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reached the top, a glance into of Salisbury, chancellor of the the immense abyss so affected the order. novice in climbing mountains, that The late Sir Peter Parker, who he declared to the guide he was was killed on board the Menelaus, unable to move either backwards in America, in 1814, was a brave or forwards. All persuasion was and very skilful officer, but unfruitless ;

he burst into tears, ex- commonly wild and thoughtless. claimed he should be starved to He was once on a cruise up the death, took out his pocket book Mediterranean; and after having and wrote his last will, which he been some months at sea, went committed to the guide, with di- on shore at Malta, where, haprections how and where to de- pening to be greatly gratified by liver it. Happily the latter suc- à band of instrumental perceeded in procuring assistance ; formers that he casually met but it was only by employing with, he ordered them to go on violence that they were able to board his ship ; they did so, and force back the adventurer into he speedily followed, and sailed the world.

off with them on a cruise for six or ORDER OF THE GARTER.—Honi eight months; after which he unsoit qui mal y pense. --The general shipped them at the place where account of its origin is, that the he took them on board. This king's (Edward III. 1353) mis- lively freak nearly lost him his tress, the Countess of Salisbury, commission. His father, who having dropped her garter in a was Admiral of the fleet, was so ball-room, Edward, taking it up, provoked at his numerous irreguobserved some of his courtiers to larities, that he determined to smile, upon which he called out, hold no communication with Honi soit qui mal y pensemevil him, further than what was absoto him that evil thinks ;” and in lutely necessary in his public camemorial of that event, he insti- pacity as Commander-in-Chief. tuted the “ Order of the Garter,” While sailing at the head of a (K.G.) which is composed of the numerous fleet in the Atlantic, he sovereign and twenty-six com- received a communication from panions, who are styled Knights his wife, in which she desired to Companions of the Garter, and be remembered to her son, which generally consist of princes and he effected in the following manpeers. They wear a medal called ner :-“ Make a signal” said the the George, representing the Admiral, " for the Menelaus to patron saint of England killing lay to ;" this was done.

« Now the dragon, suspended by a blue make the signal for the captain ribbon across the body from the to come on board :" this was shoulder. A garter of blue vel done also, and captain Parker, in vet, bordered with gold, is his boat, proceeded to the admibuckled under the left knee, ral's ship. When he got upon with the inscription in French, the deck, he was met by his “ Honi soit qui mal y pense.” The father, who saluted him with the knights are always installed at following laconic speech :-" I

The bishop of Win- have received a letter from your chester is prelate, and the bishop mother : she is perfectly well,


and desires to be remembered to rane being engaged in Argyle's you ; I have delivered the mes- rebellion against James the sage, and have no more to say, so Second, was taken prisoner, after be off.”

a desperate resistance, and conA gentleman being asked, what demned to be hanged. His the Marquis of Londonderry daughter having notice that the could possibly mean by the ex- death-warrant was expected from pression" the subtle fluid of a London, attired herself in man's simple unit,” when speaking of clothes, and twice attacked and the circulating medium in the robbed the mails, between Beddebate on Monday evening, the ford and Berwick, one of which 13th instant, replied,

contained the death warrant; thus, doubt the noble lord alluded to by delaying the execution, giving the watermark in a one pound time to Sir J. Cochrane's father, note,"

the earl of Dundonald, to make The Earl of Dundonald has interest with father Peter, a Jesuit, written a biographical sketch of King James's confessor, who, for the family of the late Mr. Coutts. the sum of 5,0001. agreed to inSpeaking of this gentleman's tercede with his royal master in grandmother, a daughter of Sir favour of Sir J. Cochrane, to proJohn Cochrane, he relates the fol- cure his pardon—which was eflowing anecdote : "Sir J. Coch- fected.

- Oh! no



was, when he married me, and is,

barring the bating he gave me O'Shaughnessy v. O'Shaughnessy. yesterday, just for nothing at all, -This was ostensibly a proceed- your honour, that I knows of; ing, by magistrate's warrant, ounly that he lirtens to bad folks, wherein Mrs. Florence O'Shaugh- the neighhours of us ; and bad nessy sought "purtection behint folks they are, sure enough, your the law, agen the thumpings of honour, for that same ; and your her own lawful husband,” Mr. honour'll be plased just to do me Phelim O'Shaughnessy, of the the kindness to make them hould parish of St. Giles, labourer. their pace, and not be after tak

Phelim O'Shaughnessy, is a ing away the senses of my own clean-made, curlv-pated, good- husband from me, to make him tempered little fellow, in a new look upon me like a stranger, flannel jacket, white apron, and vour honour, for what would I duck trowsers. His wife, Flo- be then ?" rence, is about his own size, no Poor Florence would have gone whit behind him in cleanliness, on murmuring forth her little very pretty, and a voice, plaintive griefs in this manner, by the as a turtle dove's.

hour together, if his Worship And plase your honour," said would have listened to her. But she, “ this is Phelim O'Shaugh- the office was crowded with businessy, the husband to myself, that ness, and he reminded her that the warrant she had sued for, wife, whom you have vowed to charged her husband with hav- protect and cherish ; and besides ing beat her ; and she must con- you know it is disgraceful in any fine herself to making good that man to strike a woman, especially charge, if she wished to have him in an Irishman. You must give punished for so doing.

me your solemn promise, Phelim, “Your honour,” said Florence, that you will not strike her with a low curtsey, “ it isn't I again.” that would hurt a hair of the head “ Sure I'd be a baste if I did, of him ; ounly that your honour your honour,” replied Phelim, would hear the rights of it, and when I just thought of a skame tell Phelim that he shouldn't be to do without it. It's ounly keepafter bating me for the likes of ing the threepence ha'penny in them: and here he is to the fore, my own pocket, your honour, and your honour, for that same.” then you know I'll haye no oc

The magistrate found it would casion to bate it out of her at all!" be vain to think of hearing “ the The bystanders laughed at this rights of it" from Florence, and skame of Phelim, and even the therefore he asked Phelim what magistrate smiled as he goodhe had to say to it.

humouredly told Florence that, Now Phelim was a man of few though he believed her to be an words. He had listened calmly excellent wife, he thought she to all Florence had been saying, was a little too hard in refusing and it was not till the magistrate her husband such a trifle as threehad twice put the question to pence halfpenny, when he was him that he left off smoothing his going to work so far from home. dusty hat; and then, looking Poor Florence smiled also ; steadfastly in his worship’s face, but there was a thoughtful sadhe replied-“ Och! it's all about ness in her smile; and when the the threepence ha'penny, your laughter had subsided, she told honour. It was Saturday night, his worship that it was not “ the when I gave her every farthing coppers,

nor the “ bit of a baof the wages I had earned that ting” Phelim had given her, that week; and so I does every Satur- she cared about. He had harkenday night, come when it may, ed to bad tales about her, she your honour; and when I ax'd said, and had sworn never to be her on Monday morning to give good to her till she said “ two me threepence ha'penny, to get words” to him. me a pint of beer and the little His worship asked her if her loaf, bekase I was going to a long husband supposed she was untrue job in the city, and didn't know to him? what time I'd be back to my oun She replied that he did, and place, she wouldn't give it me implored the magistrate to let her any how,


honour; and with swear to her fidelity. that, your honour, sure I did give His worship told her he was her a clout or two.".

sure there was no need of any But you would not do so such a ceremony :

Phelim." said again, I am sure, Phelim," ob- he,“ has too much good sense to served his worship. “ You listen to any idle stories about should remember that she is your you."

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Still, however, poor Florence man not aware that the viper had would not be pacified; and bitten her ; but from the accute snatching the bible from the pain in the finger, and the whole table, she pressed the sacred limb becoming suddenly swelled, volume fervidly to her lips, and she suspected what had occurred, then, raising her eyes, she ex- and immediately returned home. claimed—“ So help me God! The symptoms of the animal that, barring Phelim and myself, poison rapidly became more apI don't know man from woman!” parent; the lips and tongue,

All this while, Phelim stood were soon exceedingly swelled ; hanging down his head, and the sight failed, the pulse became fumbling at the buckle of his hat weak, slow and irregular-with in the simplest manner imagin- pain at the heart, cold sweats, able.

and all the usual symptoms at“For shame, Phelim," said the tendant the absorption of magistrate, as Florence made an animal poison. Medical assistend of her oath, “ for shame, ance was immediately procured, Phelim! how can you stand there proper remedies used, and she is and see the distress of such a now in a fair way of recovery. wife without coming forward to It is time that the Parisians assure her of your confidence. should expunge the well-known Give her your hand, man, and commencement of a French nocomfort her as she deserves." vel, “ In the gloomy month of

Phelim stretched forth his November, when the people of hand. Florence grasped it al- England hang and drown themmost convulsively, and raising it selves.” The suicides of 1821, in to her lips, all chapped and sun- Paris, are only seventeen below burnt as it was, she kissed it. one for every day in the whole They looked each other in the year! face for a moment, burst into AERIAL NAVIGATION FROM Bomtears, and hastily left the office BAY to LONDON !-It appears by arm-in-arm.

a certificate, published in the

Bombay Gazette Fxtraordinary, As a woman and her daughter, by Mr. Warden, Chief Secretary, (a girl about eleven years of age) that a Mr. T. Boyce had made in the employ of Mr. John Kent, application to the governor of of Stanton, were gathering herbs, Bombay to be allowed to carry the girl trod upon a viper, which the mails, &c. from Bombay to immediately curled itself round London, by means of a balloon, her ankle. She called her mo

he professing to have discovered ther to her assistance, and being a method of giving horizontal anxious to extricate her daughter motion in aeronautics. from such a dangerous predica- vernor referred Mr. Boyce to ment, the woman took her knife, the philosophical society of Bornand severed the viper's head from bay. A Mr. C. Hodgson has its body ; but, unfortunately, in also put in his claim to aeronauso doing, the enraged viper turn- tic fame ; and another competied itself and bit her in the finger tor has appeared in the Calcutta twice, before she could succeed Journal of Sept. 20, where the in cutting off its head. The wo- mode of operation is explained at

The go


considerable length. This we our last accounts left Ballyrag. candidly confess to be beyond get.—(Leinster Journal.)

comprehension.-- Liverpool A method has recently been Kaleidoscope.

discovered of converting, at a The Anniversary Festival of much reduced expence, English the Sons of the Clergy was cele- iron into steel-a process which brated on the 23d ultimo, at has yet only been effected with St. Paul's Cathedral. The Arch- foreign iron. bishops of Canterbury and York, Trade is always discovering the Bishops of London, Ely, Ban- new channels. We are now imgor, Carlisle, St. David's, and porting ice from Norway, and Bristol, Lord Bolton, the Lord exporting potatoes to Ireland. Mayor, &c. were present. The The importation of ice into this subscriptions at the door were kingdom pays an ad valoram duty very liberal. On the closing of on its arrival. A dispute arose a the performance the company re- few days ago about the value of paired to Merchant Tailors' a cargo ; and before the dispute Hall, where a sumptuous enter- was settled, the captain of the tainment was provided for them. vessel was deprived of his freight

On the 23d ult. the Magis- and the custom-house of the trates of Middlesex proceeded to duty, by the dissolution of theice. the election of a Treasurer for Madame Christophe, ci-devant the County, at the Sessions empreșs of Hayti, is about to take House, Clerkenwell, when Sir R. up her residence at Blackheath. Baker was elected into the office. It is generally understood that A dreadful occurrence

took she has saved about £1500, per place a short time since between annum, from the wreck of her Durrow and Ballyragget, county deceased husband's fortune. Kilkenny. A stallion, the pro- Mr. Stuart, the survivor in the perty of a Mr. Shelly, grazing in late duel, with Sir Alexander a field, turned upon its owner as Boswell, is arrived at Edinburgh, he was passing out by the gate, preparatory to his trial before the and killed him. The horse rear- high court of justiciary. ed, knocked him down, broke Mr. Kent, the water pedes-his thigh, seemed to suck his trian, has undertaken, for a wager blood, and then tore off the flesh, of a thousand guineas, to walk scattering it about the field. across the sea, from Dover to Our postman, who delivers the Calais !!! journal on that route, saw the A street, in Trowbridge, has melancholy spectacle of the been waggishly named Heavenlyman's mangled remains, and de- street, from seven persons of the scribes it as one of the most ap- name of Angel, two of the name palling scenes that could be wit- of Church, four of the name of neşsed. Some people having Parsons, and one of the name of been drawn to the spot began to Clerk residing in it. pelt the horse with stones, on

WEATHER. -As an illustration which he dashed through the of the singular character of the fields, swam across the river, last winter, it may be mentioned and was not brought back when that while the thermometer was

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