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are to the figures in a picture -- the utmost nicety of expression : it gives it strength and decora- few have judgment enough to tion.

hold their tongues. We enquire after the family The poor are troubled that and descent of the rich man. they should want all things; the The man of merit has no occa- rich are uneasy that they should sion for illustrious ancestors. want any thing.

Women are displeased with The prodigal robs his heir; and those beauties, in each other, the miser himself. The middle which render them most enga- way between them does justice ging to men. Those charms to one's self and to others. which excite desire and love in There is nothing that men are the one sex, produce aversion 50 fond to preserve as health, and and malice in the other.

nothing about which they are The coquet can never be per- less careful than life. suaded that her beauty decays. We wish to grow old, and yet Affectation attends her in old age we are afraid of age. and sickness. She dies in a high We regret the time we have head-dress and coloured rib- mispent, and yet are not taught bons.

thereby to spend better the leiThe sweetest music is the voice sure that remains to us. of his mistress to a man in love. There are but three events

Time, that strengthens friend- which happen to mankind, birth, ship, is the grave of love. life, and death. They know no

Some men speak before they thing of their birth, suffer when think : others tediously study for they die, and forget to live.

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ANECDOTES, &c. Michael Angelo, one of the nobleman was to lay the foundafinest sculptors of his time, could tion of a palace, he conveyed his not endure to hear, how much statue thither in the night-time, the pretended lovers of Virtu and buried it in a convenient magnified the works of ancient depth. The time being come for artists. In order to shew them laying the foundation, the workhow little real skill or taste they men found the figure. A great possessed, he set about the exe- concourse of people assembled to cuting a marble statue with all view it. The connoisseurs, who the assiduity and application were present, admired extremely imaginable. He exhausted all the remains of antiquity, and exhis ideas of beauty, and, in a pressed their contempt of the word, made a master-piece of works of modern sculptors. Anart. Having finished his statue, gelo, offended with the unjust he broke of one of the arms, accusations of these superficial which he hid in his house; and, judges, produced, from under with some tinctures he so colour- his cloak, the arm of the statue. ed the rest, that it had perfectly The whole company perceived the air of antiquity. After this, that it exactly fitted. The lovers being apprized where a certain of Virtu were confounded, and

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learnt to have a proper esteem thirst. He had not rode far for the production of this artist. from the well, when a youth took

One day at Rome, as the priests his place, who, having drank in were carrying the relics of a his turn, found a purse of gold, saint in procession, two beggars, which the Cavalier had dropped who had posted themselves in the near the well : he took it up, way, and who used to make large and instantly passed away.

Imcollections by their infirmities, mediately after came a feeble were told by some, who had no- slow-paced old man, who quenchthing to give but their advice, ed his thirst, and sat down to that, if they continued where rest himself. The warrior, who they were till the relics passed had lost his purse, returned to by, they would most certainly be seek it in that place, and asked cured. The beggars, one of the old man if he had seen it; he whom was blind, and the other swore he had not, and called lame, were terribly frightened at Heaven to witness what he this piece of intelligence; for no averred; but the soldier, not greater misfortune, in their opi- finding it, accused him of having nion, could befal them, than that secreted it, and, regardless of his of being cured. Necessity being protestations, was full of wrath, the mother of invention, after and killed him on the spot. Mo, some debates upon ways and ses, sorely affrighted at this specmeans, it was agreed, that the tacle, prostrated himself on the blind man should take the other ground. He was going to speak, upon his back.

« Your limbs," but a voice prevented him, in said the cripple, can carry me,

these words : Dissipate thy and, with my eyes, I can direct fear and thy surprise ; do not ask you.” So away they went, and him, who governs the whole disappointed the saint of a mira- earth, why he has permitted cle.

'what thou hast seen to happen. There is a Jewish tradition in The lad is the cause of the old regard to Moses, which deserves man's death ; but know that this to be related in the manner it old man was the murderer of his stands recorded by some of their father.” Rabbins. That great , Prophet, PATRIOTISM.---At the siege of say they, one day heard a voice Turin, in 1706, the French had from Heaven, commanding him obtained possession of one of the to ascend to the top of a moun- subterraneous galleries which tain. He obeyed, and had a pri- communicated with the citadel. vate conference with the Supreme They had secretly posted in the Being, who permitted him to gallery a party of two hundred propose some qustions to him on grenadiers. A Piedmontese peahis ways of governing the world. sant, named Micha, who had In the midst of this divine collo- been forced to serve as a pioneer, quy, God commanded him to and who had been made a corpolook down on the plain. At the rał, was at work on a mine, near foot of the mountain was a spring the

spot, with twenty men. of fresh water, where he saw à Hearing the French over-head, man ir armour dismount" from and convinced that if they rehis horse, in order to quench his mained a moment longer masters

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of the gallery, the fortress would the vigilance of the younger be lost, he determined to sacrifice brother, went, and carried the his own life to save the place. purse into the bed-chamber of He immediately sent away his the elder, who was still sleeping, comrades, desiring them to let though it was ten o'clock. “Here, him know, by the discharge of a (said he) lazy wretch that thou musket, when they were out of art! see what thy brother has the reach of danger. As soon as met with! see what is gained by he heard the signal, he put the being alert! thou mightest lie match to the mine, and blew an hundred years in bed, before himself up along with the two any such good luck would befall hundred grenadiers. The King thee !" * Father, (replied the of Sardinia rewarded his wife and son, very calmly) had the man children, whom, at the moment who lost that purse

been as of his death, Micha had recom- prudent as I am, my brother mended to his care, and he like- would not have found it." wise settled a pension on the When the Severn Packet was whole of his family. Can the lost at the mouth of Bengal river, boasted annals of antiquity pro- in which forty-one persons peduce a nobler instance of heroic rished, one was saved by means of self-devotion than that which was a hog; this may appear ingiven by this peasant?

credible to those who are unA man had two sons, the one acquainted with the fact, how very active, the other very in- strong these animals are, and dolent ; the first was a very early how swift they swim ; but that riser, the second would willingly person, holding by the tail of a have slept till noon. It happen- hog in the water was safely coned one morning, that the active ducted to the shore, which was, youth found a purse and gave it to fortunately, at no great distance. his father, who, much pleased with Thus the value of a hog is known what had been found, and with in the time of need.

The late Earl of Abercorn, who, Lincolnshire, some

lands are

held with great goodness of heart, was by the following tenure : Every famous for a certain stateliness year, on Palm-Sunday, a person of behaviour and quaintness of ex- from Broughton comes into the pression, made extensive planta- church porch at Caister, having a tions around his mansion, Dud- green silk purse, containing two diston-house, near Leith. On shillings and a silver penny, tied being complimented by Principal at the end of a cart-whip, which Robertson on his trees having he cracks three times in the porch, increased greatly in size since his and continues there till the second - last visit to Scotland,” he replied, lesson begins, when he goes into with great gravity, “they have the church and "cracks it three nothing else to do.

times over the clergyman's head, REMARKABLE TENURE OF LANDS. and then kneeling before him ---At Broughton, near Brig, in during the reading of the se


cond lesson, he, at the con- tal, had not the Duchess of B--clusion of it, presents him the and several other Ladies who purse and its contents, and having' were close at hand, rushed to his done this, he retires into the body assistance, and prevented such of the church, and continues an uncomfortable catastrophe.--there during the remainder of the We are happy to hear that his service.

Lordship received no injury by The following is a scale of the the affair. average duration of animal life, Dr. P---r, who is celebrated taken from the most celebrated equally for his agreeable speeches writers in Natural History ;---A to the fair sex, as he is severe (at hare will live 10 years, a cat 10 times) to the other, hearing a a goat, 8, an ass 30, a sheep 10, young man, one day, in company a ram 15, a dog from 14 to 20, say, “ Doctor, I was a pupil of and sometimes more ; a bull 15, yours; perhaps you do not recoland an ox (a curious fact) 20; lect me? and I can say what few swine 25, a pigeon, 8, and a tur- of your pupils ever could, I never tle dove 25 ; a partridge 25, a ra- was flogged by you in my life.” ven 100, an eagle 100, and a “ You are right, Jemmy,” ex

claimed the Doctor, “I never A NEW SECT.---At a recent was yet known to throw a flogmeeting of the Commissioners of ging away---I never flogged a fool the Watch, Scavengers, and in my life.” Lamps, at Liverpool, one of the Mr. Squires, of Limehouseextra watchmen was brought be- hole, plumber, while sitting in fore them on a charge of being his counting house a few weeks asleep on duty. One of the Com- back, was roused by a mouse runmissioners, on being told that ning across his writing desk, and this was his second offence, ex- getting in at one of the water claimed, “ So, Sir, I understand holes of a breeding cage, in which you are a Lethargic !” The man, were some canaries; being fearafter a pause, replied with some ful that the little intruder had warmth, “ No, Sir, I am not---I sought this new habitation for the am a Protestant !"

goose 100.

purpose of devouring not only the A short time since, a gallant food, but the eggs of the birds, Marquis, who left one of his na- he was induced to search after it, tural supporters on the field of and was not a little surprised at Waterloo, and whose artificial finding it snugly concealed in one substitute for it has been so much of the nests with its brood of six admired, met with a rather un- young mice, nearly furred.---Mr. pleasant accident at AlMacK's.- Squires had been for some time His Lordship was passing from astonished at the quantity of food the grand saloon into the ante- consumed, he supposed by the chamber, when the said artifi- birds alone. The mouse, it is cial substitute, some how or other, presumed, having gone first to the gave way, so as to cause him to cage for the purpose of pilfering lose his perpendicular; and, we the food, became so much attachunderstand, he would inevitably ed to it, as to induce her to deprive have been under the necessity of one of the birds of its ready-built taking a position purely horizon- nest and there bring forth its

young. She is now allowed to straight forward to the place live unmolested in the cage, where his father stood, seized where she and her young ones eat him by the throat with one hand, and drink in common with the while he made three deep stabs canaries.

into his parent's bowels with STEAM CARRIAGES.---A patent the knife which he held in the has been recently, secured by other. The poor man, who had Mr. GRIFFITH, of Brompton, a some distance to walk, reached Gentleman not unknown in the his house with difficulty, literally literary world by his Travels in carrying in his hands part of his Asia Minor, and other works. bowels, which had protruded Mr. G., in connexion with a pro- through the wounds. The crufessor of mechanism on the Conti- el monster fled, but had the nent, has at length solved the savage hardihood to return on long-considered problem of pro- Sunday last, go into the house, pelling by steam, carriages capa- and survey the dead body of his ble of transporting merchandise, murdered parent! The murderer and also passengers, upon com- has, for the moment, escaped, but mon roads, without the aid of the officers ofjustice are in search horses. The actual construction of him. We forbear, at present, of such a carriage is now pro- to mention the names.

It is a ceeding with at the manufactory lamentable fact, and one which of Messrs. Bramah. The power affords another instance of the to be applied in the machine is barbarous and brutalizing effects equal to that of six horses, and of illicit distillation, that the unthe carriage altogether will be fortunate young man had, for 28 feet in length, running upon some time previous, been deeply three-inch wheels, and equal to engaged in the system of smugthe conveyance of three tons and gling, of late become so prevaa half, with a velocity from three lent in this country.---Glasgow to seven miles per hour, varied paper. at pleasure.

SINGULAR AND AWFUL CIRCUMMURDER.---About ten days ago, STANCE.--At the Warwick Assizes, a barbarous murder was com- on Monday last, an action was mitted at Kilsyth, twelve miles brought to set aside the codicil from this city. A quarrel took of a will, and thereby get possesplace between a father and son, sion of a legacy of 2001. and about under the following circum- nine acres of land. Two of the stances :---The father, coming witnesses for the plaintiff were into the house, found the son guilty of such gross prevarication, lying drunk and was angry with that the Jury, without hesitation, him. Some words ensued, but returned a verdict for the dethe father, aware of the vindictive fendant; and the Judge, after temper of the son when in that indignantly commenting upon state, left him, and went out to a their criminal audacity, and oblittle distance from the house. serving that two others (whom The son soon after got up, and his Lordship did not more parseizing a large knife, which he ticularly specify) appeared to be was accustomed in his drunken implicated, ordered them to be fits to wield, rushed out and going committed for perjury. At this

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