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button the crosses of the orders therefore, likely to become a ought to be hung, and such other greater favourite than Scotland fooleries. They fancied them for accomplishing love affairs. selves on an equality with the Dublin Morning Post. best generals in Europe, because In addition to the many sinthey knew how many rows' of gularities attached to this Act, buttons there were upon a dra

we have to state (in consequence goon's jacket. I could scarcely of some strange misunderstandkeep from laughing sometimes, ing, that an injunction when I heard them discussing therein contained relative to these coglionerie with as much the christening of children) that, gravity and earnestness as if they in the course of last week, one were planning an impending ac- thousand two hundred children, tion between two hundred thou- in the parish of St. Philip, and sand men. However, I encou- nearly one thousand in that of St. raged them in their arguments, Martin, in this town, underwent as I saw it was their weak point. the ceremony of christening. A We rode out every day toge- subject of annoyance has also ther.

arisen out of this Act in consequence of the names of those intended for wedlock being obliged

to be posted on the church The new Marriage (prevention) door ; crowds were collected on Act has already shewn its salutary Sunday last, before the postern effects : not a single couple were of the parish churches of this tied together last Sunday (8th town, to witness, for the first instant), in St. Oswald's church, time, this part of the operation in this city.

The exposure of of the new Marriage Act.-Birthe parties' names on the church mingham Chronicle. doors for a month previous to the marriage, is not likely to A Sailor's TREASURE.- About facilitate the union of those pos- the middle of last year, a sailor, sessing any thing like delicacy of on the island of New Providence, feeling. This most impolitic en- being much fatigued with walkactment should be entitled, “ An ing, sat down on the sea shore Act for preventing Marriages, and on what he conceived to be a for the encouragement of perjury large stone. After resting and and illegetimacy."-Chester Chro- sleeping some time he attempted nicle.

to get up, but found his breeches We understand that the steam stuck fast to his seat. After packets, crossing the channel, joining one of his shipmates, the have lately had a great accession latter observed so strong a smell, of male and female passengers, as to ask him where he had been ; anxious to avoid the penalties and the traveller telling him the and indecencies to which they circumstance, his friend advised are subjected by the new Mar- him to go back, and bring away riage Act, in the sister island, all this stone, but he demurred, and of which they can avoid by offer- said it was more than he could ing up their vows in an Irish carry.

“ So much the better," temple of Hymen : Ireland is, replied his companion, who

We are

honestly told him that he suspect- out by beating it on the wall, she ed it to be a large lump of amber then hid herself. After a while grease, which was a very valu- the birds came, and she resumed able article, and that he might her favourite sport of killing the make his fortune by it. He dupes of her sagacity.- Bath crossed the island with a horse, Chronicle. and brought it away. It was Twenty-five couples who were first shewn to a Jew, who married in the Isle of Wight, on did not offer him a tenth part of the 31st ult. proceeded in one its value. It soon became known, party to Southampton, to celeand the captain of a merchant- brate their nuptials, attended by man being at the port, bought a band of music.-Sussex Adverit, and brought it to England, tiser. and we believe the house of Ellice, An unfortunate occurrence Inglis, and company, had the took place at Castlecool, on the selling of it. It came into the night of the 9th instant. The custody of Mr. D., an eminent hon. Mr. Strangeways, brother to druggist, and was sent over to lord Ilchester, while on a visit at the continent a few months the castle, rose up in his sleep, ago, when it yielded, at eighty- and opening the window, leaped six shillings per ounce, two down a height of nearly thirty thousand and three hundred feet from the ground. pounds.

happy to add, that, though the EXTRAORDINARY INSTANCE OF gentleman is severely contused, SAGACITY IN A Cat. A cat be- there is no apprehension of more longing to an elderly lady in serious consequences.

EnnisBath, was so attached to her killen Chronicle. mistress, that she would pass the An Irish NEGRO.-A Negro night in her bed-chamber, which from Montserrat, or Mariegawas four stories high. Outside lante, where the Hiberno Celtic of the window was the parapet of is spoken by all classes, happened the wall, on which the lady of- to be on the wharf at Philadelten strewed crumbs of bread for phia, when a number of Irish emithe sparrows that came to par- grants were landed ; and seeing take of them. The lady always one of them with a wife and four sleeping with her window open, children, he stepped forward to he cat would pounce upon the assist the family on shore, The birds and kill them. One morn- Irishman, in his native tongue, ing giving a “ longing lingering expressed his surprise at the look” at the top of the wall, and civility of the Negro; who, unseeing it free from crumbs, she derstanding what had been said, was at a loss for an expedient to replied in Irish, that he need not decoy the feathered tribe ; when be astonished, for he was a bit of reconpoitring, she discovered a an Irishman himself, The Irishsmall bunch of wheat suspended man, surprised to hear a black in the room, which she sprung man speak his Milesian dialect, at and succeeded in getting. itentered his mind, with the usual She then carried it to the favou- rapidity of the Irish fancy, that rite resort of the sparrows, and he really was an Irishman, but after actually threshing the corn that the climate had changed his


us :

fair complexion. “If I may be proaching to this songster's seaso bold, sir, (said he), may I ask son, viz. March.-Dublin Jouryou how long you have been in nal. this country?” The Negro man," THE LATE MRS. DONATTY.-In who had only come hither on a consequence of no heir being voyage, said he had been in found to lay claim to the properPhiladelphią only about four ty left by the late Mrs. Donatty months. Poor Patrick turned (whom our readers may recolround to his wife and children, lect was barbarously murdered), and looking as if for the last time George Maule, esq. the king's on their rosy cheeks, concluding proetor, has administered in bethat in four months they must half of the crown, and taken posalso change their complexion, session of her house and furniexclaimed, “O merciful powers ! ture, in Robert-street. A cataBiddy, did you hear that he is logue has been printed of the not more than four months in this effects, among which are several country, and he is already al

eady al original paintings and drawings most as black as jet."-Irish from the pencil of the late celePaper.

brated George Morland. A Cuckoo Found. The euckoo We should not, we think, have is a bird so well known that it consulted the entertainment of requires little description. It has our readers, had we kept from

been fully ascertained them the following communieawhether it sleeps under ground tion which has been addressed to or hides in the hollow of trees throughout the winter, or whe,

Aug. 10, 1822. ther it be an emigrant to warmer of Ther his now in the Poseton climates. The subject of the of a Young man in Brighton a present article induces the writer Halfapenny the date of 77, it tis to believe that the cuckoo re- in good condishan it tis one of mains with us during the winter. Claudeous Romanaus the young The event occurred near Porta- man has been offered the value of ferry, in the county of Down. A 12 Shillings but he as refuese the farmer, of the name of John Offer thinking that some one Thomson, of the townlaod of will Offer something more for it Ratallow, having his men em. Mr. Edeter I will thank you just ployed to clear away the back of to clap thiss in your Paper to see an old ditch, bordering upon a what Effect it will have rabbit burrow, found a cuckoo " Sir you must clap thiss in inclosed in furze and frog. When your paper and wright it in style tossed out by the spade, it appear- if there his any one that should ed like a small truss of hay, but offer anny more I will send when opened out, and exposed to Some one with the Halfapenny the action of the air and to the to the Office. I Read the heat of the sun, it discovered Papper Every week So that I symtoms of life, and made some shall see if anny one Offers anny struggles to get on its feet, and more than the 12 shillings for it. almost instantly afterwards flew I am Sir Yours, &c. &c. off with rapidity. This occurred " A YOUNG MAN OF BRIGHTON.!? in that time of the year just ap

Brighton Herald



The duke of Cambridge, who why, unless in his routine of disarrived on Wednesday se'nnight, sipations, he never loses the chacontinues to honour and enliven racteristics of the gentleman, this town by his presence. His we are at a loss to discover; but, royal highness left us early on Fri- in our opinion, he adds much to day morning, to visit our county the interest and importance of member, Walter Burrell, esq. at the personification, by that “esWest Grinstead park, where, pecial observance.” Logic is after enjoying the seasonable di- very well filled here by Mr. F. version of shooting, part of Fri- Vining – he is represented as day and Saturday, his royal high- more volatile than Tom, and with ness returned to the palace in less thought; but the comparathe evening of the latter day. tive gravity of the one, in varyThe royal duke, yesterday, ac- ing contrasts, heightens the excompanied by his suite, was pre- pressive effect of both. Jerry sent at_divine worship at the never can have been in more Chapel Royal

able hands than Russell's. Dusty This day se'nnight, his royal Bob is made a conspicuous and highness condescended to be- humourously formed feature of come the patron of the perform- this piece, by Mr. J. Fisher. ances at the theatre, and to ho- Corinthian Kate, and Mary, are nour them by being present, in excellently sustained by Miss the king's box, in the evening. Fisher, and Miss George. The The house was crowded. His latter, in the introduced song of royal highness was punctual to Wapping Old Stairs," the announced time of drawing loudly applauded and encored by up the curtain. “ God save the the royal duke. Incledon, while King,” by the dramatis persona, on the stage, as above noticed, with auxiliaries, followed the was honoured by a bow of reroyal entré—the invocative strain cognition from his royal highwas sung by Incledon, Gibbon, ness. The evening's entertainand Miss George-viz. the first ments concluded with a pleasing verse, Incledon and Miss George; device in firework, expressive of the second, Gibbon; the third, the gratitude felt towards his Miss George, solus. The pieces royal highness, for the honour, enacted were “ Life in London,” by his patronage and presence, and “ Plot and Counterplot.” conferred. Mrs. Gibbs, and Mr. The critics here say, that Ham- W. Farren, have been playing, blin, in the former piece, does not with their wonted talent truly, present them with a faithful por- for several nights past, but to traiture of Corinthian Tombut audiences “

passing thin." On


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Thursday evening, in the comedy character. The risible muscles of “ A bold stroke for a Hus- of all present were powerfully band," a well-timed jeu-d'esprit exercised on the above occasion, of F. Vining, as Don Julio, al- and his royal highness found it most convulsed all present with impossible not to participate in laughter-in speaking of the fro- the cheerful expression which, at ward conduct of Minette, Mrs. quick returning intervals, preGibbs, whom he had mistaken dominated. The room was fafor Donna Olivia, he exclaimed shionably crowded-Mr. Yates

- Curse me, if I should be sur- had much cause to pride himself prised, if she should already have upon the plaudits bestowed upon had our names posted on the him by his royal visiter, and the church door!” The roar excited collective elegantes assembled. was of no ordinary continuance. It affords us pleasure to learn

The duke of Cambridge is in that Mr. Yates has made arthe happiest enjoyment of con- rangements to be “ At home,” firmed health, and buoyant spirits ere he wanders abroad, and -but, under the following regi- leaves 'us for another scene of men, how should it be other action. wise ? His royal highness takes Mr. Bromell, Mr. Paulet, Mr. breakfast at seven, and is enjoy- Macdonald, and colonel Hutching the wholesome morning air, ins, had the honour of dining in a walk, by eight, and to walk with the duke of Cambridge, at ing and writing he devotes the the palace, on Wednesday, and preceding part of every day; in sir Thomas Stepney, on the folthe afternoon he takes exercise lowing day. on horseback, dines as early as The libraries continue to be six, drinks moderately, walks gaily visited. At Lucombe's, on out after dinner, and seldom re- Friday evening, a divertisement tires to rest later than eleven was got up, for the benefit of the o'clock. The duke, in the above, meritorious and popular vocalist, may be influenced by German Gibbon. The library, more than customs, but we are strongly of usually, and that is going to an opinion, notwithstanding, that extreme point, was crowded. British constitutions would not The Local Glee singers were fail to be much benefitted by willingly employed on the occatheir general adoption.

sion, and their various efforts On Thursday evening, the were as creditable to themselves, royal duke condescended to be as satisfactory to others. Gibthe patron of Mr. Yates' “ At bon was in fine

the home amusements, at the Old plaudits were simultaneous, reiShip. His royal highness was terated, and lengthened. The accompanied by his suite. The company did not generally reentertainment was of a cast simi- tire before midnight. lar to that which has obtained The town is now rapidly filling for Mr. Matthews such deserved with elegant company, too plencelebrity in the metropolis, and tiful a scarcity of which we have like that, “ Laughter holding had for many months past. A both his sides,” may with truth house, for three months, is enbe depicted as an emblem of its gaged for Mrs. Coutts.

voice ;

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