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List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for August.


2. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr. bican, Mr. Gore; Peter Str. Mr.

Collison ; Devonshire Sq. Mr. At. Symonds.
kinsop ; Hare Crt. Mr. W. Smith; 18. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Humphrys
Crown Crt, Mr. Greig: Peter Sır. 19. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr.

Dr. Duncan. 3. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet- Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, ing, at Hoxton Chapel.

at Mr. Brookshank's. 4. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Goode. 20. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.) 5. Wed. M. Crown Court, Mr. Buck. at Dr. Jenkins's, Mr. T. Thomas -Contentment. :

to preach. - Salvation by Grace. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Austin. -Enat Mr. Kello's.

couragment te the People of God. 6. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.). 21. Frid. Ev.Sermon to Young People,

at Mr. Barber's, Mr. Thomas to at Peckbam, by Mr.Campbell.
preach. The Scripture Doc-
trine oi the Resurrection.

23. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Dr.

Rippon; Devonshire Sq. Mr. C. 9. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr. Hyatt; Hare Crt. Mr. Frey; Bar

Stevens; Devonshire Square, Mr. bican, Mr.Knight; Crown Ct. Mr.
Powell ; Hare Crt. Mr.J.Thomas; J. Clayton; Peter Str. Dr. Ha-
Orange Str. Mr. Townsend ; Crown. milton.
Crt. Mr. Gore; · Peter Str. Dr. 25. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder.

26. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Hackett. 10. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Communion of Saints.
Nation, Surry Chapel.

Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, 11. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Ford.

at D. Taylor's. 12. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Hyatt.. 2.. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Collisos. Effects of the Agreement of the

The Harvest improved. Life and Conscience, &c. Du. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, '30: LORD's DY Lv. Hare Crt. Mr. at Dr. Rippon's.

Shenstone ; Barbican, Mr. Dunn ; 13. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Nicol.

Peter St. Dr. Ripponi. Tlie Wise and Foolish Virgins,

MINISTERS SUPPLYING AT 16. LORD's Day Ev, Broad Str. Mr. Surry Chapel, Mr. Williams, of Warwick

Townsend ; Devonshire S4. Mr. Spa Fields, Mr. Stodhart.
Sbenstone ; Orange Str. Mr. Bur. Sion Chapel, Mr. T. Bennett.
der; Crown Crt. Mr. Hyati; Bar, Hoxton, Mr. Hillyard, of Bedford.
The Morning Lecture at Crown Crt. is changed from Tuesday to Wedvesday.



AFRIC, at length, has heard the joyful sound, . “ Thy sons are free! Fallen is the knotted scourge, 66 And burst the iron bonds! The oppressor's arm “ Hangs powerless, and brandishes the thong, “ The blood-stain'd thong, and torturing lash - no more !"

• Is there a heart, all warm with British blood,
And born in Freedom's favourite isle, but hails
The dawning light on that ill-fated race,
Whose lingering years of ever-hopeless woe
(Unheard the voice of Friendship, and the ties
Or sweet affection suadered) long have dragged
Their weary round in Slavery's galling chains,
Whose lips have drained, even to the very dregs,
The bitter cup of bondage, -- and whose sighs
Unheard by all but Him who, gracious, hears
Alike the voice of master and of slave,
Of Afric's rude and England's polished sons ?
Lives there the man who, sunk in brutal ease,
Luxurious, feels no joy that thou art free ? :
Nor thinks, while seated at his festive board,
Thy tears have watered, and thy sighs have fanned,
The rich nectareous juices he enjoys ?
Oh! look, my soul, with horror on that man !
With him I claim no kindred; but to thee,
Poor and oppressed, an unenlightened slave,
With warm affection turn, and call thee “Friend,
“ Brother beloved, though of a sable hue !"

Oh!' that in nearer bondage we were join'd
To the same living Head; and both had drank
of the same living Fountain, that for sin
Flows ceaseless, undiminished; and were both
Baptized into his death who dy'd for man!

The time shall come, nor distant be the date,
When the wide-spreading word, to farthest climes,
By promise long foretold, shall freely come;
When thou, my brother, shalt the promise share,
And hear of Jesus, and thy Saviour bless!
In patient expectation of that day,
Much I rejoice thy earthly bonds are broke!'

But shall I joy for thee, nor for myself,
Lift up the adoring voice, and tell his praise,
Whose more abounding grace on me has shone, weil
Who, on the cross, my glory, gave his life
A ransom for my sins, and, full of love
And tender mercy, dy'd to set me free?
Me, once a slave, in stronger fetters held;
And chains more galling, more enduring bonds,
Than Indian masters lay on Afric's sons !
Hard and oppressive as they are, and deaf
To Pity's voice, they but the body bind
In life-enduring bonds : but me, soul-chain'd-
And blind of heart, a willing slave to sin,
Frous infant years the powers of darkness held
With iron grasp and heart-benumbing bonds,
Tied to a loog eternity of woe,
Hogging my chains, reluctant to be freel

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O Love, beyond the stretch of human thought ?
Who, less than God incarnale, could behold,
With such designs of mercy, one so vile ?
Who, but the God of Love, devise the plan?
Who, but with arm omnipotent, could save ?

Burst forth, my tears, and ease my labouring heart,
Oppress'd with sense of mercy so divine,
To me rebellious, hardened, dead in sin:
Yet he not now the tears of deep despair,
As once, when conscience-struck, I stood appallid,
And, Christless, sought in vain to find relies;
Plung d in the deepening gulph, in which no beam
Of cheering light shewed the desired shore !

Mysterious are thy ways, Eternal; nor as ours
Thy thoughts, on mercy se intent to save,
When hope itself was dead, and all was dark
And dreary as the grave, the cold retreat
Of Him, whose only hope is endless sleep!

Oh! why to me was this salvation sent?
Why, Lord, to me, unholy and unclean,
Unhop'd, unask'd for, was thy heavenly love
Thus graciously display'd, and the hard bonds
of Death and Hell dissevered, and the balm
Of holy consolation poured profuse,
To heal the galling wounds that Sin had made?

Infinite goodness ! - love beyond degree !
What tongue can speak thy praise ! - what heart conceive
The depth of that immeasureable grace
To me abounding, when my Jesus bore
My sins, and on the cross expir'd for me!

In humble adoration, Lord, Lown
Thy ways inscrutable to morial powers ;
But faith prevailing, sees the sacred truth,
And trusts the full completion of thy word.

With love to thee, my Jesus and my God,
Bc filled my heart, nor let one doubt intrude
of all that thou hast proinised to the soul
That, huinbled in the dust looks sole to thee
For pardon, peace, acceptance, and the crown
or life and glory, which, ere time began,
Thou for thy chosen hast prepared in Heaven!

Extatic thought! and shall for me this love
Flow nieassireless, unmerited, and free:
Oh, for a more appropriating faith,
To view my interest in this boundless grace!
“Lord, I believe : help thou mine unbelief !” AGONIZOMESOS.

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A SUMMER'S MORN. Stars withdraw and man arises,
Sweet the beams of rosy morning,

To his labour cheerful goes : Silent chic ng gloom away ;

Day's returning blessings prizes, Lovely tints the sky a dorning,

And in praise his pleasure shows Harbingers of opening day!

May each morn, that in succession See the King of Day appearing,

Ådds new mercies ever Aowing, Slow his progress and serene ;

Leave a strong and deep impression Soon I feel the influence cheering of this grand and lovely scene !

Of my debt for ever growing!

Deht of love, ah! how increasing! Lovely songsters join their voices, Days and years fresh blessings bring i

Harmony the grove pervades ; But my praise shall flow unceasing, All in nature now rejoices,

And my Maker's love I'll sing ! Light and joy succeed the shades. Westminster.


Printed by G. AUID, Greville Strcet, Londono

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Tor:Rudolph Huber, late Minister at f Elizabeths in Bruselis

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