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10 Therefore no ill shall thee befall, 13,14 These, planted in the house of God, Nor to thy healthful dwelling shall within his courts shall thrive;

any infectious plagues draw nigh. Their vigour and their lustre both
11 For he throughout thy happy days, shall in old age revive.
To keep thee safe in all thy ways, 15 Thus will the Lord his justice shows

shall give his angels strict com.nands; and God, my strong defence,
12And they,lest thou should'stchanceto meet Shall due rewards to all the world
With some rough stone to wound thy feet, impartially disperse.
shall hear thee safely in their hands.

3 Dragons and asps ukatit hroot

, for blood, WITHşlory clad, with strenglir arayling beneath his conquering feet shall lie: The world's foundation strongly laid, 14 Because he lov'd and honour'd me, and the vast fabric still sustains. Therefore, says God, I'll set him free,

2 How surely 'stablish'd is thy thronc, and fix his glorious throne on high, which shall no change nor period see! 15 He'll callI'll answer when he calls, For ihou, O Lord, and thou alone, And rescue him when ill befails;

art God from all eternity! increase his honour and his wealth:

3,4 The floods, O Lord, lift up their voice, 16 And when, with undisturb'd content, and toss the troubled waves on high; His long and happy life is spent, But God above can still their noise, his end I'll crown with saving health. and make the angry sea comply. PSALM 92.

5 Thy promise, Lord, is ever sure; How good and pleasant must it be and they thai in thy house would dwell,

That happy station to secure, And with repeated hymns of praise must still in holiness excel. bis name to magnify!

PSALM 34. 2 With every morning's early dawn

God, to whom revenge belongs, his goodness to relate; And of his constant truth, each night,

thy vengeance now disclose;

Arise, thou Judge of all the earth,
the glad effects repeat!

and crush thy haaghty foes.
3 To ten-string'd instruments we'll sing,
with tuneful psalteries join'd;

3, 4 How long, O Lord, shall sinful men And to the harp, with solemn sounds,

their solemn triumphs make? for sacred use design'd.

How long their wicked actions boast, 4 For through thy wondrous works, O Lord,

and insolently speak? thou mak'st my heart rejoice;

5, 6 Not only they thy saints oppress, The thoughts of ihem shall make me glad, chut,

unprovoked, they spill and shout with cheerful voice.

The widow's and the stranger's blood, 5,6 How wondrous are they works, O Lord! and helpless orphans kill. how deep are thy decrees!

7.“ And yet the Lord shall ne'er perceive,' Whose winding tracks, in secret laid,

profanely thus they speak, no stupid sinner sees.

" Nor any notice of our deeds 7 He little thinks, when wicked men,

" the God of Jacob take.” like grass, look fresh and gay,

8 At length, ye stupid fools, your wants How soon their short-lived splendour must

endeavour to discern:

In folly will you still proceed,
for ever pass away.
8, 9 But thou, my God, art stil] most high;

and wisdom never learn?
and all thy lofty foes,

19,19 Can he be deaf who form'd the ear? Who thought they might securely sin,

or blind, who framed the eye? shall be o'erwhelm'd with woeg.

Shall earth's great Judge not punish those 10 Whilst thou exall'st my sovereign power, 11 He fathorns all the thoughts of men ;

who his known will defy ?
and mak'st it largely spread;
And with refreshing oil anoint'st

to him their hearts lie bare ;

His eye surveys them all, and sees
my consecrated head.
11 I soon shall see my stubborn foes

how vain their counsels are.
to utter ruin brought;

And hear the dismal end of those 12 Bless'd is the man, whom thou, O Lord,
who have against me fought.

in kindness dost chastise;
12 But righteous men, like fruitful palms, And by thy sacred rules to walk
shall make a glorious show;

dost lovingly advise.
As cedars that on Lebanon

13 This man shall rest and safety find in stately order grow.

in seasons of distress ; Ff

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Whilst God prepares a pit for those If then you'll, like his flock, draw acat, that stubbornly transgress.

To-day, ir you his voice will hear, 14 For God will never from his saints 8 Let nut your harden'd hearts renew his favour wholly take;

Your father's crimes and judgments too ; His own possession and his lot

Nor here provoke my wrath, as they he will not quite forsake.

In desert plains of Meribah. 15 The world shall then confess thee just 9 When through the wilderness they moved in all that thou hast done;

And me with fresh temptations proved, And those that chocse thy upright ways, They still, through unbelief, rebell’d, shall in those paths go on.

Whilst they iny wondrous works beheld. 16 Who will appear in my behalf, 10 They forty years my patience grieved, when wicked men invade?

Though daily I their wants relieved. Or who, when sinners would oppress,

Then Tis a faithless race, I said, my righteous cause shall plead? Whose heart from ine has always stray'd 17, 18, 19 Long since had I in silence slept 11 Theyne'er will tread my righteous path, hut that the Lord was near,

Therefore to them, in settled wrath, To stay me when I slipt; when sad, Since they despise my rest, I sware, my troubled heart to cheer.

That they should never enter there. 20 Wilt thou, who art a God most just,

PSALM 96. their sinful throne sustain,

ING to the Lord a new-made song; Who make the law a fair pretence their wicked ends to gain?

her common patrons praise resound: 21 Against the lives of rightecus men 2 Sing to the Lord, and bless his name, they form their close design;

From day to day his praise proclaim, And blood of innocents to spill

who us has with salvation crown'd: in solemn league combine.

3 To heathen lands his fane rehearse, 22 But my defence is firmly placed His wonders to the universe.

in God, the Lord most high: 4 He's great any greatly to be praised; He is my rock, to which I may

113 majesty and glory raised for refuge always tly.

above all other deities: 23 The Lord shall cause their ill designs 5 For pageantry and idols all on their own heads to fa!:

Are they, whom gods the hcathen call; He in their sins shall cut them off,

he only rules, who made the skies: our God shall slay thein ail.

6 With majesty and honour crown'd,

Beauty and strength his throne surround PSALM 95.

7 Be therefore both to him restored O ,

By yru, who have false gods adored ; Loud thanks to our Almighty king;

'ascribe due honcur to his name: For we our voices high should raise, 8 Peace-offerings on his altar lay, When our salvation's Rock we praise. Before his throne your homage pay, 2 Into liis presence let us haste,

which he and he alone, can claim: To thank him for his favours past; 9 To worship at his sacred court, To him address, in joyful songs,

Let all the trembling world resort The praise that to his name belongs. 10 Proclaiın aloud, Jehovah reigns, 3 For God the Lord, enthroned in state, Whose power the universe sustains, Is with unrivall'd glory, great :

and banish'd justice will restore; A King superior far to all

11 Let therefore heaven new joys confess; Whom god: the heathen falsely call. And heavenly mirth let earth expresa; 4 The depths of earth are in his hand, its loud applause the ocean roar; Her secret wealth at his command; Its mute inhabitants rejoice, The strength of bills that reach the skies, And for this triumph find a voice. Subjected to his empire lies.

12 For joy let fertile vallies sing, 5 The rolling ocean's vast abyss, The cheerful groves their tribute bring. By the same sovereign right, is his ;

the tunetul choir of birds awake, 'Tis moved by his Almighty hand, 13 The Lord's approach to celebrate; That torm'd and fix'd the solid land. Who now sets out with awful state, 6 O let us to his courts repair,

his circuit through the earth to take : And bow with adoration there;

From heaven to judge the world he's come Down on our knees devoutly all

With justice to reward and doom. Before the Lord, our Maker, fall.

PSALM 97. he he's our God, our Shepherd he, lJ in how just governinent rejoice ;

EHOVAH reigns, let all the earth His ilock and pasture sheep are we:


Let all the isles with sacred mirth, 6 The trumpet and shrill cornet's sound,

in his applause unite their voice. before the Almighty King. 2 Darkness and clouds of awful shade 7 Let the loud ocean roar her joy,

his dazzling glory shroud in state; with all the seas contain; Justice and truth his guards are made, The earth, and her inhabitants, and fix'd by his pavilion wait.

join concert with the main. s Devouring fire before his face, 8 With joy let rivulets swell to strearns,

his foes around with vengeance struck; to spreading torrents they ; 4 Ilis lightning set the world on blaze; And echoing vales from hill lo hill earth saw it, and with terror shook.

redoubled shouts convey; 5 The proudest bills his presence felt,

9To welcome down the world's great Judge their height nor strength could help afford; who does with justice come, The proudest hills like wax did melt

And with impartial equity, in presence of the Almighty Lord. both to reward and doom. 6 The heavens, his righteousness to show,

PSALM 99. with storins of fire our foes pursued, EHOVAH reigns ; let therefore all And all the trembling world below the guilty nations quake:

have his descending glory view'd. On Cherubs' wings he sits enthroned; 7 Confounded be their impious hosts,

let earth's foundations shake. who inake the gols to whom they pray; 2 On Sion's hill he keeps his court, All who of pageant idols boast :

his palace inakes her towers ; to him, ye gods, your worship pay. Yet thence his sovereignty extends 8 Glad Sion of thy triumph hcard, supreme o'er earthly powers.

and Judah's daughters were o'erjoyd ; 3 Let therefore all with praise address Because thy righteous judgments, Lord, his great and dreadful name;

have pagan pride and power destroy'd. And, with his unresisted might, 9 For thou, o God, art seated high his holiness proclaim.

above earth's potentates enthroned; 4 For truth and justice, in his reign, Thou, Lord, unrivall'd in the sky,

of strength and power take place; supreme hy all the gods art own'd. His judgments are with righteousness 10 Ye who to serve this Lord aspire, dispensed to Jacol,'s race.

abhor what's ill, and truth esteem; 5 Therefore exalt the Lord our God ; He'll keep his servants' souls entire, before his footstool fall;

and them from wicked hands redeem. And, with his unresisted might, 11 For seeds are sown of glorious light, his holiness extol. a future harvest for the just;

6 Moses and Aaron thus of old And gladness for the heart that's right, among his priests adored; to recoinpense its pious trust.

Among his prophets Samuel thus 12 Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord; his sacred name in:plored. memorials of his holiness

Distress'd, upon the Lord they call'd, Deep in your faithful breasts record, who ne'er their suit deny'd; and with your thankful tongues confess. But, as with reverence they implored,

he graciously reply'd. PSALM 98.

7 For with their camp, to guide their march

the cloudy pillar moved ; who wondrous things has done ; They kept his law, and to his will With his right hand and holy arm

obedient servants proved. the conquest he has won.

8 He answer'd them, forgiving oft 2 The Lord has through the astonish'd world his people for their sake; display'd his saving might,

And those who rashly them opposed, And inade his righteous acts appear did sad examples make. in all the heathen's sight.

9 With worship at his sacred courts S or Israel's house his love and truth exalt our God and Lord; have ever mindful been;

For he, who only holy is, Wide earth's remotest parts the power alone should be adored. of Israel's God have seen.

PSALM 100. 4 Let therefore earth's inhabitants

ITH one consent, let all the earth their cheerful voices raise ;

; And all, with universal joy,

Glad homage pay, with awful mirth, resound their Maker's praise.

and sing before him songs of praise: 6 Wah harp and hymur's soft melody, 3 Convinced that he is God alone, into the concert foring

from whom both we and all proceed;

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O mercy's never-failing spring

We, whom he chooses for his own, Or like an owl that sits all day

the flock that he vouchsafes to feed on barren trees forlorn. 4 O enier then his temple gate,

7 In watchings, or in restless dreams, thence to his courts devoutly press; the night by me is spent, And still your grateful hymns repeat, As by those solitary birds,

and still his name with praises bless. that lonesome roofs frequent. 5 For he's the Lord, supremely good, 8 All day by railing foes I'm made his mercy is for ever sure;

the subject of their score; His truth, which always firmly slood, Who all, possess'd with furious rage to endless ages shall endure.

have my destruction sworn. PSALM 101.

9 When grovelling on the ground I lie,

oppress'd with grief and lears, And steadfast judgment, I will sing; My bread is strew'd with ashes O'ér, And since they both to thee belong, my drink is mix'd with tears. To thee, O Lord, address my song. 10 Because on me with double weight 2 When, Lord, thou shalt with me reside, thy heavy wrath doth lie; Wise discipline my reign shall guide; For thou, to make my

fall inore great, With blameless life myself I'll make

didst lift me up on high. A pattern for my court to lake. 11 My days, just hastening to their end, 3 No ill design will I pursue,

are like an evening shade; Nor those my favourites make that do: My beauty does like wither'd grass, 4 Who to reproof has no regard,

with waning lustre fade. Ilim will I totally discard.

12 But ihy eternal state, O Lord, 5 The private slanderer shall be

no length of time shall wasle;
In public justice doom'd by me: The memory of thy wondrous worla
Froun haughty looks I'll turn aside, from age to age shall last.
And mortify the heart of pride.

13 Thou shalt arise, and Sion view
6 But honesty, call'd from her cell, with an unslouded face;
In splendour at my court shall dwell: For now her line is come, thy own
Who virtue's practice make their care, appointed day of

grace. Shall have the first preferments there. 14 Her scatter'd ruins hy thy saints 7 No politics shall recommend

with pity are survey'd ; His country's foe to be iny friend: They grieve to see her lofty spires None e'er shall to my favour rise,

in dust and rubbish laid. By flattering or malicious lies.

15, 16 The name and glory of the Lord 8 All those who wicked courses take, all heathen kings shall fear; An early sacrifice I'll make;

When he sha! Sion build again, Cut oil, destroy, till none remain

and in full state appear. God's holy city to profane.

17,18 When he regards the poor's requesting PSALM 102.

nor slights their carnest prayer; We ho, o "Lord, aitend; THEN I pour out my soul in prayer, Our soas, for their recorded grace,

shall bis just praise declare. To thy eternal throne of grace

19 For Görd, from his abode on high, let my sad cry ascend.

his gracious heams display'd: 2 0 hile not thou thy gloricus faco The Lord, from heaven, his lofty throne, in times of deep distress :

hath all the earth survey'd. Incline thine ear, and when I call, 20 He listend to the captives' moans, my sorrows soori redress.

he heard their mournful cry, 3 Each cloudy portion of

And freed, by his resistless power, like scatter'd smoke expires;

the wretches Joom'd to die. My shriveli'd bones are like a hearth 21 That they in Sion, where he dwells, parch'd with continual fires.

might celebrate his fame, 4 My heart, like grass that feels the blast and ibrough the holy city sing of some infectious wind,

loud praises to his name: Does languish so rith grief, that scarce

22 When all the tribes assembling there, my needful food I minde

their solemn vows address, 5 By reason of my sad estate

And neighbouring lands, with glad consent, I spend my breath in groans ;

the Lord their God confess. My fresh is worn away, my skin

23 But e'er my race is run, my strength scarce hides my starting hones.

through his fierce wrath decays; 6 I'm like a pelican become,

He has, when aļl my wishes bloonid, that does in deserts moui'n :

cut short my bopeful days

my life,

24 Lord, end not thou my life, said I, 118 This shall attend on such as still when half is scarcely past;

proceed in his appointed way; Thy years, from worldly changes free, And who not only know his will to endless ages last.

but to it just obedience pay. 25 The strong foundations of the earth 19, 20 The Lord, the universal King, of old by thee were laid ;

iu heaven has fix'd his lofty throne: Thy hands the beauteous arch of heaven To him, ye angels, praises sing, with wondrous skill have made.

in whose great strength his power is shown. 26, 27 Whilst thou for ever shalt endure, Ye that his just cominands obey, they soon shall pass away;

and hear and do his sacred will, And, like a garment often worn, 21 Ye hosts of his, this tribute pay, shall tarnish and decay.

who still what he ordains fulfil. Like that, when thou ordain't their change 22 Let every creature jointly bless to thy command they bend;

the mighty Lord; and thou, my heart, But thou continuest still the same, With grateful joy thy thanks express, nor have thy years an end.

and in this concert bear thy part. 28 Thou to the children of thy saints

PSALM 104. shalt lasting quiet give; Whose happy race, securely fixed,


possessest empire without hcunds; shall in thy presence live.

With honour thou art crown'd, thy throne PSALM 103.

eternal majesty surrounds.

2 With light thou dost thyeelf enrobe, My soul, inspired with

sacred lore,

and glory for a garment take;. God's holy name for ever bless; Heaven's curtains stretch beyond the globe, Of all his favours mindful prove,

thy canopy of state to make. and still thy grateful thanks express. 3 God builds on liquid air, and forms 3, 4 'Tis he that all thy sius forgives, his palace cha:nbers in the skies;

and after sickness makes thee sound; The clouds his chariots are, and storms From danger he thy life retrieves,

the swift-wing'd steeds with which he flies. hy bim with grace and mercy crown d. 4 As bright as tlame, as swift as wind, 5, 6'He with good things thy mouth supplies, his ministers heaven's palace fill,

thy vigour, eagle-like, renews;, To have their sundry tasks assign'd, He, when the guiltless sufferer cries, all proud to serve their Sovereign's will

his foe with just revenge pursues. 5, 6 Earth on her centre fix'd, he set, 7 God made of old his righteous ways her face with waters overspread;

to Moses and our fathers known; Nor proudest mountains dared as yet His works, to bis eternal praise,

to lift above the waves their head. were to the sons of Jacob shown. 7 But when thy awful face appear`d, 8 The Lord abounds with tender love, the insulting waves dispersed; they fled,

and unexampled acts of grace; When once thiy thunder's voice they heard, His waken'd wrath doth slowly move, and by their haste confess'd their dread. his willing mercy flies apace.

8 Thence up by secret tracks they creep, 9, 10 God will not always harshly chide, and, gushing froin the mountain's side,

nut with his anger quickly part; Through valleys travel to the deep And loves his punishments to guide appointed to receive their tide.

more by his love than our desert. 9 There hast thou fix'd the ocean's bounds, 11 As high as heaven its arch extends the threatening surges to repel; above this little spot of clay,

That they do more u'erpass their mounds, So much his houndless love transcends nor to a second deluge swell. the small respects that we can pay.

PART II. 12, 13 As far as 'tis from east 19 west, 10 Yet thence in smaller parties drawn, so far has he our sins removed ;

the sea recovers ber lost hills; Who, with a father's iender breast, And starting springs from every lawn

has such as fear'd him always loved. surprise the vales with plenteous rills. 14, 15 For God, who all our frame surveys, 11 The field's tame beasts are thither led, considers that we are but clay;

weary with labour, faint with drought; How fresh soe'er we seem, our days And asses on wild mountain; bred

like grass or Howers must fade away. have sense to find these currente out. 16,17Whilst they are nipt with sudden blasts, 12 There svady trees from scorching beam

nor can we find their former place; yield shelter to the feather'd throng; God's faithful mercy ever lasts, They drick, and to the bounteous streann to those that fear hiin and their race. return the tribute of their song

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