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COTMAN's (J. S.) ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES OF NORMANDY, accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Notices by Dawson Turner, 2 vols. in 1, royal folio, illustrated with 100 fine plates, hf. bil. morocco gilt, uncut, f4. 10s (pub. at £2. 12s) 1822 COTMAN'S ENGRAVINGS of THE SEPULCHRAL BRASSES IN NORFOLK AND SUFFOLK, with Critical Observations, and an Essay on Sepulchral Memorials, by DAwson TURNER, new edition, with Additions, edited by Sir Samuel Meyrick, 173 fine plates, and two highly illuminated, 2 vols folio, half morocco, gilt tops, £4. 10s 1838 “Cotman's work on Sepulchral Brasses is by far the most important on the subject.” Dawson Turner. CHINA and the Chinese; A Series of 32 fine tinted Lithographic Plates, of Scenery, Costume, &c. executed in the best style of art, by A. Borget, royal folio, half morocco, £2.2s (pub. at #4. 4s). - - - 1842 DIBDIN'S (Dr.) NORTHERN TOUR.—A BIBLIoGRAPHICAL, ANT1qu ARIAN, and PICTUREsque Tou R in the Counties of Lincoln, York, Durham, and Northumberland, and Scotland, embellished with upwards of 100 engravings, 2 vols. royal 8vo. boards, (pub. at f{. 14s6d) reduced to £1. 18s 1838 In every respect this is one of the most beautiful publications which has issued from the press of this country. A combination of talent is here eachibited in the same work, which of late years has never been ercelled. English and Scottish artists have both been called into requisition, and the result has been two such resplendent volumes as only Great Britain could have produced. DOM EST1C ARCHITECTURE; containing a History of the Science and the Principles of Designing Public Edifices, Private Dwelling Houses, Country Mansions, and Suburban Villas, and Laying-out and Ornamenting Grounds, by Professor Brown, 50 fine large copper-plates, and numerous wood engravings of Cottage Furniture, &c. stout royal 4to. cloth, 18s 6d (pub. at £3. 3s) - - . . 1840 EUSTACE'S (J. C.) Classical Tour through Italy, a New Edition, with an Additional Preface, and Translation of the various Quotations from Ancient and Modern Authors, illustrated with a map of Italy. plans of Churches, an Indez, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1840 FIELDING'S (T. H.) ART OF ENGRAVING, with the various modes of Operation under the following different divisions: Etching, Soft-Ground Etching, Line Engraving, Chalk and . Stipple, Aquatint, Mezzotint, Lithography, Wood Engraving, Medallic Engraving, Electrography, and Photography, illustrated with 10 plates, imp. 8vo. cloth gilt, 8s 6d 1844 FIN DEN'S VIEWS OF THE PORTS, HARBOURS, COAST SCENERY, AND WATERING PLACES OF GREAT BRITAIN, comprising 125 highly-finished Plates of all the places of . interest round the entire Coast, from Paintings by J. D. Harding, Creswick, Bartlett, Cook, Balmer, and other Artists. The Letter-press Descriptions by Dr. BEATTIE, M.D., author of “Switzerland,” &c. 2 vols. 4to. cloth gilt, fl. 16s - 1840 FLOWERS of LOVELINESS, an extensive Series of FEMALE FIGUREs, Emblematic of Flowers, designed by various Artists, with Poetical Illustrations by Haynes Bayley, LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL PLATEs, India Proofs, Large Paper, three Series complete, 3 vols, royal 4to. cloth gilt, gilt edges, £2.2s - 18:37 GALLERY OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN PORTRAITS, Published under the Superintendance of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, a Series of 168 Portraits beautifully engraved on Steel, accompanied by Memoirs written by various distinguished Biographers, 7 vols, imp. 8vo. beautifully printed, and embellished with wood cut tail pieces, bound in extra cloth, top edges gilt, 4.3.10s—Another, half morocco, gilt leaves, f4. 10s 1836 “This splendid aud very interesting series is engrared in the highest style of art on steel, in the same manner as Lodge's portraits, with which work it competes for superiority. The portraits being different in the two collections, they form desirable companions.” GILLIES (John, L.L.D.) The History of ANcIENT GREEce, its Colonies and Conquests from the Earliest Accounts till the Division of the Macedonian Empire in the East, including a History of Literature, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts. Second Part, embracing the Ancient World, from the Dominion of Alexander to that of Augustus, in all 8 vols. 8vo. bds. new, 18s (pub. at £3.13s 6d) - Cadell, 1820 The above is a remarkably cheap set of Books, and a work of first-rate merit. HAWKINS' Book of THE GREAT SEA-I) RAgons, Ichthyos AU RI and PLEs Ios AURI, Gedolim Taminim, of Moses, Extinct Monsters of the Ancient Earth, with 30 plates, copied Jrom skeletons in the author's Collection of Fossil Organic Remains (deposited in the British Museum), large folio, bas. 12s (pub. at £2, 12s 6d) 184t) The frontispiece by Martin, is a most ertraordinary production. HONE'S POPULAR WORKS.—THE Eve RY-DAY Book, TABLE Book, and the YEAR Book, 550 wood engravings, 4 stout vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 10s (pub at £3. 3s) - 1841 The above celebrated works contain an everlasting fund of amusement and instruction. LEWIS'S VIEWS IN CONSTANTINOPLE.—Illustrations of Constantinople, made during a residence in that city, from the original sketches by Coke Smyth, 28 plates, drawn on stone by John F. Lewis, folio, half bound morocco, £1. 10s 3d (pub. at £4.4s) LIBRARY (The) OF ENTERTAINING KNOWLEDGE, illustrated with numerous engravings on wood and steel, published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, in 43 vols. 12mo. bound in cloth lettered, £4. 18s (pub. at £9. 13s 6d) London, v. Y. Independent of the great variety, which these volumes offer, there is, perhaps, no similar series of works which is so well calculated for all classes. The learned and the unlearned, will find here an unceasing source of instruction and amusement.

TRANSACTIONS OF THE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF LONDON, 6 vols. 4to. bound in calf gilt, £5. 10s (pub. at £40.) - - 1815-26 The above work contains a series of most elegantly coloured plates of Fruits, Flowers, &c. finished in colours equal to the finest Drawings, an original copy from a Subscriber. LONDON INTERIORS.—A Series of beautiful Engravings of the INTERIoks of the GRAND PUBLIC BUILDINGs of the METRoPolis, with Costumes and Ceremonies, from Drawings taken on the spot, and Engraved if the first style of Art, on Steel, by Melville, 50 plates, with Descriptions written by Official Authorities, stout 4to. cloth, gilt leaves, a beautiful tolume, 16s 6d (pub. at £2.2s) - 1834 The above is a truly interesting and elegant volume for the drawing-room table, &c. MARTIN'S (R. M.) BRITISH COLONIES, being a very complete Statistical, Historical, and Geographical Account of all the Colonies of the British Empire, compiled from the Official Records of the Colonial Office, with Plans, Charters of Justice and Government, &c. &c. by R. Montgomery Martin; with large Map by Wyld, and beautiful engravings of all the Seals' of the various Colonies, royal 8vo. eartra cloth, bds. 12s. - 1843 A work of great merit and importance, alike indispensable to the Statesman, the Merchant, the Emigrant, and the Philanthropist. MART1 N'S (R. M.) HISTORY, ANTIQUITIES, TOPOGRAPHV, and STATISTICS, of EASTERN INDIA, in Relation to their Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures, Fine Arts, Population, Religion, Education, Statistics, surveyed under the order of the Supreme Government, many plates and vignettes, 3 very stout vols. 8vo. cloth, richly gilt, fl. 1s (pub. at £3.13s 6d) - 1838 MASSON'S NARRATIVE of various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan, and the Punjab, also a narrative of a Journey to Kålat, during a residence in those countries, by Charles Masson, Esq. in 4 vols. 8vo. with a large map and numerous plates, cloth, 18s 6d 1844 “Mr. Masson had better opportunities than any other European of becoming acquainted with the real facts in the life and character of Dost Mohammed Khan, both of which have now become important to history.”—Athenaeum. PETTIGREW’S (J. T.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana, or a Descriptive Catalogue of the Library of His Royal Highness the late Duke of Sussex. Illustrated with very copious Biographical, Historical, Literary, and Bibliographical Notes of this most extraordinary, Valuable, and Extensive Collection of 295 ANTIENT MANUscripts, and I543 v ARIous EDITIons of THE Holy Sch IPTUREs, in all Languages. Accompanied with a fine portrait of His Royal Highness, by Scriven, and 20 fac-simile plates, 3 vols. imperial 8vo. new in ertra bas. #22. 12s 6d - - 1827-30 This valuable work was published at £5.5s, and only 500 copies trere printed, uniformly with the Bibliotheca Spenceriana. Only fourteen copies now remain for sale. PROUT'S HINTS on LIGHT AND SHADOW, COMPOSITION, etc., as applicable to Land, scape Painting, Illustrated by Examples, by SAMUEL Prout, F.S.A. Painter in Water Colours to her Majesty, 20 plates, eachibiting 83 ea amples, printed with two tints, royal 4to. cloth lettered, reduced to £1.5s (pub. at £2.2s) PROUT'S SKETCHES IN FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, AND ITALY, imperial folio, with 26 plates drawn on stone, and printed on tinted paper, half bound morocco, £2. 10s (pub. at £4.4s) PROUT'S SKETCHES MADE IN FLANDERS AND GERMANY, and Drawn on Stone by himself, a beautiful series of large lithographic views, all on India paper, imperial folio, half morocco, £2, 18s (pub. at £6.6s) - 1836 PUGIN'S ORNAMENTS of the FIFTEENTH AND SIXTEENTH CENTURIES, viz. Ancient Timber Houses at Rouen, Caen, Beauvais, &c.; Gothic Furniture of the Fifteenth Century; Designs for Gold and Silver Ornaments; and Designs for Iron and Brass Work in the style of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries; 102 plates, drawn and etched by A. W. Pugi N, 4to, half bound morocco, elegant, with gilt edges, £2. 12s. 6d. (pub. at £4.14s. 6d) each Work is sold separately at the REnUcED PRIce of 12s in cloth. RUDING'S ANNALS of THE COIN AGE of GREAT BRITAIN, from the Earliest Period down to the Present time, including the Supplement. Several hundred sheets of engraved Coins, new edition, 3 vols. 4to, cloth, only £3.10s (pub. at £6.6s) 1840 The above is a new and most valuable set of books at a very low price. SHAKSPEARE'S DRAMATIC WORKS, complete in one thick vol. imperial 8vo. illustrated with beautiful engraved plates, and neatly printed, only 10s 6d 1840 The cheapest edition ever published. TUCKER'S (Abraham) LIGHT OF NATURE PURSUED, with some Account of the Life of the Author, by Sir H. P. St. John Mildmay, the sixth edition, complete in 2 vols. stout 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. at £1. 10s) “The “Light of Nature' is a work, which, after much consideration, I think myself authorized to call the most original and profound that has ever appeared on moral philosophy.” Sir James Mackintosh. WOOD'S ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES and RUINS of PALMYRA and BALBEC. 2 vols. in 1, imperial folio, containing 110 fine copper-plate engravings, some very large and folding, half bound morocco, uncut, £2. 15s (pub. at £7.7s) - 1827 One of the most splendid works eter published, and its accuracy is equal to its beauty. Succeeding travellers are all indebted, more or less, to Wood's delineations and descriptions ; Burckhardt, in particular, in his Travels in Syria, says that Wood's work renders any other description of Balbec unnecessary.

W RIGHT'S HISTORY and TOPOGRAPHY of the Cou Nory of ESSEX, comprising its Ancient and Modern History, a general View of its Phwaical roo......

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Ørtijatología (Cambrengig.

No. III.-JULY, 1846.


ALTHOUGH Llanthony was founded at the commencement of the twelfth century, and flourished only thirty years, there is no other monastic establishment, within our knowledge, which possesses the advantage of a contemporaneous history from several hands. Indeed, remote as was this priory from the world, yet the fame of its first establishment, and the singular circumstances connected with its desertion, neglect, and decay, seem to have made a deep impression upon an age, when religious fear, amounting to superstition, began to exact from the feudal system a compensation for wrongs inflicted by a mailed hand upon English freedom. In the many works which have, incidentally or purposely, touched upon Llanthony, we have not hitherto met with any succinct and satisfactory account of its foundation, derived from these authentic sources; fragments, indeed, from one and the other have been inserted in the county histories both of Gloucester and Monmouth, and are to be found scattered about the pages of tourists from Wyndham down to Roscoe. No apology, therefore, need be required for an attempt to elucidate the early history of a conventual house, which lays claim to the deepest interest, both on account of its situation, its origin, its architecture, and its singular destiny. The authorities are these: —

1. “The Mirror of the Life of the Venerable Robert de Betun, Bishop of Hereford, by William de Wycombe.”

Robert was Prior of Llanthony up to the year of his consecration to the see of Hereford, 1131, and his biographer William, one Prior only intervening, succeeded to the same office in 1137.


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