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Corrected to March, 1814.







Periodicat publications and Fine Arts.

TURES. In Two Series. Publishing in Numbers and commencing from the Land's End Cornwall.

Parts. The First Series comprises Engravings of the By RICHARD AYTON.

whole of the Marquis of Stafford's Collection of Pic With a series of Views illustrative of the Character tures, arranged according to Schools, and in Chronolo and prominent Features of the Coast, drawn and en gical Order; with Remarks on each Picture. graved by WILLIAM DANIELL, A.R.A.

By W.Y.OTTLEY, Esq. F.S.A The design of this Voyage is to give a Descriptive

TWENTY-FIVE NUMBERS of this Series, Price Account of the Coast, and of every object worthy of

10s. 64. each; Proofs on India Paper, Price 1. 18.; or observation' in its Vicinity; of the Towns, Harbour's, correctly coloured

and mounted, 21. 12a 6d., which are Ferts, and the general character and appearance of the

divided into FIVE Parts, Priee si. 128. 6d. each ; Proof Shore round the Island,

on India Paper, Price 5l. 58.; or correctly coloured and 'The Voyage will be written by Mr Richard Ayton, mounted, Price 131. 28. 6d. are already published; to be and illustrated with coloured Prints, engraved by Mr. completed in about Fifty Numbers or Ten Parts. William Daniell, from his own Drawings, made express

The SECOND SERIES consists of Engravings of the finest ly for the purpose. It will be published in Monthly

Paintings of the old Masters, in the Cabinets, Galleries Nmnbers, each Namher to contain Two Plates, colour and Private Colleetions of Noblemen and Gentlemen ed, with sixteen pages of Letter-press. Price 108. 6d. who have liberally permitted the Proprietors to have The

present portion of the Work will consist of Four fine Copies taken of them for the use of this. Work, acu teen Numbers, forming one large voluine, in imperial companied with Descriptions, Historical and Critical quarto, price seven guineas.

TEN NUMBERS of this Series, Price 108. 64. each;

Proofs on ladia Paper, Price 1l. 18.; or exquisitely finish PORTRAITS of ILLUSTRIOUS PER

ed in colours and mounted, Price 6l. 68. are published; SONAGES of GREAT BRITAIN; with Biographical which form the Two FIRST PARTS, Price each 2h 128 6d.; and Historical Memoirs of their Lives and Actions. Proofs on India Paper, 51. 5$.; or exquisitely finished By EDMUND LODGE, Esq. Lancaster Herald, F. S. A. in colours and mounted, Price 316. 108 Author of the Biographical Tracts attáclied to the " When we consider the reputation and talents of the individuale * Holbein Heads."

concerned in the superintendance of this Wark, an examine also The Work which is now submitted for public approval

With impartiality the Specimens of their labours as far as they have

hitherto proceeded, it is equally impossible to withhold our praises will consist of a series of Portraits of illustrious Per. and admiration, and our most cordiał wishes for its frutal, perfect, sonages of Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest and most successful accoinplishment. periods to which authentic pictures can be traced to

"If the Work proceeds according to the Specimens produced

and there can exist but little doubt on this head, it promises to be about the year 1700, accompanied with Biographical

among the most splendid, beautiful, and delightful productions that Meinoirs of their Lives and Actions,

any time or country has exhibited of the kind."--Brit. Crit. The Work will consist of Twenty Parts, forming two THE NEW CYCLOPÆDIA; or, UNIvolumes in folio, printed in the finest inanner. Each Part will contain Six Portraits with Biographical Me

VERSAL DICTIONARY of Arts, Sciences, and Lite. moirs attached, published quarterly, and commencing

Porined upon a

more enlarged Plan of in January 1814. It will appear in two sizes, both in Arrangement than the Dictionary of Mr. Chambers; folio, fuar hundred copies being printed on a demy

comprehending the various Articles of that Work, with paper, and one biudred and fifty on drawing paper of

Additions and Improveinents; together with the new super-royal size, the latter containing proof impressions

Subjects of Biograpiy, Geography, and History; and of all the plates, struck off upon Indian Paper. The

adapted to the present state of Literature

and Science. price will be two guineas and a half each Part for the By ABRAHAM RCES, D.D. F.R.S. F.L. S. small edition; th price of the large paper copies,

Editor of tlie last Edition of Mr. Chambers's Dictionwhich will contain proof impressions of the plates upon

ary ; with the assistance of eminent professional GenIndian Paper, will be five guineas each part.

tlemen. Ilustrated with new Plates, including Maps, engraved for the Work by sorne of the most distinguishe


*** The Work may be purchased either periodically TRUVIUS; comprising those Books of the Author which in monthly Parts, or together, as may be most agree. relate to the public and private Edifices of the An able. Fifty-two Parts are already published, price 208 cients, translated

each; or on Royal Paper, with Proof Impressions of the By WILLIAM WILKINS, M. A. F.A.S.

Plates, price 368. each. Late Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; The Editor and Proprietors of the New Cyclopædia Author of the “Antiquities of Magna Græcia.” Hlus embrace with pleasure the earliest opportunity of ana trated by mumerous Engravings, with an Introduction, nouncing the period, when, without unforeseen and sontaining an Historical View of the Rise and Progress unavoidableinterruptions, their great undertaking will of Architecture amongst the Greeks. Part I. In Ele be accomplished. They bave published fifteen Parta phant 4to. illustrated by 14 Engravings by Lowry. during the last two years, and in consequence of mea. Price $1, Ss. Boards, and in royal follo, Price 61. 6s. Bds. sures,

lately adopted, they trust that they shall be able Part H. is in great forwardness.

to publish eight Parts in each succeeding year. Of the

seventy-two Parts which as they have now reason to THE FINE ARTS OF THE ENGLISH belieye, the Cyclopædia will comprehend, fifty-two are

already before the Publie; and the remaining twenty SCHOOL, comprising a Series of highly-finished Engrav. imgs, from Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, by

will, according to this arrangement, be completed with

in three years. the most eminent English Artists, each Subjcet accompanied by appropriate historical, descriptive, cri.

A PICTURESQUE VOYAGE to INDIA, tical, or biographical Letter-press.

by the way of CHINA. Edited by JOHN BRITTON, F.A.S.

By THOS. DANIELL, R.A. and WIL. DANIELL, A.RA. In large 4to. Price la 108.; and on Atlas 4to. 111. in Bds. in Polio, with 50 Engravings, finely coloured and

* A few Copies, with Proof Impressions of the Plates, mounted, with descriptive Letterpresa t* cach, hain na ludia Paper Price 161. 15$

bound, Russia-back. Price 1.2.

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The ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES A SERIES of ENGRAVINGS to illustrate of GREAT BRITAIN, displaying a Series of Select En DANTE. Engraved by Piroli of Rome, from Composi. gravings, representing the most beautiful, curious, and tions by JOHN FLAXMAN, R.A. In the possession of interesting ancient Edifices of this Country, with an

Thomas Hope, Esq.
Historical and Descriptive Account of each Subject. This Work consists of 111 Plates, illustrative of the

Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso of Dante, with De..
In 4 Vols. Medium and Imperial 4to.

scriptions in Italian, and the parallel Passages from “The engravings are executed in a superior style; the descrip Mr. Boyd's Translation. In folio. Price 41. 48. Boards. tions are sufficiently ample, and appear to be accurate ; and, unler the superintendence of so able an antiquary as Vr. Britton, there ESSAYS on the ANATOMY of EXPRES. can be no doubt that the succeeding parts will display a corresponit ing excellence." Anti Jac.

SION ID PAINTING, “ The plates are beautifully executed,

By CHARLES BELL. and the whole constitutes a pleasing rformance of a moderate

Price 21. 28. in Boards. price.” M. Rev. “ In the selection of specimens, Mr. Britton has “ This is a very elegant and interesting publication "-Edin, Rer. unquestionably shewn his judgment; a work so executed cannot fail to ineet encoura ement." Brit. Crit.


Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and Haymarket, TOL. By JOHN BRITTON, F. S. A.

printed under the Authority and by Permission of the Illustrated with Twelve Engravings of Plans, Views,

Managers from the Prompt-Books, with Biographical

and Critical Remarks. and Details, with an Account of the Monuments and

By Mrs. ÎNCHBALĎ. Anecdotes of eminent Persons connected with the

With elegant Engravings. In 25 vols. royal 18mo. Church; also an Essay on the Life and Character of

Price 61. 168. 6d, in Boards; or on fine Paper, with Thomas Chatterton.

Portraits and Proof Impressions of the Plates. Price

131. in Boards. In royal 8vo. price 168.; in medium 4to. price 11. 48.; and in imperial 4to. price 1l. 118. 6d. Boards.

The following are the Plays contained in this Work,

which may be purcbased separately. Price ls. each : ** The two Sizes in 4to. correspond with the Archi. tectural Antiquities of Great Britain.

1. Mountaineers; 2. Speed the Plough; 3. Wheel of "A structure highly interesting in itself is here completely

Fortune ; 4. Lovers' Vows; b. Inkle and Yarico; 6. Isarepresented, by plans and views sufficjent to convey the most accu

bella ; 7. Wild Oats; 8. Douglas; 9. Stranger; 10. Coun. rate notion of it. The plates are designed with taste, and executed try Girl; 11. Dramatist ; 12. Hamlet; 13. Greciau with skill." Brit. Crit. Nov, 1813.

Daughter; 14. Busy Body; 15. John Bull; 16. Tancred THE CATHEDRAL ANTIQUITIES of and Sigismunda; 17. All in the wrong; 18. Macbeth; ENGLAND; or, an Historical, Architectural, and Gra

19. Bold Stroke for a Wife; 20. Poor Gentleman; 21. phical Illustration of the English Cathedral Churches.

Such Things Are; 22. Oroonoko; 23. Love in a Village;

24. Road to Ruin; 25. Jane Shore; 26. Clandestine Mar. By JOHN BRITTON, F.S. A. Price 128. per Number in Medium 4to.; and 11. in Impe- riage; 27. Edward the Black Prince; 28. Merry Wives rial 4to. Each Size to class with the Architectural Anti

of Windsor; 29. Rule a Wife and have a Wife; 30. quities of Great Britain.

Mourning Bride; 31. Cure for the Heart Ache; 32. Alt

for Love; 33. Way to Keep Hiin; 34. King John ; 35. THE BORDER ANTIQUITIES of ENG- She Stoops to Conquer; 36. The Conscious Lovers; 37. LAND and SCOTLAND delineated. An original and

The Revenge ; 38. Love for Love; 39. Every Man in his splendid Work. Comprising Specimens of the Archi- Humour; 40. Coriolanus; 41. Jew; 42. Řomeo and tecture, Sculpture, and other Vestiges of former Ages, Juliet; 43. The Careless Husband; 44. George Barn. from the earliest Times to the Union of the Two Crowns;

well; 45. The Beaux Stratagem; 46. Gustavus Vasa; accompanied with descriptive Sketches, Biographical

47. The West Indian; 48. Julius Cæsar; 49. Every One Remarks, and a brief History of the principal Events

has his Fault; 50. The Jealous Wife; 51. The Tempest; that have occurred in this interesting part of Great

52. The Orphan; 53. Cato; 54. The Belle's Stratagem; Britain.

55. Zara; 56. The Fair Penitent; 57. The Deserted The Whole of the Engravings will be executed by Daughter; 58. First Love; 59. Siege of Damascus; 60. Mr. John Greig; from Paintings made expressly for this Provoked Wife; 61. Rival Queens; 62. Lady Jane Work by Mr. George Arnold, A. R. A., Mr. A. Nasmyth, Grey: 63. Love makes a Man; 61. Roman Father; 65. and Mr. L. Clenneil. Price 108. Ed. in Mediuin 4to. or

Point of Honour; 66. Barbarossa; 67. Merchant of Ve. with Proof linpressions of the Plates, in super-royal

nice; 68. Wives as they Were; 69. King Learç 10. 4to. Price 165. each Part, containing Six Plates, with

Constant Couple; 71. School of Reform ; 72. To Marry descriptive Letter-press.

or not to Marry; 73. King Henry VIII.; 74. King Henry

V.; 75. Good-Natured Man; 76. Antony and Cleopatra; THE ARABIAN NIGUTS' ENTER

77. Recruiting Officer: 78. Countess of Salisbury; 79. TAINMENT, carefully revised and orcasionally cor Winter's Tale; 80. De Montfort; 8). Count of Narrected from the Arabič; to which is added, a Selection bonne; 82. Castle of Andalusia; 83. Suspicious Hus. of New Tales, now first translated from the Arabic band; 84. A Bold Stroke for a Husband; 85. A new Way Originals; also an Introduction and Notes, illustrative to Pay old Debts; 86. Way to get Married ; 87. Fatal of the Religion. Manners, and Customs of the Mahom Curiosity; 88. Earl of Warwick; 89. Fontainbleau ; medans. By JONATHAN SCOTT, LL.D. Oxford. 90. The Honeymoop; 91, The Wonder; 92. Lionel and

Late Oriental Professor at the Royal Military, and Clarissa ; 9.3. Earl of Essex; 94. King Henry the Fourth, East India College, &c. &c. In 6 vols, post Svo. Price Part I. ; 95. The Brothers, a Comedy; 96. She Would 31. 138. 6d. in Boards.; and 6 vols. deiny Svo. Price 51. and She Would Not; 97. The Inconstant; 98. The Ri. bs. in Boards, finely printed and hot-pressed (embellish vals; 99. Measure for Measure; 100. Know your own ed with fine Engravings from Paintings by Smirke); Mind; 101. King Richard the Third; 102. King Henry also in 6 vols. 18mo. without Plates. 11. 168. in Boards. the Fourth, Part II. ; 103. The Gamester; 101. The Man THE ADVENTURES of GIL BLAS of 107. The Provoked Husband; 108. The Chances ; 109.

of the World; 105. Maid of the Mill; 106. The Duenna; SANTILLANE; translated from the French of Le Sage. The Distressed Mother; 110. The Beggar's Opera; 1.1. By BENJAMIN HEATH MALKIN, Esq. M. A. F. S. A. Mahomet; 112. The Foundling ; 113. As You Like it; Embellished with 24 fine Engravings, after Pictures by 114. Twelfth Night; 115. Much Ado about Nothing ; 116. $mirke. In 4 vols. 8vo. Price 61. fis.; and a few Copies Cymbeline; 117. Venice Preserved; 118. Comedy of in 4 vols. 4to. with Proof Impressions. Price lol. Jos. Errors; 119. Tamerlane; 120. Surrender of Calais;

* The same Work in the original French, with the 121. Battle of Hexham; 123. Iron Chest; 123. Heir at same Embellishments, both in 4to. and 8vo. at the above Law; 124. Othello ; 125. Heiress. Prices. This Edition is printed from Didot's revised Text, in a style of equal Elegance with the Translation.

THE MODERN THEATRE ; or, a Col. A SERIES of ENGRAVINGS to illustrate Theatres Rnyal, London. Printed from the Prompte

lection of succesful MODERN PLAYS, acted at the the ILIAD and ODYSSEY of HOMER.

Books by authority of the Managers.
From the Compositions of JOHN FLAXMAN, R. A.

Selected by Mrs. INCHBALD.
Sculptor to the King. New Editions, with additional Containing the most favourite Works of Messrs. Col.
Plates. Price 21. 28. each.

man, Cumherland, Morton, Reynolds, Holman, Holcroft, These Works altogether consist of 75 Prints, repre: Jephson, O'Keefe, Mrs. Inchbald, Mrs. H. More, Miss senting in regular Succession the Stories of the siad Lee, Mrs. Cowley, &c. &c. not included in Mrs. Inchand the Odyssey,with Descriptions of their Subjects,and bakl's British Theatre. In 10 vols. royal 1&mo. to cor. Extracts from Pope's Translation upon each Plate. The respond with Inchbald's British Theatre and Collection Dresses, Habits, Armour, limplements of War, Furni of Farces, Price 21. 108, in Boards. On fine Paper, sl. kre, &c. are all of Classical Authority,

158. in Boards.

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3 A COLLECTION of FARCES, and other THE SHOOTING DIRECTORY. AFTERPIECES, which are acted at the Theatres Royal,

By R. B. THORNHILL, Esq. : consisting of the most successful and admired Pieces, In one vol. 4to. Superior Edition, with the Plates coby Kenny, C. Dibdin, T. Dibdin, Knight, Cobb, Foote, loured after Life. Price 31. 38. in Boards. Murphy, Garrick, Bickerstaffe, Prince Hoare, Sheridan, Mrs. Brooke, Fielding, Tobin, O'Keefe, Gen. Burgoyne, HINTS to YOUNG PRACTITIONERSin Mrs. Cowley, Reed, &c. &c. In 7 vols, royal 18mo. Price 1l. 158. 'in Boards; or on fine Paper, with Por: Engravings, intended to shew the different Stages of

the Study of Landscape Painting. Illustrated with 'Ten traits, Price 21. 128. 60. in Boards.

the Neutral Tint. To which are added, Instructions in HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and INTE. the Art of Painting on Velvet. By J. W. ALSTON, L.P RIOR DECORATION, executed from Designs, consist

A new Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 78. 6. in Boards. ing of Perspective and Geoinetrical Views of Apart “This work contains plain and clear instructions for drawing ments, with their Chairs, Tables, Sophas, Candelabræ,

landscapes; also respecting the mixing and management of colours

&c.". Gen. Rev. Chandeliers, Tripods, &c. &c.

On royal folio. Price 5l. 58. in extra Boards; or with

NEW BRITISH ENCYCLOPÆDIA; or, Proof Impressions on Atlas Paper, Price 101. 108.

DICTIONARY OF ARTS and SCIENCES, comprising an ILLUSTRATIONS of the SCENERY of accurate and popular View of the present improved

State of Human Knowledge. KILLARNEY, the surrounding Country, and a consider

By WILLIAM NICHOLSON. able Part of the Southern Coast of Ireland.

Anthor and Proprietor of the Philosophical Journal, By ISAAC WELD, Esq. M.R. I. A.

and various other Chemical, Philosophical, and Mathe In one vol. royal 8vo. with numerous Plates elegantly matical Works. Illustrated with 155 elegant Engrav. engraved, Price 11.53.; and on royal Paper, in 4to. with ings by Lowry and Scott. Neatly printed by Whiitin first Impressions of the Plates, Price 31. 38. in extra

ham. In 6 vols. Svo.' Price 61, 63, in Boards, Boards.

« In Mr. Weld this illustrious and beautiful scenery has found an accurate and able delineator. His pen and his pencil have both

AN HISTORICAL SKETCH of the ART been employed with effect, and we bave seldom seen a work that combines more classical illustration with a high degree of graphic


In One Vol. 4to. 21. 2s. illustrated by 31 Engravings. excellence."-Quar. Rev.

This Publication treats of the Works of the Involun. RURAL SPORTS. By W. B. Daniel. In tary Caricaturist or uninstructed Artist; from the first 3 vols. 4to, Price 71. 178. 61.; and in 3 vols. 8vo. Price dawning of the art on wood and copper, and thenga 51. 58. in Boards. New Editious, embellished with 70 tracing it hy accurate descriptions of scarca prints to beautiful Engravings, by Scott, from Drawings by the the present time. Inost celebrated Artists.

Uloyages, Travels, Geography, and Topographp. PERSONAL NARRATIVE of TRAVELS Numb. I. to XVIII. (to be continued every 2 Months) of to the EQUINOCTIAL REGIONS of the NEW CONTI A NEW MODERN ATLAS, By Jонх NENT, during the Years 1799--1804. By ALEXANDER de HUMBOLDT and AIME BONPLAND.

PINKERTON. "The Maps are engraved in the Size

With a Picturesque Atlas, Maps, Plans, &c. written in French, by

called Colombier, from Drawings executed under Mr. Alexander de Humboldt, and translated into English the latest Improvements in Geographical Precision;

Pinkerton's Eye; with all the Advantages afforded by by Helen Maria Williams. In 8vo.

and they exhibit the utmost Beauty the State of the TRAVELS to the SOURCE of the MIS- Arts can admit. It is calculated that the Work will be SOURI RIVER and across the American Continent to

completed in 20 Numbers, each containing 'Three Maps, the Pacific Ocean. Performed by order of the Govern

Price One Guinea. ment of the United States in the Years 1804, 1805, and

JOURNAL of a RESIDENCE in INDIA, 1806. By CAPTAINS LEWIS and CLARKE. Published from the Official Report, and illustrated by a

By MARIA GRAHAM. Map of the Route, and other Maps. In one vol. 4to.

Second Edition. In 1 vol. 4to. Price 1l. 118. 6d. in This Work, to which public expectation has been

Boards, illustrated by Engravings. long directed, comprises a circumstantial detail of the

“Mrs. Graham stands very high in tbe rank of trayellers. She is

both an active and an intelligent observer,. She looks abroad upon Progress of the exploring Party, a Description of the

the beauties of nature with a warm sensibility, an l describes them Countries through which they passed, an Account of the with skill. She is an instructed botanist, an important quality for Nations who inhabit them, their Manners, Customs, &c.

the traveller, without which the vegetable treasures of a foreign and of all the most remarkable of their animal, veget

land can be described with no precision. She has mind too well able, and mineral Productions.

furnished, and too discriminating to be imposed upon either by

first or by false appearances in human conduct and in human situa. A GENERAL COLLECTION of Voy- / tions. She does not adopt opinions merely because they have been

held by others."-Eclec, Hev. Dec. 1813, AGES and TRAVELS; forming a complete History of the Origin and Progress of Discovery, by Sea and Land,

A SYSTEM of GEOGRAPHY and HIS. from the earliest Ages to the present Time.

TORY; or, a complete Delineation of the natural and By JOHN PINKERTON.

artificial Features of each Country;" and a succinct Author of Modern Geography, &c. &c.

Narrative of the Origin of the different Nations, their Embellished with above 200 Engravings, in 17 vols. 4to.

Political Revolutions, and Progress in Arts, Sciences, MODERN GEOGRAPHY... A Descrip- that is important in the Geography of the Globe, amel

Literature, Commerce, &c. The Whole comprising all tion of the Empires, Kingdoms, States, and Colonies; the History of Mankind. By JOHN BIGLAND. with the Oceans, Seas, and Isles, in all parts of the Author of 6 Letters on Ancient and Modern History," World; including the most recent Discoveries and po &c. &c. In 5 vols. 8vo. Price 34 138. 6. in Boards. litical Alterations. Digested on a new Plan.

“ In these volumes Mr. Bigland exhibits a very pleasing picture By JOHN PINKERTON..

of the past and the present state of mankind, of their progress in The Astronomical Introduction by the Rev. S. Vince,

civilization and arts, with portions of their topographical, their A. M. F. R. S. and Plumian Professor of Astronomy,

civil and military history, so jud ciously combined, as to constitute

a very edifying and amusing work. It may be perused with great and Experimental Philosophy, in the University of advantage by juvenile students who wish for a general view of the Cambridge. With nunerous Maps, drawn under the present and the past state of mar in all parts of the world, before Direction, and with the latest Improvements of Arrow

they enter on the detailed investigation of particular, portions of

the globe: nor will it be unacceptable to those who are more smith, and engraved by Lowry. To the whole are

advanced in life, and who wish to renew their former recollectione, added, a Catalogue of the best Maps and Books of Tra.

and to retrace the historical path which they have before trod." vels and Voyages, in all Languages; and an ample

Crit, Rev. Index. A new Edition. In 2 vols. 4to. Price 5l. 56. Bds. “ Mr. Ph:s presented us with a production, which we need not

A. HISTORICAL TOUR through PEMbe ashamed to own as of Briti- growth, which is not a pere book BROKESHIRE. By RICHARD FENTON, Esq. F. S, A, seller's job, but is the fruit of the persevering study of a man of Petters, and has been conducted on the pripeiples and for the ad

In I vol. royal 4to. Price 61. 68.; and in demy 4to vancenient of science. "Mon. Rec.

31. 138. Gd. embellished with 32 Engravings and a Map

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PRINTED FOR LONGMAN, HURST, REES, QRME, AND BROWN. A VIEW of SPAIN, comprising a Descrip A JOURNEY through PERSIA, ARMEtire Itinerary of each Province, and a general Statisti- NIA, ASIA MINOR, to CONSTANTINOPLE, in the cal Account of the Country, including its Population, Years 1808 and 1809, in wbich is included, some Account Agriculture, Manufactures, Commerce, and Finances; of the Proceedings of His Majesty's Miggion under Sir its Government, Civil and Ecclesiastical Establishments: Harford Jones, Bart. K. C. to the Court of the King of the State of the Arts, Sciences, and Literature; its Persia. By JAMES MORIER, Manners, Customs, Natural History, &c.

His Majesty's Secretary of Embassy to Persia.

In one vol. 4to. with 25 Engravings from the Designs Translated from the French. In 5 vols. Svo. with an of the Author, a Plate of Inseriptions, and 3 Maps; Atlas of the Roads of Spain, and other Maps of the one from the Observations of Captain James SatherCountry, &c. Price 31. 138.6d, in Boards.

land, and two drawn by Mr. Morier and Major Rennell. " More information concerning Spain is here brought together, Price 31. 138. 6d. than was perhapsever collected into a single publication. Mon Rev. * This publeation contains a vast accumulation of important de A GAZETTEER of the BRITISH IStails, and is the most comprehensive and satisfactory work on the LANDS; or, a Topographical Dictionary of the United subject." Td. Rev.

Kingdom, containing full modem Descriptions from AVIEW of the ANCIENT and PRESENT the best. Authorities of every County, City, Borough, STATE of the ZETLAND ISLANDS.

Town, Village, Parish, Township, Hamlet, Castle, and By ARTHUR EDMONDSTON, M.D.

Nobleman's Seat, in Great Britain and Ireland. In 2 vols, 8vo. illustrated by a Map. Price 188. Boards.


of the Secretary of State's Office, Editor of the Impex A TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of lustrated with 48 new County Maps, with Additions and ENGLAND. By NICHOLAS CARLISLE, Fellow and Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries of 1812. Price 11. 6s.; or, 17. 10s, with Mape coloured. London. In 2 thick vols. 4to. Price 51. 55.-OF IRELAND, In 1 vol. 4to. Price 21. 125. 6d.-of WALES. In 1 vol. THE PICTURE of LONDON for 1814, 4to Price 8l. 98. in Boards,

being a full and correct Description of the British Me

tropolis, and of its Vicinity, and a faithful Guide to all LETTERS written during a short Residence its Curiosities, Amusements, Exhibitions, Public Instiin SPAIN and PORTUGAL.

tutions, and whatever is remarkable and deserving of By ROBERT SOUTHEY.

Notice; with a great Variety of useful Tables, conIn vols, foolscap Svo. A new Edition, corrected and taining the Hackney Coach Fares, Lists of Streets, Inns,

and Coffee Houses, Churches, Public Offices, &c. Illus “These letters contain a large portion of information, commu- trated by a large modern Map of London, a Map of nicated in a very agreeable and lively manner.”-Mor. Rev.

the Environs, and embellished with several Views

Price 68. 6d. bound in red.

THE GUIDE to ALL the WATERING formed in the Years 1805, 1806, 1807, by Order of the and SEA-BATHING PLACES in England and Walos, Government of

for 1814, consisting of accurate and circumstantial DeMajor 6th Regt, U. 5. Infantry, In l vol. 4to. with Two the Curiosities and Scenery in their Environs, with an

This is a valuable work, from the information with which it By the EDITOR of the PICTURE of LONDON. abounds relative to a part of the world which is so little know

He known.""

Price 15%. in Boards. In one thick and closely printed

Volume, illustrated with nearly 70 Maps and Views. TRAVELS in the ISLAND. of ICELAND, during the Summer of the Year 1810.

AN ACCOUNT of IRELAND, Statistical By: SIR GEORGESTEUART MACKENZIE,Bart and Political. By EDWARD WAKEFIELD. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, &c. &c. &c, In 2 vols, 4to. with a Map Prioe 61. 68. Boards. The 2d Edit. In 1 vol. 4to, embellished with 2 Maps and

« The copious work before us contains a more clear and able 15 Plates, many finely coloured, and 15 Vignettes, 31, 36 view, than had before its publication been exhibited, of the political TRAVELS: in the INTERIOR of BRA- | mind.” Brit. Crit. Nou 1818.

gence, and brought to his subject az enlightened

and intelligenc ZIL; preceded by, an Account of a Voyage to the Rio TRAVELS to discover the SOURCE of the de la Plata, By JOHN MAWE. Author of a Treatise on the Mineralogy of Derbyshire.

NILE in the years 1768, 1769, 17770, 1771, 1772, and 1773. fu 1 vol. 4to illustrated with numerous Engravings. The Third Edition corrected and enlarged to which

By JAMES BRUCE, of KINNAIRD, Esq K.R.S. Price 21. 28. in Boards.

is prefixed, the Life of the Author, by ALEXANDER AN ACCOUNT of the GOLD COAST of the University of Edinburgh. In 7 vols. Svo. with an

MURRAY, D.D. Professor of Oriental Languages in AFRICA, with a Brief History of the African Company. eighth

voluune, in royal tto. consisting of Engravings, By HENRY MEILEDITH, Esq.

chiefly by Heath, price 61. 68. in Boards.. Member of the Council, and Governor of Winebah

Fort. "Mr, Meredith, the writer of this interesting and we may say, TRAVELS in the PYRENEES; containing valuable Tract, was eminently

qualified for the undertaking, having tesided for miuny years in the places whielt be deseribes, in situations

a Description of the principal Summits, Passes, and of trust and importance, and we consider the volume, altogether as

Valbies. Translated from the French of M. RAMOND, an agreeable and useful commonigation to the public." Brit. Crit.

In one vol. 8vo. Price 9s in Boards.

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Histarg at Biographa. HISTORICAL SKETCHES of POLITICS MEMOIRS of the KINGS of SPAIN of the and PUBLIC MEN, for the Year 1812-13. (To be cong HOUSE of BOURBON, from the Accession of Philip the inued Annually.) In one vol. 8vo. Price 78. in Bds. Fifth to the Death of Charles the Third, 1700–1788.

The writers whoeven he bey brings to his teek a much larger With an Introduction relative to the Government and share of information, reflection, and calm temper, than generally State of Spain. Drawn from original Documents, and belongs to the authors of temporary productions. A spirit of deli

berate inquiry and a cool judgment are conspicuous, not one some secret Papers, many of which have never before beex • Dierely be on all the topics discussed." Mons Rex. Auga 1813. published. By WILLIAM COXE, M.A. F.R.S. F.S.A. MEMOIRS of the PRIVATE and PUB- 4to. Price 12. 128. in Boards.

In 3 vols. 4to. Price 61. 68. A few Copies in Imperial LIC LIFE OF WILLIAM PENN. By THOMAS CLARKSON, M. A.

LETTERS on INDIA, By MARIA GRAHAM, In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 4s, ín Boards. * Mr. Clarkson seems to have spared no pains or labour, in in Author of a Journal of a Residence in India. Alle forming himself of every circumstance relative to him (Penn); whestrated by Plates. It one volume 8ve. for contained in well known or otresté works EclRev. Nov. 1813.

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