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The Portuguese ambassador, Brunton himself is an excellent from Worthing, was here several performer, and has besides endays, last week. His excellency gaged a very good company, regularly attends divine service, well adapted for opera, comedy, in the Roman catholic chapel, and melo-drame. But the star in High-street, on Sundays. the bright star of this establish

Lady Blenfield, and lady Char- ment, is the fascinating Miss lotte Denys, are at the Old Ship. Brunton, who some few years Lord Leslie has left us for Ports- back, performed for two seasons mouth.

at Covent-garden, but was disScrase Dickens, esq. one of our missed from that establishment lords of the manor, has returned for Mrs. Davison and Mrs. Chatto his seat, at Yapton, in this terley. The former was once a county, from Brussels and Dover. very superior actress, but as she

Sir W. and lady Jane Hous- advances in years she cannot feel toun, from the continent, are also offended when we say, that Miss returned to their seat, Avisford, Brunton now akes lead ; and near Arundel.

surely no

will compare The deserved estimation in Mrs. Chatterley to Miss Brunwhich Mr. Brunton and family ton. But theatrical managers are held in general, and by the cater for the public, which they inhabitants of this town and dis- know is volage. Since Miss trict in particular, will, at once, Brunton quitted Covent-garden shew the motive which induced had not seen her, till us to extract the following ac- last week at her father's count of the West London thea- establishment, when she pertre, from “ The British Moni- formed Lady Racket, in Three tor,” viz :

Weeks after Marriage, which they West London Theatre.—This call at this theatre, " What we theatre (if it is not misprision of must all come to," in a most fascitreason in the eyes of the mana- nating and elegant style When gers of the winter establishments Lady Racket invites Sir Charles to notice the minor theatres) has to come to bed, and refuses, one opened for the season, under the cannot help feeling astonished at management and direction of his refusal. Who could resist such Mr. Brunton, formerly of Covent- an invitation ? But we believe garden, and who deserves the that there are in real life many encouragement and patronage of Ladies Racket as lovely as Miss all lovers of the drama. This Brunton, and many a husband as we say sincerely, for our readers morose as Sir Charles. Shame ! know that we are not to be taxed Eternal shame on the managers with too great a portion of of our winter theatres, for not Optimism, and they also know having engaged an actress, who that no paid for pnff paragraphs in her line stands unrivalled.” appear in our columns. Mr.



At a late monthly meeting of junctively with T. Attree, esq. our local body of commissioners, was appointed the clerk of the the chair was occupied by Mr. commissioners, at the above Elliott. A copy of the resolu- meeting. tions passed on the 20th was then At our bench of magistrates a demanded for the magistrates, person named Stone, was lately but as the letter of requisition amerced in the mitigated penalwas addressed to T. Attree, esq. ty of 10s. under Mr. Martins's the commissioners' clerk, and act of parliament, for ill-treating not to the commissioners directly, a horse. The defendant had been it was not read to be proceeded in the employ of Mr. Hughes, npon. In the course of business, the owner of the “Coronation" Mr. Elliott, feeling a reluctance fly carriage, and who deposed, to put the question, that the ap- that the said Hughes, and one peal, on the part of Mills, the Haycock, had treated the poor beadle, against a conviction for animal in question, much more neglect of duty, should be sup- cruelly than what he had done, ported by the commissioners, re- and, in truth, from his shewing, signed the chair to the high con- such actually appeared to have stable, when the question was

been the case. The time, limitput, and unanimously carried. ed by the act, ten days, for the The cause of Mr. Elliott's objec- commencement of process to ention, as above noticed, we feel sure punishment, in the event of at a loss to account for, and for such barbarities, however, had this reason, that the circumstan- expired, and which alone saved ces of the conviction named, in the individuals named from the volved a specific promise to the extreme consequences of the law. bench, that the said appeal should It was particularly requested of be made, and be, by the com- the individuals present connected missioners, upheld it would with the press, by the bench, that scarcely have been consistent the affair should be made public. with common propriety, there- On Wednesday, the workmen fore, if the assembled commis- began boring the sand opposite sioners, on the above occasion, the New-steyne, for the introduchad refused to ratify the promise tion of the piles for the Chain which had been officially made by Pier, which attracted the curiosity their clerk : and the reverse of of many who essembled on the any conclusive result must have beach to witness the operations. followed. The schism between Thirty-four applications were the two constituted authorities, made for the establishment of both of whom we equally re- new public houses in this town, spect, we ardently hope and at the annual licensing day, at trust, is near its termination. the Old Ship, last week. The Fredric Cooper,

esq. con- existing licenses were all renew

ed—but of the number mention- struck down, and his arm, about ed, in addition, only nine were the elbow, badly fractured. A successful. Upon some causes locked-jaw followed the accident, of alledged misrepresentation, at and the poor man expired on the above sitting, the magistrates Friday. will again meet upon the subject, A private gaming house, in a this day, Monday

public fashionable situation here, The Local Catch and Glee has been forcibly entered, and Club, at the Golden Cross, on stripped of its pickpocketting Tuesday, had, by far, the most apparatus, by our officers of the numerous attendance of the year. police—but as no persons were The celebrity which now marks detected at play, the Vagrant this society, we are free to say, Act could not be brought into is deserved, and its regular pro- desired operation. cess and judicious management, A fellow, a mendicant, we begive the best promise of future lieve, who gave in his name success, and that its present en- George Murray, for using obviable character will be perma- scene language to females, has, nent. Inciedon, and Gibbon, under the Vagrant Act, been are among the most constant in committed, for reforming exerattendance of its subscribing cise, to the tread mill, at Lewes, members.

for one month. We shall shortly have to notice, To-morrow, entire desertion upon an extensive plan of ele- of the old poor house will take gant public accommodation, the place, for the new and capacious particulars of an arrangement establishment for paupers, on which is making, at the expense the Church-down. of some thousands of sterling On Monday last, a lad, while currency, to establish a species carrying a hod of mortar up a

Dandylion” here, upon a ladder in Regency-square, struck principle similar to that at Mar- the implement against a putlog, gate, but of dimensions more and being thereby thrown from spacious and proportionate to the ladder, fell to a considerable our superior population. The depth, and unfortunately fracturLevel and slope of the Downs ed his leg. It is remarkable that to the north, is the site chosen. most of the numerous accidents

On Thursday, a servant of Mr. which have happened in this Stead, in endeavouring to stop a

square, have occurred runaway horse, in a gig, was Monday !

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To the Author of a Sonnet to a young Female Lunatic,
Lady, thou weepest for the maniac's woe,

And thou art fair, and thou like me art young ;
O may thy bosom never, never know

The pangs with which this wretched heart is wrung : I had a mother once,

,-a brother too,
(Beneath yon yew my father rests his head)
I had a lover once, and kind and true,

But mother, brother, lover, all are fled.
Yet whence the tear that dims thy lovely eye?

O, gentle lady, not for me pray weep.
The green sod soon upon my breast will lie,

And soft and sound will be my peaceful sleep : Go thou, and pluck the roses while they bloom My hopes lie buried in the silent tomb.


I saw the peasant's hand unkind

From yonder oak the ivy sever;
They seem'd in every being twin'd,

Yet stood the oak as fresh as ever.
Not so the widow'd ivy shines,

Torn from its dear and only stay :
In drooping widowhood it pines,

And scatters all its bloom away.
Thus Julia, did our hearts entwine,

Till fate disturb’d their tender ties-

indifference blooms in thine,
While mine, deserted, droops and dies.


“ Chloris, I swear, by all I ever swore,
That from this hour I shall not love thee more.
“What ! love no more? Oh, why this alter'd vow ?"
“ Because I cannot love thee more than now !"

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In life's lonely hours, when no pleasure is smiling,

When hope no abatement of ill can foresee;
No friend my full heart of its sorrow beguiling,

Oh, then, dearest Fanny, I'll think upon thee !
When the gay voice of pleasure, disperses my sadness,

To the circle of friendship my summons shall be-
In the season of mirth, in the moments of gladness,

O! then, dearest Fanny, I'll think upon thee !
Though doubt and despair my bosom be rending,

Though cold is thy heart, and unkind thy decree;
To adversity's storm, though resignedly bending,

Oh! still, dearest Fanny, I'll think upon thee!
The delightful remembrance I'll ne'er cease to cherish,

In peace or in peril, in grief or in glee:
And e'en in the hour when l'am summon'd to perish,

I'll think upon thee, love ! I'll think upon thee!




To morrow never comes,”
A saying oft thought right;
But if To-morrow never comes,

No end is there to night.
The fact is this ; time flies so fast,

That ere we've time to say
To-morrow's come-Presto ! behold!

To-morrow proves To-day.

Deaths. On the 18th inst, in this town, Thomas Jackson, Esq. aged 84.—On the 11th inst, in this town, Jane, the wife of J. B. Cramer, Esq. the celebrated composer.-On the 12th inst. at Horssham, Mr. James Constable, aged 22.-On the 15th inst. in this town, the infant daughter of M. Michau.

Adolescens, $, and the favonrs of P. $. shall appear in our next.

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