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The P. G.'s presented their proper certificates--the officers were elected and installed and the R. W. Grand Lodge of Georgia was instituted in due and ancient form, under a charter granted hy the R. W. Grand Lodge of the United States. Officers for the year ending on the 2d Wednesday in August.

Alvan N. Miller, of Savannah, M. W. G. Master.
Guy L. WARREN, of Macon, R. W. Dept. G. Master.
Elisha Parsons, of Savannah, R. W. G. Warden.
GEORGE W. MILLER, of Savannah, R. W. G Secretary.
Elisha H. Rogers, do. R. W. G. Treasurer.

R. W. G. Chaplain.
GILBERT BUTLER, do. W. G. Conductor.
EDWARD J. JONES, do. W. G. Marshall.

do. W. G. Guardian. Charleston, S. C., Dec. 1843.



City of New York, January 27th, 1844. In G. Lodge State of New York, Nov. Session, Dec. 29th, 1843. To JAMES L. RIDGELY, Esq.

G. Rec. and G. Cor. Sec'y G. Lodge of the U. States. DEAR SIR AND BROTHER :- At this session of the R. W. Grand Lodge, among other proceedings the following resolution was adopted, viz:

Resolved, That the Grand Treasurer, be, and is hereby directed to pay into the Treasury of the Grand Lodge of the United States the sum of fifty eight dollars, with interest at 6 per cent. per annum, out of the sum appropriated for general purposes at the last August Session, being the amount of dues standing against this Grand Lodge for the years 1830, 1831, 1832 and 1833, and remitted by a vote of the Grand Lodge of the United States at the October Session of 1834.

In accordance with the foregoing resolution I take pleasure in notifying you, that you are authorized to draw upon our Grand Treasurer, Moses Anderson, Esq., No. 35, Pine street, New York, for the amount under stated, viz:--ninety eight dollars.

Amt. of pro. of expen. char. 1830, $13 00, 4 yrs. inst. to 1834, $3 12 Do. do. do. 1831, 11 06, 3 do. do.

1 99 Do.

do. do. 1832, 16 00, 2 do. do. 1 92 Do.

do. do. 1833, 18 00, 1 do. do. 1 08

Total amount remitted Oct. 1834, $58 06, amount of int.

$8 11


$58 06 Interest from Oct. 1st, 1834 to Jan.'1st

, 1844, 9 yrs. & 3 mos. 32 22 Interest to October 1834 as above,

8 11

$98 39


TennesseeExtract of a letter from G. M. Wilkins G. Tannehill, dated

Memphis, Dec. 15th, 1843. I have been present at several meetings of “Memphis Lodge No. 6," during my visit to this city, and cannot refrain from congratulating the Order upon the success attending the operations of this young and flourishing Lodge. Memphis Lodge No. 6," was instituted January 30th, 1843, and numbers over 50 members. At their next meeting they will receive seven new members—3 by initiation and 4 by card. They are about forming an Odd-Fellows' library, and have over $200 subscribed.This is the first effort made by the Order in this State, to carry out this laudable and praise worthy object, and I hope soon to see similar steps taken by the other Lodges. This Lodge is composed of men-many of them advanced in years—of high moral and intellectual standing, all applying their energies to the dissemination of the principles of Odd-Fellowship. It is a most gratifying sight, to behold the interests of our beloved and cherished Order, confided to the keeping of such true and faith. ful Odd-Fellows. The members have selected the 1st day of January, 1844, for the dedication of their Hall, which is fitted up with great taste and neatness. They will have a public procession, an address from the Rev. Bro. Hyer, a minister of the Methodist church. The other Lodges in the State are in a flourishing condition, and I am happy to state that the unpleasant feelings that at one time prevailed towards the introduction of the :' Encampment” into the State, has subsided, and both branches are now working harmoniously.

CINCINNATI, Feb. 5th, 1844. At a meeting of the members of the I. 0. O. F. of this city held at their hall for the purpose of hearing an address from P. G. P. Donaldson, the following resolution was unanimously adopted and the undersigned were appointed a committee to forward a copy for publication in the Covenant.

Resolved, That the thanks of the Odd-Fellows of Cincinnati are hereby tendered to P. G. Paschal Donaldson of New York, for the kindness with which he accepted their invitation to address them and the ability and eloquence with which he impressed upon their minds the beauty and the strength of the principles of Odd Fellowship.”

You will confer a favor on your Cincinnati brethren by inserting the above in the Official Magazine.

Yours in F. L. and T.

A. G. DAY.

Business on account of the Covenant and Official Magazine, transacted with Br. Albert Case, associate Editor, Charleston, S. C., will be the same as if transacted at this office.

[blocks in formation]

Penobscot Lodge No. 7, Bangor, Maine.
Bethelem Encampment No. 3, Aurora, Indiana.
Washington Lodge No. 4, Somersworth, N. Hampshire.
White Mountain Lodge No.5, Concord, do.
Burlington Lodge No. 1, Burlington, Iowa.
Iovarian Lodge No. 1, Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales.
Covenant Lodge No. 2, do. do.


Erratum.-Read, in " Progress of the Order" in last No." Hillsborough Lodge," Manchester, N. H.-not Hillsborough, N. H.

APPOINTMENTS BY THE GRAND SIRE. James M. Scantland, D. D. Grand Sire for Tennessee. Saml. York At Lee, D. D. Grand Sire for Michigan.

We have received from our estimable correspondent Louise a pretty story, the truthfulness of which will strike every reader, and hence it is full of useful moral. We beg to offer to her our salutations now that she has doffed the invisible and permitted us to see and know her as Miss C. Louise M. Brawner. It shall appear at length in our next.

We have the pleasure of presenting to our readers, in this No. of the Magazine, a very appropriate poetical production from the pen of Miss Penina Moise, of Charleston, S. C.

Such of them as have been patrons of the “ Charleston Courier," for a few years past, must have enjoyed the beautiful creations of her muse over the initials "M. P.” The poetic talents of this Lady are of a very high order, and we trust that she will permit the sweet and touching notes of her Harp to be heard more frequently than has been her wont of late.

We will give in our next number a Gem of minstrelsy copied from a little volume published some years since by Miss Moise, and which it has been our good fortune to meet with recently. We shall select from it the "HERO OF GILEAD," a poem uniting finished versification—touching pathos, and beautiful fancy. We bespeak for both an attentive perusal.

Editor of the SYMBOL please exchange—direct Albert Case, Charles'ton, S. C.

The Symbol says—"Br. Ford wields an able pen." This reminds us of catching fish with a "silver hook.” Gold pens are considerably in use in these days of individual enterprise."



Of Florida Lodge No. 1. The Jacksonville TROPICAL PLANT of the 13th January, contains the announcement of the death of Judge Doggett, who expired on the 8th.

He was a native of Taunton, Massachusetts, but for the last 20 years a resident of Jacksonville, and for fifteen years he had discharged the duties of Judge of Duval County Court.

He was a valued member of Florida Lodge No. 1, and the first resident member that has been summoned to the celestial Lodge, since the formation of No. 1, near three years

since. The following is from the Tropical Plant. At a regular meeting of Florida Lodge, No. 1, 1. O.O. F., held at their rooms, Thursday evening, January 11, 1814, among other proceedings were had the following: The N. G. having announced the demise of our late beloved brother, John L. DOGGETT, on motion, a committee of three, consisting of P. G. Rev. D. BROWN, P. G. Geo. D. Miller, and C. C. Adams, were appointed to draft resolutions expressing the sense of the Lodge. The committee reported the following:

WHEREAS, far advanced in the third year of its organization in this city, Florida Lodge, No. 1, is called for the first time, to mourn the death of a resident member; with emotions of pious gratitude to the Father of Spirits, we are bound to acknowledge this distinguished grace of His preserving mercy, while we reverently bow submissive to this chastisement of His wise providence in taking out of this world the soul of our deceased brother, John L. DOGGETT. In sacred accordance with our fraternal obligations, and agreeably to the prescribed form of sound words and solemn usages of our beloved Order, with sorrow have we committed his body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Our brother, bound to us in the blessed bonds of Friendship, Love and Truth, is taken away, and we shall no more meet him here ; and therefore we mourn his loss. The mortal remains of a brother are consigned to the silent sepulchre, and, sanctioned by the highest authority of exame ple which the earth ever witnessed, our hearts and our eyes have wept. But we sorrow not with sad despair: the handful of dry dust is followed by the evergreen bough, the former, a figure of the dead and decaying body, mingling with its parent earth ;-the latter, an emblem of the living spirit, the immortal soul, disenthralled from the encumbrances and entanglements of things earthly and perishing. The dust has gone to the dust, and we have dropped the parting tear, and our hearts are duly sad. dened with the solemn thought that no more we shall greet him as a brother beloved in our brotherhood of love below. But we remember the expressive emblem of life eternal; and we look on the lofty evergreens which surround and wave over his body's last home, pointing cheerfully to heaven, and our soothed spirits rejoice in the blessed hope of everlasting life above the stars for our departed brother and ourselves; and that there, in our Eternal Father's house of many mansions, with the spirits

of the just made perfect by the mediation of the ever-blessed Son, we may again meet no more to part forever. So let it be !

As an expression of our regard and sympathy, Be it resolved,

1st. That in the death of Brother John L. Doggett, an enlightened man, a good citizen, and a good brother, we have sustained a loss to be long and deeply lamented.

2d. That, weeping with them that weep, we tender our sincere sympathies to the afilicted family and relatives of the deceased.

3d. That, to the memory of our departed brother, we will wear crape on the left arm for thirty days, and for three months clothe in mourning the emblems and furniture of the Lodge.

4th. That to the widow and the father of the deceased, the Rev. Simeon Doggett, of Taunton, Massachusetts, copies of these proceedings be forwarded.

5th. That the Tropical Plant, Covenant, Odd Fellow, and Symbol, be supplied with copies of the above proceedings for publication.

GEO. GROUARD, N. G. Thos. LEDWITH, Sec'ry, pro tem.

At a meeting of the members of the Bar of Duval county, held on the 12th January, 1844, to take into consideration the Providential bereavement and loss to the country of their fellow-citizen, the Hon. John L. DOGGETT, Philip Fraser, Esq., was called to the Chair, and G. Yale, Esq., appointed Secretary.

The following Resolutions were unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That we view with feelings of sincere regret, the death of our late friend and brother, the Hon. John L. DOGGETT, Judge of the county court of the county of Duval, whose kindness and urbanity upon the Bench, and whose gentlemanly deportment at the Bar, make us deeply sensible of the loss which we have sustained in him as a Judge, an associate, and friend.

Resolved, That as a token of respect to his memory, we will wear crape upon the left arm, for the space of thirty days.

Resolved, That we deeply sympathise with the afflicted and bereaved widow and family of the deceased, upon the irreparable loss which they have sustained in this sad visitation of Divine Providence.

Resolved, that the Secretary communicate these Resolutions to the widow of the deceased, and to his venerable father in Massachusetts, and request the several newspapers in Last Florida to publish the proceedings of this meeting.


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