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of the company. "No, by J ----! returned the salute of a negro there was nothing left in the pit, who was passing. “ Sir," said but the two tails and a bit of the Gentleman, “ does your hofue !"

nour descend so far as to salute a Sir W. Gooch, some time Go- slave ?" “ Why yes," replied vernor of Virginia, being in con- the Governor, “I cannot suffer versation with a Gentleman in a a man in his condition to exceed street of the city of Williamsburg me in good manners."

MISCELLANEOUS, A LOAD OF LOVE.-A few days a Scotch Peer. The Lady, prone ago a pair of candidates for to jocularity, seemed to listen to Hymen's favour were making his suit, solely for that entertainthe best of their way to the Col- ment which grey-haired folly legiate Chụrch, Mapchester, in produces in assuming the characorder to get the bands of matri- teristics of juvenility. The Doctor mony rivetted on them, and had one day was to pay a visit in reached the middle of Deansgate, form to the goddess of his idolawhen the old Church clock try; on this occasion he was dechimed three quarters past eleven. termined to be as Adonis-like in The Břide began to tremble in his habiliments as possible. It is apprehension of disappointment requisite to be known, that the she urged her lover to make Doctor was a man who scorned haste. Alas! he was born to to be thought of the sect of have many ups and downs in Peripatetics; when he appeared the world—and his lameness pro- it was in the equestrian style, þibited expedition; at one pace On such an important event as only, could he move even on sọ the present, resoļving to be spurring an occasion.

The ça

spruce, he took an immaculate nonical moments were waning shirt, and put it.-not on, but in apace--and the bridal party mov- his pocket, prudently considered too slowly for the impatience ing, that in the action of riding, of love, which inspired the lusty its purity might be tarnished bride with a singular resolution to prevent this, he resolved to -determined to complete the put it on when he should come promised joy, she took up her within a small distance of the husband elect on her back, and scene of his wishes. When arwith lengthened strides reached rived at the settled distance, the the altar with her load of love, Doctor proceeded to disrobe himbefore the iron-hearted bell for- self of his upper garments, still bid the banns. She had carried şitting on his horse; hiş hat, wig, her load and she carried her coat, and waistcoat were taken point.

off, and laid upon the pummel of A CALEDONIAN Courtship.--A the saddle. In this critical moson of medicine, verging to his ment, malignant fate reigning, clima ic, breathed ut his his faithful Pegasus received a amorous sighs to the daughter of fright from somewhat on the

road ! Off set Rosinante with day, the 26th ult. an inquisition the Doctor in demi-nudity, and was taken before J. W. Unwin, ran with him (instinctively, Esq. Coroner for Middlesex, at knowing, from frequency in go- the Halifax Arms, King Edwarding, his master's destination) to street, Mile-end New Town, on the door of the very house he the body of William Platt, aged had hoped to enter with every 17, who was killed in a pitch minutiæ of dress adjusted. His battle, on Bow Common fields, Quixote-like appearance threw by Henry Snellgrove, a young the family into such paroxysms man about the same age. The of laughter, as precluded the Jury returned a verdict of Man, operation of speech, or the slaughter, against Henry Snellmeans of assisting the distressed grove, the principal, and against Doctor.

the four seconds, viz. Thomas OF MACHINERY.-Mr. Buckmaster, Henry Ditton, JoOwen calculates that the quantity seph Smith, and Francis Boyd. of manufactures, of all sorts, at DEATH OF SIR Isaac HEARD.present produced by British The death of the venerable Sir workmen with the aid of ma- Isaac Heard took place at the chines, is so great that it would Herald's College, on Monday, require, without the assistance of the 29th ult. at a quarter past machinery, the labour of fuur one o'clock. He was in the 92d hundred millions of workmen. year of his age, and had filled the

ECONOMY. At the minor thea- distinguished office of Garter tres of Rome, a recent traveller since April, 1784. (Lady Morgan) says that the musicians, when they had done playing between the several acts, The provincial Papers of the extinguished their candles, put South and West are loaded with them in their pockets, and joined the most melancholy details, the audience in the front of the not only of the distress and house. The same custom pre- starvation of the poor in several vails in many parts of Italy. counties of Munster and Con

The King George the Fourth, naught, but also of the state of of 120 guns, is speedily to be destitution to which the landlords launched at Chatham. This fine are reduced.-Dublin Evening ship is built with a round stern, Poșt. and said to be the handsomest ship

It is stated from unquestionof the line in the royal navy. able authority, that seven persons

A duel was to have taken place died last week in the neighbouron Monday, the 26th ult. between hood of Killydesart, from actual Mr. M

-n, a surgeon, and Mr. want. The streets of Ennis are Bt; but the friends of the lined with labourers and tradesformer prevented the affair people, who stand leaning against taking place, by causing him to the houses, their arms folded, þe taken into custody on the and despair in their countenance. ground, Hounslow Heath; and in conversing with some of them, he was held in sureties to keep they tell me they have from one the peace.

to six acres of land, with a cabin, CORONER'S INQUEST.On Fri- but their potatoes having failed,


they have neither present food country, and the low prices of nor seed for the next season; they every description of agricultural have left their land waste, and produce, not only is one class have, with their famillies, become threatened with an absolute want wanderers through the country. of food, but the other has before - Galway Advertiser.

it the prospect of an entire abIn truth it can no longer be straction of rents, and the conconcealed-even if there was any sequent inability on their part good reason for doing somthat, either to relieve the sufferings of what with the failure of the last the poor, or contribute to the potatoe crop, the total want of payment of the revenue.

-Cork employment throughout the Southern Reporter.



In the absence of Royalty, we the Master of the Horse, and the cannot better occupy this space Clerk of the Closet. To the right in our publication, than touching and left of his Majesty's pew, upon the important occurrences were the royal suite and officers past, connected with his Majesty, of state, including Sir B. Bloomand which are destined hereafter, field, Sir W. Keppel, Sir E. Nato give no ordinary feature to the gle, Sir A. Barnard, Col. Thornhistory of this town. Agreeably ton, &c. A burst of harmony to our promise, on the 22d of from the band and choristers, anApril, we therefore begin with nounced the presence of his Ma

jesty, after which the service THE CONSECRATION OF HIS MAJES

commenced by the Bishop, his TY'S PRIVATE CHAPEL,

Chaplains, &c. passing through which took place on the 1st of the middle aisle to the commuJanuary last, by the Right Rev. nion table, repeating, alternately, the Bishop of Chichester, and the six first verses of the 24th which excited considerable inte- Psalm.-Handel's sublime rest. The congregation, compo- them, “Lift up your heads,” &c. sed of all the leading personages was then sung by the choir. At and nobility in the town, began the close of the anthem, the Bito assemble before eleven o'clock, shop and his Chaplains, within the and in an hour after the chapel rails of the communion table, the was completely crowded. The former sitting in his chair, reKing's pew is in the centre of the ceived the King's mandate for gallery, immediately facing the the consecration of the chapel, pulpit, with a deep curtain in which he placed on the commufront of it. At twelve o'clock nion table, and then, standing up, precisely this curtain was drawn addressed a prayer to the congreback by the Grand Chamberlain gation.-The Bishop, kneeling, of England, and his Majesty en- afterwards repeated a prayer for tered the pew, attended by the the Divine presence on the soLord Steward of the Household, lemn occasion ; after which, the


Act of Consecration was read by ing Antheins, &c. were performDr. Holland, signed by the Bi- ed, the heavenly effect of which shop, and ordered to be register- may be better imagined than exed; which was done by the Re- pressed :gistrar, T. Attree, Esq. and then Anthem, Psalm 24th,

" Lift deposited on the communion ta- up your heads," &c.-Proper ble, The Morning Service of Psalms, 84th, 122d, and 123d.the Church followed. After the Grand Chant.-Te Deum and General Thanksgiving, the Bi- Jubilate. After the third Colshop, in a style as devout as im- lect the Anthem “ Blessed be pressive, uttered the following thou, Lord God," &c.—Before prayer for the King :

the Cominunion Service, the “ Blessed be thy name, O God, Sanctus, “ Holy, holy, holy, Lord that it hath pleased thee by thy God,” &c.—The Responses were Holy Spirit to dispose the heart sung.–Before the Sermon, “ for of thy servant, our Sovereign unto us a child is born," &c.Lord George the Fourth, to give After the Sermon, “ Hallelujah, and dedicate this building to thy for the Lord God omnipotent honour and worship. Bless his reigneth,” &c. services and accept the work of The choristers were from his his hand. Remember him con- Majesty's Chapel Royal, St. cerning this act of piety-forget James's, London. The instrunot the kindness that he hath mental performers embraced the here shewed for the house of his whole of the royal band. The God, and the religious instruction scene subdued and delighted—it of his people ; and grant, that all assumed a character impressively who shall enjoy the benefit of this celestial. The King was propious work, may shew forth their foundly attentive to the whole. thankfulness by making a right His Majesty was attired in a blue use of it, to the glory of thy bless- military pelisse, with gold braids, ed name, through Jesus Christ tassels, and ornaments, wearing our Lord. Amen.”

a black silk cravat, and the ribThis prayer for the King, as bon and star of the Order of the the founder, having ended, the Garter; and looked extremely officiating Minister repeated the well in health. At the close of prayer of St. Chrysostom, and the sacred service, his Majesty the Blessing.

retired, as he had entered, by a The Sanctus having been sung, private door, the congregation the Bishop read the Communion standing, and the band playing Service, the Collect for the King, the national anthem—“God save and other prayers.

the King." The Sermon, which was preach- The order of procession on ened by Doctor Hugh Pearson, tering the chapel was as follows: from the 8th chapter of the First — The Bishop; his two Chaplains, Book of Kings, was preceeded by Rev. Mr. Plimley and Rev. Mr. the Nicene Creed, followed by Valentine; his Chancellor for the the Hallelujah Chorus, &c. and, occasion, the Rev. Dr. Holland; by the Bishop, the final blessing, the Preacher, the Rev. Dr. Pear-“ The peace of God,” &c.


the Reader, the Rev. Mr. During the service the follow- Holmes, Subdean of the Chapel


Royal, St. James's ; the Registrar which the former have been res for the occasion, T. Attree, Esq.; lieved. and a retinue of clergymen, all Lord Pelham, eldest son of the in their canonical dresses, viz. Earl of Chichester, is admitted of Rev. Messrs. Lovell, Everard, Trinity College, Cambridge. Taylor, Baker, Townshend,Wood, The University of Cambridge Davison, Robison, Dr. Hooker, have conferred the degree of &c. &c.

Doctor in Divinity on the Rev.

Frederick W. Blomberg, of St. The Right Hon. Sir Benjamin John's College, Residentiary of Bloomfield, K. B. Sir M. J. St. Paul's, and one of the private Tierney, Bart. Sir E. Kerrison, Chaplains of his Majesty. and the Dean of Hereford, had The Provost of Eton left the the honour of being present at Old Ship on Monday last, for his Majesty's last Levee at Carl- France. ton Palace.

A stag, which was turned out a The indigent inhabitants of few days ago, near Bromley, in this place have much to regret Kent, before Lord Derby's hounds the departure of Mrs. Fitzherbert, and a field of three hundred and the Hon. Miss Seymour-and sportsmen, all dressed in the unithey do so. When charity be- form of the hunt, afforded a facomes the parent of gratitude, mous chase of more than four even adversity commands respect. hours, after crossing the river

The 2d, or Queen's Royals, in Medway, was taken near Tuntwo divisions, marched hence for bridge Wells. Ten horses sunk Hull, on Wednesday and Thurs- under the fatigue, and their riday se'nnight. The Royals, we ders were obliged to return home understaud, are to be succeeded in post-chaises. Prince Esterhaby the 73d. At present, Lord zy and the Earl of Derby saw the Stewart's distinguished Cavalry termination of the chace from regiment, the loth Royal Hus- the steps of the Kentish Hotel, sars, have taken the duty from Tunbridge Wells.



MONDAY, APRIL 22.-Magis- retire because more liquor had trates, Sir David Scott, Bart. and been denied to them. On being J. H. Bates, Esq.

removed, they had preferred a Richard Funnell, brought up night's confinement in the black by a watchman, was fined 5s. for hole to their liberty, under a ridrunkenness and discharged. diculous persuasion, perhaps, Two seamen,

Puttock and that the law had been improperDaniels, had been removed from ly exercised in forcing them from the York Hotel tap, by a watch- the house. Goldsmith, the keepman, as late as between eleven er of the tap, amply substantiated and twelve o'clock the night the charge against the prisoners, before, they having refused to and proved, that they had been

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