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I. BEFORE the Librarian enters on the execution of his office, he shall give sufficient security, to be approved of by the visiting committee, in a sum not less than two hundred and fifty dollars, that he will indemnify this corporation for any loss or damage which may be sustained by his negligence or misconduct as librarian.

II. The librarian shall keep every work in the library plainly numbered on a label on the back, and also on the inside of every volume: and he shall cause to be written or printed on the title page of each volume, “ The Property of the New-York Hospital.”

III. He shall keep an accurate catalogue of the books in the library, containing the title, author, size, number, and number of volumes of each work. He shall keep a book containing printed receipts: and every person who shall borrow a book from the library, shall sign a receipt for the same.

IV. The librarian shall annually account for the library, to the library committee, and shall at the same time report to the committee an account of all books then out of the li. brary, to whom and when they were lent.

V. Books shall be taken from the library on such days only, as the library committee shall direct: and at hours not interfering with the visiting committee, or the attending physician or surgeon : but a governor, physician, or surgeon of the Hospital, may borrow books from the library at any time.

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