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Page 2 - I wish nae mair of a' that's rare. My Peggy speaks sae sweetly, To a' the lave I'm cauld ; But she gars a' my spirits glow, At wauking of the fauld. My Peggy smiles sae kindly, Whene'er I whisper love, That I look down on a' the town, That I look down upon a crown.
Page 14 - Tis no to gie ; your merchant's to the bent : His honour mauna want ; he poinds your gear : Syne, driven frae house and hald, where will ye steer? Dear Meg, be wise, and live a single life ; Troth, 'tis nae mows to be a married wife. Peg. May sic ill luck befa' that silly she Wha has sic fears, for that was never me.
Page 16 - Than aught in love the like of us can spy. See yon twa elms that grow up side by side : Suppose them some years syne bridegroom and bride ; Nearer and nearer ilka year they've prest, Till wide their spreading branches are increas'd, And in their mixture now are fully blest: This shields the other frae the eastlin blast, That in return defends it frae the wast.
Page 7 - tween ilka smack. But weel I kend she meant nae as she spak. Dear Roger, when your jo puts on her gloom, Do ye sae too, and never fash your thumb: Seem to forsake her, soon she'll change her mood; Gae woo anither, and she'll gang clean wood.
Page 14 - A dyvour buys your butter, woo and cheese, But, or the day of payment, breaks and flees. With glooman brow the laird seeks in his rent : 'Tis no to gi'e ; your merchant's to the bent ; His Honour...
Page 16 - I'll hae a' things made ready to his will ; In winter when he toils thro' wind and rain, A bleezing ingle, and a clean hearth-stane ; And soon as he flings by his plaid and staff, The seething pat's be ready to tak' aft. Clean hag-a-bag I'll spread upon his board, And serve him wi...

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