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Kendal, banker, to Harriet, only surviving daugh. ter of the late R. H. Armstrong, Esq. surgeon, 4th royal veteran battalion.

April 18. At Hesket-in-the-Forest, Captain Fergus James Graham, of the queen's bays, eldest son of the Rev. Fergus Graham of Arthuret, to Miss James daughter of the late W. James, Esq. of Liverpool.

May 4. Mr David Tough, painter, High-street, Edinburgh, to Miss Margaret Swinton, No 6, South St David's-street.

At Edinburgh, Mr George M'Dougal, of the Edinburgh Glasshouse, to Miss Ann Duff Culbert, daughter of the late Mr James Culbert, saddler, North Berwick.

June 1. At Fulham, Major-General Sir Thomas Bradford, K.C.B. to Mary Anne, widow of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Ainslie, of the 4th dragoons.

At Perth, Robert M'Arthur, Esq. of Little Mill, to Margaret Trotter, third daughter of the late Rev. David Moncrieff, minister of Redgorton.

At Garscube, the seat of her grandfather, Sir Ilay Campbell of Succoth, Bart. Sir George Sitwell of Renishaw, Bart. to Susan, eldest daughter of Craufurd Tait of Harviestoun, Esq.

At Newmills, Dr John Richardson, Leith, to Miss Mary Steven, daughter of the late Mr Alexander Steven, brewer, Water of Leith.

At Leith, Andrew Gray, Esq. younger of Craigs, to Catharine, youngest daughter of the late Francis Sharp, Esq. comptroller of the customs there.

2. At Sir George Mackenzie's, Bart. of Coul, Edinburgh, J. C. Macleod, Esq. jun. of Geanies, to Miss Stewart Sutherland, youngest daughter of the late Captain Alexander Sutherland, 30th regiment.

3. At Borrowston Mains, the Rev. David Fleming, minister of Carriden, to Grace, only daughter of Mr John Ross

4. At Edinburgh, Alexander Davidson, Esq. surveyor of taxes, to Helen, second daughter of the deceased Mr George Ferrier, writer, Edinburgh.

Mr John Smith of Darnick, to Miss Alison Purves of Housebyres.

5. James Malcolm, Esq. Craigend, second son of the late Sir John Malcolm of Balbeadie and Grange, Bart. to Helen, daughter of Mr James Duncan, Parkhill, near Newburgh.

9. By the Rev. Dr Davidson, at No 9, James'splace, Edinburgh, William Campbell Esq. M. D. surgeon, royal navy, to Miss Elizabeth Barnett, second daughter of the deceased Captain William Barnett.

11. At Mamhead, Devonshire, Dr Miller, physician, Exeter, to Ann, daughter of the Right Hon. General Sir George Hewett, Bart.

12. Mr Alexander Muckle, merchant, Edinburgh, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr John Christie, Campbelltown.

At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Bennet, farmer, Dalkeith, aged 72 years, to Isobel Gulan, daughter. of J. Gulan, Tranent, aged 17 years.

At Montreal Cottage, Alexander Balfour, Esq. Dundee, to Margaret, daughter of Alexander Alison, Esq.

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Mr John Wallace, merchant, Greenock, to Janet, daughter of David Hutcheson, town-clerk.

13. At St James's, Clerkenwell, London, William Milward, Esq. of Waterford, to Anne, daugh ter of William Newport of Belmont, Esq. county of Kilkenny, and niece of the Right Hon. Sir John Newport, Bart. M. P.

16. By special license, the Duke of Leinster, to the youngest daughter of the Earl of Harrington. The Prince Regent attended in person to give away the bride.

At Aberdour House, Captain William Marshall, of the Honourable East India Company's service, to Miss Jane Huntly Gordon.

At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Thomson, brush manufacturer, Market-street, to Miss Mary Forbes, Falkirk.

- At Leith, John Scott, Esq. of Leghorn, to Jane, daughter of the late John Newton, Esq. of Curriehall.

17. At Renfrew, Mr Daniel Lizars of Edinburgh, to Miss Robina Hutchison, daughter of Mr David Hutchison.

18. At Lesbury, Northumberland, Andrew Gib. son, Esq. M. D. Hon. East India Company's establishment of Bombay, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Thomas Annett of Alnmouth, Esq.

At Edinburgh, William Ogilvie, Esq. younger of Chesters, Roxburghshire, to Miss Alexina, younger daughter of the late Alexander Falconar, Esq. of Woodcote Park.

- Robert G. Baillie, Esq. of Culterallers, to Anna, youngest daughter of the late Menzies Baillie, Esq.

19. At St Margaret's Hill, Robert Hawthorn, Esq. barrister at law, to Anne Barter, eldest daughter of the Rev. Archibald Laurie, D.D.

23. At Elie, Fife, Andrew Milne, Esq. of Baltilly, to Jane, daughter of the late James Burges, Esq. merchant, Favetteville, North Carolina.

25. At his brother's house, Palace-yard, Edinburgh, Richard Duffin, Esq. to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Edward Willson, Esq. of Lewisham, in the county of Kent.

At Grahamston, Mr James Auchie, Edinburgh, to Margaret, daughter of Mr Alex. Easton, builder, Grahamston.

26. At Catharine Bank, Patrick Gillespie, M.D. Leith, to Janet Foggo Ireland, second daughter of the Rev. Dr Ireland, North Leith.

29. Alexander Spence, Esq. merchant, Leith, to Miss Catharine White, daughter of Adam White, Esq. merchant there.

Lately-At River, Mr John Lord, aged 81, to Mrs Taylor, aged 70. The person who gave the damsel away was 82, and of the bride-maids one was 91, the other 92.

At Langside, Patrick Murray, Esq. writer in Glasgow, to Frances, only daughter of Alexander M'Grigor, Esq. writer there.

At Barbadoes, Lieut.-Col. S. H. Berkeley, of the 16th regiment, deputy adjutant-general to the forces in the Windward and Leeward islands and colonies, to Elizabeth, daughter of W. Murray, Esq. of Bruce Vale.

Át Cork, Captain Thomas Mosse, of the 1st, or royal Scots regiment of foot, to Margaret Essex, eldest daughter of Major-General Gordon.


Nov. 1. At Hazarabaugh, in Bengal, after giving birth to three daughters, one of whom only survives her, the lady of Lieutenant Charles Rodgers, of the Rhamgur battalion.

March 31. On his passage from Madras to England, after a period of 12 years' public service in India, in the 63d year of his age, Major-General Sir John Chalmers, K. C. B. colonel of the 17th regiment Madras native infantry.


May 1. At Pulrossie, in Sutherland, Mrs Duncan M'Gregor, aged 74; and on the 17th, Mr Duncan M'Gregor, tacksman of that place, aged 78. venerable and happy couple lived together 48 years. -At Hastings, Mrs Martelli, widow of H. Martelli, Esq. of Norfolk-street, who died in January last.

10. On his passage from Leith to Aberdeen, Captain James Stevenson (1st), of the royal navy; an officer whose long and meritorious services had gained him the esteem of his brother officers, and numerous friends and acquaintances. Captain

Stevenson served in the memorable campaign in Egypt, where he commanded the flotilla of gunboats on the Nile, on the resignation of Sir Sidney Smith, and the public despatches of that period bear ample testimony to the eminent services he performed to his King and country in that arduous campaign. It is hoped that his friends and relations will accept of this notification of his death.

14. At Walkhampton, John Williams, at the advanced age of 100. He was the eldest of 18 sons of Jane Williams, late of Brentor, Devon (who died in her 111th year), 17 of whom are now alive and in perfect health, and their joint ages amount to 1379 years. John Williams retained his faculties to the last, and had strength sufficient to gain his livelihood by hard labour, till within a fortnight of his dissolution.

18. At London, James King, Esq. of Millbank, in the 18th year of his age.

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At Old Windsor, Lady Augusta Walsingham, 21. At Southerton, near Kirkcaldy, John Douglas of Pinkerton.

At Edinburgh, Mr Ebenezer Keay, printer, aged 81.

At Rome, in the 46th year of his age, George Montagu, sixth Earl of Sandwich. His lordship married in July 1804, Lady Louisa Lowry Corry, only child of Armar Lowry, late Earl of Belmore, by Lady Henrietta, one of the daughters of John, second Earl of Buckinghamshire, by whom he has left one son (now Earl of Sandwich), and two daughters, all infants.

23. At Ayr, Major W. Montgomerie, late of the 37th regiment of foot, aged 87. He was one of the surviving heroes who fought at the battle of Minden, at which he commanded the grenadier company of the above regiment.

24. At Edrom House, George Logan, Esq. of Edrom.

27. Mr T. Richardson of Killington, near Kendal, aged 75; and on the 28, his widow, aged 70; they were both interred in one grave.

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At Edinburgh, Charles Guthrie, overseer of the Blind Asylum.

28. At Kilrenny Manse, the Rev. Joseph Duncan, minister of that parish.

At Ardmore, Island of Ilay, Miss Marion Campbell, daughter of the deceased William Campbell of Ormsary.

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At Vienna, in his 83d year, the celebrated Baron Thugut. He was not of noble extraction, and owed his rise in life entirely to his own personal merit.

29. At No 3, Gilmour Place, Edinburgh, Miss Sarah Currie, eldest daughter of the late Captain John Currie of Dale Bank, Dumfriesshire.

At his house in Inverkeithing, in his 72d year, Hugh Dawson, shipmaster.

At Kelso, Mrs Watson, relict of the late Mr Alexander Watson, merchant.

30. At his house, in South Audley-street, London, in the 73d year of his age, Isaac Hawkins Browne, Esq. of Badge Hall, in the county of Salop, nearly 30 years one of the representatives of the borough of Bridgenorth.

31. James Munro, Esq. aged 32 years, only son of George Munro, Esq. of Vanburgh Field, Blackheath.

At her house, in Montague-square, London, Anne, Lady Murray, widow of the late Sir John Murray, Bart. of Blackbarrony, and daughter of the late John Digby, Esq.

-At Musselburgh, after a severe illness, Jean Thomson, third daughter of Thomas Thomson,

candlemaker and tobacconist there.

At Montrose, Dr James Ross, physician. June 1. At Leith, at an advanced age, Mr James Wright, senior, 65 years a member of the Incorporation of Hammermen there.

2. At Cornhill, Berwickshire, Sir Francis Blake, Bart. of Twisel Castle and Tilmouth, aged 81.

After a long and severe illness, James Cobe, Esq. secretary to the Hon. East India Companya gentleman eminently distinguished for his literary attainments, as displayed in the operas of the Haunted Tower, the Siege of Belgrade, &c. &c.

3. At Cockenzie, Roberta, youngest daughter of the late Robert Cathcart of Drum, W. S.

4. At Glasgow, of the typhus fever, Mrs Ann Maccallum.

At Ayr, Mr James Hunter.

- At Edinburgh, Mr William Elder, younger son of the late John Eldor, Esq. depute-clerk of Session.

4. At Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Heatlie.

5. At Rotterdam, while on a trial voyage, Robert Suckling Wright, second son of Captain Wright, R. N. and nephew of Mr Wright, seed-merchant, Edinburgh.

At Edinburgh, Lieut. John Douglas, of the late royal invalids, aged 84 years, 62 of which were spent in his Majesty's service. He served under Gen. Wolfe at the taking of Quebec, and was wounded at the battle of Ticonderago; greatly respected by all who knew him.

-At Manor House, Old Windsor, the residence of John Huddleston, Esq. in the 68th year of his age, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Osburne Hamilton, &c. many years governor of Heligoland. -At Culdees Castle, Mrs Drummond, wife of Lieutenant-General James Drummond of Drummawhance.

At Exmouth, in the 76th year of his age, the Right Hon. John Leslie, Baron Lord Newark, of North Britain, many years lieutenant-colonel of the the old buffs, or 3d regiment of foot, and an aid-decamp to the King.

At Kelso, in his 64th year, Mr W. Smith, writer, and for a considerable period chief magistrate of Kelso.

At Jedburgh, Robert, son of Mr Wilson, surgeon, there.

At Haddington, David Gourlay, Esq. 6. Janet, third daughter of Mr Thomas Crighton of Skedsbush.

-At Burntisland, Mr John Thomson, in the 89th year of his age.

At Edinburgh, in the 68th year of her age, Mrs Anne Sutherland, widow of Thomas Sutherland, late butcher in Edinburgh.

At Musselburgh, Mrs Margaret Cree, relict of the late Mr John Cree, merchant there.

7. At Brussels, Mrs Creevey, wife of Thomas Creevy, Esq. M.P.

9. At Inverary, in the 48th year of his age, after a long illness, which he bore with great fortitude and resignation, Sir Humphrey Trafford Campbell of Asknish, sheriff-depute and convener of Argyllshire.

At her brother's house, Hermiston, Miss Newton of Curriehill.

In London, Mrs Ann Abercromby, widow of the late Mr William Raitt, surgeon in Dundee.

At Cupar, Agnes, youngest daughter of Andrew Christie of Ferrybank.

-At Kirkwall, Mrs Margaret Petrie, spouse of Mr James Petrie, residing there.

10. At Edinburgh, Mr David Mill, youngest son of Thomas Mill, Esq. of Blair.

-At Stirling, Mrs Catharine Colquhoun, wife of Mr Robert Sconce, writer in Stirling.

-At Peebles, Robert, eldest son of Mr Walter Steel.

11. At Cortachy Castle, the Countess of Airly.

At his house, Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, Francis Napier, Esq. W. S. eldest son of the late Major-General the Hon. Mark Napier. -In Halkin-street, London, the Right Hon. the Viscountess Althorpe.

Mr William Watson of Capel-street, Dublin, one of the oldest and most respectable booksellers in Ireland, at the age of 52.

12. At Milne's Court, Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Hepburn.

In the 60th year of his age, Robert Nicolson, Esq. late adjutant of the Inverness recruiting district, having faithfully served his King and Country in different quarters of the globe, for the long period of 43 years.

13. At Gayfield House, Miss Elizabeth Fergusson, daughter of the late James Fergusson, Esq. of Bank.

14. At Canaan Park, Mr Ralph Hardie, writer in Edinburgh, aged 32.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Adam Moncrieff, son of the late Rev. Alexander Moncrieff, Muckhart.

At Edinburgh, John Gordon, Esq. M.D. On Thursday, between two and three o'clock, the remains of Dr Gordon were interred in the new burrying-ground west end of the Greyfriars' churchyard. The funeral was accompanied by a numerous body of private friends and acquaintances; and, as a tribute to his memory, the students who


attended his anatomical lectures, in number about 150, dressed in full mourning, preceded the corpse from Infirmary-street to the place of interment. A number of spectators were present, who seemed much impressed with the loss the public has sus tained by the death of this excellent man, and eminent lecturer and scholar.

15. In Ruthwell village, Dumfriesshire, William Gillespie, an old Chelsea pensioner. By his own account he was 108 years of age, having been born in the year 1710. His discharge, however, which is dated in 1763, and characterises him as being then "worn out" in the service, makes him a few years younger, but still upwards of 100. He was a native of Ireland, which place he left when very young, and having enlisted in the Inniskilling dragoons, he served in the German wars under Lord Stair, in the years 1743-4. On the breaking out of the Rebellion, his regiment was recalled, and at the fatal battle of Prestonpans, he gallantly saved from falling into the hands of the enemy, a stand of colours which had been abandoned on the field. The colours were lying by the side of an ensign who had just breathed his last. Gillespie took them up, and seeing the celebrated Colonel Gardiner, who had then received his death-wound, reelining on a bank at a little distance, he went up to him, and asked his commands :-" Save yourself," was all that the good man could say; on which Gillespie instantly mounted his horse, and, through a shower of balls, from a party of rebels who were in possession of the public road, reached a place of safety with his prize. The old man delighted to recount this incident, and, as he talked of the dangers of the field, the fire of youth again glanced in his eye. He was naturally of a robust make, but for several years past, the hand of age had bent his form, and forced him to support his steps with a staff. He continued, however, to walk about the neighbourhood till within a few days of his death.

At Gogar Bank, Cumberland Reid, Esq. At George's-square, Edinburgh, Mary, fourth daughter of the late John Dudgeon, Esq. of East Craig.

16. At Beggar's Bush, near Musselburgh, Mrs Katharine Young, daughter of Mr Thomas Young, late merchant in Edinburgh, aged 87.

-At Edinburgh, Mr James Grant, eldest son of Mr Alexander Grant, writer, 8, Nicolson-square. At his house, South Back of the Canongate, Edinburgh, Mr David Mason.

At her house, Hay's-street, Edinburgh, Miss Helen Thomson, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Thomson of the Custom-house.

17. At Gourdie, David Kinloch, Esq. of Gourdie, aged 82 years.

At London, John Elford, lieutenant-governor of St John's, Newfoundland, and formerly of the 51st regiment.

Lieutenant-Colonel Quin. He was thrown out of his gig, owing to the horse taking fright, and so much bruised, that he died in an hour after. 18. At Underwood, Mr George Maclagan. -At Armanoch of Parton, Mrs Jane Dalrymple. 19. At Pirn, in Peeblesshire, Miss Elizabeth Horsbrugh, daughter of Alexander Horsbrugh, Esq. of Horsbrugh.

At Lennel House, Patrick Brydone, Esq. 20. At Horncliff, Alexander Hoine, Esq. formerly of Bassendean.

At Melville Place, Stirling, Eliza, second daughter of John Birch, Esq. paymaster 73d regiment. 21. At Howcleugh, Mr John Goodfellow, tenant there.

At Jedburgh, Major John Murray, of the 20th regiment of infantry, in the 37th year of his age. 22. At North Leith, Mr John Drummond, shipmaster, aged 65.

25. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant Allan M'Lean, 79th regiment, eldest son of Mr D. M'Lean, W.S.

Lately-At Eason's Lodge, near Yaxley, aged 106, Mrs Ann Eason, who retained her faculties till within a few months of her death, and, without the aid of spectacles, was capable of reading and writing. She was a native of Llangattock, near Abergavenny, but had resided in Yaxley parish above 60 years. The estate on which she lived descends to her nephew, Sir Richard Phillips of Lon


Oliver & Boyd, Printers.

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