Linguistic Theory, Language Contact and Modern Hindustani: The Three Sides of a Linguistic Story

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Peter Lang Publishing, Incorporated, 1995 - Всего страниц: 153
This book raises some important questions about formal linguistics and functionalist sociolinguistics when they encompass the same subject matter, linguistic borrowing and code-switching/mixing. These questions arise in the context of formalist and functionalist accounts of language contact and are tested here against some interesting Hindustani-English contact facts from India. The test reveals what these paradigms contribute to our understanding of language contact (and language in general) and precisely where they seem to go wrong.

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The Limits of Formalism
Towards an Adjudication
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Psychological Studies, Том 51

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Rajendra Singh, Ph.D. (Brown) is Professor of Linguistics at the Universite de Montreal.

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