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JANU ARY, 1870.


(Ewres Complètes d'Ernest Renan. Chez MICHEL Lévy FREREs Paris. 1869.

Nouveauz Lundis. Par C. A. SAINTE-BEUVE. Chez MICHEL Lévy. Tome Deuxième. Paris, 1866.

L'Athéisme Scientifique. Par M. LAURENTIE. Chez LAGNY FREREs. Paris. 1862.

THE recent appearance of his elaborate treatise on Saint Paul draws public attention afresh to Monsieur Renan. This new work bears the same general character as its immediate predecessors, “The Life of Jesus” and “The Apostles.” Yet its tone is more sober, and its combined research and learning seem more mature and fruitful. It may be hoped, too, that the time has now come for a calm, impartial, and thorough examination of the man and his works. The circumstances which first attracted general attention to him were surely not such as he would have chosen. A person of quiet temper, retiring in manner, scholarly in taste, hostile to vulgarity, and devoted to a class of studies which but few pursue and are competent to judge, of course he would have chosen the kind of consideration which best accords with his nature—an unruffled, thoughtful appreciation. It was a strange, if not entirely undeserved, misfortune which revealed him to the general public in the dust and noise of angry controversy. His ambition was natural. Its chief designs were to become Professor of Hebrew and the cognate languages in the College of France, and to write a history of the Origin of Christianity. FOURTH SERIES, Wol. XXII.-1

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