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acted with Allan on the occasion, to appear to their summonses, and liberated a horse belonging distress-warrants grantto him (Jarratt), which also had ed. been legally impounded, for John White, a groom, in the which misdemeanour a warrant employ of Mr. Thorn, a stablehas been issued to apprehend keeper, was fined 10s. with 5s. him, but he has hitherto evaded costs, under Local Act, pursuit.

for furiously riding on horseback Several persons now appeared in West-street, on Sunday evento summonses, issued against ing last. them at the instance of the George Virgo, for a brutal Overseers, for non-payment of assault on a young man of the their poor-rates; and, after name of John Riddett, on Tuespleading for delay, were allow- day last, was bound over to ed six weeks. Against several answer the charge at the next individuals, who had neglected sessions.


Catch and Glee Club. The managed by Cook and Donaldlast weekly meeting, was nume- son-perhaps an instrumental rously attended, and several accompaniment was here intendmembers were admitted. The ed by the composer, to give persingers were in strong force, and fection to his work; but nearly never were their efforts more ef- all of perfection that it could fective. Two new glees were obtain without it, on this occaintroduced, and charmingly per- sion it received. It was encored, formed" See the Chariot at and with equal ability, repeated: hand,” and “ Is it the roar of My Love and my King," was Chariott's tide ?" The words of an air sung with good taste, by the former, are from the poems Mr. C. Gates. In the course of of Shakespeare, and delightfully the night, the fine bold glee, is the music adapted to express called " Old Rose and burn the their import. The other, have Bellows," introduced by their origin in the prolific muse Donaldson, Simes, and Cook, not of Sir Walter Scott, the music of only with justice to the stirling which is by Dr. Clarke. The lat- harmony it involves, but with an ter contains a variety, in which accent that gave prominence to the simplicity with the grandeur every point, and the discriminaof composition, is blended. The tion of good sense to the united thoughts that stray, as it were, emanation. Without the latter, without thought, and the bold rich as is the composition, it had conception which, following, been but little better than inovertakes and amalgamates all sipid ; as it was, it must have of dulcet sounds in one resist- been nothing short of cureless less stream of spirit-lifting har- apathy, that could have listened mony. In these beautiful com- to it and not felt the force of its positions, the amateurs so suc- enlivening argument. On Friday cessfully engaged, were Messrs. se'nnight, the annual rural exDonaldson, Simes, Newnham, cursion of this club took place; Tester, and Cook. The solo the site selected was a field bepassages of the latter were finely tween Withdean and Patcham, where marquees were pitched at hop-growers in our preceding an early hour, and where a vari- number to a recently published ety of field diversions, cricket, pamphlet, on the preservation, trap, &c. gave a sociable charac- &c. of hops, by Mr. J. Vallance, ter to the scene. The weather and it has given us some satiswas brilliant, with a cooling faction to find since, that our breeze. An excellent cold col- opinion, so unequivocally expreslation was served up by Mr. sed, has been borne out by the Ireland, whose willing efforts coinciding judgments of many were duly appreciated ; and who persons, whose experience, as remerited and received the unqua- lates to the subject matter, none lified thanks of all. The assem- can doubt; and who are every blage of spectators was very nu- way interested in detecting error, merous, and the field not entirely and in confirming to their own deserted, until “ night was at use, the practical results of odds with morning ;' so difficult theory, when cogent reason, upis it at times to withdraw from on minute investigation, has inthe scene of present enjoyments. controvertibly pronounced them

We have had several imports of beneficial. turtle, of late, from the eastern The finest mackarel, of late, part of the world ; several of have been retailed here, at three which have been dressed at the and four for a shilling; the Old Ship.

catch, however, at no time has In consequence of the altera- been great, and our industrious tion of our race course, several fishermen, as this yearly branch matches, &c. which stood for this of their employment is drawing year, have been broken off; to a close, we fear, will eventucapital sport, notwithstanding, ally have to deplore even someit appears, is anticipated.

thing worse than a prufitless The health of a town often much depends upon the cool and The suspension chain-pier bill, cleanly state in which it is kept. pending in Parliament, for this It gives us satisfaction, therefore, town, has been read twice. In to report, that the Commissioners consequence of explanations and aware of what we have observed, the removal of certain objectional have now in pay a variety of points, the opposition to it has water-carts, which continue to been so much weakened, that but allay the dust, and refresh the little doubt is now entertained of streets during the heat of the day, final success and which are to be continued, On Tuesday se’nnight, our in dry weather, throughout the Commissioners, agreeably to es

tablished custom, let the tolls of We regret to say, notwith- the market, by auction, for the standing the promised interposi- ensuing year. The sum given tion of the Commissioners, that for the year expired, was £1010; our favourite promenade, the in the latter instance, they were Steyne, remains as but little bet- knocked down to Mr. Ade, at an ter than a common receptacle for advance of £190, i. e. £1200. rubbish.

In consequence of the reduced We called the attention of the price of malt, Mr. Chandler,



brewer, of this town, has lowered mer packet masters should have the charge for his table ale, from been less tardy in their measures 14d. to 1s. the gallon; an exam, they should have been smoking ple, we trust, that will be gene- hot for a priority on the station, rally followed.

and then the Swift might not, as The Swift steam packet had at present, have obtained a popubeen doing considerable business larity which will require a heavy here, and with a punctuality and expence and a most extraordinadispatch every way satisfactory, ry force of opposition, even, in a until Monday'se'nnight. On the trifling degree, to diminish—her latter day she put into Shoreham strengh, her safety, her capability harbour to be measured, and and punctuality, are all permitwhere her papers were examined.

ted to be established, ere an efSoon after the vessel had entered fort is made to dispute the palm the harbour, she was deserted by of preference with her! but an the engineer, and part of the effort, however, it appears, is at crew ;

and, upon inspection, length to be made, but, with several holes were found to have what success, under the circumbeen burnt in her two boilers. stances named, time alone must These singular occurrences, of evince. We wish well to all necessity, suspended her employ- parties, but we hope to hear no ment; and, upon her being put more of the detention of

passeninto complete condition for sea gers at the inns, for the want of again, another delay took place, immediate means to enable them from an informality in her regis- to cross the channel, nor that to ter, which the proprietors were breakfast in this town and dine then told, and not till then, at Dieppe should ever again be would render her liable to seiz- considered but as common ocure. The register was altered currences which all who seek without loss of time, and the may, with certainty, enjoy. vessel, with many passengers, It appears to be a question again weighed anchor for Dieppe, here, whether or not, a gentleon Saturday, and returned last man, holding a commission in night. Scarcely a word is now the militia, can be justly said to said of the Royal Tourist, except- hold a commision in the army! ing that it is likely we may hear One fact is indisputable, he canof her at a future day. The not belong to the navy-nor, Swift, as may be supposed, turns technically speaking, with the out a ruinous drawback upon the force of the line—but it would profits of the wind and tide pack- seem strange to us, if even the ets, and against which there ap- yeomanry, armed by permission pears no remedy but that of ex

of the government, could not changing them for steam vessels fairly lay claim to the distinction also—and, we have some reason of forming a component part of to believe that such will, partial- “ the army." ly, if not generally, shortly be The new road between this the case—but “procrastination,” place and Shoreham, which is to it has been aptly said, “ is the be 40 feet wide, and at the top thief of time,” and it is well if of the cliff, is immediately to it steals nothing else : our for- be commened. This determina



tion was come to at a meeting of The Rotunda at the bottom of the trustees, on Monday last. the Steyne, on the site of Russel

CAUTION TO FARMERS.—Mr. H. House, will be forthwith comNorman, a respectable farmer at

The model of this West Gate Yard, Chichester, was magnificent structure, with the on Saturday, fined £10. for trim- drawings complete, are to be seen ming a few Buenos Ayres hides, at Messrs. Wilds's, the builders, to show more neat to a customer. of this town. The weight of the clipping's, had A few days since, a lad, who they been worthy of the best had descended a well, in Churchleather price, would have amount- street, for the purpose of ladling ed to 8d !

the water, which was very low, A Pork butcher in the suburbs into the bucket, was seriously of Chichester (St. Pancras) has, injured, by the rope breaking since michaelmas, slaughtered on

when he had reached within a his

premises 937 hogs, very short distance of the top. averaging at 20 stone each. The well is supposed to be near

The hops in the eastern part of eighty feet deep, and the prethis county have much improved servation of his life can only be within the last fortnight.

attributed to the singular fact of The price of the best flour, in his having alighted on his feet. and near Lewes, is, at the pre- We cannot sufficiently reprobate sent time, 16d. per gallon— the carelessness of those persons which is considered a great im- who could permit his descent position, and is much complain without first ascertaining the ed of. The average price of strength of the rope—it is by wheat is somewhere about £10. such acts of inattention that huper load; consequently, the price man life is so often endangered. of the best flour should be about This day se'nnight, two men, 10d. per gallon.-It is an old of the names of Mockford and saying, that as many pounds as Beale, fell from a scaffold forty wheat is per load, so many pence feet in height, in Regency-square, should flour be per gallon; and and were dreadfully hurt ; each as old-fashioned times are again of them had a thigh broken, with coming upon us, it would surely other contusions. They were be no harm to pay some little at- immediately taken to the Infirtention to old rules and customs, mary, for surgical assistance, and and particularly to those that are hopes are entertained of their of public benefit.”


Mockford, who apLieut Hutchinson, on the San- peared to be the most injured, is down district, has discovered a from Rottingdean, and a married new scheme of the smugglers, man, with a family; Beale bewhich is, they put half-ankers of longs to Brighton, and is a sinspirits in sacks, four each, and gle man.-Several accidents of a float them up Sandwich Creek, similar nature have occurred in by the strength of the flood-tides, the same square, since its comabout one foot under the surface mencement; one poor man had of the water. For some time his legs so dreadfully fractured, past the fishing up spirits has been as to require amputation ; Sima profituble trade.

monds, a carpenter, had a thigh broken, and was otherwise much fresh in the recollection of our bruised; another man had an readers. Builders will surely arm broken; and the death of take warning by these casualties, poor Loomes, who lost his life and in future be more careful in by a fall from a scaffold, must be the erection of their scaffolding.


One day Good-bye met How-d'-y'-do,

Too near to shun saluting,
But soon the rival sisters flew

From kissing to disputing.

Away !" -

says How-d'-y'-do, “your mien
“ Appals my cheerful nature ;
“ No name so sad as yours is seen

“ In sorrow's nomenclature.
“ Whene'er I give one sunshine hour,

Your cloud comes o'er to shade it;
Where'er I plant one bosom flower,

Your mildew drops to fade it.
“E'er How-d'-y'-do has tuned each tongue

To · Hope's delighted measure,'
Good-bye in friendship's ear has rung

“ The knell of parting pleasure.
From sorrows past my chymic skill

“ Draws smiles of consolation,
“ While you from present joys distill

“- The tears of separation.
Good-bye replied, “ Your statement's true,

“ And well your cause you've pleaded ;
“ But pray who'd think of How-d'-y'-do,

“ Unless Good-bye preceeded ?
Without my prior influence

“ Could you have ever flourished ?
And can your hand one flow'r dispense

But those my tears have nourish'd ?
“ How oft if at the court of love

“ Concealment be the fashion,
“ When How-d'-y'-do has failed to move,

“ Good-bye reveals the passion.
“ How oft when Cupid's fires decline,

“ As every heart remembers !
“ One sigh of mine, and only mine,

“ Revives the dying embers.

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