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of acknowledging my indebtedness to the ingenuity and intelligence displayed by them in the discovery of certain illustrative documents. I have been constantly aided in the work of selection, translation, and editing by Dr. Helen Gertrude Preston of the Girls' High School of Philadelphia. Professor James Harvey Robinson, the editor of the series of which this volume is a part, through our long labors together over manuscript and proof, has often contributed the last and best word of suggestion, advice, or decision.



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1. The Anglo-Saxon Settlements

25. Gildas' account of the settlements .

De Excidio Britanniae, Sects. 23, 26; Six Old English Chron-

iclers, pp. 310, 313; trans. by J. A. Giles.

26. Bede's account of the settlement

Ecclesiastical History of England, Lib. I, c. xv; ed. and trans.

by J. A. Giles, pp. 23-25.

27. Extracts from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Trans. by J. A. Giles, pp. 309-312.

II. The New Race

28. The Germans at home

TACITUS, Germania, cc. 4-16, in Translations and Reprints,

University of Pennsylvania, Vol. VI, No. 3; trans. by

Arthur C. Howland.

29. A feast in the hall ..

BEOWULF, Sect. 9, lines 1226–1267; adapted from Benjamin


30. Anglo-Saxon charm

Cook and TINKER, Specimens of Old English Poetry, p. 167;

trans. by W. O. Stevens.

III. The Conversion to Christianity

31. Scene in the market place at Rome

BEDE, Ecclesiastical History, Lib. ii, c. 1; trans. by J. A. Giles,

p. 67.

32. The arrival of Augustine

Ibid. Lib. i, cc. 25, 26; GILES, pp. 36–39.

33. Missions in Northumbria

Ibid. Lib. ii, c. 13; Lib. iii, c. 3; GILES, pp. 94-96, 98, 111-112.

34. The conversion of East Anglia

Ibid. Lib. ii, c. 15; Lib. iii, c. 18; GIles, pp. 98, 137.

35. Description of Cædmon

Ibid. Lib. iv, c. 24, in Cook and Tinker, Translations from

Old English Poetry, pp. 180-182; trans. by A. S. Cook.

36. A selection from the Exodus, a poem in imitation of


Cook and TINKER, Translations from Old English Poetry,

pp. 118-119; trans. by Henry S. Canby.

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37. A letter from Charles the Great to Offa, king of

Mercia .

HADDAN and STUBBS, Vol. III, pp. 496 sq.

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