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means or other, a sheriff's officer, the preceding evening. It apwho held a writ against the fugi- peared that the deceased, Thomas tive, discovered his retreat, and Miles, who was a farmer, residprepared measures for the cap- ing near the channel, went out tion. He repaired to the house with his son, the child, and the at an unseasonable hour at night, servant, about nine o'clock in the and continued knocking until morning, taking with them, the the door was opened, when he four horses, employed on the forced in, and asked for the gen- farm, for the purpose of swimtleman by name, at the same ming them in the tide. Not retime announcing the object of turning at the time they were his visit. The unfortunate gen- expected, the wife sent a lad to tleman was then in bed, but a look for them, who, seeing the person went up to apprise him horses grazing on the wharf of the matter ; when he heard it near, returned. The poor wohis colour left him-his frame man concluded that they had became dreadfully agitated-and gone to finish hoeing a piece of he fainted away. Surgical as- potatoe-ground near the village, sistance was procured instantly, and continued cheerfully at her but life was gone! Mr. Stirling work, until the Rev. Mr. Davis, held an inquest on the body, minister of the parish, in comwhen, it appearing that apoplexy pany with a neighbour, went to was the cause of his death, a ver- her with the melancholy tidings dict was returned to that effect. that all the party were found

On Saturday, July 6, a young drowned. She was in the field, lad in the employment of the milking at the time; but was miller at Inverarity mill, near obliged to be carried to the house Dundee, snatched up a gun by the minister and her neighwhich was lying in the house, bour, and at present continues and without knowing that it was very ill. The bodies were found charged, presented it at his mas

each other, by Howell ter's son, a young child, saying, Rimbron, fisherman, who inin a tone of playfulness, “ I'll formed the minister, and he, shoot you ; I'll shoot you!” accompanied by some of the The piece went off-and the parishioners, proceeded immedichild was killed on the spot.- ately to the spot, but it appeared Glasgow Chronicle.

life had been extinct several MELANCHOLY CALAMITY.-On hours, as the sun had completely Saturday se'nnight an inquest was dried the clothes on their bodies held before W. Brewer, esq. one when they were found. Virdictof the coroners for the county of Found drowned. — (Gloucester Monmouth, on the bodies of Journal.) Thomas Miles, aged fifty-two CHANCE ROBBERY.-At the opeyears ; Isaac Miles, twenty-one ; ra-house fete for the distressed Rebecca Miles, five: and Mary Irish, a gentleman promenading Jones, servant, aged twenty-four, the saloon of the hall, arm-inresiding in the parish of Romney, arm with his friend, suddenly obin the above county, who were served a gold watch, with splenfound drowned in a creek near did appendages, hanging from the mouth of the Romney, on the hilt of his friend's sword


“ Pray how long has it been the it impossible that any known fashion with you to wear your pickpocket could have escaped watch in that conspicuous man- their vigilance on the night in ner?" asked he, with great sur question. They recommended prise, and at the same time that a particular description of pointing to the extraordinary de- the watch should be advertised, coration. His friend surveyed it and a reward offered for its recowith equal surprise. It was not very. This was accordingly done; his own watch—that was safely but the under secretary received at rest in its proper place : and, the watch before the advertiseafter some further wonderment, ment could appear. His loss he disentangled the glittering had been talked of at the breakstranger from the curious place fast-tables, and so also had the to which it had attached itself, gentleman's sword-hilt advenand deposited it safely in his ture, and it was soon discovered pocket. On the following morn- that the watch, so strangely ing, however, the police received found by the gentleman, was the information that one of the under identical one lost by the under secretaries of state had been rob- secretary ; but how it came to bed of his watch whilst amongst be transferred from the fob of the company at the ball. The the one to dangle from the police were rather puzzled at the sword-hilt of the other has never circumstance, for they believed been exactly ascertained.



At the pavilion, circumstances not emanating from an official are precisely the same as at the source, but entirely resting upon publication of our last number- a basis of conjecture, but which, the artists and workmen are go- notwithstanding, may be destining leisurely on with the im- ed to be realized. provements, and, as yet, nothing The King's COURT.-On Friis known there relating to the day se'nnight his majesty held a period of the king's return-but, court at his palace in Pall-mall, as the royal excursion to Scotland which was attended by the archthis summer, it now appears, is bishop of Canterbury, the lord given up, it is considered pro- president of the council, the bable that his majesty may be scretaries of state for the Home here soon after the breaking up and Foreign departments, the of parliament, particularly, as it first lord of the Admiralty, the is said, that the royal yacht at master of the Mint, the president Portsmouth, has received orders of the board of control, the lord to be had in readiness for this sta- chamberlain, the lord steward, tion :-such are the likelihoods the treasurer of the household, in favor of this town at present, 'earl Harrington (gold stick in

waiting), the judge advocate severe accident in London-his the recorder of Bombay, earl of royal highness, in descending Warwick, Mr. V. Fitzgerald, &c. his carriage, fell, and so seriously

We have had a considerable in- injured the tendon achilles, that crease of fashionable company a very long confinement, it is within the last week, and the li- feared, must precede his recobraries, at almost all hours, have very. been numerously and elegantly The duke and duchess of Richvisited. Loder's, in North-street, mond have returned to Goodmaintains its ascendancy in the wood. Lord Molineux sailed estimation of ton; Donaldson's hence in the Swift steam packet, makes progress to envied cele- for Dieppe, on Wednesday. brity ; and Wright's has lost no- The marriage between lady thing of its original attractions. Jane Lennox, the second daughBut the fashionable bustle of an ter to the late duke of Richmond, evening is principally induced by and brother of the present, took the dear delights of loo and mu- place on Thursday: sic at Tuppen's, and at Lucombe's Lord Gage and family have re—at these the belles and beaux turned to Firle-place. meet in close contact-the socia- The duke of Portland, the marble

pressures are sought, and ap- quis of Waterford, earl and counpear to be mutually enjoyed, but tess Butive, and the archbishop the former cannot fail to be hap- of Dublin, are sojourning at Hastpy where the goddess of smiles ings. The bishop of Winchester, and enlivening pastime holds her lord Kircudbright, lord Blaney, court, as it were, surrounded by lady H. Leeds, lady E. Seymour, female elegance and beauty. Da- and sir C. Scott, bart. are at vis maintains his ground at the Southampton; sir F. and lady former, and merits the plaudits Drake, the hon. W. H. and lady he receives—at Lucombe's, a Lytleton, hon. G. Spencer, and miss Hammersley, for some little lady C. Kerr, at the Isle of time past, has been a magnet of Wight ; and lady Burton, the no ordinary attracting influence. countess of Pembroke, the hon. Her voice is remarkably sweet, Mrs. Whaley, &c. are at Tunand of good compass, and, with- bridge Wells. out attempting too much, a com- The theatre at Worthing, on pliment to her judgment, she sel- Saturday, was opened for the dom falls short of success. She season, by Mr. Trotter. sings with taste, and, with a clear The theatre here, we underenunciation, delights her audi- stand, is engaged by Mr. Russell, tors. “ In doubt, in fear," “ Tell of dramatic celebrity, but who me my heart,” and “ If maidens does not intend commencing bu. would marry," encores have fol- siness until an evening or two lowed, and the repetitions have previous to the races. been

every way favourable to her The rising celebrity of our careputation. Gibbon, we hear, binet of the arts, the picture galhas a farther and more lengthen- lery, has been agreeably evinced ed engagement at this library. of late, by the increased number The duke of Sussex, we re

of its inspecting visitants

like gret to state, has met with a very the edifying and fruitful text of

Shakespear, its collection is so den and his son, prince Oscar, gifted in passages of perfection, will remain a fortnight at Aix la conspicuous and remote, that it is Chapelle. The prince will then impossible to repeat examination go to Eichstadt. It is known upon examination, without the that he is to marry the daughter discovery of new beauties. This of the duke of Leuchtenburgh cabinet, we believe, is valued at (Eugene Beauharnois, daughter from thirty to forty thousand in law of the king of Bavaria) ; pounds.

and that he already solicited the The duke and duchess of Clar- hand of that princess. ence, travelling under the name At Antwerp crouds of people of count and countess Munster, go to adınire the royal yacht passed through Ghent on the which conveyed the duke and second, on their way to the coun- duchess of Clarence from Engtry seat of the duchess of Saxe land. Numbers of boats are conWeimar, their sister. The princess tinually backwards and forwards of Metternich, with her son and filled with people curious to see two daughters and suite, have the interior of this splendid vesarrived from Paris on their way sel. It is said that the captain to the Duchy of Nassau ; and the (J. Brenton,) had defered his deduke of Devonshire from London, parture to gratify the curiosity of going to Spa. The king of Swe- the public.



The various collections that man, named Hodges, a journeyhave been made here, in aid of man cooper, of having, in a ca

distressed Irish brethren, sual intimacy which had taken have been every way creditable place between them, picked his to the benevolent character of pocket of five shillings and sixthe town-but which, as the oc- pence. On the Monday, Hodges casion is deplorably great, we not appearing against her, she hope to see very considerably in- completely turned the tables, creased. The contributions at and occasioned a warrant to be the parish church yesterday se'n- issued against him on a charge of night amounted to £50, and at highway robbery. Hodges was the St. James's-street chapel to taken, but the prosecutrix was £121.

not to be diverted from her story A most extraordinary case has by his presence, and both parties been thrice under the investiga- were held in heavy recognizances tion of the magistrates, sir D. to appear at a future day. On Scott, bart. J. M. Cripps, the Monday last, the final hearing chairman, and T. R. Kemp, esq.

on, when circumstances since our last publication. Å spoke so favourably to the innomiss Eleanor Hensford, had heen cence of the defendant, that he given into custody) on Saturday was forthwith discharged. Had fortnight, charged by a young the accusation, as skilfully at



tempted, been substantiated, it a delicate and durable cement, would have affected his life ; the not only answering all the purerror of his first ill-advised for- poses of common paste, but bearance might have led to a fa- adapted for joining together tal result-we mean that of his paper, card, &c. in forming the neglecting to appear to support various beautiful and tasteful the charge which had induced ornaments which afford so much him to give the woman into cus- employment and amusement to tody-such neglect, in itself, is the ladies. When made of the almost unpardonable—it is, but consistence of plastice clay, too frequently subversive of the models, busts, bassorelievos, &c. pure designs of justice, and those may be formed ; and the articles, who can descend to practice it, when dry, are susceptible of a are but little to be pitied for the high polish, and

very consequent misery which they durable. may happen to bring upon them- CATCH AND GLEE CLUB. The selves.

genuine, the enlivening spirit of Before the same magistrates, harmony, has no existence more James Beatie, a fly-carriage own- decided than in glee singing, er, for neglecting to give in the where the combination of voices name of his driver, as required by assimilate, without the aid of inthe local act of parliament, was struments, to make a perfect fined 3s. with 78. costs. William whole, and, to the listening faChilds, the servant and driver, of culty, give enjoyment. Melodithe said James Beatie, was fined ous strains, so produced and so 238. for plying for a fare off the completed, give to studied art stand appointed by the commis- the winning semblance of spontasioners. These were the first neous and unstudied nature-they convictions since the case which delight, but seldom excite a feelwe noticed in a previous number, ing of surprise, because they inthat of the commissioners v. Law- variably reach us with an air of rence, and which we detailed at familiarity, not the effect of sosome length. It was decided at ciability, but the cause this sitting, that full shut up and in the generous feeling they carriage flies, having two seats in excite, are welcomed as valued the body of it, came completely friends, not unexpected nor forwithin the “ hackney coach' mal, but whose absence all would provision in the local act, and equally deplore. It but seldom the convictions named were the occurs, even on the stage, that result of it. Open carriages, with glee singing attains to any point one seat opposite to the other, of perfection; and, the cause is, have still the advantage of the that the plurality of performer objection before specified. requisite to give them effect, are

A cement may be made from seldom collectively persevering rice flour, which is at present in the task imposed upon them, used for that purpose in China and one deficient link mars and and Japan,

It is only necessary destroys the cennexion of the to mix the rice flour with cold whole chain. Now such is a water, and gently simmer it over species of neglect and error, the fire ; when it readily forms which nothing but united prac

of it,


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