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Entered, according to Act of Congtesa, in the year 1852, By William Cowans, s Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.


Preface, ........... V

Life Of Allan Ramsay, By William Tennant, . . . xi

Remarks on the "Writings of Ramsay, by Wm. Tennant, . xxv
Essay On Ramsay's Gentle Shepherd, By Lord Wood-

HOUSELEE, .."........ XXXI

Opinions And Remarks On The Gentle Shepherd, By

VARIOUS AUTHOKS, . . . . . . . . .1x1

John. Aikin, LL. D., ib,

James Beattie, LL. D., ib»

William Tytler, ......... Ixii

Hugh Blair, D. D., . . . . . . .. . Ixiii

John Pinkerton, . . . . . . . . Ixiv

Joseph Ritson, „ „ . . . . . . lxvi

William Roseoe, ......... Ixvi

Thomas Campbell, ........ lxvii

Leigh Hunt, ......... Ixviii

Anecdote of Lady Strange, ...... Ixxiii

List of Allan Ramsay's Works, ..... . . Ixxiv

Dedication to the Countess of Eglintoun, by Ramsay, . . i
Dedication to the Countess of Eglintoun, by Wm. Hamilton, of

Bang our, . . . . „ . . . . . . . iv

Epistle to Josiah Burchett, . ix

The Gentle Shepherd, ........ 1

Notes, ........... 89

Glossary, ......••»... 95


The Publisher being desirous to present the American public with a correct edition of the "Gentle Shepherd," considerable pains have been taken to ascertain the best or standard text. Fortunately, there were, within reach, several of the best editions, as well as others of inferior character. A careful examination of these satisfied us, that, the subscription edition in quarto, printed for the Author by Thomas Ruddiman, in 1728, has higher claims to be considered the standard one, than any other within, our knowledge.

For this conclusion, perhaps it might be a sufficient reason to state, that, it was so considered by Andrew Foulis, of Glasgow, who reprinted it in David Allan's celebrated quarto of 1788, undoubtedly the most sumptuous edition of the "gentle Shepherd" ever published.* From the wellknown intelligence and proverbial accuracy of the Foulis', and from the fact that the same house reprinted the 10th edition of the Pastoral in 1750, (about eight years before the Author's death,) there can be very little doubt that Andrew Foulis possessed both the means and the inclination to ascer

* The poet Burns writes of it thus :—" I once, and but once, got a

glance of that noble edition of the noblest pastoral in the world; and

dear as it was, I mean dear as to my pocket, I would have bought it;

but I was told that it was printed and engraved for subscribers only."

[Burns to Mr. Cunningham, 3d March, 1793.

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