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ableness of prayer.

“Noman can serve two masters ; splinter in thy brother's

and CHAP

VII. for either he will hate the one, and considerest not the beam in thine

love the other, or at least will hold own eye? Or how canst thou 4
25 to one, and neglect the other. Yesay to thy brother, “Let ine take

cannot serve God and Wealth. the splinter out of thine eye,' and
Therefore I say unto you, be not lo! there is a beam in thine own
anxious for your life what ye must eye. Thou hypocrite! first take 5
eat, nor for your body what you the beam out of thine own eye ;
must put on.

Is not life better and then thou wilt see clearly to
than food, and the body than rai- take the splinter out of thy bro-
26 ment? Consider the fowls of the ther's eye.

air, they neither sow, nor reap, “Give not that food which is 6
nor gather into barns; and yet holy to dogs, nor cast your pearls Discretion
your heavenly Father feedeth them. before swine, lest the swine tram- in teaching,

Are ye not much better than they? |ple them under their feet, and the
27 And which of you, with all his dogs turn about and tear you.

anxiety, can add a single 'cubit to • Ask and it will be given you;? 28 his life? And why are ye anxious seek and ye will find ; knock and Reasonabout raiment ? Consider how the it will be opened to you: for

every lilies of the field grow; they toil one that * asketh receiveth, and he 29 not, neither do they spin ; yet I say who seeketh, findeth ; and to him 8

unto you that even Solomon in all who knocketh it will be opened.

his glory was not arrayed like one Who among you, if his son ask 9
30 of these. But if God so clothe the for a loaf, will give him a stone ?

grass of the field, which flourisheth Orif he ask for a fish will give him 10
to day, and to-morrow is cast into a serpent ? If then ye who are 11
the furnace; will be not much evil know how to give good gifts

more clothe you, Oye of little unto your children, how much
31 faith! Wherefore be not anxious, more will your Father who is in

saying, 'What shall we eat, or heaven give good things to them

what shall we drink, or what shall that ask him. All things therefore 12
32 we put on?' (for after all these whatsoever ye would that men

things do the Gentiles seek) be- should do unto you, do ye even so
cause your heavenly Father know- unto them ; for to establish this,

eth that you have need of all these was one principal object of the law
33 things; but seck first the kingdom and the prophets.

of God, and the righteousness re- « Enter in by the strait gate ; 13

quired by him, and all these things for wide is the gate and broad is Road to life 34 shall be added unto you.

Be not the


which leadeth to destructherefore anxious about the mor- tion, and there are many that enter row, for the morrow will have by it: but how strait is the gate, 14 trouble of its own. Sufficient for and how narrow is the way,

which cach day is the trouble thereof. leadeth to life ; and how few there

Judge not, that ye be not are that find it !

judged; for as ye judge, ye will be “ Beware of those false teachers 15 Against

judged, and the measure that you that come to you in sheep's cloth- Caution jinging.

give will be given to you, but inwardly are ravenous faise 3 But why dost thou behold the wolves. Ye may know them by teachers.




and great

A small measure or portion of time.
• Be not willing to pass an unfavou able
sentence upon others.

By splinter and beam, are nieant slight

+ Provided he ask for proper things in a
proper manner.


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" I will,

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Sir, my of a palsy,

on's servant


CHAP, their fruits. Are grapes gathered saying, “Master! if thou wilt, CHAP.


from thorns, or figs from thistles ? thou canst make me clean ;” and 17 So every good tree beareth good Jesus stretched out his hand, and 3 fruit, but a bad tree beareth bad touched hiin, saying,

18 fruit., A good tree cannot bring thou clean ;” and immediately his

forth bad fruit, nor a bad tree bear leprosy was cleansed ; and Jesus t
20 good fruit : Wherefore by their saith unto him, “See thou tell no
ye may

know them. man, but go, show thyself to the
21 “No man for saying, “Master, priest, and offer the gift which
True quali- master,' shall enter into the king-Moses appointed for a testimony
fication for dom of heaven, but for doing the unto them.”
dom of will of my Father who is in heaven. And as he went into Capernaum, 5

Many will say to me in that ” day, a Centurion came to hiin, beseech-a Centari. 22 · Have we not taught in thy name, ing him, and saying, “Sir, my

and in thy name cast out demons, servant lieth at home ill with the

and in thy name done many won-palsy, grievously afflicted.” Jesus 7
23 derful works?' But I will then de- saith unto him, "" I will come and

clare unto them, ' I never knew cure him;" and the Centurion an-s
you : depart from me ye workers swered, “Sir, I am not worthy
of iniquity.'

that thou shouldest come under my
“ Whosoever therefore heareth roof; but speak a word only, and
Who are these words of mine, and doeth my servant will be well. For even 9
and who them, I will liken him unto a wise I who am a man under * authority,
foolish. man, who built his house upon a have soldiers under myself; and I

25 rock; and the rain descended, and say to one, go, and he goeth : and

the floods came, and the winds to another, come, and he cometh,
blew, and beat against that house, and to my own servant, do this and

but it fell not, for it was founded he doeth it." When Jesus heard 10
26 on a rock. And whosoever hear- this, he wondered, and said to

eth these words of mine, and doeth those about him, “Verily I have
them not, may be likened to a fool- not found so great ' faith, even in
ish man, who built his house


Israel. And I say unto you, many 11
27 the sand; and the rain descended, will come from the east and west,

and the floods came, and the and shall be guests with Abraham,
winds blew, and beat against that and Isaac, and Jacob, in the king-
house, and it fell, and the fall of it dom of heaven ; but the heirs of 12
was great.

the kingdom shall be cast out into
23 And when Jesus had ended these outer darkness, there will be weep-
Excellency words the people were astonished ing and gnashing of teeth.” Then 13
of Jesus's

at his teaching, for he taught them said Jesus to the Centurion, “Go,
as having authority, and not as and as thou hast believed, be it
the Scribes.

done unto thee.” And his servant CHAP.

When Jesus was come down was well from that very moment. VIIL

from the mountain, great multi- And when Jesus was come un- Peter's Jesus cures tudes followed him, and behold! a to Peter's house, he saw his wife's

leper came, and did him obeisance, mother lying on a bed ill of a fever, fever,

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wife's mother of a

a leper,

* A bad man cannot heartily recommend miraculous cure, which they themselves
true virtue and goodness to others.

acknowledge to be perfect.
* Any day or time, in which it shall ap- 4 Much more might Jesus command,
pear who are the true disciples of Christ, who was under no authority of that sort.
and who not.

5 So strong a belief of my power to work
* To work conviction in the priests and miracles.
others, when they shall know the author of a


men into

other sick

tions some

to be his


CHAP. and he took hold of her hand, and | Gergesenes, there met him two CHAP VIII. the fever left her : and she arose demoniacs, coming out

IX. 15 and ministered unto him.

amongst the tombs, exceedingly Tranfers 16, Now when evening was come, fierce, so that no man could pass from two and many many possessed with demons were that way, and behold! they cried

brought unto him, and he cast out out, saying, “ What hast thou to a herd of persons.

the spirits with a word, and cured all do with us, Jesus thou Son of God?

17 that were sick. Thus was fulfilled Art thou come hither to torment us
Isa. liii. 4. the word of Isaiah, saying, "He before the time !" Now there was 30

took away our infirmities and re- at some distance from them a herd
moved our sicknesses.'

of many swine feeding. And the 31 18 Now when Jesus saw great mul- men supposing themselves to be Jesus cau- titudes about him, he gave orders possessed with demons besought

to go to the other side of the lake; him, saying in their name, “ If who wished

and a certain scribe came up, and thou cast us out, send us into that disciples. said unto him, “ Teacher, I will herd of swine.” And he said unto 32

accompany thee whithersoever thou them, “Go,” and when they were 20 goest." And Jesus saith unto him, come out, they went into the

* The foxes have holes, and the swine. And lo! the whole herd of
birds of the air have roosts, but the swine ran violently down a steep

son of man hath not 'where to rest place into the lake, and * perished in
21 his head.” And another, intend the waters. But they that fed 33

ing to be one of his disciples, said them fled away into the city Ga-
22 unto him, “ Master, suffer me first dara, and told every thing, and

and bury my father;" but Jesus what had happened to the demonisaid unto him, “ Come with me, and acs. And lo? the whole city came 34 let the spiritually dead bury their out to meet Jesus ; and when they naturally dead,

saw him, they besought him to 23 And when he was gone into the leave their country.

vessel, his disciples followed him, Then he went into the vessel, CHAP. temptat. and behold! a great tempest arose and passed over to his own city,

in the lake, so that the vessel was Capernaum. And behold! there Cures anbeginning to be covered with the was brought unto him a man with other man

of a palsy. 25 waves ; but he was asleep. And a palsy, lying on a couch ; and Je

his disciples came to him and sus seeing their faith, said to him

awoke him, saying, “ Master, save that had the palsy: “ Take cou-
26 us! we are lost." And he said rage, son, thy síns are forgiven

unto thein, “Why are ye fearful, thee.” And behold! some of the 3
O ye of little faith?” then he arose scribes said within themselves :

and rebuked the wind and the sea, ** This man speaketh profanely.”
27 and there was a great calm. And But Jesus perceived their thoughts, 4

the men wondered, saying, “What and said, “ Why think ye evil in
kind of man is this, that even the your hearts ? For which is easier? to 5

winds, and the sea obey him !” say, “Thy sins are forgiven thee,' or
28 And when he was come to the to say, • Arise and walk?' But 6

other side, into the country of the that ye may know, that the son of

to go

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Stills a


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* No fixed place of residence,

the Jews keeping swine in contempt of the
· Or madmen.

3 The madness of the men was miracu- 5 Hence it is not necessary to suppose that
lously transferred to the swine.

the man's sins were forgiven in a moral sense.
Probably this was done in punishment of I

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he saw


CHAP: man hath power g; nted to him but they put new wine into new CHAP.

here on earth to forgive sins," skins, and both are preserved."
(then he saith to the man with While he was speaking these 18

the palsy) “ Arise, take up thy things to them, behold! there came Is applied 7 couch, and go home." So he a certain ruler and did him obei- to by a ru. 8 arose, and went home. But when sance, saying, “My daughter is his daugh.

the multitude saw it, they wonder- just at the point of death ; but ter,
ed, and glorified God 'who had come, put thy hand upon her, and
given such power to man.

she will live." And Jesus arose and 19
9 And as Jesus passed on thence, followed him with his disciples.
a man named Matthew,

And when Jesus came into the 23

sitting at the place where custom ruler's house, and perceived the which he was paid ; and he saith unto him, minstrels and the people making a

“ Come with me;" and he arose noise, he saith unto them, “With-
10 and went with him. And as he draw; for the damsel is not dead,

was at table in Matthew's house, but asleep." And they derided 25
behold! inany publicans, and hea-him. But when the company was

thens came and sat down with sent out, he went in, and took her
11 Jesus and his disciples. When the by the hand, and the damsel arose.

Pharisees saw this, they said to his And the fame of this went abroad 26
disciples, " Why eateth your into all that country.

master with publicans' and 'sin- And as Jesus passed on thence, 27 12 ners ?” When Jesus heard it, he two blind men followed him, cry- and two

said unto them, " They who are ing out and saying, “ Thou son of

well need not a physician, but they David, have pity on us.” And 28 13 who are sick. But go and learn when he was come into an house, Hos. vi. 6. what this meaneth.

the blind men

came unto him, better than sacrifice;' for I came and Jesus saith unto them, “ Do not to call righteous men, but sin- ye believe that I am able to do ners to repentance.

this ?” They say unto him, “ Yes, 14 Then the disciples of John came Master.” Then he touched their Assigns a to him, saying, “Why do we eyes, saying, “ According to your 29

his disci' and the Pharisees fast much, but faith be it done unto you.
ples did not thy disciples fast not?” And Je- their eyes were opened. Then 30
fast. sus said unto them, “Can the Jesus strictly charged them, say-

companions of the bridegrooming, “ See that no man know it."
mourn, while the bridegroom is But they went away, and spread 31
with them? But the days will abroad his fame in all that coun-
com when the bridegroom shall try,

depart from them; and then they And as they were going out, 32
16 will fast. No one putteth a piece behold! a dumb man, a demoniac, and a dumle

upon an old garment, was brought unto him, and when

for the piece which filleth it up the demon was cast out, the dumb

taketh from the garment, and a spake ; and the multitudes were
17 worse rent is made. Nor do men astonished, saying, " It was never

put new wine into old 2 skins; if seen thus in Israel.” But the Pha- 34
they do, the skins burst and the risees said, “ He casteth out de-
wine is spilled, and the skins spoilt; mons by the prince of the demons."

blind men,

'I love mercy



24, 26.

1 He means himself.
» Or leathern bottles.
,3 Ruler of a synagogue.
• Called Beelzebub and Satan, Matt. xii.

Beelzebub signifies the god of flies, a name given in contempt to an imaginary god of the Philistines.



CHAP. And Jesus went about all the ly give. Provide neither gold, nor CHAP. X.

X cities and villages, teaching in their silver, nor brass, in your purses ; synagogues, and preaching the nor bag for your journey, nor two 10 glad tidings of his kingdom, and coats, nor sandals, besides what ye

curing every disease, and every in-have on, nor staves ; for the la-
36 firmity. But when he saw the bourer is worthy of his mainte-

multitudes, he had compassion on nance.
them, because they were scattered “ And into whatsoever city or 11

abroad and neglected, like sheep town ye enter, enquire what wor-Rules for 37 without a shepherd. Then he thy person there is in it, and remain their con

. saith to his disciples, “ The har- with him till ye leave that place. And

vest indeed is plenteous, but the when ye enter into an house, salute 12 38 labourers are few : Pray ye there the family by wishing it peace.

fore the owner of the harvest to And if the house be worthy, the 13

furnish labourers for this harvest.” | peace which you wish will come CHAP. And when he had called to him upon it; but if it be not worthy,

his twelve disciples, he gave them your ' peace will return unto you. Names of power over unclean spirits to cast And whosoever shall not receive 14 Apostles.

them out, and to heal every disease, you, nor hear your words, when
2 and every infirmity. Now the you leave that house, or city, or

names of the twelve Apostles are village, shake off the dust of your
these :

feet. Verily I say unto you, it 15
1. Simon, called Peter ; will be more tolerable for the land
2. Andrew, his brother; of Sodom and Gomorrah in the
3. James, the son of Zebedee; day of judgment than for that
4. John, his brother;

5. Philip;

6. Behold! I send you forth as 16 6. Bartholomew;

sheep amidst wolves, be ye there- Directs 7. Thomas;

fore wise as serpents, and harmless
8. Matthew, the publican ;

as doves. Beware of your country- 17
9. James, the son of Alpheus; men, for they will deliver you up
10. 'Lebbeus, surnamed Thad to councils, and scourge you in

their synagogues, and ye will be 18 4 11. Simon, the Canaanite. brought before governors and

12. Judas Iscariot, who also de-kings, that you may bear your livered Jesus up.

testimony to the truth of the gos5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, pel before them, and the Gentiles.

and commanded them, saying, But when they deliver you up, be 19 commis

“Go not into the way of the Gen- not anxious how or what shall

tiles, nor enter into any of the ci- speak. For ye are not in effect the 20 6 ties of the Samaritans, but go rather speakers, but the spirit of your Fa

to the lost sheep of the house of ther speaketh in you.
7 Israel. And as ye go, preach, say- Now the brother will deliver

ing, · The kingdom of heaven is at the brother to death, and the father How his
8 hand.' Cure the sick, cleanse the the child, and children will rise up would be

lepers, raise the dead, cast out de- against their parents and cause abused. mons: freely ye have received, free-them to be put to death. And ye 22

them how to act.





Called also Judas, or Jude, the brother of James.

• Called also Zelotes, from his zealous disposition.

3 Your wish for the welfare of that family will return on yourselves.

* To show that you disclaim all intercourse with them.

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