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CHAP. will be hated by all men because with her mother, and the daughter- CHAP. X.

of my name, but he who endureth in-law with her mother-in-law; and
23 to the end will be preserved. But a man's foes will be they of his

when ye are persecuted in one city, own family:
flee into another; for verily I say He who loveth father or mother 37
unto you, ye will not have gone more than me, is not worthy of Every
over the cities of Israel till the son me; and he who loveth son or

thing must

give way of man' come.

daughter more than me, is not to our duty. 24 “A disciple is not above his worthy of me. And he who taketh 38 Persecution teacher, nor a servant above his not his * cross and followeth after to be expected. master. Suffice it for the disciple me, is not worthy of me.

He 39 to be as his teacher; and the ser- who gaineth or seeketh to prevant as his master. If men have serve his life by deserting his called the master of the house Beel-duty, shall lose it; and he who

zebub, how much more will they loseth his life for my sake shall

26 so call his family? Nevertheless gain it hereafter. 'Yet gos- fear them not, for there is nothing “ He who receiveth you, re- 40 pel must be preach

covered which shall not be reveal-ceiveth me; and he who receiveth Good men ad. ed; and nothing hidden which me, receiveth him that sent me.

spected for 27 shall not be known. What I tell He who receiveth a teacher in the God's sake.

you in darkness, that speak ye in name of, or because he is a teacher,
sight, and what ye hear in the ear, shall receive a teacher's reward;

proclaim upon the house tops. and he who receiveth a righteous 28 " And fear not them who can man in the name of a righteous Why men kill the body, but are not able to man, shall receive a righteous

2 kill the soul; but rather fear him man's reward. And whosoever 42

who is able to destroy both soul shall give to one of these lowly
29 and body in hell. Do not two disciples a cup of cold water only,

sparrows sell for three farthings ? in the name of a disciple, verily I
And yet one of them falleth not to say unto you, he shall by no means

the ground without the will of lose his reward."
30 your Father; and the very hairs of And when Jesus had finished CHAP.

XI. 31 your head are numbered. Fear these commands to his twelve

not therefore, ye are of more value disciples, he departed thence to
than many sparrows.

teach and to preach in the cities

“ Every one who shall confess of Galilee. Now when John had 2 Our rela- me before men, I will also confess heard in prison of the works of John's tion to Christ

before my Father who is in heaven. Christ, he sent two of his disciples message to must be But whosoever shall deny me be- to say unto him, “sArt thou he

3 acknow fore men, I will also deny him be- that was to come, or should we ledged.

fore my Father who is in heaven. look for another?” Jesus answer- +

34 66 Think not that I came to ed and said unto them, “ Go tell
Sad pero bring peace on earth, I came not John what ye see and bear; the 5
version of
Christiani to bring peace, but a 'sword. For blind receive sight, and the lame

I came to set a man at variance walk, lepers are cleansed, and the
with his father, and the daughter deaf hear, the dead are raised, and

not to be fewed.

* To destroy the Jewish state by the arising from human folly and vice.

Is not ready to bear his cross to the
* By preventing a return to life at the re- place of crucifixion, as I shall do.

5 Probably John wondered that the Mesa 3 This was not the design or tendency, siah did not rescue his fo.erunner. but the event or consequence of the gospel,


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CHAP, the poor have the gospel preached | drinking, and they say, 'He hath a CHAP. XI.

to them. And happy is he who demon. The son of man came

shall not 'offend because of me.” eating and drinking, and they say,

7 And as these departed, Jesus' Behold! a glutton and a wineCharacter said unto the multitudes concern- bibber, a friend of publicans and of John, ing John, “ What went ye out sinners.' And yet wisdom is vin

into the desert to see? A reeds dicated by her children.”
8 shaken by the wind? But what Then he began to reprove the 20

went ye out to see? A man clothed cities in which most of his mighty Impenitent
in delicate apparel ? Behold, those works had been done, because they

who wear delicate apparel are in repented not. " Alas for thee 21
9 the palaces of noblemen. But Chorazin! alas for thee Bethsaida!

what went ye out to see? A for if the mighty works which have
teacher ? yea,

say unto you, and been done in


had been done in 10 much more than a teacher. For Tyre and Sidon, they would have distin. this is he of whom it is written ; repented long ago in sackcloth and guished

“ Behold, I send my messenger ashes. But I say unto you, it shall 29 others, by before thy face to prepare thy way be more tolerable for * Tyre and being pre- before thee.” Verily I say unto Sidon in the day of judgment, the fores you ; Among those that have been than for you. And thou Caper- 23 runner of born of women, there hath not naum, which art exalted to the Christ, arisen a greater than John the Bap- skies by wealth and pride, shalt be

tist; but the least person employed brought down to the grave; for

in preaching the kingdom of heaven if the mighty works which have
12 is greater than he. Indeed from been done in thee, had been

the time of John the Baptist's done in Sodom, that city would
public preaching unto the present, have remained to this day. But 24
the kingdom of heaven continues I say unto thee, it shall be more
to be violently opposed, and its tolerable for the land of Sodom,

violent opposers labour to destroy in the day of judgment, than for
13 it.

And this is the more wonder- thee.”
ful, since the prophets and the At that time Jesus said, “ I give 25

law were your teachers until John, glory to thee, O Father, Lord of Jesus glo14 and he, 'if ye can receive it, is heaven and earth, for showing Father.

the person meant by the Elijah these things which thou hast per15 who was to come.

Whoso hathmitted to be hidden from men of cars to ears, let him hear.

wisdoin, and understanding, to 16 “ But to what shall I liken this babes : yea, O Father! I give 26 Perverse. generation ?

It is like children glory to thee, because it thus Jews.

sitting in the street, and calling to seemeth good in thy sight. All 27 17 their companions, saying, We things relating to the salvation of piped for


danced not ; men, were delivered to me by my
we began the mournful strain, but Father, and no one acknowledgeth
ye did not join in the lamentation.' the Son but the Father, nor any
For John came neither 3 eating nor the Father, but the ® Son, and he

ness of the

By falling off from a belief of the gospel. and xlvii. and Ezekiel, chap. xxvi. xxvii.
• In religions knowledge, in the power of and xxviii.
working miracles, and in other spiritual en- • To a very low and wretched state.

6 Inconsiderable and illiterate, but upright 3 He observed abstinence and austerity: and sincere men. ,4 For the judgments denounced against 7 As he did when Jesus was baptized. these cities, see in the Bible at large, 8 None but Christians entertain just apa Isaiah, chap. xxiii. Jeremiah, chap. xxv. 'prehensions of God.

tudes not

to make

CHAP, to whom the Son chooses to reveal Now how much better is a man CHAP. XII.

Xii. him.

than a sheep? Wherefore it is law28 “.Come unto me, all ye who ful to do good on the sabbath,” Invitation labour with your heavy 'burdens, Then saith He to the man, “Stretch 13 Chilearen of and I will give you rest. Take my forth thy hand ;” and he stretched

29 yoke upon you and learn of me, for it out, and it was restored to its

I am meek and lowly in heart, and soundness like the other.

ye shall find rest to your souls. Then the Pharisees went out 14 30 For my yoke is easy and my bur- and consulted against Jesus, how Charges den light."

they might destroy him; but Jesus the multiCHAP At that time Jesus went on the knowing it, withdrew thence, and

XII. sabbath through the corn-fields, great multitudes followed him, him known Jesus vin- and his disciples being hungry be- and he cured them all, and charged to others, dicates bis

gan to pluck the ears of corn, and them not to make him known. disciples against the to eat. The Pharisees seeing this, Thus was fulfilled the word of 17 Pharisees. said unto him, “. Behold! thy dis- the prophet Isaiah, saying,

saying, “ Be- 18
ciples do that which it is not law-hold my servant whom I have Isa. xlö. .
3 ful to do on the sabbath.” But he chosen, my beloved in whom I am

said unto them, “ Have ye not read well pleased; I will put my spirit
what David did, when himself and upon him, and he shall publish

his companions were hungry? true religion to the nations. He 19
4 how he went into the house of will not strive nor cry, nor will

God, and ate of the show-bread, his voice be heard in the public
which it was not lawful either for places with noise and clamour; the 20

him or his companions to eat, but bruised reed he will not break, and
3 for the priests only? Or have ye the dimly burning taper he will

not read in the law, that on the not quench, until he shall establish
sabbaths the priests in the temple true religion for ever, and in his 21

break the sabbath and are blame-name, the nations shall hope.”.
6 less.
But I say unto you, some-

Then a blind and dumb man, a 22 thing greater than the temple is demoniac, was brought unto him, Cures a 7 here. Now if


had known what and he cured him, so that the this meaneth, " I love mercy bet-blind and dumb man both spake ter than sacrifice, ye

would not and saw. And all the people were 23
8 have condemned the guiltless. For astonished, and said, “ Is this the

the son of man is master even of son of David ?" But when the 24
the sabbath.”

Pharisees heard it, they said :
9 And he passed on thence, and went

" This man could not cast out
Cures a into their synagogue. And behold! these demons but through Beel-

there was a man with a withered zehub the prince of the demons.”
hand, and they asked Jesus, saying, Then Jesus knowing their 25
“ Is it lawful to work a cure on thoughts, said unto them, Every Refutes

the sabbath ?” that they might ac- kingdom divided against itself must con or liste 11 čuse him.

And he said unto be brought to desolation ; and no Pharisees. them: “ What man among you, city or family divided against itself if he have a sheep, and it fall can stand. And if Satan cast out 26 into a pit on the sabbath, will not Satan, he is divided against himlay hold on it, and lift it out? self; how then can his kingdom

blind and dumb man

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"Jewish rites and traditions.

• Twelve loaves placed on a table in the sanctuary, and shown to or presented as an

offering to God.

3 That is, the Messiah of whom the Jews Were then in expectation.

do your


CHAP. stand? And, if I through Beel- thy words thou shalt be con- CHAP. Xll. zebub cast out demons, by whom demned.”

XII. sons cast them out? Then some of the scribes and 38 They therefore shall be your Pharisees spakė, saying, “ Master, Pharisees 28 judges. But if I by the power we wish to see a * sign from thee." require a

sign of God cast out demons, then But he answered, An evil and

is the kingdom of God already ungodly race of men seeketh a sign,
29 come upon you. How can any but no sign shall be given them,

one enter into a strong man's except the sign of the prophet
house and

plunder his goods ? he Jonah. The men of Nineveh 41
must first bind the strong man, will rise up in the place of judga

and then he may plunder his ment with this generation, and will 30 goods. He that is not with me condemn them, for they repented

is against me, and he who gather at the preaching of Jonah, and

eth not with me scattereth abroad. behold something greater than Jo-
31 Wherefore I say unto you, every nah is here: The queen of the 42

other kind of sin and evil speak- south will rise up in the place of
ing may be forgiven men, but this judgment with this generation, and
evil speaking against the spirit or will condemn it, for she came from

power of God will not be for- a distant part of the earth to hear
32 given. Even he who speaketh the wisdom of Solomon; and

against the son of man may be behold! something greater than
forgiven ; but whosoever speaketh Solomon is here.
against the holy spirit, he will not “. When the unclean spirit is 48

be forgiven, either in this age, or gone out of a man, it passeth
33 that which is to come. Either through desert places, in search of

make the tree good, and its fruit rest and finding none, it saith : ‘I 44
will be good, or suppose the tree will turn back to my house whence
bad, its fruit will be bad also; I came;' and when it is come, it
for the tree is known by its findeth the house ready for its re-

ception, swept and put in order.

“ Ye brood of vipers, how can Then it goeth and taketh with it 45 Upbraids ye who are evil speak good things ? seven other spirits more evil than the Phari- for out of the abundance of the itself, and they go in and dwell


heart the mouth speaketh. A good there : so the last state of that
man out of the good treasury of man becometh worse than the first.
the heart bringeth forth good things, Thus it will be also to this evil
and an evil man out of the evil generation.”

treasury of his heart bringeth forth Now while he was yet speaking 46
36 evil things. But I say unto you, to the people, behold! his mother who are

that every wicked word, which men and his brethren stood without,

shall speak, they shall give account desiring to speak with him. Then 47
37 of in the day of judgment. For one said to him, “Behold! thy

by thy words, as well as by thy mother and thy brethren are stand-
thoughts and actions, thou shalt ing without, desiring to speak with
be considered as righteous, and by thee.” But he answered and said 48

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most dear

1 Your professors of the healing art, how 4 A sign from heaven, Luke xi. 16.
do they cure those diseases which are sup- 5 As the diseases of madmen often increase
posed to be occasioned by demons ? in violence after a transient recovery, so

• Neutrality in the cause of Christ is men of no principle go on to higher degrees

of wickedness. 3 That is, there is no hope of repentance.

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50 my

CHAP. to him that told him, “Who is, they see not, and hearing they hear CHAP. XIII.

XIII. my mother and who are my bre-not, nor understand. And in them

14 49 thren ? And he stretched forth is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah,

his hands towards his disciples and which saith, “ Ye will hear with Isa. vi. 6. said, “ Behold! my mother and your ears and not understand, and

brethren : for whosoever shall ye will see with your eyes, and not do the will of my Father who is perceive; for the heart of this 15 in heaven, he is my brother, and people is become gross, and their sister, and mother.

ears are dull of hearing, and their CHAP

The same day Jesus went out eyes have they closed, so that XIII.

of the house, and sat by the side they neither see with their eyes, Parable of of the lake. And great multitudes nor hear with their ears, nor the sower.

were gathered together unto him, understand with their heart, nor
so that he went into a vessel and are converted that I should heal

sat in it, and the whole multitude them.” But happy are your eyes 16 3 stood on the shore. And he spake for they see, and your ears for they

many things unto them in para- hear, and that not only on account

bles, saying, “ Behold! a sower of your making a right use of 4 went out to sow; and as he sowed, your senses, but also because

some seeds fell by the way-side, the things which you hear and

and the birds came and devoured see are great and important; for 17
5 them. Some fell on rocky places, verily I say unto you, that many

where they had not much earth, prophets and righteous men have
and they sprang up very quickly, desired to see those things which

because they had not depth of ye see, and have not seen them,
6 earth ; but when the sun was risen, and to hear the things which ye

they were scorched, and because hear, and have not heard them.

they had no root, withered away. “ Hear ye therefore the parable 18 7 And some fell among thorns, and of the sower. When any one Parable of

the thorns grew up and choked heareth the word concerning my 8 them, “But others fell on good kingdom, and considereth it not,

ground, and yielded fruit, some an the evil one cometh, and snatch

hundred fold, some sixty, some eth away that which was sown 9 thirty. He that hath ears to hear from his heart. This is he who let him hear."

received seed as the ground by the 10 And the disciples came near and way-side did. And he who re-20 Reason

said unto him, “Why speakest ceived seed on rocky places, is he that why Jesus thou to them in parables ?" He heareth the word, and immediately parables to answered, “Unto you it is given receiveth it with joy, yet hath not 21 the mul. to know the hitherto unknown root in himself, but endureth only titude.

truths of the kingdom of heaven, a short time; for when tribulation 12 but to them it is not given. For or persecution cometh because of

whosoever hath much by improv- the word, he immediately falleth ing what was given him, to him away. And he who received seed 22 will be given in abundance, but among thorns, is he that heareth whosoever bath little, from ne- the word; but the anxious care of glecting to improve what he had, this world, and the deceitfulness

shall have even that which he hath of riches choke the word, and it 13 taken away. I therefore speak to becometh unfruitful. But he who 23

them in parables, because seeing received seed on the good ground,

the sower

1 A bad disposition personised.

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