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HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY. HISTORICAL SKETCHES of the SOUTH ANECDOTES of the MANNERS and of INDIA, in an Attempt to trace the History of Mysobr, CUSTOMS of LONDON, froin the ROMAN INVASION from the Origin of the Hindoo Government of that State to the Year 1900. to the Extinction of the Mohammedan Dynasty in 1799 ; By JAMES PELLER MALCOLM, F.S.A. founded chiefly on Indian Authorities, collected by the In 1 vol. 4to. with 18 Engravings, Price 31. 38. in Bds. Author while officiating for several years as Political Also in 3 vols. 8vo. Price 21. 2. in Boards. Resident at the Court of Mysoor. In 2 vols.

MEMOIRS of the LIFE and ADMINISBy Lieut. Colonel MARK WILKS. In to. with Maps. Vol. 1. Price 91. 28. in Boards. TRATION of Sir ROBERT WALPOLE, Earl of ORVol. II. is in the Press.

FORD, with original Correspondence and authentis SÍR JOHN FROISSART'S CHRONI- By the Rev. WILLIAN COXE, M.A. F.R.S. F. A.S. OLES of ENGLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, and the adjoin Archdeacon of Wilts, and Rector of Bemerton. ing Countries, from the latter Part of the Reign of Ed

In 3 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 48. Boards. ward II. to the Coronation of Henry IV. Newly translated from the French Editions, with Variations and By the Rev. WILLIAM COXE, M.A. F. R. S. F.A.S.

LIFE of HORATIO LORD WALPOLE. Additions from many celebrated MSS. By THOMAS JOHNES, Esq. M.P.

Archdeacon of Wilts, and Rector of Bemerton. To which is prefixed, a Life of the Author, an Essay

A new Edition. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 128. on his Works, a Criticism on his History, and a Disser THE HISTORY of the ANGLO SAXONS. tation on his Poetry. The 3d Edition. In 12 vols. 8vo.

The First Volume, containing their History before their Price 71. 48. in Boards.

Invasion of Britain, and their subsequent History in THE CHRONICLES of ENGUERRAND England to the Norman Conquest, including the Life of de MONSTRELET; beginning at the Year 1400, where Alfred, and the Account of the Seakings and Pirates of that of Sir John Froissart finishes, and ending at the

the North.-The Second Volume, describing their ManYear 1467, and continued by others to the Year 1516.

ners, Government,

Laws, Poetry, Literature, Religion, Translated by THOMAS JOHNES, Esq. M. P.

and Language.

By SHARON TURNER, F. A. s. In 12 vols. Svo. with a 4to vol. of Plates, Price 77. 4s.

In 2 vols. 4to. Price 31. 38. in Boards. The Second in Boards. In 5 vols. 4to. Price 211. án Boards.

Edition, corrected and enlarged, with an Introduction, A few Copies may be had in folio, with coloured

on the History of Britain before the Artival of the Plates.

of Nottingham Castle and

EMPIRE of GREAT BRITAIN ; in which are Memoire 1 Town, Representative of the County of Nottingham in

and Characters of the nost celebrated Person of each the Long Parliament, and of the Town of Nottingham

Family. VO

in the First Parliament of Charles I. &c. With original England and Scotland) with tie Arms neatly engraver

Contemporaries, and a Summary Review of Public on Wood. Price 24s. in Boards. 21

Allen Apsley, Lieutenant of the Tower, &c. Now first ness, Volume IV. containing the Peerage of Ireland. published from the original Manuscript.

COLLINS' PEERAGE of ENGLAND, By the Rev. JULIUS HUTCHINSON. To which is prefixed, the Life of Mrs. Hutchinson, and brought down to the present Time.

with very considerable Alterations and Improvements, written by herself, a Fragment. Embellished with Two By Sir SAMUEL EGERTON BRYDGES. elegantly engraved Portraits, and a View

of Nottingham Castle. Third Edit. In 2 vols. Svo. Price Il. 18.

In 9 vols. 8vo. Price 91. 98. in Boards.
A few Copies of the 4to. are remaining on large

THE PEERAGE of SCOTLAND, conPaper. Price A. 128. 64. in Boards.

taining an Historical and Genealogical Account of the a The present volume forms a varuable addition to our Tecords, Nobility of that Kingdom, from their Origin to the preand is justly entitled to stand by the side of those of Rushworth,

sent Generation, collected from the Public Records, Clarendon, and Ludlow." Mon. Rev. “We have not often met with any thing more interesting and carious than this


Chartularies, the Charters, and other Writings of the NAVAL and MILITARY MEMOIRS

Nobility, &c of

By Sir ROBERT DOUGLAS, of Glenbervie, Bart. GREAT BRITAIN, from 1727 to 1783.

Revised and corrected, with a Continuation to the By ROBERT BEATSON, Esq. LL. D.

present Period. By JOHN PHILIP WOOD, Esq. in % The Second Edition, with a Continuation. In 6 vols. vols. folio. 101. 108.; and large paper, 15l. 158. Sro. Price 31. 38. in Boards.

ANECDOTES of the LIFE of the Right A POLITICAL INDEX to the HISTO- Hon. WILLIAM PITT, EARL of CHATHAM, and of the RIES OF GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND; or, a com- principal Events

of his Time, with his Speeches in Park plete Register of the Hereditary Honours, Public liament, from the Year 1736 to the Year 1778. Ollices, and Persons in Office, from the earliest Periods The 7th Edit. In 3 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 118. Gd. Bds. to the present Time. By ROBERT BEATSON, LL.D. The Third Edition, corrected and much enlarged. SPEECHES of the late Right Hon. WILLIAM PITT, in

A Genuine and Corrected REPORT of the In 3 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 118.6d. in Boards. “The public are certainly obliged to the author for the conpile- the House of Commons, from his Entrance in Parlia ment and publication of so useful a work; a work produced at the ment in 1781 to the Close of the Session in 1905. Dediexpense of much time and great labour, and executed with "strict cated, by Permission, to Lord Grenville, and aided by fidelity." Mon. Rev.

MISCELLANEOUS ANECDOTES, illus- Houses of Parliament. The Second Edition. In 3 vols. trative of the Manners and History of Europe, during 8vo. Price 11. IIs. 6d. Boards. the Reigns of Charles II. James II. William ir. and


Right Hon. WILLIAM WINDHAM; to which is prefixed, In 8vo. Price 128. in Boards.

some Account of his Life. By THOMAS AMYOT, Esq. LONDINIUM REDIVIVUM, or an an

In 3 vols, 8vo. Price 11. 168. Boards. eient History, and modern Description of LONDON, Also in a State of Forwardness, the Speeches of the compiled from Parochial Records, Archives of various late Rt. Hon. C. J. FOX, and the Rt. Hon. EDM.BURKE. Foundations, the Harleian Mss. and other authentic BIOGRAPHIE MODERNE; or, Lives of Sources. By JAMES PELLER MALCOLM, F.S.A.

remarkable Characters who have distinguished themIn Four Volumes 4to. Price 71. 78. in Boards.

selves from the Commencement of the French RevoANECDOTES of the MANNERS and lution to the present Time, in which all the Facts CUSTOMS of LONDON during the 18th Century, in which concern them are related in the most impartial eluding the Charities, Depravities, Dresses, and Amuse and authentic Mamer. FROM THE FRENCH.

In 3 vols. Svo. Price 1l. Ils. 6d. in Boards. mients rebec Citizens of London, during that period,

The Edinburgh Reviewers speak with confidence which is added, a Sketch of the Domestic and Eccle of the accuracy of this work, from their own knowledge siastical Architecture of the various Improvements in of the sources of its information, and recommend it as the Metropolis. Illustrated by 50 Engravings. highly interesting in various points of view, and pre

By JAMES PELLER MALCOLM, F. S. A. senting us with portraits of beings, whose names we The 20 Edit. in 8 vals, 8vo. Price Il. 108. in Boards. still recal with sensations of astonishinent and terror.



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CHRONICLE of the CID, Rodrigo Diaz THE UNIVERSAL, BIOGRAPHICAL, de Bivar, the Campeador.


including Thirteen Thousand Lives of eminent Persons In 4to. Price 11. 158.

of all Ages and Nations, the Succession of Sovereign

*Princes, and above Twenty-five Thousand Dates, reTHE HISTORY of BRAZIL. Part First. vised, enlarged, and brought down to the present Time. By ROBERT SOUTHEY. In 4to. Price 21. 28. Bds. By JOHN WATKINS, LL.D. Price 188. in Boards. THE HISTORY of SPAIN, from the ear

A SUCCINCT HISTORY of the Geograliest Period to the Close of the Year 1809.

phical and Political Revolutions of the Empire of Ger

many, or the principal States which composed the By JOHN BIGLAND.

Empire of Charlemagne, from his Coronation in 814 to In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 17. 48. in Boards.

its Dissolution in 1806; with some Account of the Genea. " The author has produced a pleasing and useful work. It will be received as a welcome present, by such of our raders as may

logies of the Imperial House of Hapsburgh, and of the be desirous of taking a glance at the scenes formerly acted upon the Six Secular Eiectors of Germany; and of the Roman, theatre of that eveatful arama, which at present so strongly fixes the German, French, and English Nobility. attention of the civilized world." Eclec. Rev.

By CHARLES BUTLER, Esq. In 8vo. Price 128. Bds.

* Mr. Burder has produced a work of great curiosity and interest, THE HISTORY of EUROPE, from the and one which must at tre present period be peculiarly acceptable:

We now, indeel, of no other work, in this or in any language, in .Peace of 1783 to the present Time; exhibiting a View which this regular series of information on the Germanic Empire of the Commotions in Holland and Brabant, the Wars can be found.' Brit. Crit. July, 1813. between Russia, Austria, the Ottoman Porte, and Sweden, the Annihilation of the Kingdom of Poland,

SOME ACCOUNT of the LIFE and WRITthe Revolution of France, and the Wars which have INGS of JAMES BENIGNE BOSSUET, Bishop of Meaux. proceeded from that extraordinary Event, with the By CHARLES BUTLER, Esq. In post 8vo. Price 78. Bds. recent Revolutions in Spain, Portugal, and Sweden. By JOHN BIGLAND.

THE LIFE of FENELON, Archbishop of In 2 large

ols. Svo. Price ll. 48. in Boards. Cambray. Author of Telemachus, &c. post 8vo. 78. Bds. THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the

LIVES of MARCUS VALERIUS MESearliest Period to the Close of tbe Year 1812.


with Notes and Illustrations. To which is added, an In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 168. in Boards.

Account of the Families of the Five First Cæsars.

By the Rev. EDWARD BERWICK, A HISTORY of the COLLEGES, HALLS, Author of the Translation of the Life of Apollonius of and PUBLIC BUILDINGS attached to the University of

. Oxtord, including the Lives of the Founders.

A NARRATIVE of the late CAMPAIGN By ALEX. CHALMERS, F.S.A. In 2 vols. demy 8vo. Price 1l. 118. 6d. Hlustrated by Sources, and from intercepted French Documents

in RUSSIA; containing Information drawn from official a Series of Engravings. A few Copies in 4to. with Im hitherto unknown to the British Public. pressions of the Plates on India Paper, Price 61. 6s. Bds.

By Sir ROBERT KER PORTER. "A fitter person to execute this task thao Mr. Chalmers could not perhaps have been found, long versed in every branch of in

Illustrated with Plans, &c. of the general Movements quiry relative to the history, biography, and antiquities, as well as of both Armies, during their Advance and Retreatpractised in the art of writing, of a discriminating mind and cool

and a Portrait of the late General Kutusoff. judgment." Brit. Crit,

Second Edition. In 8vo. Price 16s. Boards. A HISTORY of the UNIVERSITY, of authentic detail of the mortification, dispersion, and effectual defeat

“We insert in our Journal, and not without some exultation, an CAMBRIDGE, including the Lives of the Founders. of the most lawless and sanguinary awbition 'which ever afflicted By GEORGE DYER.

or disgraced suffering humanity. The circumstances are related With a Series of illustrative Engravings, to corre

in this volume from authority which cannot be disputed. It will be

perused by all with an eager and an anxious interest." Brit. Crit. spond with Chalmers's History of Oxford. In 2 vols. demy 8vo. Price ; in 2 vols. super-royal 8vo.

THE HISTORY of the LIVES and ACalso, a few Copies on demy 4to. with Impressions of the TIONS of the most famous HIGHWAYMEN, STREET Plates on India paper.

ROBBERS, &c. &c. To which is added, a Genuine LETTERS of MADAME LA MARQUISE noted Pirates. By CAPTAIN CHARLES JOHNSON.

Account of the VOYAGES and PLUNDERS of the most DU DEFFAND to the Hon. HORACE WALPOLE, after

New Edition. In Svo. Price 12s. Boards. wards Earl of Orford, from the Year 1766 to the Year 1780. To which are added, Letters of Madame Du SOME DETAILS concerning GENERAL Deffand to Voltaire. Published from the Originals at MOREAU, and his last Moments. Followed by a short Strawberry Hill. In 4 vols. 12mo. with a Portrait, &c. Biographical Memoir. By PAUL SVININE. Price 21. 28. in Boards.

Charged to accompany the General on the Continent. * These volumes are valuable for a great variety of anccdotes relating to distinguished characters, principally of our country, and

Price 5s. 6d. in Boards, embellished with a fine Porfor the judgment passed on then by a person so highly acconi

trait, by CARDINI. plished, and endowed with such remarkable gond sense and know

The same Work may be had in English, 58. 6d. ledge of the world, as Madame Du Deffand."" von. Rev.

SHIPWRECKS and DISASTERS at SEA; A HISTORY of IRELAND, from the ear or, Historical Narratives of the most noted Calamities lest Accounts to the Accomplishment of the Union with and providential Deliverances which have resulted from Great Britain in 1801. By the Rev. JAMES GORDON, Maritime Enterprise, with a Sketch of various ExpediRector of Killegny in the Diocese of Ferns, and of Can. ents for preserving the Lives of Mariners. Handsomely paway in the Diocese of Cork. In 2 vols. Svo. Price 11. 4s. printed in 3 vols. Svo. with 2 Maps. Price 11. 16s. Boards.

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Medicine, Surgery, and Chemistry. The SURGICAL WORKS of JOHN


luine the First. By JOHN BELL, Surgeon. ABERNETHY, F.R.S.&c. &c. &c.-Part I. On the Con.

In 1 large vol. royal 4to. illustrated by 10 Engrav. stitutional Origin, Treatment of Local Diseases, and

ings, many of them accurately coloured from Nature. on Aneurisms, Price is. in Bds.--Part II. On Diseases

Price 4l. 48. resembling Syphilis, and on Diseases of the Urethra,

Volume the Second. In Two Price 68. in Bds.-- Part III. On Injuries of the Head, and Miscellaneous Subjects, Price is. in Bds.- Part IV. Parts, royal 4to. illustrated by numerous Engravings. On Lumbar Abscesses and Tunours, Price 68. in Bds. Price 5l. 58. The Whole may be had together, in 2 vols. 8vo. Price

Volume the Third. In royal H, 6s, in Boards.

Ito. illustrated with 37 Engravings. Price 21, 28. Eds.

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7 A SYSTEM of OPERATIVE SURGERY, The PRINCIPLES. of MIDWIFERY; founded on the Basis of Anatomy.

including the Diseases of Women and Children. By CHARLES BELL.

By JOHN BURNS, la & vols.-8vo. illustrated with Engravings. Lecturer of Midwifery, and Member of the Faculty of

Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. ENGRAVINGS from SPECIMENS of

The Second Edition. In Svo. Price 128. in Boards. MORBID PARTS, preserved in the Author's Collection now in Windmill Street, and selected from the Divisions THE MORBID ANATOMY of the LIVER; inscribed, URETHRA, VESICA, REN, MORBOSA, et being an Inquiry into the Anatomical Character, Symp. LÆSA, containing Specimens of every Disease which is toms, and Treatment of certain Diseases which impair attended with Change of Structure in these Parts, and or destroy the Structure of that Viscus. Order 1.- Tu. exhibiting the Injuries from the Bougie, Catbeter, Caus MOURS. Part I. On the Tubera Circumscripta, and Tu. tic, Trochar, and Lithotomy Knife, incautiously used. bera Diffusa. By J. R. FARRE, M. D. With Observations, by CHARLES BELL.

Part I. In imperial 4to. illustrated with coloured En. In imperial folio, Fasciculus I. Price 11. 168. gravings. Price 158. The ANATOMY of the HUMAN BODY. Liver will occupy a Series of 'Twelve or Thirteen co

The Subjects of Tumours and Inflammation of the By JOHN and CHARLES BELL, Surgeons. loured Engravings, some of which will contain 'Three or A New Edition, considerably improved, complete in more Figures. The wile will be completed either in 3 vols. 8vo. Price 21. 68. in Boards. Containing, Vol. 1. Four or Six Fasciculi. The Anatomy of the Bones, Muscles, and Joints; and of the Heart.--Vol. II. The Arteries, Veins, and Lyın

A VIEW of the NERVOUS TEMPERA pbatic System, the Brain, and Nerves.-Vol. Ill. The

MENT; being a Practical Inquiry into the increasing Organs of the Lentes, the Viscera of the Abdomen and Prevalence, Prevention, and Treatment of those Disof the Pelvis.

eases commonly called Nervous, Bilious, Stomach, and ENGRAVINGS of the ARTERIES, illus- Liver Complaints; Indigestion, Low Spirits, Gout, &c.

By THOMAS TROTTER, M. D. trating the Second Volume of the Anatomy of the Hu The 2d Edition. In 1 vol. Svo. Price 6s, in Boards. man Body, by JOHN BELL, Surgeon; and serving as an Introduction to the Surgery of the Arteries, byCHARLES An ESSAY, Medical, Philosophical, and BELL, Surgeon. Superbly printed in imperial 8vo. Chemical, on DRUNKENNESS, and its Effects on the The Third Edition. Price 158. in Boards, or with Plates, Human Body. By 'THOMAS TROTTER, M. D. finely coloured, Price Il. Is. Boards.

The 4th Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 6s, in Boarda. “We have 'seen no work better calculated for giving clear ideas on this important branch of anatomy, and we strongly recommend CONVERSATIONS on CHEMISTRY. it to our medical friends, as at once a very useful and highly ornamental addition to their libraries." dion. Rev.

In which the Elements of that Science are familiarly ENGRAVINGS of the BONES, MUS- explained and illustrated by Experiments. In 2 vols.

1?ino. with Plates by Lowry. The 4th Edit. 5. Bes, CLES, and JOINTS, illustrating the First Volume of the “ This work may be strongly recommended to young studenis of Anatoiny of the Human Body.

both sexes. The perspicuity of the style, the regular di position of By JOHN BELL, Surgeon.

the subject, the j.dicious selection of illustrating experimenis, und In 4to. with about 200 Pages of explanatory Letter.

the elegance of the plates, are so wel adapted to the capa ity of

beginners, and especially of those who do not wish to dive derp in. press. The Third Edition. Price 12. ils.6d, in Boards. the science, thai a more appropriate pub.ication cau liardly to LETTERS concerning the DISEASES of

lesir. d." Lrit. Crit. the URETHRA. By CHARLES BELL.

The MEDICAL GUIDE, for the Use of In Svo. Price 78. 6d. in Boards.

Families and Young Practitioners, or Students in Me. The ANATOMY of the BRAIN; explained dicine and Surgery being a complete System of mo.

dern and domestic Medicine; exhibiting in familiar in a series of Eugravings, beautifully coloured, with a

Terms the latest and most important Discoveries reDissertation on the Communication between the Ven.

lative to the Prevention, Distinction, Causes, and Cure tricles of the Brain.

By CHARLES BELL. Fellow of the Royal College of Surg ons of Edinburgh. sumption of the Lungs, Asthma, Indigestion, Flatulence,

of Diseases by Medicine and Diet, particularly Cou. In royal 4to. Price 21. 2s. in Boards.

Gout, Scrofula, Palsy, Rhewnatism, Cancer, Worms, A SERIES of ENGRAVINGS, explaining Nervous aud Bilious Complaints, the Diseases of chil

. the Course of the NERVES. By CHARLES BELL,

dren, &c. &c. To which are added, a Family DispenFellow of the Royal College of Surgeous. On royal 4to

satory and a Copious Appendix, containing explicit with Letter-press Descriptions. Price 11. 18. in Boards.

Instructions for the ordinary Management of Children,

and such Cases or Accidents which require immediato A SYSTEM of DISSECTIONS; explain- Aid, &c. By RICHARD REECE, M. D. ing the Anatomy of the Human Body; with the Manner

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Author of a of displaying the Parts, the distinguishing th. Natural

Treatise on the Lichen Islandicus, in Diseases of the from the Diseased Appearances, and pointing out to the

Lungs, &c. The Tenth Edition, considerably enlarged

and corrected. In one vol. 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. Boards. Student the Objects most worthy his Attention, during a Course of Dissections. By CHARLES BELL.

" It is or importance that every man should be enabled to know

something of the laws of life, the oature of diseases, and the most The Third Edition. In 2 vols. foolscap. Price 12s. Bds. rational modes of cure. For ibis purpose Dr. Reece's bouk is better

adapted than any with which we are acquainted; it is more scienA SYSTEM of DISSECTIONS; explain-litic and judicious than the domestic medicine, or Buonan, which we ing the Anatomy of tive Human Boxly, the Manner of

have no doubt it wil soon encrely sup. ssede." Cr. Rev. displaying the Parts, and their Varieties in Disease. A PRACTICAL DICTIONARY of PO.

Illustrated with Engravings. The Second Edition.

PULAR MEDICINE, comprehending the different In folio. Price 31. 38. in Boards.

Branches of the Healing Art, so far as they relate to

the Preservation of the Health of Man, residing in dif. OBSERVATIONS on those DISEASES of ferent Climates, and engaged in different Occupations, FEMALES, which are attended by Discharges. lllus

as well as the general Treatment of his Diseases anii trated by Copper-plates of the Diseases.

Accidents; viz. Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery, Mid. By CHARLES MANSFIELD CLARKE,

wifery, Pharmacy, Diel, Cloathing, Exercise, &c. &c. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons; Surgeon to

By RICHARD REECE, M.D. the Queen's Lying-in Hospital; and Lecturer on Mid A new Edit. In 8vo. with Additions, Price 166. Boards:

wifery in London. In one volume royal 8vo. Part I. Mucous Discharges.


TIONS, published by the Medical and Chirurgical SoA SYSTEM of MATERIA MEDICA and ciety of London. With Plates, some of which are beau. PHARMACY. By JOHN MURRAY,

tifully coloured. In 4 vols. Price 31. 58. Bds. Lecturer on Chemistry, and on Materia Medica and may be had separate, Price 12, 18. Boards. Pharmacy, Edinburgh. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price Il. 18. Bds.


In royal bvo, illustrated with eight Engravings, ang a Lecturer on Midwifery, and Member of the Faculty of Portrait of the Author. zle plaiu, and ih 11., 6d. cold. Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow. In dyo. , Bds.


Vol. IV.

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PRINTED FOR LONGMAN, HURST, REES, ORME, AND BROWN. The LONDON DISPENSATORY, con OUTLINES of the ANATOMY of the taining the Elements and Practice of Materia Medica HUMAN BODY, in its Sound and Diseased State. and Pharmacy, with a Translation of the Pharmacopæias By ALEXANDER DIONRO, jun. M. D. F. R. S. E. of the London, the Edinburgh, and the Dublin Colleges Professor of Medicine, Anatomy, and Surgery, in the of Physicians; many useful Tables; and Copper-plates University of Edinburgh, Fellow of the Royal College of the Pharmaceutical Apparatus. The whole firmmg of Physicians, and one of the Physicians to the Gene. a Synopsis of Materia Medica and Therapeutics.

ral Dispensary of Edinburgh. In Four Volumes gyo. By ANTHONY TODD THOMSON, Surgeou. with 16 Copper-plates, Price 31. 26. in Boards. Fellow of the Medical Society of London, and of the Royal Medical, the Physical, and the Speculative So.

A PRACTICAL SYNOPSIS of CUTAcieties of Edinburgh. In $vo. Price 165. in Boards. NEOUS DISEASES, according to the Arrangement of LECTURES on DIET and REGIMEN;

Dr. Willan, exhibiting a concise View of the Diagnostic

Syinptoms, and the Method of Treatment. being a systematic Inquiry into the most rational Means

By THOMAS BATEMAN, M. D. F. L. S. of preverving Health, and prolonging Life; togetber Physician to the Public Dispensary and to the Fever with Physiological and Chemical Explanations, calcu. Institution. 8vo. Illustrated by a coloured Plate of the lated chiefly for the Use of Families, in order to banish Eight Orders. Second Edit. Price 126. in Boards. the prevailing Abuses and Prejudices in Medicine, « We consider it the only book extant that cootains a compreBy A. F. M. WILLICH, M.D.

hensive yet explicit account and scientific arrangement of the disIn one large vol. 8vo. The Fourth Edition, enlarged

eases of the skin." Med. and Physical Journal, Nap. 1813. and improved. Price 98. in Boards.

A TREATISE on the HISTORY, NAWe have said enough to evince that the writer has fulilled all his promises; and, on the whole, has given by far the fullest, most

TURE, and TREATMENT OF CHINCOUGH; includ. perfcrt, and comprehensive dietetic system that has yet appeared." ing a variety of Cases and Dissections. To which is Crit. Rou.

" This work is not only a valuable accension to subjoined, an Inquiry into the relative Mortality of medical science, but must prove na mestimable accommodation both to families and individuals situated at a distance from regular

the principal Diseases of Children, and the Numbers advice." New London Rev.

who have died unler Ten Years of Age, in Glasgow,

during the last Thirty Years. By ROBERT WATT, M.D. OBSERVATIONS on the NATURE and Lecturer on the Theory and on the Practice of Medi. CURE of DROPSIES. To which is added, an Appendix,

cine in Glasgow, ' Price 10s. 61. Boards. qontaining several Cases of Angiua Pectoris, with Dis

This Treatise, though expressly written for the sections, &c. &c. By JOHN BLACKALL, M. D.

Profession, is so far adapted to the general Reader, as Physician of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, and to

to enable him to apply the ordinary Remedies with the Lunatic Asylum, near Exeter. In śvo. 108. 6d. Bds.

success, and to judge when further medical assistance

is necessary, An INQUIRY into the PROCESS of NATURE in repairing Injuries of the Intestines; illustrat.

A TREATJSE on VETERINARY MEDI. ing the Treatment of Penetrating Wounds and Stran.

CINE, By JAMES WHITE, of Exeter, gulated Hernia. By BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Late Veterinary Surgeon of the First, or Royal Regi. Demonstrator of Anatomy at Guy's Hospital, Surgeon ment of Dragoons. New Edition. In 3 yols, 120o.

to the Hon. East India Company, and to the London Price 188. Boards.
Infirmary for Diseases
of the Eye.

In I vol. 8vo. Price 158. in Boards.
"To the merits of this very valuable and interesting Publication,

By THOMAS THOMSON, M. D. F. R, S. we give our unequivocal testimony." Mon. Rev. Oct. 1812.

In 8vo. Price 108, bd. Boards,

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Divinity. THE HOLY BIBLE, containing the Old A New Literal TRANSLATION from the and New Testaments, and the Apocrypha, with Critical, Original Greek of the APOSTOLICAL EPISTLES, with Philological and Explanatory Noies.

a Commentary, and Notes Philological, Critical, ExplaBy the Rev. JOHN HEWLETT, B. D.

Aatory, and Practical. To which is added, a History of Late of Magdalen College, Cambridge; Chaplain in the Life of the Apostle Paul. Ordinary to llis Royal Highness the Prince Regent;

By JAMES MACKNIGHT, D.D. Morning Preacher at the Foundling Hospital, &c. Illus In 4 vols. Svo, Price 21. es. in Bas. The 4th Edit. To trated with Maps, and 120 Engravings, from Pictures wbich is prefixed, an Account of the Life of the Author, of the great Masters, in the various Schools of Paint *** A few Copies are remaining, vith the Greek, In ing: In 3 large vols. demy 4to. Price 111.48. in Boards; 6 vols. 8vo. Price 31. 138, 60. and on royal paper, 1tl. 8s.; or the demy, without

DISCOURSES on various SUBJEOTS. By Plates, $1. The interpretation of doctrinal points is strictly con

JER. TAYLOR, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary to King formable to the Litiugy and Articles of the Established

Charles I. and late Lord Bishop of Down and Connor Church, as received and taught by our Bishops, and the

A new Edition. In s vols. 8vo. Price Il, 18. in Boards, great body of the regular Clergy. It is a little remark THE LIFE and DEATH of the ever blessed able, that no Bible, of this character, accompanied with

JESUS CHRIST, the Saviour of the World, with Consi. any thing deserving the name of a Commentary, bas issued from the Englisi press during the last 50 years.

derations and Discourses upon the several Parts and

Prayers fitted to the several Mysteries,

FP; or, a view of the Four Grand Systems of Religion; Chaplain in Ordinary to King Charles the Second,
Judaism, Paganism, Christianity, and Mohammedisin,

In 2 vols, Svo, Price il. 48. in Boards. and of the various existiug Denominations, Sects, and THE RULE and EXERCISES of HOLY Parties in the Christian Worl%. To which is subjoined,

LIVING. a View of Deism and Atheisen.

By JEREMY TAYLOR, D.D. By the Rev. ROBERT ADIM, B.A. Oxford,

And edited by the Rev. Thomas Thirlwall, M. A. The Minister of the Episcopal Congregation, Blackfriar's

28th Edition. In one vol. Byo. Price 78. in Boards. Wynd, Edinburgh; and Chaplain to the Right Hon. the

THE RULE and EXERCISES of HOLY Earl of kelie. 'In 3 yols. Syo. Price 11. 118. 6d. in Bds.


By JER. TAYLOR, D.D, SERMONS on several SUBJECTS. By the

The anth Edition. Price 78; late Rex. WILLIAM PALLY, D. D. Subdean of Lin

RURAL PHILOSOPHY; or, Reflections com, Prebendary of St. Paul's, and Rector of Bishop Frearmouth, Aathor of Natural Theology, Moral Phi.

on Knowledge, Virtue, and Happiness, chiefly in refere losopby,"&c. In one vol. 8vo, The 6th Edit. 2os. 62.

ence to a Life of Retirement in the Country:

Ä HARMONY of the FOUR GOSPELS; The Gtb Edition. In Syo. Price 98. in Boards.

* To those who are of a serious and religions tuin of mind, these in which the natprat Order of each is preserved. With a

reflections will prove a grateful wisd valuble acquisition. We to Paraphrase and Notes. By JAMES MACKNIGHT, D.D.

omniend to theri an att stive peruial of tuis well written and trut les vols. Hvo. She ala Bulit. Price 1. 18. in Boards. commendable volupe," Mon. Rev.

EDUCATION. ORIENTAL CUSTOMS; or, an ILLUS THE HISTORY of ALL RELIGIONS, TRATION of the SACRED SCRIPTURES, by an ex with Explanations of the Doctrines and Onder of Wors planatory Application of the Customs and Manners of ship, as held and practised by all the Denominations of the Eastern Nations; and especially the Jews, therein professing Christians; comprebending a Series of Re. alluded to.. Collected from the most celebrated Tra searches explanatory of the Opinions, Customs, and vellers, and the most eminent Critics.

Representative Worship in the Churches which have By the Rev. SAMUEL BURDER, A.M.

been established from the beginning of Time to the of Clare Hall, Cambridge; Lecturer of the United commencement of the Christian Dispensation : conParishes of Christ Church, Dewgate Street, and St. taining much Information on Biblical Literature, at Leonard, Foster Lane. The Fourth Edition. In 2 vals. this Day unknown. By JOHN BELLAMY, Svo. Price 17. 18. Boards.

Author of the Ophion, and Biblical Criticisms in the & The work before us has not only been composed with consider Classical Journal. The Second Edition, with considerable labour, but this labour will be productive of much utility. The able Alterations and Additions, in 1emp. Price 68.; and arrangement of the observations, according to the order of Scripture, will render the work an acceptable book of reference to Di

in 8vo. fine paper and hotpressed, Price 108.6d. Boards. yines and Biblical Scholars.” Non. Rev. June, 1802. Jan. 1.810. DISCOURSES on UNIVERSAL RESTIA PORTRAITURE of QUAKERISM, as, TUTION, delivered to the Society of Protestant Dis

senters in Lewin's Mead, Bristol. taken from a View of the Moral Education, Discipline,

By JOHN PRIOR ESTLIN, LL.D. peculiar Customs, Religious Principles, Political and

In 8vo. Priee 18. Baands.
Civil Economy, and Character of the SOCIETY OF FRIENDS.

THE BOOK of COMMON PRAYER of Author of seyeral Essays on the Subject of the Slave the CHURCH of ENGLAND and TRELAND, the smallTrade. The Third Edition. In 3 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 78. est extant, elegantly printed in 32mo. Price 76. in

Morocco; or with New Version of Psalms, 78. 6d.

Education, An ENGLISH GRAMMAR; comprehending the PRINCIPLES and RULES of the LAN.

GUAGE, illustrated by appropriate EXERCISES, and a KEY to the EXERCISES.

By LINDLEY MURRAY. In Two pole. Svo. The Second Edition. Price Dye Guinea, in Boards. « We have had no grammarian, within the compass of our oritical career, who has employed 90 much labour and judgment upon our native language, as the author of these volumes. We are of opinion, that this edition of Mr. Murray's works ou English Grammar, deserves a place in Libraries, and will not fail to obtain it." Brit. Crit. “We have read this work with sufficient care, to be able to pronounce upon it, as a work of great correctness and perfection. We cannot dismiss tbese volumes witbout observing, that as they are intended for the higher classes of readers, they will be found particularly serviceable

to instructors, to young persons who have left school, and to foreigners." Chr. Ob. "Mr. Murray's English Grammar and Exercises have long_main. tained their reputation, as the works best adapted for the initiation of students in the principles of the English language. They are now united in an improved edition, printed with a large letter, and on a bner paper, in a form suited to the Library. The additions, it is stated, occupy more than ninety pages of the first volume; and are interspersed throughout the book. The whole well deserves the careful perusal of every student of our language; containing a copious and skilful analysis of its priņciyles, and inany jus and acute remarks on the peculiarities of its idiom and construction." Ann. Res.

AN ENGLISH SPELLING BOOK ; with ANABRIDGMENT of MURRAY'S ENG. Reading Lessons adapted to the Capacities of Children. LISH GRAMMAR. With an Appendix, containing Exu Three Parts, calculated to advance the Learners by ercises in Parsing, in Orthography, in Syntax, and in natural and easy Gradations; and to teach Orthography Punctuation. Designed for the younger Classes of and Pronunciation together. By LINDLEY MURRAY, Learners. The 39th Edit. Price 1s. bound.

In demy 18mo. The 16th Edit. Price 1s. 6d. bound.
u We recommend to the public this most importint little volume,

ENGLISH EXERCISES, adapted to as the only work with wbich we are acquainted, in the English MURRAY'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR ; consisting of Exlanguage, for teaching children to read, written by a philosopher and a map of taste." Lit. Journ." We can recoinnend it as the

emplifications of the Parts of Speech, Instances of False best work of the kind which has lately fallen under our inspec

Orthography, Violations of the Rules of Syntax, Defects tion." Andi Jae. “In this book are several useful things, not com iu Punctuation, and Violations of the Rules respecting madly fouad ia suel works, Brit. Orit. “ This little book is sin

Perspicuity and Accuracy. Designed for the Benefit gularly well adapted to answer the purpose for which it is in. tended." M. Rev." Mr. Murray has composed one of the best ele

of private Learners, as well as for the Use of Sahools. mentary books for children in ihe Euglish language." Crit. Rev.

The Isth Edit. 28. 6. " This is a very neat and useful elementary book." Chr. vb.


calculated to enable private Learners to become their FIRST BOOK FOR CHILDREN.

own Instructors in Grammar and Composition. Price By LINDLEY MURRAY.

28. 6d. bound. Tbe 11th Edition. The Exercises and The 9th Edition. Price 6d. sewed.

Key may be had together. Price 48. 6d. “ This very improve i Primer is intended to prepare the learner for the above-mentioned Spelling, Book, and is particularly in INTRODUCTION to the ENGLISH tended by the author to assist machers in the instruction of their young children." M. Rev.

READER; or, a Selection of Pieces, in Prose and Po.

etry, &c. By LINDLEY MURRAY. ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the

The Ilth Editivati Price 3s. bound. different Classes of Learners. With an Appendix, con THE ENGLISH READER; or, Pieces in taining Rules and Observations, for assisting the inore

Prose and Poetry, selected from the best Writers. advanced Students to write with Perspicuity and Ac

Designed to assist young Persons to read with Propriety enracy.

and Effect; to improve their Language and Sentiments; By LINDLEY MURRAY. 24th Edit. Price 4s. bound.

and to inculcate some of the most important Principles " Mr. Murray's English Grammar, English Exercises, and

of Piety and Virtue. With a few preliminary ObserAbridgment of the Grammar, claim our attention, on count of their being composer on the principle we have so frequently recom vations on the Principles of good Reading, mended, of combining religious and moral improvement with the

By LINDLEY MURRAY. elements of scientific knowledge. The late learned Ds. Blair gute

The Tenth Edition. Price 4s. 6d. bound. his opinion of it in the following lerng :- Mr. Lindley Nurray's Grammar, with the Exercises and the Key in a separare volume, SEQUEL to the ENGLISH READER ; I esteem as a most excellent performanoe, I thaiuk a superior to any work of that nature we have yet had, and am persna led that

or, Elegant Selections, in Prose and Poetry. Designed * is, by much, the best Grammar of the English language extant. to improve the higher Class of Learners in Reading to On Syntax, in particular, he has sbowo a wonderful degree of establish a Taste for just and accurate Composition; aeuteness and precision, in ascertaining the propriety of language,

and to proinote the Interest of Piety and Virtue. and in rectifying the numberless errors which writers are apt to commit. Most liseful there books nuust certainly be to all who are

By LINDLEY MURRAY. applying the weelves to the arts of composition." 'Guard. of Edre.

The Third Edition. Price 48.6d. bound.

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