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LIVER's EEGE's wortrs, in Thirty-seven Plates, in Mezzotinto, by Cousens, &c., folio, half-bound morocco elegant, gilt - * 'leaves, (published at 6l. 6s.) for 21. 12s. 6d. 1835

“As an artist he was excellent in expressing character.” . . . ~~

Louixon's GARDENER's MAGAZINE. Numerous Woodcuts, the First Series complete, 10 vol. 8vo, boards, (published at 9l. 12s.) reduced to 21.2s. These volumes contain a vast mass of most useful information to every gentleman who takes pleasnre in

his garden - - London, 1828

MILEs's Roxar. Navar service or ENGLAND, with Eight Plates of Ships, coloured, royal 8vo. cloth gilt, 10s. 6d. (published at 18s) - 1844

MOSES"S SELECT GREER and R.ONIAN ANTIQUITIES from Wases, Thirty-seven Plates, 4to. cloth, (published at ll. 1s.) reduced to 10s. 6d.

Moscow. Historical Sketch of Moscow, with Views of the City and Kremlin. In 4to, boards, Twelve Plates, coloured. Reduced to 5s. (published at 21. 2s)

THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF PICTUREs. ENGRAvi Ngs from the Pictures IN THE NAtional Gallery, published by the Associated Artists : a Series of Twenty-nine Plates with full Descriptions to each Plate in English and French. In Imperial folio, very handsomely half-bound in morocco elegant, nith gilt leaves, in the best style, by Mackenzie, reduced to 6l. 16s. 6d. (published at 16l. 16s.) Splendidly bound morocco elegant, with gilt leaves and broad borders of gold on the sides, in the Harleian style, 91.9s. - - 1840 This magnificent series of Plates, contains Twenty-nine Engravings from the Finest Pictures in the World, executed in the line manner by the first artists of the day. The names of Corregio, Paul Veronese, and Caracci; Murillo, Rubens, and Vandyck; Claude, Poussin, and Wilson; Gainsborough, Reynolds, and Wilkie; Rembrandt, Cuyp, and Canaletti; are sufficient to mark the subjects which form the contents of the volume; whilst, as a guarantee for the correctness and fidelity of the copies, and the brilliancy of execution of the plates, can any country in Europe, beside our own, produce an equal amount of talent with that which we are enabled to sum up in adducing the following list of names of the Engravers by whom the plates have been executed: Bromley, Burnet, Doo, W. Finden, Golding, Goodall, Greatbach, Humphrys, Le Keux, Miller, Pye, Robinson, and Watt 2

INA SIE I'S CHAIRACTERISTICS OF. IoIRITISIE I PALACES IN THE OLDEN TIME: with Letter-press descriptions, by MRs. S. C. Hall. Illustrated with Thirteen Plates, coloured, drawn on stone by Joseph Nash, author of the “Mansions of England.” In imperial 4to, morocco cloth elegant, with gilt leaves. Reduced to 18s. (published at 21. 12s. 6d.) London, 1838

NICHOL's AUTOGRAPHS or Roy AL, Nors.I.E, LEARNED, AND REMARKABLE PERSONAGES, Fifty-five Plates, exhibiting about six hundred Autographs, printed on tinted paper, royal folio, cloth lettered, (published at 4l. 4s.) reduced to , 11.4s.—half bound morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, ll, 10s 1829 PAP wort.TH's RURAL RESIDENCEs, Twenty-seven Plates, coloured, imperial 8vo, cloth gilt, 15s. (published at ll. 11s. 6d.) - - 1832

IPAIPWOIR.T.E I’S HINTS ON OR.INAMIENTAL, GHAIRDENING, Twenty-seven Plates, coloured, imperial 8vo. cloth qilt, 15s. (published at ll. 1 1s. 6d.) - 1823

PICTORIAL ACCOUNT of the SIMPLON, GENEVA, AND MILAN. Picturesque tour from Geneva to Milan, by the way of the Simplon; with particulars, historical and descriptive. Imperial 8vo. with Thirty-six Plates, coloured, cloth gilt, neith the top edge gilt. Reduced to 12s. (published at 21. 12s. 6d.) 1820

PICTORIAL HISTORY of MIAIDEIRA, Illustrative of the Costumes, Manners, and Occupations of the Inhabitants of that Island, with Twenty-seven Plates, coloured. Imperial 8vo, cloth gilt, with the top edge gilt. Reduced to 9s. (j. at 21. 2s.) 1821

PICTOR.I.A.L. ACCOUNT OF OIBLEIR.I.ANID. Picturesque Tour through Oberland, in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland. Imperial 8vo. with Seventeen Plates of the Glaciers and Mountains, coloured, and map, cloth elegant, top edge gilt. Reduced to 9s. (published at 21. 2s.) - 1823

PIROUT's HINTS ON LIGHT AND slo AIDow, COMPOSITION, &c. Twenty Plates, imperial 4to. cloth, 11.5s. (published at 21 2s.) - 1838

“To all who have taste and power to appreciate what is excellent in art, this work will recommend itself: it will be found useful to professed Artists.”— Literary Gaz. “As marims of earperience, they deserve to be written in letters of gold.” Spectator. “This publication is no less elegant than valuable : it would be difficult indeed to point out a more useful guide for the Student.”—Naval and Military Gazette. “The slightest sketch here given as illustrative of effect, is full of the power of the author's genius."—John Bull. “For taste in selection, clearness and precision of execution, and fidelity of representation, these exquisite little sketches ean hardly be surpassed.” United Service Journal. “We think this one of the cleverest works extant : to the Student it will be invaluable ; each respective plate is a beautiful specimen of talent and genius." - - Bell's Messenger. “Mr. Prout could not have presented the basis of his practice, and the result of his experience, in a inore instructive, more attractive, or a more advantageous form.”—Atlas.

IPR OUT'S SIRIETCHES at HOME and ABIR.O.AID, with Hints on Breadth of Effect in Landscape Painting, and on the Use of Colour, Forty-eight Plates on India Paper, imperial 4to. half morocco elegant, gilt leaves, 21. (published at 4!. 14s. 6d.) 1844

IPUGIN and GENDALL's Tourt of the SEINE, Twenty-four Plates, coloured, 4to. whoth elegant, gilt edges, 11.4s. (published at 41.4s.); Lange Paper, ll. 8s. (published at 61.6s.) - ** - 1821

* * *

PUGINT & LE IRIETJX'S EINGIR.A.V.E.10 SEPECIMIENTS of the ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES of NORMANDY; consisting of Plans, Elevations, Views, &c. of several Edifices of that Province, with historical and descriptive Letter-press, by John BRittox, Esq. F.S.A. &c. The Plates are wholly engraved by J. and H. Le Keux, 4to, half-bound, morocco, uncut, with paper between the plates, (published at 6l. 6s.) reduced to 2l. 12s. 6d.--Or on LARGE PAPER, cloth, (published at 10l. 10s.) reduced to 4l. 14s; 6d. 1827 This publication consists of Eighty Engravings, elucidating the characteristics and peculiar members of several Buildings. Besides serving to illustrate, architecturally and scientifically, the styles and varieties of the Ancient Buildings of Normandy, the work tends to exemplify the variations between the Early Architecture of that country and of England; and thus furnishes data for the Critical Antiquary, and Practical Examples for the Architect. “Mr. Pugin's works furnish the most valuable practical instructions—they are standards of taste to which we can constantly refer, and we sincerely hope he will prosecute his labours with unabated zeal.”— Literary Gazette.

PUGINT'S SPECIIVIIENTS OF GOTEIIC AIR CHITECTURE, One Hundred and fourteen Plates, 2 vols. 4to. half-bound morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, (published at 6l. 6s.) 31, 13s.6d. 2 vols. royal 4to. Large Paper, cloth, 6l. 6s (published at 91.9s.) 1821 This work contains a series of ONE HUND RED AND Fou RTEEN PLATEs, illustrative of the Early Architecture of England, as displayed in Pinnacles, Roofs, Lanterns, Parapets, Chimneys, Turrets, Capitals, Niches, Arches, Spandrels, Doors, Doorways, Gateways, Windows, Fire Places, Mullions, Tracery, &c. The letterpress, by E. J. WILLson, Esq. Architect and F.S.A., is explanatory of the Plates and historical of the Subjects represented, with a Glossary of ancient technical Terms.

IPUGIN AND MIACRENZIIE'S SPECINTENS OF GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, from the Doors, Windows, Buttresses, Pinnacles, &c. with the Measurements, selected from the Buildings at Oxford ; Sixty-one Plates, 4to, cloth, (published at 21. 2s.), reduced to ll, 1s.

PUGIN's GoTEIIc FURNITUIRE. Consisting of Twentyseven coloured Engravings, from designs by A. Pugin, with descriptive letter-press, 4to. cloth lettered, with Twenty-seven Plates, o coloured. Reduced to 15s. (published at ll. 11s. 6d.)

“The present work is devoted exclusively to 60tbit Jurniture ; and its chief object is to demonstrate that this style is not less adapted to the interior than to the exterior decoration of houses, and that, when properly understood, it is capable of affording greater variety than the Greek and Roman. Some of the Royal Palaces, as well as several of the Mansions of our nobility and gentry, lately erected, and now building, furnish triumphant proofs of these positions, in the magnificence and richness which they display; and they must serve to convince every enlightened mind that we have models enough in our reach, without borrowing from other countries.”

PUGIN's Moror:RN FURNITURE. Consisting of Fortyfour coloured Engravings from designs by A. Pugin, J. Stafford (of Bath), and others, with descriptive letter-press, in 4to. cloth lettered, with Forty-four Plates, coloured. Reduced to 16s. (published at ll. 16s.) “The present Work is rich in Window Draperies, for which it is chiefly indebted to the acknowledged abilities of Mr. Stafford, of Bath, whose exertions to ennoble the science of domestic embellishment deserve the highest commendation: especially as that difficult and important branch of the upholstery art, drapery in general,

requires the talents of the draughtsman, combined with professional erperience and taste.”

Ancient Timber Houses at Rouen, Caen, Beauvais, &c.
Gothic. Furniture of the Fifteenth Century.
. Designs for Gold and Silver ornaments. And
Designs for Iron and Brass Works in the style of the Fifteenth and
Sixteenth Centuries.

102 plates drawn and etched by A. W. Pugin, 4to. half-bound morocco elegant, nith gilt edges, (published at 4t. 14s. 6d.) reduced - to 21. 12s. 6d. - 1826 - Euch work is sold separately at the reduced price of 12s in eloth. We rejoice in Mr. Pug IN's return to his career of usefulness, in rescuing from oblivion some of the interesting details of those Wooden Fabrics which are fast disappearing, not more from natural decay than from the spirit of alteration, which has affected those continental towns. They still retain, however, far more numerous traces of these productions of the Gothic periods of the art, than most of our own cities. We are not inclined to think that such a style of construction will ever again be generally adopted in this country; but such examples as this volume contains must be invaluable to the architect, engaged in the erection of country dwellings, composed in the character of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The specimens are selected with judgment, and executed with facility of handling.

PYNE's MICRocos IVI, a Series of One Thousand Subjects. Rural and Domestic Scenery, Shipping, Craft, Sports, &c. one hundred and twenty. Plates in aquatinta; 2 vols. in 1, roy al4to. halfbound morocco, uncut, 21.2s (published at 6l. 6s.)

PYNE's RUSTIC FIGUREs, in Imitation of Chalk, Thirtyo six Plates, 4to. served in stiff cloth covers, and lettered on the sides, 9s. (published at 11.10s.) - London.

rxne's ETCHINGS of RUSTIC FIGUREs, for the Embellishment of Landscape, Sixty Plates, 8vo. sered in stiff cloth covers, and lettered on the sides, 9s. (published at ll. 10s.)

IR.EINE. Tour Along THE RHINE, . By BARon voN GERNING. Twenty-four Plates, coloured, 4to. cloth elegant, gilt edges, ll. 4s. , , , (published at 41.4s.); Large Paper, 11. 8s. (published at "so IROWLANIDSON'S IILLUSTRATED WOIR.RS, complete. Syntax's Three Tours, 3 vols.--The Dance of Life—History of Johnny Quae Genus—Sentimental Travels in France—Naples and the Campagna Felice–Tom Raw the Griffin, with 188 Plates by Rowlandson, coloured, 8 vols. royal 8vo. morocco cloth elegant, top edges gilt. Reduced to 31. 3s. (published at 81. 8s.)

A very cheap and amusing set of Books.

Rowl. AIMIDson's HUMOROUs Wortos, with coloured
Plates, separately, as follon's :—
Johnny Quæ GENUs. Twenty-four Plates, cloth elegant, top edges
gilt, 8s.
Tom RAw. Twenty-four Plates, cloth elegant, top edge gilt, 9s.

Sentimental TRAvels. Seventeen Plates, cloth elegant, top edge gilt, 6s. 6d. . . . NAPLEs AND THE CAMPAGNA Felice. Seventeen Plates, cloth elegant,

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SE IN EF E L IDER,”S ART of LITEIOGRAPHIC PRINTING. A complete Course of Lithography, containing clear and explicit Instructions in all the different Branches and Manners of that Art, with Fourteen Plates of different Specimens of the Art, from Drawings by SAMUEL PRout, F.S.A., and others. In 4to. cloth, gilt back, 9s. (published at ll. 6s.) 1819

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consisting of the most interesting Scenes that are to be found in the Canadas : amongst which may be named, the Stupendous Falls of Niagara, the Citadel of Quebec, the Falls of Montmorency, &c. &c. It also embraces Faithful Delineations of the various Costumes and Manners of the Huron Indians, &c. &c. In imperial folio, with 23 plates, tinted mith raised lights by Hullmandel, half-bound morocco, reduced to ll. 16s. (published at 41. 4s.). Beautifully coloured in imitation of Dranings, half-bound morocco, reduced to 31. 3s. (published at 6l. 6s.)

Only a few copies remain for sale, and the Drawings have been rubbed off the stones.

*...* The subjects are drawn on Stone, by Mr. Coke SMYTH and Mr. CHARLEs BENT LEY, and colourED from the ORIGINAL DRAwi Ngs made by Mr. Coke SMYTH, who was appointed, by Government, Artist to the Embassy during Lord DURHAM's Mission.

The chief beauties of our North American territories lie on or near the magnificent rivers whose margins teem with cataracts, from the subsidiary streams flowing into them; indeed the numerous falls give a character to the country, and when we regard their vast height, reaching, as at Montmorency, to 240 feet, in one vast, unbroken sheet, a large river, giving its name and waters to the cataract, or as at Niagara, forming a semicircle of a mile in circumference, we may be excused for considering them as primary features in the country. Should it excite surprise that it has been preferred to give a sketch of Niagara from above, we can only offer as an excuse, the full sense of our inability to give to one who has never seen the falls, any idea of the grandeur from below.

sIPECIMIEN’s of the GOTHIC OR NANIENTs, selected from Lavenham Church, Suffolk. Forty Plates, 4to. cloth, 12s. (published at 18s.)

STEVENS'S IDOMIESTIC AIRCHITECTURE. Views of Cottages aud Farm-Houses in England and Wales, built chiefly during the dynasty of the House of Stuart, from drawings by S. Prout, A. Pugin, C. Varley, R. C. Burney, J. J. Chalon, W. De La Motte, R. Hills, Pyne, and others. Fifty-four Plates, with descriptions illustrating the art of drawing Rural Architecture, imperial 4to. half-bound morocco, uncut, ll, 1s. (published “; 3s.) ndon.

TITSINGIE I'S JAIPANTIESE I: IISTOIR.Y. Illustrations of Japan, consisting of Private Memoirs and Anecdotes of the reigning Dynasty of the Djogouns, or Sovereigns of Japan; a description of the Feasts and Ceremonies observed throughout the year at Court ; and Description of the Ceremonies at FUNERALs AND MARRIAGEs, by M. Titsingh, with Thirteen Plates, coloured from Japanese Designs, 4to, bound in red morocco, cloth gilt, reduced to 18s, (published at 21. 18s) * : * ~ * 1822

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