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LECTEUR FRANCOIS; ou, Recueil de AN ABRIDGMENT of Mr. PINKERPieces, en Prose et en Verse, tires des Meilleurs Ecri TON'S MODERN GEOGRAPHY; and Professor VINCE'S vains, pour servir a perfectionner les jeunes Gens dans ASTRONOMICAL INTRODUCTION. In one large vol. la Lecteur; a etendre leur Connoissance de la Langue 8vo. with a Selection of the most useful Maps, accu. Francoise ; et a leur inculquer des Principes de Vertu rately copied from those in the larger Work, all which et de Piete. Par LINDLEY MURRAY.

were drawn under the Direction and with the latest The Second Edition. Price 48. 6d. bound. Improvements of Arrowsmith. The 4th Edit. 188. bound. INTRODUCTION AU LECTEUR FRAN PINKERTON'S SCHOOL ATLAS, concors; ou, Recueil de Pieces choices; avec l’Explica- taining 21 Maps, neatly coloured. Price 128. half-bd. tion des Idiotismes, et des Phrases difficiles qui s'y trouvent. Par LINDLEY MURRAY.

THE SCHOLAR'S SPELLING ASSIST. In 12mo. Price 3s. 6d. bound.

ANT. Intended for the Use of Schools and private Tu.

ition. By THOMAS CARPENTER, Master of the Aca. A SELECTION from Bishop HORNE'S demy, siford, Essex. The Tenth Edition, corrected COMMENTARY on the PSALMS.

and improved. Price 18. 6d. bound. By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of an English Grammar, &c. &c. In one vol.

THE NEW ORTHOGRAPHICAL AS. 12mo. Price 58. in Boards.

SISTANT; or, ENGLISH EXERCISE BOOK. Written ** This selection is adapted to Readers who wish to on an improved Plan, for the more speedy Instruction cultivate a serious and pious Temper of Mind; and is of Young Persons in the Art of Spelling and Pronunparticularly calculated to cherish, in the Minds of ciation, intended for the Use of Schols. Youth, Sentiments of Love and Gratitude towards the By THOMAS CARPENTER. Price 2s. bound. Author of their being.

AN ENGLISH VOCABULARY, in which THE POWER of RELIGION on the the Words are arranged indiscriminately ; designed as MIND, in Retirement, Affliction, and at the Approach a Sequel to the Scholar's Spelling Assistant, for the of Death. Exemplified in the Testimonies and Expe Purpose of grounding young Persons more effectually rience of persons, distinguished by their Greatness, in Spelling and Pronunciation; to which are added, Learning, or Virtue. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Miscellanies, on the most useful and interesting sub.

The 15th Edition, corrected, and greatly enlarged. jects. By THOMAS CARPENTER. In 12mo. 28. bd. In 8vo. Price 128.

PITY'S GIFT ; a Collection of interesting Also the same Work in 12mo. Price 5s. in boards.

Tales. From the Works of Mr. PRATT. In one vol. GRAMMATICAL QUESTIONS, adapted 12mo. embellished with Wood Cuts. 38. bound. to the Grammar of LINDLEY MURRAY, with Notes.

THE PATERNAL PRESENT; being a By C. BRADLEY, A.M. Price 28, 6d. bd. The 3d Edit. considerably improved. Sequel to Pity's Gift. Chiefly selected from the Writ.

ings of Mr. Pratt. With 11 Wood Cuts. Price 88. bound. FIRST LESSONS in ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the Capacities of Children, from Six


don and its Environs. to Ten Years old. Designed as an Introduction to the

By Mrs. HELME. Abridgment of Murray's Grammar. 9th Edit. Price 9d. The 6th Edit. complete in one vol. Price 48. 6d. bound

“Much topographical and historical knowledge is contained in LESSONS for YOUNG PERSONS in this volume, mingled with pertinent reflections." Crit. Rev. HUMBLE LIFE, calculated to promote their Improve MATERNAL INSTRUCTION ; or, Family ment in the Art of Reading, in Virtue and Piety, and

Conversations, on moral and interesting Subjects, inparticularly in the Knowlege of the Duties peculiar to their Stations. The 3d Edition. Price 48. in Boards.

terspersed with History, Biography, and original Sto

ries. Designed for the perusal of Youth. “ Very nearly printed, and well selected, containing a great store of instruction in a small compass.” Brit. Crit. " in appearance,

By ELIZABETH HELME. cheapness, and moral tendency, this compilation resembles those of The 3d Edit. In 12mo. Price 48, 6d. in Boards. the excellent Lindley Murray. It inculcates the most useful sentiments in a very suitable form, and well deserves patronage.” THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, related in TRUE STORIES.; or, Interesting Anec

Familiar Conversations, by a Father to his Children,

Interspersed with moral and instructive Remarks and dotes of Young Persons, designed, through the Medium

Observations on the most leading and interesting Sub. of Example, to inculcate Principles of Virtue and Piety: jects. Designed for the Perusal of Youth. By the Author of “ Lessons for young Persons in Humble

By ELIZABETH HELME. Life,” &c. In 12mo. Price 48. 6d. in Boards.

The 2d Edit. In 2 vols, 1?ino. Price 98. bound. A FRIENDLY GIFT for SERVANTS and

LETTERS addressed to a YOUNG LADY, APPRENTICES, containing the Character of a good

wherein the Dutie" and Characters of Women are conand faithful Servant, Advice to Servants of every De. noinination, Letter from an Uncle to his Nephew, on

sidered chiefly with a Reference to prevailing Opinions. taking him Apprentice; and Anecdotes of good and

By Mrs. WEST. faithful Servants. By the Author of " Lessons for

The 4th Edit. In 3 vols. 1?mo. Price Il. ls. in Boards.

“ We do not venture without mature deliberation to assert that Young Persons in Humble Life.” Price 9d.

not merely as critics, but as parents, husbands, and brothers, we

can recopiniend to the ladies of Britain, The Letters of Mrs. TRUE STORIES; or, Interesting Anec West'.” Cril. Rev. dotes of CHILDREN, designed, through the medium of

LETTERS addressed to a YOUNG MAN, Example, to inculcate Principles of Virtue and Piety. By the Author of " Lessons for Young Persons in Hum

on his Entrance into Life; and adapted to the peculiar ble Life.” 2d Edit. Price 28. 6d. in Boards, with a

Circumstances of the present Times. By Mrs. WEST.

The 5th Edit. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price 218. in Boards. Frontispiece. “ This is another agreeable and indeed useful additina to the

“This work appears to us highly valuable. The doctrines which youthful library, containing many amusing tales and instructive

it teacules are orthodox, temperate, uniforin, and liberal ; and the lessons." Bril. Crit.

ma.ners which it recommends are what every judicions parent would wish his sou to adopt." Brit. Crit. “ We consider these

letters as truly valuable, and would strongly recommend them to the AN INTRODUCTION to the GEOGRA attention of our younger friends." Crit. Rev. “ We cannot withPHY of the NEW TESTAMENT; comprising a Sum

hold our tributie of praise which a work of such superlative metit

demands.” Guard. of Educ. mary Chronological and Geographical View of the Events recorded respecting the Ministry of Our Sa A GRAMMAR of the GREEK LAN. viour; with Questions for Examination, and an accented

GUAGE, on a new and improved Plan, in English and Index; principally designed for the Use of Young Per.

Creek. By JOHN JONES, Member of the Philological sous, and for the Sunday Einployment of Schools.

Society at Manchester. 2d Edit. in 12mo. 68. Boards. BY LANT CARPENTER, LL.D. In one vol. 12mo. illustrated with Maps. The 3d Edi PUNCTUATION, or an ATTEMPT to fa. tion. Price 4s. in boards.

cilitate the ART of POINTING on the PRINCIPLES of " We recommend this book to all surb ås are anxious to obtain

GRAMMAR and REASON. For the Use of Schools, and accuracy and precision in their geographical and chronological kuowledge, as far as relates to the History of the Events recorded

the Assistance of general Readers. By. S. ROUSSEAU, in the writings us the New Testaunent," Lit. Jour,

In 12mo. Price 5s. Boardo.

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11 GREEK EXERCISES, in Syntax, EHip-) UNIVERSAL STENOGRAPHY; or, a ses, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrases, (after the complete and practical System of Short Hand; being Manner of “ Clarke's and Mair's Introduction to the that which is chiefly used in the Courts of Law and making of Latin,”) adapted to the Grammars of Etop, Houses of Parliament, and which is taught in the UniWettenhall, Moore, Bell, and Holmes. To which is versities and Public Schools, By W. MAVOR. prefixed, a concise and comprehensive Syntax. By the The Eighth Edition. Price 78. 6d. Boards. Rev. WILLIAM NEILSON, D.D. Minister of Dundalk, Ireland. The 3d Edit. In one vol. Syo. Price 58. in

READING EXERCISES for the JUNIOR Boards; and with the Key, 88.

CLASSES in Schools, being a Sequel to Mavor's Spelling. * This work stricily fulfils the professions of the title-page.” Book; and an Introduction to the Class-Book; in which A CONCISE HISTORY of the JEWS, afethe difficult and long Words are divided at the Head

of each Lesson, in the manner of Brown's Testament. from the Time of their Re-establishment, by Ezra and By the Rev. DAVID BLAIR. Price 2s.6d. bound. Nehemiah, after the Babylonish Captivity to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans; forming a Con THE CLASS-BOOK; or, 365 Lessons for nexion between the History of the Old and New Tese English Classes, in all Schools, Male and Female, contaments. By the Rev. JOHN HEWLETT, B.D.

taining Instruction ori every useful and important SubIn 12mo. Price 6s. boards, with a Map of Palestine. ject, in the correct and elegant Language of the best A SKETCH of MODERN and ANTIENT Year. By the Rev. D. BLAIR, A.M. Price 58. 6d. bd,

Authors; arranged in Lessons for every Day in the GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools. By SAMUEL BUTLER, D.D.

POETRY for CHILDREN, consisting of Head Master of the Royal Free Grammar School of short Pieces to be committed to Memory at an early Shrewsbury. In Svo. (the ed Edit.) price 9s. Boards. Age, Selected by LUCY AIKIN; with some Originals.

The Sixth Edition. Price 28. half-bound. AN UNIVERSAL FRENCH GRAMMAR, being an accurate System of French Accidence and Syn AN EASY GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, tax, on an improved Plan. By NICHOLAS HAMEL. the most practical Work of this kind extant. The 6th Edition. Price 48. bound.

By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. 38. 6d. bound in red. GRAMMATICAL EXERCISES


the GEOGRAPHY on a POPULAR PLAN, FRENCH LANGUAGE, compared with the English. for the Use of Schools and Young Persons, containing By NICHOLAS HAMEL.

all the interesting and amusing Features of Geogra. The 8th Edit. with great Improvements. Price 48. bd. phical Knowledge, and calculated to convey Instruc

tion by means of the striking and pleasing Associations THE WORLD in MINIATURE;

produced by the peculiar Manners, Customs, and Cha. With References to the most essential Rules of the racteristics of all Nations and Countries, with Sixty French Language, prefixed to the Work, and the Prints and Maps. 'Translation of the difficult Words and idiomatical Ex

By the Rev J. GOLDSMITH. Price 14s, bound. pressions: a Book particularly useful to Students in Geography, History, or the French Language.

A SYSTEM of PRACTICAL ARITHME: By NICHOLAS HAMEL. Price 4s. 6d. bound. TIC, applicable to the present State of Trade and Mo. SCANNING EXERCISES for YOUNG being drawn from real Practice in the various Branches

ney Transactions, every Rule, and every Example, PROSODIANS, containing the first Two Epistles from of Trade, and the useless and obsolete Rules, which the Electæ ex Ovidio, scanned and proved by the Rules have hitherto disfigured our Books of Arithmetic, hay. of the Eton Grammar, and interspersed with occa- tng given place to the Usages of real Life. sional Remarks. By J. CAREY, LL.D. Price 48. in bds.

By the Rev. J. JOYCE, LATIN PROSODY MADE EASY. By Author of Scientific Dialogues, &c. &c. 'Price 36. 6d. bd. J. CAREY, LL.D. Besides other material Inprove A KEY to the ABOVE, in which all the Exments, in almost every Page, this Edition contains a

amples are worked at length. Price 38. 6d. minute Acount of above Fifty, different Species of Verse.-Further Notices of ancient Pronunciation-a THE ELEMENTS of BOOK-KEEPING, Dissertation on the Power of the Initial S.-Metrical by single as well as Double Entry, being a complete InKey to Horace's Odes-Synopsis of his Metres.-A copi. troduction to the Business of the Counting-house in all ons Index, &c. &c. In 8vo. A new Edit. considerably its Departments, and adapted to Retail as well as Merenlarged and improved. Price 10s. 6d. Boards.

cantile Concerns. By JAMES MORRISON,

of the Mercantile Academy, Glasgow. 78. half-bd. AN ABRIDGMENT of the LATIN PROSODY MADE EASY; for the Use of Schools; contain SETS of RULED BLANK PAPER ing as much of the information given on each Subject BOOKS, adapted without further Trouble to the Sets in the larger Work as appeared suited to the Use and

contained in the above System of Book-keeping, and Capacity of young Prosodians. In 13mo. 38. 6d. bound.

greatly diminishing the Care of the Master Set A. THE ENGLISH SPELLING BOOK; 38.; Set B. 98.; Set C. 103.6d.; and Set D. 48. 6d. being an improved Introduction to the First Elements SERMONS for SCHOOLS, containing One of the English Language. By W. MAVOR, LL.D.

for every Sunday in the Year; and also for Christmas The Hundred and Sixtieth Edition. Price 1s. 6d.

Day, Good-Friday, Easter-Sunday, and Fast-Days; of THE BRITISH NEPOS ; or, Lives of Il- lengths and on Subjects adapted to Young Persons of lustrious Britons who have been distinguished for their

either Sex; selected and abridged from Horne, Blair, Virtues, Talents, and Advancement in Life ; compiled Gisborne, Zollikofer, Paley, Porteus, Jortin, Enfield, with Reference to the Principle, that Example is more

Horsley, Seed, &c. &c.

By the Rev. S. BARROW, 2d Edit. s. bound. powerful and more seductive than Precept. By W. MAVOR. The Tenth Edit. Price 5s. bound.

THE ELEMENTS of LAND SURVEYA SELECTION from PLUTARCH of the ING, in all its Branches, practically adapted to the Use LIVES of ILLUSTRIOUS GREEKS and ROMANS, with of Schools and Students; and including Practical Gethe same Object as the British Nepos, to which Work it ometry, Trigonometry, Land Measuring, by the Chain, serves as a Supplement and Companion.

Plane Table, Theodolite, and other instruments; the By W. MAVOR. · Price 58. bound.

entire Practice of Hilly Ground, the Division of Land,

Plotting and Mapping, illustrated by highly-finished EnTHE ELEMENTS of NATURAL HIS- gravings, plain and coloured; complete Tables of Sines TORY, founded on the Linnæan Arrangement of Ani and Tangents, Logarithms, &c. &c. &c. mals; with Popular Descriptions in the manner of

By ABRAHAM CROCKER, Goldsinith and Buffon. By W. MAVOR.

Land Surveyor of Frome, in Somersetshire. The Sth Edit, with Fifty Engravings. Price 6s. Bound. Illustrated with a greater variety of copper-plates than

any other work of the kind, and with upwards of 100 CLASSICAL ENGLISH POETRY, se wood cuts, Price 78, 6d. bound. lected from the entire Works of the British Poets, for the Use of Schools and Young Persons.

MORAL TALES for YOUNG PEOPLE. By Dr. NAVOR and Mr. .PRATT, 66. Bound. By Mrs, IVES HURRY. In 12mo. Price 48. in boards.

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duction to the Mythology of the Ancients, in Question Author of MoralViews; or, the Telescope for Children. and Answer. Compiled principally for the Use of fe. In one val. temo. Price 58. 60. Boards.

males. By W. JILLARD HORT. “ The general style

of this work is easy and unaffected; the cha The 38 Edition, with Plates. Price 6s. in boards. racters are well thiscriminated and contrasted; the History of a " The new Pantheon is scrupulourly délicate; it is also well arFaded Beauty,' is impressive; and the whole publication is moral thoged, and well written." Koler. Rr. “ It would be unint not and attractive. Mon. lev.

to recomiend this work as an elegant and useful companion to A KEY TO CHAMBAUD'S EXERCISES; young persons of both sexes.” Gent. Mag. being a correct Translation of the various Exercises AN INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of contained in that Book. By E. J. VOISIN. 48. bound. CHRONOLOGY and UNIVERSAL HISTORY.

By W.JILLARD HORT. In one vol. royal 18mo. 46. THE ARITHMETICIAN'S GUIDE; or, a Complete Exercise Book, for the Use of public Schools

AN INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of and private Teachers. By WILLIAM TAYLOR, BOTANY. By J. E. SMITH, M.D. F.R.S. P.L.S. Teacher of the Mathematics, &c. In 12mo. Zs. bound. The 3d Edition. In Evo. with 15 Plates. 14s. in boards.

*** A few Copies are coloured by desire, al. &s boards. HISTORICAL and MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS for the Use of Young People; with a Se

MATHEMATICS SIMPLIFIED, and lection of British and General Biography, &c.


The 11th Eait. corrected, in 12mo. Price 5s. bound.

In Syo, with 23 Plates. Price 98. in boards. INSTITUTES of LATIN GRAMMAR. RUDIMENTS of ENGLISH GRAMMAR, By JOHN GRANT, A.M. In 8vo. Price T0s. 64. boards. for the Use of Schools. . Thene lustinutes display considerable ability, great diligence, and By the Rev. HENRY ST. JOHN BULLEN, M.A. philosophical insight into the structure of language." Mon. Rev.

of friñity College, Cambridge, and Head Master of the DELECTUS SENTENTIARUM GRÆ. Grammar School, Leicester. The 3d Edit, 25. 68. bd. CARUM ad USUM TIRONUM ACCOMMODATUS; cum A NEW and EASY INTRODUCTION to Notulis et Lexico, on the Plan of Dr. Valpy's Latin De.

the HEBREW LANGUAGE; upon the Plan of Grammar lectus. The ad Edit. enlarged, in 12mo. 48. bound.

in general, Dr. Vatpy, coming to the task with that experience in the art of teaching, nuola is the result of many years of succesful practice,

By the Rev. JAMES WILLIAMS NEWTON, M.A.' and with that superior knowledge of the Greek Language, which was

The 2d Edition. Price 48. in boards. amply, evinced in his Greek Grammar, has produced a publication, of which it is not easy to suggest amendaients." Brit. Crit.

LETTERS on the STUDY and USE of THE CHILD'S MONITOR.; or, Parental ANCIENT and MODERN HISTORY. Containing Ob

servations and Reflections on the Causes and ConseInstruction. In Five Parts, containing a great Variety quences of those Events which have produced any cou., of Progressive Lessons, adapted to the comprehension spicuous Change in the Aspect of the World, and the of Children; calculated to instruct them in Reading, in general State of Human Affairs. By JOHN BIGLAND. thee ListentStops, in Spelling, and in dividing Words into

The 3d Edition. In one vol. 12mo. embellished with prod Syllables ; and at the same Time to give them an elegantly engraved Head of the Author. 66. Boards. some knowledge of Natural History, of the Scriptures, and of several other sublime and important Subjects. LETTERS on NATURAL HISTORY, exBy JOHN HORNSEY. The 2d. Edit. Price 4s. bd.

hibiting a View of the Power, the Wisdom, and Good. « This is one of the best conceived and most practically useful publications for children that we have seen. The title-page suffici

ness of the Deity. So eminently displayed in the Formaently explains the intelligent author's plan and design, and we can

tion of the Universe, and the various relations of rafely assure our readers that he has executed them with equal

skili Utility which inferior Beings have to the Hutnan Speand fidelity." Anti Jac.

cies. Calculated particularly for the Use of Schools THE BOOK of MONOSYLLABLES; or, and young Persons in general of both Sexes; in order to an Introduction to the Child's Monitor, adapted to the impress their Minds with a just Knowledge of the Cre

ation, and with exalted Ideas of its Great Author. IlCapacities of young children. In Two Parts, calculated to bastruct by familiar Gradations in the first Principles cable to the work.

lustrated by upwards of 100 engraved Subjects, appli

By JOHN BIGLAND. Education and Morality.

The 2d Edit. 12mo. illustrated by Plates. Price 73. bit. By JOHN HORNSEY. Price 18. 60.

* We recommend our young readers to peruse the present work as “ The obvious utility of this plan is such as to reqnire no comment.

a compilation of very useful and entertaining information, free from Mr. Hornsey bas esecuted it in a mamer highly creditate to his

indecorous aliosions, and interspersed with useful reflections." ingenuity and industry; for he has contrived not only to convey the proponed information to this you reader, but to blend with it ADVICE to YOUNG LADIES on the IMmuch moraland religious instruction. Anti Jac.


By THOMAS BROADHURST. LANGUAGE, simplified to the Capacities of Children. The ed Edition, greatly improved. Price 58. in boards. In Four Parts. 1. Ortluography. 2. Analogy. 3. Prosody. 4. Syntax. With Remarks and appropriate Questions.

A CONCISE VIEW of the CONSTITUAlso, an Appendix, in Three Parts. 1. Grammatical TION OF ENGLAND. By GEORGE CUSTANCE. Resolutions, &c. . 2. False Syntax, &c. 8. Rules and The ed Edit. corrected and enlarged. In 12mo. Price Observations for assisting young Persons to speak and 78. in boards. Also in 8vo. Price 108. 60. in boards. write with Perspicuity and accuracy.

" We most sincerely congratulate the Pitblic on the appearance of By JOHN HORNSEY,

a work, which we can safely recommend as well fitted to supply a

chasm in our systein of public instruction. Of the merits of the daew Idit. corrected and improved Price 28, bound.

work, the Public may forin some judgment, when we inform them THE PRONOUNCING EXPOSITOR; in Blackstone, together with much useful information derived from

that it contains whatever is most interesting to the general reader or, A NEW SPELLING BOOK, In Three Parts.

Professor Christian, De Lolme, and various other eminent authors." By JOHN HORNSEY. In 1mo. Price 21. bouna.

An EXPLANATORY PRONOUNCING THE NEW YOUNG MAN'S COMPA DICTIONARY of the FRENCH LANGUAGE, in French NION; or, the Youth's Guide to General Knowledge, and English, wherein the exact Sound and Articulation designed chiefly for the Benefit of private Persons of of every Syllable are distinctly marked (acording to both sexes, and adapted

to the Capacities of Beginners. the Method adopted by Mr. Walker in his Pronouncing In Three Parts. By JOHN HORNSEY.

Dictionary); to which are prefixed the Principles of the In one vol. 12mo. Price 4s. bound, embellished with French Pronunciation, Prefatory Directions for using Four Copper-plates, and 28 Wood Cuts.

the Spelling Representative of every Sound, and the " An usetul Compendium of Information on varions Subjects, of Conjugation of the Verbs, regular, irregular, and dewhich a part is original, and the rest is judiciously chosen from other works.*

Mon. Rev. Avg. 1813,

fective, with their true Pronunciation.

A VOCABULARY ; English and Greek, Late Master of Arts in the University of Paris, A new
arranged systematically, to advance the Learner in Edition, revised. In 12mo. Price 78, bound,
scientific as well as verbal Knowledge, Designed for
the Use of Schools.

Py NATHANIEL HOWARD, Prtee 8a, borçad. The ed Edit. In B vols, Inno. Preto S*, iu Boards.


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POETRY. ANABRIDGMENT OFUNIVERSALHIS. THE ELEMENTS of PLANE GEOMETORY. Adapted to the Use of Families and Schools, TRY; comprehending the Fiest Six Books of Euclid, with appropriate Questions at the end of each Section. from the Text of Dr. Simpson, with Notas, Critical and By the Rev. H. I. KNAPP, A.M.

Explanatory. To which is added, Book VII. containing The Bd Edit. In 1 vol. 1amo. Price 48. 611. bound. several important Propositions which are

Euclid, « This abridgment is executed with much judgment, bowledge, and Book VIII. consisting of Practical Geometry. The anak propriety; a due sense of proportion is observed the details whole explained in an easy and familiar Manner, for expand as the events become iraportant, and a morality, religiously the Finstruetion of Young Students rolecant and politically passise, petvades the reflections

By THOMAS KEITH, Private Teacher of Mathematics. RULES for ENGLISH COMPOSITION;

hone Volume, Octavo. and particularly for THEMES; designed for the Use of Schools, and in Aid of Self-Instruction.


and PRACTICE QË PLANE and SPHERICAL TRIGONO. 2d Ehit. In 12mQ. Price 48. in boards.

METRY, and the Stereographical Projection of the THE ART of EXTEMPORE PUBLIC Sphere, including the Theory of Navigation; compreSPEAKINA, including a Course of Discipline for obtain hending a variety of Rules, Formulas, doc. with their Ing the Faculties of Discrimination, Arrangement, and and Distances, to determining the Latitude by Two AI.

practical Applications to the Mensuration of Heights Oral Discussion ; designed for the Use of Schools, and

titudes of the Sun, the Longitude by the lunar Obser. Self-Inatruction, BY JOHN RIPPINGHAM.

vations, and to other important Probleins on the Sphere, In 12mo. Price 6s. boards.

and on Nautical Astronomy. By THOMAS KEFTH, AN INTRODUCTION to PRACTICAL Private Teacher of the MathematicsIn Svo Price ARITHMETIC. In two Parts, with various Notes, and 128. in boards. The 2d. Edit. corrected and improvech occasional Directions for the Use of Learners. By THOMAS MOLINEUX,

A New TREATISE on the USE of the Many years Teacher of Accounts, Short-Hand, and the GLOBES.;, or, a Philosophical View of the Earth and Mathematics, at the Free Gram, School in Macclesfield. The 8th Edit. Parti. Price 286d. and Part II. 28. Bound. Magnitude,

and Motion of the Earth; with the natural

Heavens, comprehending an Account of the Figure, A COMPLETE TREATISE on PRAC- Changes of its Sarface, caused by Floods, Earthquakes TICAL LAND SURVEYING. In Six Parts Designed &c. designed for the Instruction of Youth. shiely for the Use of Schools, illustrated with a nun

By THOMAS KEITH, In 12mo. , Price 68. in Boards. ber of Copper-plates, upwards of 100 Wood-cuts, and

A FAMILIAR. INTRODUCTION to the me engraved Field Book of 6 Pages By A. NESBIT, Land Surveyor,

ARTS and SCIENCES, for the Use of Schools and yonng and Teacher of the Mathematics, at Farnley, Leeds. Persons; containing a general Explication of the Fun In Svo. Price SA in Boards.

damental Principles and Facts of the Sciences digided POPULAR EVIDENCES of NATURAL Examination of Pupils.

into Lessons, with Questions subjoined to each, for the

By the Rev. J. JOYCE,

Author of Scientific Dialogues, &c.

In one vol. 12mo. Price 68. in Boards, illustrated witha In one vol. ismo. A new Edition. Price 98. in Boards. Copper-plates by Lowry, and Wood-cuts by Branston

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BORDER; consisting of Historical and Romantic Bal. In 8vo. (rie 5th Editiov,) printed by Ballantyne, Price lads, collected in the Southern Counties of Scotland; lk. Boards, and in royal 8vo. Price Il. 88. Boards. with a few of a modern date, founded on local Toadi

tion. With an Introduction and Notes, by the Editor; ILLUSTRATIONS of MR. WALTER

WALTER SCOTT, Esq. Advocates

engraved after Designs The 5th Edition. In 3 vols. PriceR2.16 in Boards
By T.. SIROTHARD, Esq. R.A.,
In the first style of excellence. Price in 4ta. Proofs on

BALLADS and LYRICAL PIECES. French Paper, Lla 165. Prints in 8vo. 186, and with the

Poemin 8vo. ll. 128. Twenty-five Proofs only are taken The 4th Edition. In one vol.8vo. Price 7s.6dL in Boards
off in folio, on India Paper; Price d. 28

SIR TRISTREM. A Metrical Romance of
THE LADY of the LAKE. A Poem. the Thirteenth Century:
In Six Cantos. By WALTER SCOTT, Esq.

In gwo Price: 128. in. Boards. The 8th Edition Edited from

the Auchinleck MS. by WAITER-SCOTT,

E9€. The Bd Edition. In evo. Price 15$. irr Boards.
SEQTT'S POEM of the LADY, of the LAKE, engraved

from a beautiful Set of Paintings, by Mr. Richard Cook, SCOTT, Esq. Complete in 10 vols. diemy Svo.
in the first style of excellence, by Warren, Anker-
smith, Charles Heath, Armstrong, and Engleheart:

THE MOTHER. A Poem, in Five Books. Price in 4to, Proofs, on India Paper, 11. loss; Prints in

By Mrs. WEST. 8vo. 154., and with the Poem, in 8vo. Il. 78. in Boards. The ed Edition. In foolscap 8vo. Price 78. in Boards.

A Poem, with Ballads and Lyrical Pieces.

In 4 vols.foolscap.8vo. bot-pressed. Prime: 1. 38. Bds.
By W. SCOTT, Esq.
Elegantly printed by Ballantyne, on superfine wove

JOAN of ARC. An Epic Poem.
Paper, and
hot-pressed. In 4to. Price A. 28. in Boards.

A few Copies are printed on fine Paper, Price 31. 138.6d. In 2 vols. foolscap Svo. The 4th Edit. Price. 168. in Bds.
ja Boards Also, the 10th edition, in 8vo. 108. Gdi Bds

POEMS, including the Visions of the Maid
ILLUSTRATIONS of the LAY of the of Orleans. By, ROBERT SOUTHEY.
LAST MINSTREL, consisting of Twelve Views of the A new Edit. In 2 vols. Price 12. in Boards
Rivene Bothwick, Ettrick, Yarrow, Tiviot, and Tweed.
Engraved by James Heath, R. A. from Drawings taken

THALABA the DESTROYER. A Metri. on the Spot. By J. SCHETKY, Egq. of Oxford.

cal Romance, witlrcopious Notes. To which are affixed, Descriptions and Amotations,

By ROBERT SQU THEY. by Mr. Walter Scott. In one vol. 4to. Price 1l. 118. 6d. The 2d Edition, elegantly printed'in Fols. foolscep.iz Boards. Also an Edition in spo. Price To8. 6. svo. Price 168: ia Boards

MADOC. A Poein.

BALLAD ROMANCES, and other Poenis.

lä 2 vols. foolscap. The 3d Edition. Price 168. in Boards. In foolscap &vo. Price 78. Bds. with a fine Engraving.
A few Copies of the Quarto Edition may be, had, 21. 28.

SCENES of INFANCY, descriptive.. of THE CURSE of KEHAMA. A Poem.



The 2d Edit. In fcap. Svo, with a Frontispiece. 68. Bds.
The 3d Edit. In 2 vols. 12mo. Price 148, in Boards.

PSYCHE; or, the LEGEND of LOVE : RODERICK, the last of the Goths. A Tra. and other Poems. By the late Mrs. HENRY TIGHE. gick Poem. By ROBERT SOUTHEY. In one vol. 4to. With a Portrait of the Author, engraved by Scriven.

The 3d Edition. 8vo. Price 12s. in Boards. POEMS. By Willian WORDSWORTH, Author “For elegance of de ign, anıt accuracy of execution, this much of the Lyrical Ballads. 2 vols, foolscap Svo. 113. in Bds.

exceeds any poetical composition of the present day,' While the

hearts of our countrymen shall beat at the mweetest sounds of their THE WORLD BEFORE THE FLOOD. native language, conveying, as nature dictates, the reelings of the

purest passions, so lony shall this tale of Psyche dwell on their ears, A Poem. In Ten Cantos. With other occasional Pieces. and they shall think the angel is still speaking." M. Rev.

In foolscap 8vo. The ed Edition. Price 9s. in Boards.

THE HIGHLANDERS, and other Poems.


In one vol. foolscap 8vo. The 3d Edit. Price 78. in Bds. and other Poems, By JAMES MONTGOMERY.

The 6th Edit. In one vol. foolscap Svo. Price 68. Bds. POETICAL VAGARIES, and VAGARIES
“ Mr. Montgomery displays a rich and romantic fancy, a tender
heart, a copious and active command of imagery and language, and

VINDICATED. By GEORGE COLEMAN, the Younger. an irresistible influence over the reclings." Ecl. Rev. For a very high

Comprising an Ode to We, A Hackneyed Critic; Low character of this volume, see An. Kev. 1805.

Ambition, or the Life and Death of Mr. Daw; in which

is introduced, a Reckoning with Time; the Lady of the THE WEST INDIES, and other Poems.

Wreck, or Castle Blarneygig; inscribed to the Author

of the Lady of the Lake; and Two Parsons, or the Tale Author of the Wanderer of Switzerland, &c.

of a Shirt. Sn one vol. foolscap 8vo. Price 6s. in Bds. 3d Edition. The ed Edition. In foolscap8vo. illustrated with Wood

Cuts, by Branston, from Designs by Thurston.

A few - POEMS. By Mrs. Ople. The 6th Edition,

Copies of the First Edition of both Works, in 4to. with a beautiful Frontispiece. Price 6s. in Boards.

“ Mrs. Opie's volume of poems would have obtained for its author POEMS and TRANSLATIONS.
a very considerable reputation, though her former work had been
wholly wokpown." Edin. Rev.

Containing Palestine, Europe, the Passage of the Red

Sea, Translations of Pindar, &c. POEMS. By S. T. COLERIDGE.

By REGINALD HEBER, A.M. The 3d Edition. In foolscap 8vo. Price 58.6d. in Bds.

In foolscap 8vo. Price 68. in Boards,

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Povels, Romances, AC,

THE WANDERER; or, Female Difficul THADDEUS of WARSAW. A Novel. ties. By the Author of Evelina, Cecilia, and Camilla.

In 5 vols. 1 2ino.

The 6th Edition. In 4 vols. Price 18s. in Boards.

“ Thaddeus is a work of genin., and has nothing to fear at the can. THE FATHERand DAUGHTER. A Tale. did bar of taste: he has to receive the precious meed of sympathy from By Mrs. OPIE.

every reader of unsophisticated sentiment and genuine teeing." Imp.

Rev. " This work was bon fuerit than can be ascribed to the The 7th Edit. with a Frontispiece. Price 48. 6d. Bds. crowd of productions of this class, and inculcates virtuous and mag. “ This tale is replete with interest, and possesses pathos enough to naninious sentiments." Mon. Rev. affect the heart of the most callous of critical readers." Mon, Kev.


BRAGANZA. A Historical Romance. The 3d Edit. In 4 vols. 19mo. Price 11. 18. in Boards.

By Miss ANNA MARIA PORTER. “In the tales now before us we find much of the same merits as in

In 4 vols, 12mo. Price 21s. in Boards. her beautiful story of Adeline Mowbray; the same truth and delicacy of sentiment, the same graceful simplicity in the dialogue parts of the

“M'ss Porter is entitled to rank among the best of our living no

vellists. To the learling traits of character with which history has work; and the same happy art of presenting ordinary feelings and •ccurrences in a manner that irresistibly comi ands our sympathy and

furnished her, our author has of course added a thou-and charms, and affection." Ed. ker.

he has certainly succreder, in interesting us extremely in the face of

Don Sebastian." Crit. Rev. TEMPER; or, Domestic Scenes. A Tale.

THE HUNGARIAN BROTHERS. By Mrs. OPIE. 3d Edit. In 3 vols. 12mo. Il. 18. Bds.


In : vols. 12mo. The ad Edition Price 158. in Boards.

“ The incidents of this uovel are striking, and many of the characand Daughter. A Tale. By Mrs. OPIE.

ters are finely driwn. The two brothers are models of that chivalrous The 3d Edit. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price 13s.6d. Boards. heroism with which Miss Porter has, on other occasions, proved her"These volumes are, both in their design and execution, so superior self to be intimately acquainted." Crit. Rev. to those which we usually encounter under the title of Novels, that we can safely recommend them to the perusal of our readers.” Mon. Rer.


Romance; interspersed with some Pieces of Poetry.

By ANN RADCLIFFE. In 3 vols. 12mo. The 2d Edit. Price Boards.

The 6th Edit. In 4 vols. 12mo. Price 17. 18. in Boards.
These volumes possess the same pathetic eloquence, and accurate
development of human motives and feelings, which must always
charm in the writings of this author; and by which she is enabied to THE ROMANCE of the Forest; inter-
make the strangest fictious appear, in her 'narration, to be Tales of spersed with some Pieces of Poetry.
Real Life." Mon, Rey. Nov. 1613.

THE LOYALISTS. A Tale of other Times. The 7th Edition. In 3 vols. 12ino. Price 15$. in Boards.
By Mrs. WEST. In 3 vols. 12mo. 12. ls. in Boards.

We are delighted with this book, which is at once original and
interesting.” Brit. Critic, October, 1812.


The 4th Edition. In 2 vols. 12mo. Price 98. in Boards.

Author of “Thaddeus of Warsaw," and “ Remarks BAYNE. A Highland Story.
on Sir Philip Sidney's Aphorisms.”

In 5 vols, 1?mo. The 2d Edition. Price 16. 158. Boards. The 4th Edition. 12mo. Price 58.6d. in Boards.

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