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smoked it till the opposite coun- " that you have been with an old sel had wound up his reply.- man that could hold his tongue.” Dublin Morning Post:

A man related to his friend the ACCURATE ARTIST.-Mr. W. whole train of his misfortunes, painted a very good winter piece, and asked him what he would a view af the Serpentine covered have done under such a pressure. with ice and skaiters. No feature “I should have put an end to my of the landscape was omitted, life, like a hero," said the friend. and in one corner, especially for “I acted still more like a hero,' ward, stood the board prohibit- said the other, “ for I had the ing all persons from bathing una coarage to live on.” der penalty of prosecution.

MOTHER WIT.-A hunchback ZENO.—The ambassadors of a of Toulouse met a man, who had certain prince invited Zeno the but one eye, very early in the philosopher to a sumptuous feast; morning.

ac Good morrow, and were surprised, as they had friend,” said the one-eyed man ; heard much of his powers of con- you have got your load upon versation, that he did not talk at your shoulders very early." all. When they asked what re- is so early," replied the hunchport they should make of him: back, “ that I see you have only « Tell your prince,” said he, one window open."

is It


THE HALCYONS.-A new reli- stairs ; but just as the officer gious sect has sprung up in the was going forward to seize the western part of America, par- fugitive, he suspected the friendticularly in Marietta. They style ly intention of the visit, and in themselves Halcyons, and the an instant sprung to an open most novel feature of their creed window beside him, three stories is, that “ Aaron's breast-plate, high, and to the consternation of called by the Jewsurim and thum- the beholders, threw himself out ; mim, must be retrieved before but instead of letting himself fall, the resurrection of the dead !" as was supposed, he hung by the

Some little time since a worth- ledging. His pursuers thinking less fellow, who had been com- they had now nothing to do but pelled to leave Edinburgh for pick up his mangled remains, ran some offence, resorted to a bold to the back of the house. But expedient for eluding the peace- lo! he was no where to be officers, who had traced him to a seen--for the rogue, proving to workshop in Stirling. Knowing be an adept in his calling, no something of the character of the sooner found his manoeuvre had person whom they had to deal succeeded, than he threw himwith, every precaution was taken, self in again, bolted down stairs, and two sturdy sentinels were and got clear off. - Glasgow placed at the front of the house, Courier. whilst the principal walked up A new sect of fanatics has


sprung up at Dresden, some of servant, who, at first, denied all whom have carried their enthu- knowledge of the fact ; but, besiasm to such a height as to com- ing closely questioned, at last mit assassination and suicide. confessed her crime, to the enorOne woman lately killed her mity of which the ashes from the servant, by way of qualifying stove bore horrible testimony. herself for heaven.

She was committed to prison, A Prussian apothecary has ad- and has, probably, ere now, paid dressed to a Russian general a her forfeited life to the laws. memorial, on a new and easy As a gentleman was travelling means of spreading terror among on horseback, a short time since, the Turks. He proposes to in the west of Norfolk, a lark cover with phosphorus the dresses dropped on the pummel of the of devils, and to send several saddle, and, spreading its wings squadrons clothed in this infer- in a submissive manner, cowered nal costume among the Mussul- close to him, he stopped his men. The apothecary requires horse, and sat for some time in no other reward for the com- astonishment, looking at the munication of this project, than bird, which he supposed to be to have the privilege of exclu- wounded; but, in endeavouring to sively furnishing the phospho- take it, it crept round him, and

placed itself behind; turning An extraordinary murder was himself on the saddle to observe committed at Petersburgh, in it, it dropped between the legs of April last. The servant of a fa- the horse, and remained immovemily, on going into the kitchen, able. It then struck him that found a basket containing an in- the poor thing was pursued, and, fant, together with a letter and as the last resource, hazarded its purse of two hundred roubles. safety with him ; when, looking The letter escaped her notice, up, a hawk was hovering directånd, tempted by the money, the ly over them ;

bird inhuman wretch resolved to de- again mounted the saddle, under stroy the child. She threw it of its protector ; and the into a large stove, used in that hawk shifting its station, the litcountry, where the poor innocent tle fugitive, watching his opporwas speedily consumed: the tunity, darted over the hedge, money, was secreted, and every and was hid in an instant. thing likely to lead to suspicion The workmen employed in put away, by the time that the digging the foundation for the family, which had been abroad, new goal, at Morpeth, lately returned home. The master, found, at the depth of thirteen however, a humane and respecta- feet from the surface, an oak ble man, by accident found the tree, measuring thirty-eight feet letter which informed him of the in length, and nine feet in cirdeposit, and stated that he should cumference, perfectly sound. receive two hundred roubles The skeleton of a deer's head, every quarter while the infant, with fine branching horns, was whom circumstances forced its also lately found at the same parents to conceal, lived under place, about fifteen feet below his charge. He called up the the surface.

the poor

the eye


en ac

BENEFIT EDUCATION.-A bean. As it was not easy to acpitman's wife, at Beker, has late- count for the sudden appearance ly fallen heir to property of con- of these reptiles, many persons siderable value, in the neigh- concluded that they had fallen bourhood of Berwick. The way with the rain ; and some were in which she came to the know- not wanting to say that they had ledge of it is very singular. She heard them rattling

on the was in the habit of knitting for a house-tops like hail-stones. The family in Berwick, and received truth is, that during the dry the worsted, &c. rolled up in weather the frogs had concealed balls. On coming to the end of themselves amongst the grass, a ball, she happened to look at and the rain penetrating to their the paper on which the worsted retreats, had brought them out had been rolled, and discovered to the surface of the ground, to an advertisement for an heir to enjoy the benefit of such an the property in question. She agreeable change in the weather. was the heir, and ha

At a late discussion on the knowledged.

subject of the national tribute to During a violent storm in the the memory of George III. one Categat, a Russian and a Dutch speaker observed, that if a cervessel drove against each other tain line of conduct was pursued, with a tremendous crash; terrified it would knock down the monuby the shock, the wife of the ment before it was erected ! Dutch captain rushed upon deck A certain M.P. was lately fined in her shift, and thinking her 30,000 francs by the prefect of husband's vessel was sinking, Calais, for displaying two Lonsprung into the shrouds of the don opposition journals, at the Russian ship. In an instant a French hotel, in that town. · By hurricane separated the two ves- the interposition of friends, howsels. The Dutchman continued ever, the fine was remitted. his voyage to Copenhagen, and the The cause to which several Russian, with his prize, steered of the newspapers have attributtowards the Mediterranean. The ed poor Emery’s severe indispopoor Dutch captain is inconsola- sition, is erroneous. He has neible for his loss, and waits with ther had a fit, nor is he speechanxious solicitude for the return less. His disorder arises from a of the Russian ship with his bet- complete general debility, and ter half!

which, it is much feared by the A short time since, the inha- faculty, will terminate upon the bitants of Tadcaster were much lungs.—Morning paper. surprised by what many of them CANINE INTELLIGENCE -A letbelieved to have been a shower of ter from the Hague, in April last, frogs.' At that time there was relates the following instance of some heavy rain ; and, immedi- animal sagacity, hardly a degree ately after it, the turnpike-road behind the famous story of the leading to York, about a mile Dog of Montargis :-An indivifrom Tadcaster, and the adjacent dual driving his cabriolet in the fields, were covered with thou- environs of that city, having apsands of small yellow frogs, proached a lonely farm-house, about the size of a large horse- was arrested by the piercing


cries of a child. He hastily tended bride, Johanna, adorning alighted, and sought to discover herself in her gayest attire ; but their cause; when a little girl sad forebodings worked upon her about three years of age, bathed spirits, and damped her hopes of in tears, and accompanied by a bliss. Her hour of travail was at dog, presented herself before hand; and instead of plighting him. No other living creature her vows on the altar of hymen, could be seen in the house : the she retired to her couch, and the stranger called, but no answer doctor was summoned to attend; was returned ; and after a vain instead of being presented with search, he took the helpless in- the golden pledge of love by Rofant along with him, and drove bert, she presented him with a to the nearest tavern, followed daughter. While Johanna was in by the dog. Entering the com- the straw, the ardency of Robert's mon room, he observed two ill- passion began to subside, and he looking characters in a corner exhibited evident symptoms of together, one of whom, not the faithless lover, but a hint aware of committing himself from a friend, whose business it with a stranger, said to his fel- is to notice these matters in the low, “ That, I believe, is the parish, brought Robert to a sense cursed dog which gave us of his duty, and the day was much trouble yesterday.” The again fixed upon. When the moment the animal heard his bride was attired, and all those voice, he sprung at the speaker, who were invited to the marriage and fastened upon him so firmly feast assembled, Robert was in that nothing could relax his hold. the wood, not to be found, and This extraordinary circumstance Johanna in a flood of tears. roused the suspicion of the child's Mirth was again turned into sadprotector, and he had the men ness; but as sorrow is sometimes arrested. Providence was in the a precursor of joy, so it was with act, for they confessed the mur

Robert returned, and, der of the poor girl's father and finally, after a world of troubles, mother, and of their servant ; their destinies were fixed on the sparing only the infant, as being 18th of June. Robert becoming too young to detect their villany. a husband and father, and Jo

MARRIAGE EXTRAORDINARY.- hanna, who had become a moOn the 18th of June, at Wharton, ther, a wife, their pledge of muby the Rev. J. Barns, Mr. Robert tual love receiving baptismal Rolandson, of Silverdale, to miss rites as soon as the marriage ceJohanna Bowskill, of Wild Duck remony was completed. Lodge. This marriage was to We

copy the following extract have been solemnized twelve from the circular of an innkeeper months ago. The banns were at Verona, in Italy. That the published, and the day appoint- accommodation which his house ed, Robert having determined to affords may be made known to make the lovely, blushing, travellers from different nations, blooming Johanna his bride. he publishes his address in the ItaTime rolled on, and the joyful lian, German, French, and Engmorning arrived, the youthful in- lish languages : the latter trans

Johanna ;

lation we give verbatim et litera- stabbing the animal. In giving tim, as it will no doubt entertain his gun to his father to hold, the our English readers :

butt-end pitched on the ground, “ CIRCULATORY.—The old inn the piece immediately went off, of London's tower, placed among and lodged its contents in the the more agreeable situation of body of the father, who fell Verona's course, belonging at St. down and expired instantly. The sir Theodocius Zignoni, restored deceased was between fifty and by the decorum most indulgent sixty years of age, and has left a to good things, of life's eases, wife and young family to dewhich are favoured from every plore his loss.--Winchester Joure arts liable at inn's same, with all nal. object that is concern'd conve- Locusts. The operation of niency of stage-coaches, proper the female locust in laying her horses, but good foragers, and eggs is highly interesting. She coachhouse ; Do offers at inn- chooses a piece of light earth, keeper the constant hope, to be well protected by a bush or honoured from a great concourse, hedge, where she makes a hole where politeness, good genius of for herself, so deep that her head meats, the delight of nations, just appears above it. She here round the table, coffee-house, deposits an oblong substance, hackney-coach, men servant of exactly the shape of her own place, swiftness of service, and body, which contains a considermoderation of prices, shall arrive able number of eggs, arranged to accomplish in him all satisfac- in neat order, in rows against tion, and at sirs, who will do the each other, which remain buried favour honouring him a very as- in the ground, most carefully and sured kindness.”—Durham Coun- artificially protected from the ty Advertiser.

cold of winter. When that is On the 27th ult. two women over, several male locusts surat Pilkington had a dispute, and round and kill her, Barn-door proceeded from words to blows. fowls eat the locusts before they One of them who had a wooden are quite full grown, and when leg, was knocked down by her they have this food, the yolks of assailant, her leg unscrewed, and their eggs are of a dark reddish the cripple unmercifully beaten colour, partaking of that of the with it by her antagonist about locust. the head, so that she now lies The projected marriage bedangerously ill: the aggressor tween the crown prince of Prushas absconded.-Manchester Mer- sia and the princess Maximilianne cury.

of Bavaria, one of the twinSHOCKING CATASTROPHE-On daughters of his majesty, the Thursday, the 11th instant, as king of Bavaria, will take place Mr. Gilbert Hayes, with his son, without the princess changing park-keepers to E. P. Meadows, her religion, notwithstanding the Esq. of Conholt-park, remonstrances of the protestant shooting deer, the former had clergy of Berlin, who are apprejust killed one, when his son hensive of the consequences that went to him for the purpose of may come from placing a catho


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