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No. 1.

Prospective Politics of “The Lion.”—Prospective Discussion on Re-
ligion in ditto.—Statement of the Arguments on the Subject of Deity.—
Question, as to the Personal Existence of Jesus Christ; submitted to all
Christian Sects, and more particularly to the Catholic Association's pro-
jected Mission to England. Review of the Past Year, in relation to the
circumstances of Mr. Carlile.—The Will of Thomas Morrison, a Surgeon, of
Chelsea.—Notice of the Trial of the Reverend Robert Taylor.—Critique on
the Geological Theories of Buffon and the Bible.—Journal of Mr. Carlile's
Tour through the Country: Visits to Bath, Bristel, Romsey, Southampton,

Portsea, Gosport, and Birmingham.—Some Explanations about Mr. Cobbett's .
Conduct towards Mr. Carlile.

No. 2.

New Plan of Reform : Treatment before Birth, after Birth, and general
Education.—Superstition “under the superintendance of the Society for the
Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.”—Notice of the expected Trials of the Rev.
Robert Taylor and others.-Of the Greeks, Turks, and European Allies ;
with an Epitaph on the late George Canning, by R. T. Webb.-Philosophi-
cal and Epistolary Stanzas, written near the close of Life.—Phrenology of
Animals, an article copied from No. 1, of “The Farrier and Naturalist.”—
Equivocal Generation; Plants or Animals produced by Infusion.-Journal
of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country (continued from p.32); Visit to
Liverpool; Notice of “Every Woman’s Book;” Mr. Cobbett, Mr. Malthus,
“The British Almanac ;” the State of Reading in Liverpool; Mr. Mann,
Mr. Pegram, Mr. Horrocks the late M. P. for Preston, &c.—Memoir of John

Davies, the Antiquarian Bookseller of Liverpool.—Extract from the Letter
of G. H. of Liverpool.

No. 3.

Putting off of the Trials of the Rev. Robert Taylor and others.-Copy
of the Indictment for Conspiracy.—Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the
Country (continued from p. 56): Visit to Manchester; Notices of Messrs.
Wroe, Elijah Ridings, John Gratrix, Archibald Prentice, Elijah Dixon, his
Ass and his Trinity; Address of the Working Classes of Manchester to his
Majesty; Notice of the Israelites of Ashton-under-Line; Letter, on their
behalf addressed to Mr. Carlile by Edward Lees.—Notice of the Change of
Administration.—Religious Persecution, in the case of the Reverend Robert
Taylor.—Letter from Mr. Rowland Detrosier of Manchester, on the subject
of Designing and Intelligent Deity, with Notes by R. Carlile.—Fecundity of
Vegetables and of Animals; with important illustrations by the Political
Economists, Mr. Malthus, Mr. Owen, and others; Article on the subject,
copied from the Bolton Chronicle.—Extracts from Mr. Malthus's writings on
Checks to Population, Education, Love; with Observations by Mr. Carlile.

—Nonsense for want of something better: a Matrimonial Parody on the
Athanasian Creed, -

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