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Invitations from the] REVELATION.

[Spirit and the Bride right to the tree of life, and may enter that heareth the words of the prophecy in through the gates into the city. of this book, If any man shall add

15 For without are dogs, and sor- unto these things, God shall add moto cerers, and whoremongers, and mur- him the plagues that are written in derers, and idolaters, and whosoever this book : loveth and maketh a lie.

19 And if any man shall take away 16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to from the words of the book of the testify unto you these things in the prophecy, God shall take away b churches. I am the root and the off- part out of the book of life, and on spring of David, and the bright and of the holy city, and from the thise morning star.

which are written in this book. 17 And the Spirit and the bride 20 He which testifieth these thing say, Come. And let him that heareth saith, Surely I come quickly; Axes.

And let him that is Even so, come, Lord Jesus. athirst come. And whosever will, let 21 The grace of our Lord Jese him take the water of life freely. Christ be with you all. Amen. (0)

18 For I testify unto every man

say, Come.

EXPOSITION-Chap. XXII. Continued. a long period. God forbid we should take connectedly, and through them to to pleasure in such a painful subject! But Christians in every age. “ Reader (as have those persons considered, that while he should say), you have read of the rest they are endeavouring to comfort the of life: you are invited to come and drink wicked, they are distressing the pious and freely of it. You have heard or read of the the just? If there may be an end to the Spirit that spake to the churches; punishment of sinners, why not to the speaks also to you individually, and the happiness of good men? The duration of sum of what he saith is, Come. You her both is expressed in the same terms, and heard of the bride, and of the glories par God forbid we should comfort the former pared for her: she does not covet to enja to distress the latter!

these things by herself, but joins with the (2) Ver. 6–21. Conclusion of this book, Spirit of inspiration in inviting to and of the New Testament. The angel come. Nay, every one that heareth, and confirms his message by a solemn asse- believeth these things, is warranted to ieveration in the name of God; and the fol- vite his neighbour. And let every ek lowing words, “ Behold, I come quickly," who has any regard for his own soul, ami! are evidently spoken in the name of Christ, the cup of the mother of harlots, and come and as from bim. These expressions, “ the to the living waters. There need be time is at hand,” and “behold, I come hesitation on the score of qualification, for quickly," imply only, that their accom- it is free to all who are willing to receiveit plishment was shortly to commence, and “ Know, also, that the word of this pro would rapidly proceed; but, certaiuly, not phecy are sacred. If any man add to them, that their accomplishment would shortly God will add to him its plagues; and if be completed, for they contain the fate of any man take away from them, God w] many centuries.

take away from him wbatever be may have Onr Lord Christ, having, from the 10th expected to receive of its blessings. He to the 16th verse, addressed the apostle, who testifieth these things saith, Surety! now, in verse 17. and sequel, addresses come quickly. To this solemn testimony a himself to the churches of Asia, as in the Christ, the apostle adds his solemn Ana beginning of the book ; not separately, but Even so; come, Lord Jesus.”—[Friller.]

NOTES-Chap. XXII. Con. Ver. 15. Without are dogs.--Dogs in the East are are to guard. See Note on Phil, iii. 2. generally left to range the streets at large, except Ver. 19. His part out of the book of life.-Mart. they are wanted to guard any particular premises, “ From the tree of life." So read some copies, bet and then they are chained up outside the door they compare chap. iii. 5; and Exposition as. 14, &c.





bridged from the Index to our authorized Quarto Bibles (taken from the Chronology of

Archbishop Usher), with additions from the Chronology of the Life of Christ,”

by the Rev. C. BENSON, M.A.; and other Authorities.
.B.-The facts not in the Index above referred to, nor in the sacred text, are inserted in a smaller type,

or in brackets.

Six months after the birth of John the Baptist-Christ, Luke ii. 6.
our Lord and Saviour (in the fulness of time), was born of
the Virgin Mary, at Bethlehem, and laid in a manger, and

on the 8th day circumcised, and named Jesus.

It has been long since ascertained, that the birth of Christ took
place four years before the vulgar era of the year of our Lord (or
Anno Domini); so that, in A.D. 1, our Lord was full four years old
- Herod the Great being King of the Jews, and Augustus Cesar
Emperor of Rome. The year of Christ's birth is commonly dated
A.M. (or Anno Mundi) 4000 ; by Mr. Benson, 4009; and by Dr.
Hales, 5406.

The wise men (or Magi) of the East bring presents to the Mat. ii, 1.
new-born King of the Jews.

Mr. Benson arranges the arrival of these wise men in Jerusalem
a little before, and at Bethlehem a little after the presentation of
Jesus in the Temple ; and that event, of course, between them.

Simeon and Anna, seeing Jesus in the temple, prophecy. Luke ii.

Joseph, being warned of God in a dream, flies into Egypt 28, 36.
with the child Jesus, and Mary his mother.

Mat, ii. 14.
Herod, finding himself neglected by the wise men, com-

mands the infants in and about Bethlehem to be slain,-
[This was about a year after the birth of Jesus ]

Almost immediately after this, Herod himself dies, and

his son Archelaus is made by Cesar Tetrarch of Judea :

Antiq. lib.
other dominions, which belonged to Herod, are divided xvii. cap.8.
among his sons.
Herod died in the 37th year of his reign, aged about 70. Benson.

Mat. ii.
Christ, by God's appointment, is brought back out of


A.D. Egypt into Nazareth, in Galilee, where he resided till about

his 30th year.

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The first year of the Vulgar Christian æra (Ann. Dom.)
begins here, being, according to the common account, 4004
from the creation; according to Dr. Doddridge, 4710, and
according to Mr. Benson, 4713, Julian period; but according
to Dr. Hales, 5411.

By the reckoning of Doddridge, Benson, and the common ver-
sion, John is supposed to have been born about Midsummer; and
Jesus, in the beginning of the year following: but Dr. Hales
reckons John to have been born about the Spring quarter, and
Jesus at Michaelmas.

Archelaus, accused by the Jews, disgraced and banished. Mr.

By occasion of the Passover, our Lord [at twelve years of Lukeü.d.
age] goes up with his parents to Jerusalem, and there dis-
putes with the doctors in the temple.

Tiberius made equal with Augustus in the armies and pro-
vioces. Mr. Benson.

Augustus dies, and Tiberias succeeds him.

Josephus, called Caiaphas, is made High Priest of the
Jews, by favour of Valerius Gratus, the Roman governor.

Pontius Pilate is sent to be Procurator of Judea, in the Jos. Ante
place of Valerius Gralus.

John the Baptist begins to preach and tu baptize in the Mat. iii. l.
desert of Judea. At which time

Jesus entering upon the 30th year of his age, comes from
Galilee to Jordan, and is baptized of John; the Spirit of Lakeii*
God visibly descending on him, and a voice from heaven John i.34.
is heard, saying, “ This is my beloved Son."

Jesus returns from Jordan, and is led by the Spirit into Mat. it. I.
the wilderness, where he fasteth 40 days and nights, and Luke ir...
is tempted by the devil.

Christ, at a marriage in Cana of Galilee, turneth water dohn i. l.
into wine : this was his first miracle.

John gives testimony to our Saviour, passing by hiin. John i. 3.
Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathaniel, acknowledge him to
be the Messiah, and become his disciples.

Jesus soon after cometh to Jerusalem, at the time of the
Passover, and entering into the temple, scourgeth out those
that bought and sold there.

The Jews requiring a sign or miracle, to prore his autho-
rity thus to act, Christ bids them “ Destroy this temple,
meaniag te temple of his body, and in three days (said be)
I will raise it up," alluding to his resurrection.

Nicodemus cometh to Jesus for instruction by night, for John ii.
fear of the Jews.

The same year, Herod the Tetrarch casts John the Bap- Mat. xir, 1
tist into prison, for reprehending his incest with his brother
Philip's wife, and other evils by him committed.

Soon after this, Christ discovers himself to the woman of Joha ir.
Samaria, and holds an important conversation with her.



Joho ii.


A.D. Jesus goes throughout all Galilee, teaching in the syna- Luke iv.
wagogues, and working miracles, particularly in his own syna- 42_-44.

gogue at Nazareth.
Jesus calls Matthew (otherwise Levi) to be his disciple,

Luke v.
and is entertained in his house.

Jesus comes up to Jerusalem at the time of the feast of John v. 1.
Passover, and heals on the Sabbath day a man that had
an infirmity 38 years, lying at the pool of Bethesda.

Christ, out of the multitude of his disciples, chooseth Mat. x.
twelve apostles, whom he sends furth, two by two, to preach

and heal the sick throughout the land of Judea.
32 John the Baptist, by Herod's command, is beheaded in

Mat. xiv.

prison to gratify the woman with whom he cohabited.
Jesus miraculously feeds 5000 men, besides women and

Luke ix.
children, with five loaves and two fishes.

Jesus is transfigured on the Mount, where Moses and
Elias are seen with him, and a voice from heaven was
heard the second time, saying, " This is my beloved Son." Mat. xvii.
Christ payeth tribute to Cesar for himself and Peter.


A certain village of the Samaritans refuseth our Saviour

Luke ix.
entertainment, in his way to Jerusalem, and the disciples

desiring to call for fire from heaven to consume them, are
severely reprehended.

The seventy disciples are sent out, by two and two, to Luke x. I.
work miracles, and to preach.

Christ teacheth his disciples to pray.
33 Christ raiseth from the grave Lazarus, who had been Luke xi. 1.
dead four days.

John xi.

Caiaphas, the High Priest of the Jews, prophecieth con-

cerning the death of Christ.

Zaccheus, a publican, converted, and Christ carries salva-Luke xix.
tion to his house.

Christ restoreth sight to blind Bartimeus.

Mark x.

Mary, the sister of Lazarus, anoints our Saviour's feet

John xii.
with costly spikenard, and wipes them with her hair.

Christ rideth in triumph into Jerusalem upon an ass.- Mat. xxi.
The multitude spread their garments in the


Hosanua to the Son of David !-Coming near the city, he Luke xix.
weeps over it, and fortells its destruction.

Mat, xxi.
He curses the fruitless fig tree, and the next morning it is 17-22.
found dried up and withered. Thence he takes occasion tu
show the power of faith.

Divines differ considerably as to the duration of our Lord's
ministry. Our translators, Abp. Usher, and the majority of divines,
suppose it to have been three years and a half, including four pass-

Mr. Greathead includes but three passovers, and thinks
Christ was present at but two. Dr. Priestley, and the Unitarians,
confine our Lord's ministry to one year, or little more, which apo
pears to us to offer great violence to the sacred text.

On the first day of unleavened bread, when the passiver Mat. xxvi.
of the Jews was to be slain (April 2), in the evening, Jesus 1-35.

way, and


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A.D., eateth the passover with his disciples, and institutes the lakeri

Sacrament of his body and blood, in bread and
33 After which, Christ washeth his disciples feet, and ex- ***

horteth them to humility and charity.

The same night, Christ retires into the Garden of Geth- 36–
semane for prayer : after which he is betrayed by Judas- Lake
denied by Peter-arraigned before Caiaphas—mocked, buf- ja
fetted, and spit on, by the soldiers.

Next day (April 3), he is condemned by Pilate, and cru- Ma 1.
cified; the sun, during the crucifixion, is darkened ; an.-*
earthquake ensues, and the veil of the temple is rent in the
midst. Christ praying for his enemies, gives up the ghost. Jebas

Joseph of Arimathea begs the body, and lays it in his gads
own new sepulchre; and Nicodemus, the ruler for his ser. Matis
vants), bring 100 lb, weight of spices.

On the third day (April 5), the next after the Jewish Sab-1503
bath, Christ riseth from the tomb, very early in the morn- Maturi
ing; and soon after his resurrection is declared by angels, to .!
the women that came to the sepulchre.

Christ appeareth first to Mary Magdalen, and afterwards
to his disciples, and dineth with some of then.

Christ bringing his apostles to mount Olivet, commandeth
them to go to Jerusalem, and there to wait the sending 9.10
down the Holy Ghost. He then commissions them to teach

Lake a
and baptize all nations : and having blessed them, while and
they behold, he is taken up, and a cloud receives him out Luke
of their sight.

Upon his ascension, the disciples are warned by two angels
to depart, and to set their minds upon his second coming : AS
they accordingly return, and giving themselves to prayer,
choose Matthias to be an apostle in the place of Judas,


On the day of Pentecost [May 24), the Holy Ghost
descendeth on the apostles, in the form of cloven tongues
(like as of fire), and enableth them to speak all languages.
The same day, Peter preacheth Christ and the resurrection,
and about 3000 svuls were added to the church.

The same afternoon, Peter and John going into the Arte
temple, at the time of evening prayer, heal a man lame
from his mother's womb; and Peter takes the opportunity of
again preaching to the people.

The rulers of the Jews, offended at Peter's sermon, and Act
the miraculous cure of the lame man, cast both Peter and
John into prison. Upon their examination, they boldly
avouch the lame man to be healed by the name of Jesus,
and that by the same Jesus we must eternally be saved.
After this, the Jews forbidding them to speak any more in
that name, let them go.

Ananias and his wife Sapphira are, for their prevarica-
tion and hypocrisy, suddenly struck dead.

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