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soul till the tree die..Post a. ' If it be so, to do good ser5 8.5

vice never let me be counted He would have well become serviceable. .Pis. a. 3 8. 2 this place, and graced the In my life what comfort, thankings of a King. . Cym. when I am dead to my husa. 5 8.5

band. . Imo, a. 3 8.4

I should be sick, but that I cannot delve him to the my resolution helps me.. root.. I Gent a. 1 8. 1 Imo. a. 3 s. 6

In his spring became a I am weak with toil yet harvest. . 1 Gent a. 1 s. 1 strong in appetite. . Arv. a. 3 I would have broke my

8. 6 eyestrings, cracked them, but | If you kill me for my fault to look upon him, till the I should have died, had I not diminution of space had made it. . Imo. a. 3 8. 6 pointed him sharp as my It is not vain glory for a needle &c.. Imo. a. I s. 4 man and his glass to confer..

It is an office of the Gods Clo. a. 4 s. 1 to veage it, not mine to speak | I'll rob none but myself, o'nt. Iach. a. 1 8.7

and let me die stealing so I have such an heart, that poorly .. Imo. a. 4.8. 2 both my ears must not in I do note, that grief and haste abuse. . Imo. a. 1 8.7 patience, rooted in him, both

I do comdemn my ears that mingle their spurs together lave so long attended thee. . 1 .. Cym. a. 4.8.2 Imo. a. 1 8.7

I love thee brotherly, but I hope the briefness of envy much, thou hast robbed your answer, made the speed of this deed. . Arv. a. 4 8. 2 iness of your return..Post. I cannot sing, I'll weep and a. 2 8.4

word it with thee, for notes of I thought her as chaste, sorrow out of tune, are worse as unsunn'd snow .. Post a. | than Priests and fanes that 2 8. 5

lie. . Gui. a 43. 2 If Cosar can hide the sun I may wander from east to from us with a blanket, or occident cry out for service, put the moon in bis pocket, | try many, all good, serve truwe will pay him tribute ly, never find such another for light. . Clo. a. 3 8. I | master. . Imogen, Q. 4 8. 2

[blocks in formation]

I am nothing, or if not, Kneel not to me, the power nothing to be, were better.. | that I have on you is to spare Imo, a. 4 8. 2

you, the malice towards you, · I'll not say thou sbalt be to forgive yon- live-and $0 well mastered, but be sure deal with others better. . no less beloved. . Luc. a. 4 | Post. a. 5 8. 5 .. S. 2

I am amazed with matter Lest the bargain should .. Cym a. 4 8. 3

catch cold and starve, I will I am ashamed to look upon fetch my gold and have our the holy sun, to have the two wagers recorded.. Iach. benefit of his bless'd beams, 1 a. 1 8.5 remaining so long a poor un- | Love's Counsellor, should known. . Arv. a. 4 8. 4 fill the bores of hearing to the

I would we were all of one smothering of the sense.. mind, and that mind good. | Imo. a. 3 s. 2 Othere were desolation of

Love's reason's without Gaolers and gallowses I speak

reason. . Arv. a. 4 8. 2 against my present profit, but my wish hath a preferment

Let ordinance come, as the in it. . Gaol. a. 5 8. 4

| God's foresoy it.. Arv. a. 4 I have surely seen him, his favour is familiar to me.. I Let us bury him, and not Cym. a. 5 s. 5

| protract with admiration, I see a thing bitter to me what is now due debt-to the as Death, your life good mas Grave. . Guid. a. 4 s. 2: ter must shuffle for itself.. Let me make men know, Imo. d. 5 8.5

more valor in me, than my It is 1, that all the abhorr'd | habits show.. Post, a. 5 s. 1 things of the earth amend, by being worse than they.. Post.

Men's vows, are women's a. 5 8.5 I would not thy good deeds

traitors. . Imo. a. 3 s. 4

Measure not our good should from my lips, pluck

minds, by this rude place we a hard sentence., Cym. a. 5

live in. . Bel. a. 3 s. 6 3.5

8. 2

My conscience ! thou art | No thing routs us, but the fettered more than my shanks villany of our fears .. Bel. and wrists., Post. a. 5 8.4 I a. 5 s. 2 .

Many dream not to find, I Never Master, had a page neither deserre, and yet are | so kind, so auteous, diligent, steep'd in favours'.. Post. 1

| so tender over his occasions, a. 5 s. 4

true, so feat, so nurse-like.. Mine eyes were not in fault, | Luc. a. 5 s. 5 for she was beautiful, mine! No more kin to me, than ears, that heard her flattery, | I to your highness who being nor my heart that thought | born your Vassal am someher like her seeming. . Cym. | thing nearer.. Imo. a. 4 s. 5 a. 5 s.5

Never was a war did cease, My heavy conscience sinks e'er bloody hands were washmy knee.. Iack. a. 5 s. 5 ed, with such a place. . Cym.

a. 5 s. 5 Nature hath meal and bran contempt, and grace. .Bell. | Oh Lady weep no more,lest a. 4 s. 2

I give cause to be suspected Nobly he yokes a smiling / of more tenderness then doth with a sigh, as if the sigh was | become a man .. L. Post. that it was, for not being such a. 1 8. 2 a smile, the smile mocking Oh sleep thou ape of Death the sigh, that it would fly lie dull upon her, and be her from so divine a temple to | senses but as a monument, commix with winds, th at thus in a Chapel lying. . Iach. Sailors rail at. . Arv. a. 4 8. 2

a. 2 s. 2 Not Hercules could have | One of your great knowing knocked out his brains for he should learn, being taught had none, yet I not doing this forbearance. . Imo. a. 2 s. 3 the fool had borne my head, | O learned indeed were that as I do his.. Gui, a. 4 s. 2 | astronomer, that knew the

No reason, I, (since on stars as I his characters. . your lives you set so slight a | Imo. a. 3 s. 2 valuation) should reserve my Often to our comfort, we crack'd one to more care.. shall find the sharded Beetle Bel. a. 4 8.4

in a safer hold, than is the

[blocks in formation]

full winged Eagle..Bel: a. quish my staider senses, a. 3 s. 3

Imo. a. 3 8.4 Oh this life, is nobler than Plenty and peace, breeds attending for a check, richer | cowards, hardness ever of than doing nothing for a babe, hardiness is mother. . Imo. a. prouder than rustling in un 3 s. 6 paid for silk .. Bel. a. 3 8.3

Put my clouted Brogues off

Put my clouted
One but painted thus,

my feet, whose rudeness anwould be interpreted a thing swered my steps too loud. . perplexed beyond self expli- | Arv. a. 4. 8. 2 cation. . Imo. a. 3 s. 4

Poor wretches, that depend Our stomachs will make

on greatness' favour, dreams, what's homely, savory .. | as I have done, wake and find Bel. a. 3 s. 6

nothing..Post. a. 5 s. 4 O sweetest, fairest lily, my Purse and brain both brother wears thee not one

empty, the brain the heavier half so well as when thou

for being too light, the purse grew'st thyself. . Guid, a. 4

too light being drawn of *$. 2". i

heaviness.. Gaol. a. 5 s. 4 O melanchuly who ever yet could sound thy bottom.. Reverence, that angel of the Bel. a. 4 s. 2

world, doth make distinction Our very eyes, are some of place 'tween high and low times like our judgements - .. Bel. a. 4 8. 2 blind.. Imo. a. 4 s. 2

O the charity of a penny Should we be taking leave, cord, it sums up thousands in as long a term as yet we have a trice, you have no true to live, the loathness to de. debtor and creditor but it of part would grow.. Post. a. 1 what's past, is, and to come.. | 8. 2 Gaoler a. 5 s. 4

She is a good sign, but I One sand, another not more have seen small reflection of resembles. . Arv. a. 5 s. 5 her wit..l Lord a. 1 8. 3

She shines not upon fools, Put thyself into a behaviour lest the reflection should hurt of less fear, ere wildness van- | her..2 Lord a. 1 8. 3

Strange fowl light upon Smiling as some fly had neighbouring ponds. . Iach.

tickled slumber,not as Death's a. 1 s. 5

dart being laughed at. . Aro. Since doubting things go ill,

a. 4 8. 2 often hurts more, than to be Some falls, are means the sure they do, for certainties | happier to arise. . Luc. a. 4 either are past remedies, or 8. 2 timely knowing, the remedy Since she is living, let the then born. . Imo. a. 1 8.7 time run on to good or bad

Sir my circumstances being .. Prs. a. 5 8.5 so near the truth, as will make She is served, as I would them, I must first enduce you serve a rat. . Cor. a. 5 8. 5 to believe..Iach. . 2 s. 4 See Posthumus anchors

Spare your Arithmetic, and upon Imogen, and she like never count the turns, once harmless lightening throws and a million.. Post.a. 2 s. 5 her Eye, on him, her Brother, Slander 'tis, whose edge is

me, her Master, hitting each sharper than the sword,

object with a joy.. Cym. a. 5 whose tongue out-venoms all

s. 5 the worms of the Nile, whose breath rides on the posting There cannot be a pinch in winds, and doth belie all Death more sharp than this corners of the World.. Pis. | is. . Imo. a. 1 8. 2 a. 3 8.4

Thou shouldst have made She is a Lady, so tender him little as a Crow, or less of rebukes, that words are ere left to after Eye him.. strokes, and strokes Death to Imo. a. 1 8.4 her. . Queen a. 3 s. 5

The love I bear him, She hath despised me re- | made me to fan you thus, but joicingly, and I will be merry the God's made you unlike in my revenge.. Clo. a. 3 8. 5 all others, Chaffless. . Iach. a.

Society is no comfort to one | 1 8.7 not sociable. . Imo. a. 4 8. 2 | The heav ens hold firm the

Seek not for danger where walls of your dear honour there is no profit. . Bel. a. 4 keep unshaken that temple thy S. 2

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