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[Third Edition1

“Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

Rev. ii. 10.
“His spirit with a bound

Left its encumbering clay:
His tent at sunrise, on the ground

A darkened ruin lay.
“Soldier of Christ, well done!

Rest from thy loved employ:
The battle fought; the victory won;

Enter thy Master's joy."

R92 G88


In presenting to the public this brief sketch of the character and career of so remarkable and truly great a man as Dr. Amold, I feel that no apology is required; for next to our own individual, and too often dearly bought experience, the records of one who has already fought the good fight, and won the victory on the battle-field of human life, must needs be of the highest value, and most significant import.

Lengthened prefatory remarks are likewise superfluous. It were presumptuous as well as unnecessary to criticise sentiments, to account for actions, to eulogise or to deprecate details of character, that will be far better appreciated by their natural development, as they arise in due order through the course of the biography itself. The life of Dr. Arnold, if it be not most unworthily written, ought to speak for itself, to proclaim its own inherent value, and to convey without note or comment that instruction which, in itself, it is so wonderfully adapted to afford.

To Canon Stanley I beg to express my great obligation, and

my sincere gratitude, for his kindness and condescension, in allowing me so freely to avail myself of the letters and journals, already published in his own invaluable memoir of Dr. Arnold, to which, otherwise, I could have very limited or no access.


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