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Lives and Characters

Of the most Eminent




An Abstract and Catalogue of their Works;
Their various Editions;


The Judgment of the Learn'd concerning

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George Mackenzie, M.D,

Fellow of the Royal College of Thyficiam in Edinburgh.

V O L. IL ~

Ghti am em do£ti fuerint fulgebunt quasi splendor firmamenti, Dan. Cap. XU.> V. 3

Nefcio qua natale solum dulcedine cun&os

'Duetts immemores non fintt effe Jui. Ovid.

jMajorum gloria pofterts quasi lumen est; neque buna eorum^ neque mala in occult
patitur. Salust. de Bell. Jugurth.


E V I N % V R G H,

Printed by James Watson in CVags-Closs, on the North-side of th
Cross. M. DCC XI.


Earl of M A R,

Lord Garioch, Erskin and Alloway, &c;

Heritable Governour of the Caflle of Stirling,

/^^^^^^^ AND ^^^J^^^^^ Knight of the most Ancjent and most Noble Order of the Thistle.


H E Lives of Learned and Eminent Men naturally claim the Patronage or Person* of your Birrh and Quality: For it has been the constant Observation of all Ages, That never any had the Character of a truly Great Man bestowed upon him, but he who was a Tatron to the Muses. Upon which Account, My Lord, I could not have published a Work of this Nature, under a more suitable Patronage than that of your Lordship; your Family having produced so many Illustrious Persons both in Literature and War, that it were hard to determine, Whether they have deserved most of their Country for their Performances in the One, or Atchievements in the Other. And altho' the brave and mining Actions of Heroes amuse the World more than the Performances of the Learned; yet we are told by the Roman Orator (a), That there is a certain Sort of ^Domestic Valour which is equal to the mofi Gloriow A&ions of the greatest Heroes; and that the Ex* flows of the Learned, in their Retirements, are more to he valued than all the Victories of the greatest Conqueror sy becauje they are more useful to Mankind. But, My Lord, altho' the great and main Design of this Work be, to show what amazing Heighths of Knowledge, in all the Sciences, our Predecessors have arrived to, yet there is likewise an Account of their Noble and Heroic Exploits, no less surprisingly Great than that of their Learning in so much, that what the above-cited Orator says of Italy when

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(*") Sunt domestics fortitudines non inferiores militaribus, in quibusplusctiamquam in iis operas ftadiiqus ponendum. do Offic:lib. i. (b) Pcrfecerit ilk ut si montesresediffent, amnes exaruiflent, noa naiur* præsidio, sed victoria sua rebusouc a •• rlis Italiammuaicam haberemus, Cic. cont. Pison.

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