hagio-mastix. 4° Lond. 1647. An apologetical account of some Brethren of the Church whereof he is Pastor. 4° Lond. 1647. The divine authority of Scripture asserted. 4° Lond. 1648. • Sion Colledg visited. 4° Lond, 1648. Right and Might well met. Or an enquiry into the proceedings of the army under Lord Fairfax. 4° Lond, 1648. The Unrighteous Judge, in answer to Sir F. Nethersole. Lond, 1649. T8:1:723,221. The Obstructours of Justice, or a defence of the sentence upon the King. 4" Lond. 1649. The remedie of unreasonablenesse. Or the substance of a Speech intended at a Conference on the Grace of God. 4° Lond. 1650. Truth’s conflict with Error. Or Universal Redemption controverted. 4° }. 1650. Confidence dismounted. Or a Letter to Richd. Resburie. 4° Lond. 1651. EIPHNOMAXIA. The agreement and distance of Brethren. 4° Lond. 1652. Thirty Queries; whether the Civil Magistrate stands bound by way of duty to interpose his power or authority in matters of Religion, or worship of God. 4° Lond. 1653. Master John Goodwin's Queries questioned. 4° Lond.

1653. Vol. III. . P GOODWIN

GOODWIN (John) An apologie for Mr. J. Goodwin. 40 Lond. 1653. The Apologist condemned, or a Vindication of the Thirty Queries. 4° Lond. 1653. Water dipping no firm footing for Church Communion. 49 Lond. 1653. Expositiom of the 9th Chap. of St. Paul to the Romans. 4° Lond. 1658. ΣΥΓKPHTIXMOΣ. Or Dissatisfaction satisfied. 4° Lond. 1654. Peace protected and discontent disarmed. 4° Lond. 1654.

A fresh Discovery of the High-Presbyteriam Spirit. Or the Quenching of the second Beacon fired. 4° Lond. 1654. Vindication of the six booksellers subscribers of The second Beacon fired from the aspersions of J. Goodwin. 4° Lond. 1655. Cata-Baptism or new Baptism waxing old. 4° Lond. 1655.

Funeral Sermon on D. Taylor, Esqr. 4° Lond. 1655. BAYANIXTAI. Or the Triers or Tormentors tried and cast. 4° Lond. 1657. GOODWIN (JohN) Reasons for a duty on Raw Hides and Raw Skins. fol. Proposals how to raise four Millions in five years without receiving one penny in Money on the subject. fol. GOODWIN (P.) v. Gibbons. Sermon on the death of S. Bruce. 8° Lond. 1737. The duties of Pastors to their flocks, a Sermon. 8° Lond. 1740. GOODWIN (Phil.) Dies dominicus redivivus. The Lords day enlivened. 12° Lond. 1654. Religio domestica rediviva : Or Family Religion revived. 89 Lond. 1655. The Mystery of Dreams historically discoursed. 8° Lond. 1658. GOODWIN (tho.) His case. fol. GOODWIN (thoMAs) Discourses on Heaven and Hell. 8° Lond. 1693. T©T Sermon on the death of Revd. S. Lobb. 8° Lond. 699. GOODWIN (thomas) The History of the Reign of Henry V. fol. Lond. 1704. GOODWIN (thos.) v. BowND. Davnv. Zerubbabel's encouragement to finish the temple. A Fast Sermom. 4° Lond. 1642. Christ set forth. 4° Lond. 1642. A Child of light walking in darkness. 4° Lond.

The return of Prayers. 4° Lond. 1643.

Aggravation of sin and sinning. 4" Lond. 1643.

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