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On the 1st of November will be published the first volume of this Work, comprising the four numbers and a Supplement already issued, together with a complete index and title, handsomely i. in cloth. Price 14s.

The index and titlepage will be issued to subscribers with No. V. on the 1st of

January, 1847. Cloth covers for binding up the first five numbers can be had of the Publishers, price ls. 6d.

opersect sets should be completed immediately, as the Work will soon be out of print. London: W. Pickering, Piccadilly. Manchester: Simms and Dinham, Exchange Street.

This day is published, Demy 8vo, price 6s. Cloth, extra, the Fifth Edition of

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By THOMAS WALKER, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, Barrister at Law, and one of the Police Magistrates of the Metropolis.

London : Henry Renshaw, Strand. Manchester: Simms and Dinham.

Lately published, price 5s., in extra cloth boards, the Third Edition of

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By RICHARD PARKINSON, B.D., Canon of Manchester, and Principal of
St. Bees, Cumberland.

London : Rivingtons, St. Paul's Church Yard.
Manchester: Simms and Dinham, of whom may be had


PARKINSON'S SERMONS, 2 vols. price 12s.


&c. &c. &c.

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Exhibiting the Origin and Import of Armorial Bearings; the Rise and Establishment of the Feudal System; Knight Errantry, and the Expeditions of Crusade or Holy Wars; Chivalry, and the Feats of Tilt and Tournaments; the derivations of Titles of Honour, and Surnames; marshalling of Arms, Genealogies, and Funeral Processions. Illustrated by nearly seven hundred engravings in wood.

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“Here we close our notice of a book which, for sincerity of purpose, for the erudition and the enthusiasm of its writer, and for the ability which supports that enthusiasm, deserves well at the hand of the public; and we recommend it accordingly.”—The Critic, June 20, 1846.

William Pickering, London; Rees, Llandovery; Seacome and Prichard, Chester. W. PICKERING'S RECENT PUBLICATIONS.

In Two Volumes, 8vo, price £1. 10s. ONUMENTA RITUALIA ECCLESIAE ANGLICANAE, or Occasion Al OFFICEs of THE CHURCH of ENGLAND, according to the ancient use of Salisbury, the Prymer in English, and other Prayers and Forms. . With Dissertations

on the old Service Books, on the occasional Offices, and on the Prymer. By the Rev. W. MASKELL, M.A.

Also, Second Edition, with many additional Notes, and the Preface re-written and enlarged, 1 vol. 8vo, 15s. rTHE ANCIENT LITURGY OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, accord

ing to the uses of Sarum, Bangor, York, and Hereford, and the modern Roman Liturgy, arranged in parallel columns.

HISTORY OF THE MARTIN MARPRELATE CONTROVERSY, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Crown 8vo, 8s.

OOKS OF COMMON PRAYER, from Edward VI. to Charles II., forming six Volumes, small folio. Reprinted in black and red letter by Whittingham. I. The First Book of Edward VI., 1549. II. The Second Book of Edward VI., 1552. III. The First Book of Queen Elizabeth, 1559. IV. King James's Book as settled at Hampton Court, 1604. V. The Scotch Book of Charles I., 1637. VI. King Charles the Second's Book, as settled at the Hampton Conference, 1662. This collection of the Books of Common Prayer are uniformly reprinted in Black Letter, like the original editions. Their importance and value are well known ; but it is remarkable that in no public, or private, or collegiate library can the whole of them be found together. A limited number only has been reprinted ; and may be purchased in sets, but not separately. The Book of 1662 has been carefully collated with the Sealed Book in the Tower of London, and other copies of the Sealed Book have been occasionally consulted. The price of the six volumes, bound in parchment gilt, £18. 18s. A few copies of 1662, adapted to the present reign, have been printed with the rubrics in red. Price £4. 4s. bound in parchment.

Th; COMMUNION SERVICE and occasional Offices of the Church of

England, beautifully printed in red and black. Small folio, bound in parchment, gilt, t2.15s.

HE BOOKE OF COMMON PRAIER NOTED. . By John MERBEcke, as printed by Grafton, 1550. Small 4to, £1. 5s. bound. This is a verbatim reprint with the Musical Notes without any alteration

votever, shewing what parts of the Service were chanted in the reign of Edward

In 2 vols. Demy 8vo, handsomely printed by Whittingham, £1.1s.
PROSE. With his Life by IzAAR WALTon.

This edition is printed with large type, and intended for the Library. Copies may be had in plain or elegant bindings.

In 2 vols. 8vo, price £1. 8s. NNALS OF THE ENGLISH PIBLE, from 1524 to 1844. By the Rev. 1. CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON. With a Portrait of Tyndale, and fac-similes of the early New Testaments.


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THE accompanying sketch will give some idea of the curiously poised stone, situated in Meend Wood, about two miles eastward from the town of Monmouth, and about two hundred yards from the boundary of the county. It stands in, and most probably gives name to, the parish of Stanton, in the county of Gloucester, and is usually known by the name of BUCKstoNE. In the same parish, on the opposite side of the village, is a large Maen Hir. The size of the Buckstone is about twenty-two feet extreme length, as seen in the sketch; on the top it is nineteen feet long by thirteen feet wide, and about fifty-three feet in circumference. Its height is thirteen feet, and in figure is somewhat of an inverted pyramid poised on its apex, which is about three feet in diameter, where it touches the pedestal. It is called a druidical monument, by which term most

ARCHAEOL. cAMB. vol. 1.] UU

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