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some degrees above freezing in benefit here : I must have done Russia and Sweden, they were you an injury. Had I known skaiting and driving traineaux at it at the time, I would not have Madrid through the whole of done so on any account." January, and several persons were A public error exists with refrozen to death in the streets of spect to the Princess of Denmark. Lisbon.

The illustrious visiter is not At Littlewood farm, between Caroline, the princess royal, Bretherton and Croston, a robin, daughter to his Danish majesty, that had frequented the house but the wife of prince Christian, during the winter, has this spring first cousin to the king, and heir built her nest in a corner cup- apparent. This royal couple board, and brought forth a young have been long travelling on the one, which she feeds chiefly with continent, and are now returning crickets that she picks up in the home. house, first carefully taking offall A person in the neighbourhood the inseets' legs.

of Truro, finding that a row of LAUDANUM.-Anintelligent cor- wood paling, which fenced a field, respondent has communicated to diminished nightly, resolved on a the London newspapers, the fol- novel experiment, to detect the lowing method of counteracting thief. He broke down a few of the fatal effects of taking lau- them, bored and charged them danum. Lemon juice, taken im- with gunpowder, and scattered mediately, acts as an emetic, and them on the ground. A few days prevents the lethargic appearance after, he had the pleasure to hear of death, and consequently pre- that a baker had been surprised serves life.

by the explosion of gunpowder In the court of King's Bench, in his oven, which had shaken it the Marquis of Westmeath has into ruins. been sentenced to three months The burletta of Tom and Jerry, imprisonment, in the King's produced the sum of £1300, at Bench prison, for a breach of the the Dublin theatre, during the peace, towards Mr. Wood, in first seven nights ; and for the challenging him to fight a duel. benefit of Tom (Mr. Wrench) The cause of the quarrel arose £345, were the receipts of the out of a late legal proceeding house. between the earl and his coun- PotatoE BRANDY.—A foreigner tess.

has established himself in LonThe following little circum- don, for the purpose of distilling stance illustrates the amiable and brandy from potatoes, by a proconsiderate character of his ma- cess which he adopted in France, jesty. While Mr. Fawcett was with astonishing success,

but lighting him up stairs, at Covent- was obliged to relinquish it, the garden theatre, on Friday night, French government having prothe 17th ultimo, the king said, hibited it, in order to protect the Stop, Fawcett ; I want to speak vine-growers. This brandy is to you. I have done a thing I said to be very strong; and to am very sorry for. I went to possess the finest flavour. Drury-lane the night of your The increase of the revenue


for the first five weeks of the pre- (two of the unfortunate persons sent quarter, compared with the respited on the Wednesday) uncorresponding period of last year, derwent the awful sentence of the is stated, on very good authority, law, in front of the debtors'-door to be nearly 360,0001.

of the Old Bailey, for the comBy a paper presented to the mission of a burglary at GreenHouse of Commons, it appears ford, Middlesex. A few minnutes that this country paid last year before eight, they were conductfor diplomacy, 265,9621. includ- ed into the Press-yard by Mr. ing 52,6421.' for pensions. In Sheriff Venables, and their irons 1792, the total charge was only were knocked off ; they both be113,9891. including 11,4861. for haved with great firmness, and pensions.

joined forvently in prayer with STAMPS ISSUED For News- the Rev. Ordinary. Ward spoke PAPERS.-It

appears, by an to the Sheriff in a low tone, and count laid before Parliament, requested that something which that the London newspapers, would be found in his pocket printed in the year 1821, amount- might be conveyed to a friend, ed in number to 16,254,534, and which request Mr. Venables prothe provincial newspapers, in the mised to comply with. They were same year, to 8,525,252, being a then conducted to the drop, and total of 24,779,786 ; the duty on ascended the steps with firmness. which amounted to 412,9961. 6s. Ward seemed wholly abstracted ; 8d. In the year 1801, the Lon- but the quivering lip, and upliftdon and provincial papers were ed eye, betokened that he was in not near so numerous, amounting ardent prayer. Anson affected a only to 16,084,905.

faint smile, and also prayed with In the two years which have great fervency. The usual sigelapsed since the re-enacting of nal being given, the drop fell, the Alien act, on the 24th of July, and they were launched into 1820, only four persons have been eternity. Anson died immedisent out of the country under its ately, but Ward struggled very provisions. It appears by a par- hard. At nine o'clock their liamentary return, that 25,000, bodies were cut down, and deforeigners are now residing in livered to their respective friends this country.

for interment De mond, who EXECUTION.- on Friday morn- was to have suffered with the ing, the 24th ultimo, at the usual above, for burglary, has been rehour, J. Anson and Edward Ward prieved.


COURT AND FASHIONABLE GLEANER. The London newsprints of late, there is no truth in the report, have repeatedly told us, that his because not a syllable of commajesty is on the eve of returning munication upon the subject, to the Pavilion ; but, we fear, from official authority, has been

The mag


received here. At this time, the it is needless to observe, he was Pavilion is under the work of im- received, by the fullest house this provement-it shews itself in al- season, with every demonstration most every room ; but that, of of respect and attachment. course, upon notice to such an TIF King's GRAND PARTY TO effect, could be suspended, and RECEIVE THE PRINCE AND PRIN. the whole cleared and got ready CESS OF DENMARK.—It is scarcely for royal occupancy, in the course necessary to say that every rarity of five or six days : but no such and delicacy were provided at the notice has been received, and, dinner for the entertainment of what is more discouraging to the the royal strangers on Thursday general wish, we cannot find that evening the 23d ult. any such is anticipated at the nificent gold and silver state serpalace.

vice was used upon the occasion. Only one house, within the en- The second course was served up closure, of the range formerly on the former. The whole of the called “ Marlborough-row,” is state rooms were set apart for the now standing, and which, though evening party, with the exception a let and nuisance to the design of the grand drawing room used in process, his majesty, from a for the dining party and the room most benevolent motive, has leading to it. They were brilcommanded should remain—that liantly illuminated with of supporting a small tenement, lights, and most tastefully dewithout the fence, which, in all corated with growing plants and probability, would fall, were the blown Aowers from the royal other to be removed, and speedily gardens of Kensington and Kew. become as a heap of rubbish. A little before ten o'clock, a deThrice the value, or more, we un- tachment of the royal horse derstand, has been proffered for guards arrived in Pall-mall, to the tenement in question, to take regulate the carriages. Townsit down, and incorporate the few hend, Sayer, and a numerous assquare feet of ground upon which semblage of Bow-street officers it stands, with the palace gar- and patrol, were in attendance to dens, but which has been refus- preserve order. The private ened, in the ungenerous expecta- trance, opened on levee and other tion, it is said, of obtaining a public days, was opened on this still higher price for it. Though occasion for the reception of good sense and justifiable libe- chairs into the palace-yard. The rality cannot comply with the company began to arrive a little latter, the privilege, in all that before ten o'clock, and were conappertains to the liberty and in- ducted by the pages in waiting terest of the subject, is respected, across the grand hall, through and brilliantly exemplified, as the octagon hall, to the state above mentioned, in the sove


The band played reign's command.

occasionally, as the company arHis majesty will hold a levee, rived, who appeared in full court on the 12th of June, and a draw- dresses. His majesty was dressing-room on the following day. ed in a field-marshal's uniform,

His majesty went to the Opera- wearing several foreign orders, house, on Tuesday night, when, in compliment to the royal strangers, including the Danish order Duchess of Kent, followed diof the elephant. The Duchess of rectly afterwards, and the geneKent, attended by General We- ral company departed as soon as therell and the Baroness de their carriages could he brought Spegth, was among the first who up. arrived. The Duke of Devon- It is said, that Mr. Egerton is shire, also arrived early, and after likely to be the manager of our making his obeisance to his ma- theatre the ensuing season. jesty, left the royal palace, having The Earl of Rocksavage, after a numerous party to entertain at a lengthened sojourn at the Old Devonshire-house. The company Ship Tavern, departed on Wedwere supplied with a profusion of nesday, the 29th ult. for the choice fruits and confectionary, Marquis of Cholmondely's by the royal pages and other at- Lady M'Naughton and family, tendants in the octagon room. the Hon. Mrs. Murry and family, Card-tables were provided for the Major Hopkinson, Mr. Charles company, but they did not appear Rayner, Mr. Thellussion, Mr. to have any attraction. At 12 Wayte, and Mrs. Judson and o'clock, the Prince and Princess family, in the whole, upwards of of Denmark took leave of his thirty persons, landed in the Fox majesty, and left the palace; pilot-boat, from the Woodford they were again saluted by the East Indiaman, Captain Alexband of the first regiment of foot ander Chapman, from Madras guards, with our loyal national and Calcutta, and proceeded alanthemą" God save the King." mosti mmediately, efter for LonThe Princess Augusta and the don.



- This case involved a complaint MONDAY, MAY 20.

of an elderly woman, of ungovernMagistrates—I. H. Bates, J. able temper, against her husband, Diggens, and T. R. Kemp, Esqrs. a fisherman, the owner of a boat

Thomas Langton, a boy, nine and nets, and who, for sobriety years of age, was brought up, and quietness of disposition, had charged with stealing fowls, two many persons of respectability to cocks and a hen, the property of speak in his favour. The cause Mr. Chaffyn, the night before. of the present enquiry, and which The prisoner confessed his guilt, had given rise to scenes of great but said, that it was one Richard intemperance on previous occaPollard who stole the fowls, and sions, was jealousy; and the hushad prevailed on him to assist. band was now accused of having He was fully committed, and beaten his wife, and put her into Pollard, directed to be sought such a state of bodily fear, that for.

she could but seek protection Harman v. Harman and Bonner. from the bench. It turned out, however, that complainant, on to whom the defendant, his mofinding her husband, a day or two ther and family, for various acts before, in the Seven Stars public- of service, had been much indebthouse, and the object of her jea- ed; defendant had been permitted lousy, a decent looking woman, to use a piece of ground belongnamed Bonner, being in the same ing to the aunt, until he almost tap-room at the time, she gave considered it his own-he erectinstant battle to the latter, and ed a building upon it, which was received a few outset blows in eventually pulled down without return. The husband denied his consent, when he threatened having interfered, or of having to set fire to the house in which then struck his wife, or at any complainant lived, and put her in other period. Mrs. Bonner, who no ordinary apprehension for her had attended by citement, was safety. To remove the materials immediately discharged—but the of the building named, he had other defendant, as the complain- broke open a gate, and torn down ant still craved sureties of the ashed belonging to complainant's peace, though she appeared any premises. His mother spoke thing rather than afraid of her forcibly to his very improper conhusband, was held in a recogni- duct, and no doubt as to his culzance of £10, to be of good be- pability remained with the Bench. haviour for one year.

He was fined 20s. for the damage In consequence of a large New- he had done, compelled to enter foundland dog, the property of into a recognizance of the peace, Mr. Eales, of the King's Head of £20, with a surety in £10, and Inn, having bit and done consi- then discharged. derable injury to a person a few Peter Hayward, John Burt, T. days before, Mr. Eales had been Hughes, James Wood, and T. summoned to appear before the Edwards, appeared to citements, bench. The account which he they being severally accused of gave of his treatment and care of plying with carriages for hire, the dog, fully released him from contrary to a Bye-law framed by blame in what had occurred-he the Comniissioners of the town, valued the dog, he said, at £50, grounded upon the Local Act of but, finding from what had hap- Parliament, without a license, by pened, that the animal was con- which each had rendered himself sidered of a dangerous character, liable to a penalty of 20s. The his worth had operated as nothing defendants, however, were sevewith him, and he had caused him rally discharged. to be shot. The bench expressed

Cheeseman v. Mills.-The comapprobation of the latter event, plainant had hired defendant to and the summons was discharged. bring a waggon-load of bricks

from Arundel Barracks, and he TIIURSDAY, MAY 23.

had done so-4000, according to Magistrates-T. R. Kemp, and the number deposited with comI. H. Bates, Esqs.

plainant. He, the defendant, had Dunn v. Edwards. This case since discovered, that 7000 bricks originated in a family quarrel. had been put into the said wagDefendant was a nephew of the gon, and brought away from complainant, an elderly woman, Arundel; and he produced a per

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