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THE MORBID ANATOMY of the LIVER; being an Inquiry into the Anatomical Character, Symptoms, and Treatment of certain Diseases which impair or destroy the Structure of that Viscus. Order i. —TUM.OURS. Part I. On the Tubera Circumscripta, and Tubera iffusa. By J. R. FARRE, M.D. Part I. on Imperial 4to, illustrated with coloured Engravings. Price 15s. The Subjects of Tumours and Inflammation of the Liver will occupy a Series of Twelve or Thirteen coloured Engravings, some of which will contain Three or more Figures. The whole will be completed either in Four or Six Fasciculi.

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MEDICO.CHIRURGICAL TRANSAC. TIQNS, Published by the Medical and Chirurgical society of London. In 3 vols. 8vo. illustrated with Plates. Price 21, 4s. in Boards.

THE PRINCIPLES of SURGERY; Volume the First. By JOHN BELL, Surgeon.

In 1 large vol. royal 4to, illustrated by 80 Engravings, many of them accurately coloured from Nature. Price 4.3.

Volume the Second. In Two Parts, royal 4to. illustrated by numerous Engravings, 54.5s.

− Volume the Third. In royal 4to. illustrated with 37 Engravings. Price 22, 2s. Boards.

ENGRAVINGS of the BONES, MUSCLES, and JOINTS, illustrating the first Volume of the Anatomy of the Human Body. By JOHN BELL, Surgeon.

In 4to. with about 200 Pages of explanatory Letter-press. The Third Edition. Price 1/. 1 1s. 6d. in Boards.


A New Edition, considerably improved, complete in 3. vols. 8vo. Price 21.8s. in Boards. Containing, Vol. i. The Anatomy of the Bones, Muscles, and Joints; and of the Heart. Vol. II. The Arteries, Yeins, and Lymphatic sys. tem, the Brain, and Nerves. Vol. II.i. the Organs of the Lenoes, the Viscera of the Abdomen and of the Pelvis.

ENGRAVINGS of the ARTERIES, illus. trating the Second Volume of the Anatomy of the Human Body, by JOHN BELL, Surgeon; and serving as an into. duction to the Surgery of the Arteries, by CHARLEs BELL, Surgeon. Superbly printed in imperial 8vo. The Third Edition. Price 15; in Boards, or with Plates, finely coloured, Price 14. 1s. Boards.

THE ANATOMY of the BRAIN; explained in a Series of Engravings, beautifully coloured, with a Dissertation on the Communication between the Ventricles of the Brain. By CHARLES BELL,

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. In royal 4to. Price 21. 2s. in Boards.

A SERIES of ENGRAVINGs, explaining the Course of the NERVES. By CHARLES BELL. Price, 1 l., 1s. in Boards.

A SYSTEM of OśRATIVE founded on the Basis of anatory: ". . •by CHARLES BELL. In 2 vols. royal 8vo. iisastwated:with Engravin 1. 14s. Boards. , , , ' ' ', ; , , ; ; ' ". . . . . . . A SYSTEM of DISSECTIONs; explaining the Anatomy of the Human Body; with the Mianner of displaying the Parts, the distinguishing the Natural from the Diseased Appearances, and pointing out to the Student the Objects most worthy his Attention, during a Course of Dissections. By CHARLES BELL. The Third Edition. In 2 vols. foolspap. Price 12s. Bds.

A SYSTEM of DISSECTIONS: explaining the Anatomy of the Human Body, the Manner of displaying the Parts, and their Varieties in Disease. By CHARLES BELL. Illustrated with Engravings. The Second Editism. In folio. Price 3!. 3s. in Boards.

LETTERS concerning the DISEASES of the URETHRA. By CHARLES BELL. !n 8vo. Price 7 s. 6d. in Boards.

OBSERVATIONS on the HYDRARGYRIA; or that vesicular Disease arising from the Exhibition of Mercury. By the late Sir GEORGE ALLEY, M.D. M. R.I.A.

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. In 1 vol. 4to. Price 14s. in Boards.

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Lecturer on Midwifery, and Member of the Faculty of Physicians and †. in Glasgow. In 8vo. Price 9s. in Bøs.

The object of this work is to give an outline of the different diseases incident to women and children, with instructions for their treatinent, plain enough to be generally understood, yet not so minute as to perplex those readers for whom they are intended. Such information highly useful in preventing unnecessary apprehensions respecting symptoms by no means dangerous, and in giving timely alarm when delay might be injurious or fatal.

MEDICINA NAUTICA; an Essay on the Diseases of Seamen. By THOMASTROTTER, M.D. Late Physician to His Majesty’s Fleet, &c. In 3 vols. 8vo. Price Il. 3s. in Boards.

A VIEW of the NERVOUS TEMPERAMENT; being a Practical Inquiry into the increasing Prevalence, Prevention, and Treatment of those Diseases commonly called Nervous, Bilious, Stomach, and Liver Complaints; Indigestion, Low Spirits, Gout, &c. y THOMAS TROTTER, M.D. The 2d Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 8s. in Boards.

An ESSAY, Medical, Philosophical, and Chemical, on DRUNKENNESS, and its Effects on the Human Body. By Thomas TROTTER, M.D. #: 4th Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 6s. in Boards.

CONVERSATIONS on CHEMISTRY. In which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by Experiments. In 2 vols. 12mo, with Plates by Lowry. The 4th Edition. Price 15s. Boards.

“This work may be strongly recommended to young students of both sexes. The |...}}. of the style, the regular disposition of the subject, the judicious selection of illustrating experiments, and the elegance of the plates, are so well adapted to the 'apacity of beginners, and especially of those who do not wish to dive deep iniq the science, that a more appropriate publication can hardly be desired.” Brit. Crit.

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... A SHORE SYSTEM of COMPARATIVE AS&Töyly. Proslateå from the German of J. F. Blumen

Soael, professor of Medicine in the University of Gottingen. With numerous additional Notes, and an Introductory View of the Classification of Animals.

By william LAwRENCE,

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, and Demonstrator of Anatomy of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. In one vol. 8vo. Price 12s. in Boards.

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WHITTINGHAM and Rowland, Printers, Goswell-Street, London.


THE MEDICAL GUIDE, for the Use of the Clergy, Heads of Families, Seminaries, and Young Practitioners in Physic, containing the latest Discoveries - Medicine. By RICHARs REECE, M.D. -A New Edition (being the Ninth) with considerable Addi’ tions, Price 10s. 6d. Boards. “This work is more judicious than the Domestic Medicine Q Dr. Buchan, which we have no doubt it will entirely supersede." Crit. Rev. April 1897. “ it is an advantage to have a work so judicious as that of 12t Iteece's in circulation, for the purpose of continual reference.” - Brit. Crit. April 1807. A PRACTICAL DICTIONARY of POPU. LAR MEDICINE, comprehending the different Branches o the Healing Art, so far as they relate to the Preservation o the Health of Man, residing in different Climates, and engaged in different Occupations, as well as the general Treatment of his Diseases and Accidents, viz. Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Diet, Clothing, Exercise, &c. &c. &c. By RICHARD REFCE, M.D. A new Edit. In 8vo, with Additions. Price 16s. Boards.


on MILITARY OPERATIONS, and on the CLIMATE of the West Indies. By BENJAMIN MOSELEY, M.D. The 4th Edit. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 12s. 6d. Bds.

THE MORBID ANATOMY of the mim Gullet, Stomach, and Intestines. | By ALEXANDER MONRO, Jun. M.D. F.R.S.E. Professor of Medicine, Anatomy, and Surgery, in the University of Edinburgh, Fellow of the Royal College of Phy: sicians, &c. &c. &c. In one large vol royal 8vo, illustrated by 20 Engravings. Price 1b. 18s. in Boards. A SYSTEM of MATERIA MEDICA and PHARMACY. By JOHN MURRAY, Lecturer on Chemistry, and on Materia Medica and Phar macy, Edinburgh. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 14. 1s. Boards. THE LONDON DISPENSATORY, con: taining the Elements and Practice of Materia Medica and Pharmacy, with a Translation of the Pharmacopoeias of th London, the Edinburgh, and the Dublin Colleges of Phy sicians; many .# Tables; and Copper-plates of th Pharmaceutical Apparatus. The whole forming a Synopsi of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By ANTHONY TODD THOMSON, Surgeon, Fellow of the Medical Society of London, and of the Royal Medical, the Physical, and the Speculative Societies of Edinburgh. In 8vo. Price 16s. in Boards. A TREATISE on some Practical Points re. lating to DISEASES of the EYE. By the late JOHN CUNNINGHAM SAUNDERs, Demonstrator of Anatomy at St. Thomas's Hospital, Founder and Surgeon of the London Infirmary for curing Diseases o the Eye. To which is added, a short Account of the Author's Life, and his Method of curing the Congenital Ca. taract. By his Friend and Colleague, J. R. FARRE, M.D. In royal 8vo. illustrated with eight Engravings, and a Portrait of the Author. Price 21s. plaim, and 12 11s. 6d. col.

AN INQUIRY into the PROCESS of *

TURE in repairing Injuries of the Intestimes; illustratin the Treatment of Penetrating Wounds and so Hernia. By BENJAMIN TRAVERs, Demonstrator of Anatomy at Guy's Hospital, Surgeon to the Hon. East India Company, and to the London in. firmary for Diseases of the Eye. In 1 vol. 8vo, with Engravings by Stewart. Price 15s. Bds.

QUINCY'S LEXICON MEDICUM. A New Medical Dictionary ; containing an Explanation of the Terms in Anatomy, Physiology, Practice jo Materia Medica, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Surgery, Midwifery, and the various Branches of Natural Philosopisy connected with Medicine. Selected, arranged, and compiled from the best Authors. By ROBERT HOOPER, M.D. of the University of Oxford, and the Royal College of Phy. sicians of Londou. Physician to the St. Mary-le-bone ii. firmary: &c. &c. In one large vol. 8vo. Price 18s. Bds.

ESSAYS on the Changes of THE HUMAN BODY; at its different Ages; the Diseases to which it is predisposed in each period of Life; and, the Physiological Principles of its Longevity. The whole iniato by many Analogies in Plants and Ániumals.

By THOMAS JAMESON, M.D. Member of the Colleges of Physicians in London and Edin. burgh, and resident ionysician at Cheltenham. In 8vo. Price 9s. Boards.


Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. The 2d Edit. Price 5s. in Boards.

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Which are regularly supplied by their Correspondents in the principal Towns of England,
Scotland, and Ireland, and where Specimens may be seen.

VOYAGE round GREAT BRITAIN, undertaken in the Summer of the Year 1813, and commencing from the Land's End, Cornwall. By RICHARD AYTON. With a Series of Views, illustrative of the Character and prominent Features of the Coast, drawn and engraved by WILLIAM DANIELL, A. R. A. No.I. and II. in imp. 4to.10s. 6d. The Voyage will be illustrated with Coloured Prints, engraved by Mr. William Daniell, from his own Drawings, made expressly for the Purpose. It will be published in Monthly Numbers, each Number to contain Two Plates coloured, with Sixteen Pages of Letter-press, price 10s. 6d.

PORTRAITS of ILLUSTRIOUS PERSONAGES of GREAT BRITAIN; with Biographical and Historical Memoirs of their Lives and Actions. By EDMUND LODGE, Esq. Lancaster Herald, F.S.A. Author of the Biographical Tracts attached to the “Holbein Heads.” The Work will consist of Twenty Parts, forming two volumes in folio, printed in the finest manner. Each part will contain Six Portraits with Biographical Memoirs attached, published quarterly, and commencing in April 1814. It will appear in two sizes, both in folio, four hundred copies being printed on a demy paper, and one hundred and fifty on drawing paper of super-royal size, the latter containing proof impressions of all the plates, struck off upon Indian paper. The price will be two guineas and a half each part, for the small edition; the price of the large paper copies, which will contain proof impressions of the plates upon Indian paper, will be five guineas each part.

The CATHEDRAL ANTIQUITIES of ENGLAND; or, an Historical, Architectural, and Graphical Illustration of the English Cathedral Churches. By JOHN BRITTON, F. S. A.

Vol. I. Part I. will contain the History and Description of SALisbury CATHEDRAL CHURCH, with Thirty Engravings, illustrative of the Architecture, Sculpture, and Monumental Effigies of that noble edifice. The Architectural Plates will all be engraved by J. LE KEUx and H. LE KEUx, from Drawings by F. MACKENziE:—the Monumental and Sculptural Subjects will be drawn and etched by T. BAxTER. ! . . . . . . . -

The whole of this Cathedral will be published in the course of the:" Year 1814. It will class with, and be a continuation of, the Author's “Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain,” which will be completed in: : June next, and consist of four volumes. • " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Illustration of Salisbury Cathedral will be comprised in five ‘mumbers; the first of which will appear in April next. They will be charged 12s. per Number medium 4to. and £1.. imperial 4to. A few copies will be printed in royal and in crown folio, to correspond with, and illustrate the new edition of Dugdale's Monasticon.

The History of Salisbury Cathedral will be followed by a similar work on the Cathedral of Oxford: this will be succeeded by those of Lincoln, Peterborough, Norwich, Wells, &c.; for all of which the Author has collected documents and sketches.

HISTORICAL SKETCHES of POLITICS and PUBLIC MEN, for the Year 1812-13. (To be continued Annually.) In

One Volume, 8vo. price 7s. Boards. -
“This writer, whoever he be, brings to his task a much larger share of information, re-
flection, and calm temper, than generally belongs to the authors of temporary productions.
—A spirit of deliberate inquiry and a cool judgment are conspicuous, not on some merely,
but on all the topics discussed.”—Monthly Review, August, 1818.

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Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row.

The DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE; in which the Words are deduced from their Originals, and illustrated in their different significations, by examples from the best Writers: to which is prefixed a History of the Language, and an English Grammar. By SAMUEL JOHNSON, L. L. D. With numerous Corrections, and with the Addition of many Thousand Words, by the Rev. HENRY J. TODD, M. A. F. S. A. Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty, and Keeper of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Records.

The Work will be published in Parts, and the first will appear in a few weeks. *

ARCHAICA, containing a Reprint of scarce Old English Tracts, with Prefaces and Notes, Critical and Biographical. The first Tract proposed to be printed is Robert GREENE's PHILoMELA; or, Lady Fitzwater's Nightingale; an interesting prototype of our modern Novels. The Archaica will be handsomely printed in royal octavo.

HELICONIA, containing a Reprint of the most scarce and curious Collections of our Old English Poetry, first published in the reign of Queen Elizabeth; with Notes, Critical and Biographical. By THOMAS PARK, F. A. S. and other Gentlemen most conversant in that branch of literature. The Heliconia will be handsomely printed in royal 4to.

The first Work proposed to be printed is

A GORGIOUS GALLERY of GALLANT INVENTIONS, garnished and decked with diuers dayntie deuises, right delicate and delightfull, to recreate eche modest minde withall. First framed and fashioned in sundrie formes, by diuers worthy workemen of late dayes; and now ioymed together and builded up. By T. P. Imprinted at London, for Richard Jones, 1578. Edited by THOMAS PARK, Esq. F. A. S.

*** As the Impression of the Heliconia and Archaica is to be limited to Two Hundred Copies, Gentlemen who wish to possess either of the works are requested to lose no time in communicating their names to the publishers, otherwise, it will be impossible to insure them copies.

A GENERAL COLLECTION of VOYAGES and '...TRAVEH.S.: fonting a complete History of the Origin and Progress of ‘Discovery, by Sea and .Land, from the earliest Ages to the present Time. ... : By #QHN:PinkERTGN, Author of Modern Geography, &c. &c. :...: ; Pāśts-1 to 60; in quarto, with Engravings, price iOs. 6d. each. The NEW CYCLOPAEDIA; or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature; adapted to the present State of Literature and Science. By ABRAHAM REES, D. D. F. R. S. with the assistance of eminent Professional Gentlemen. Illustrated with new Plates, including Maps, engraved for the Work by some of the most distinguished Artists. Parts 1 to 52, with Two Parts of additional Plates, 20s. each, Bds. or on Royal Paper, price 36s. Bds. The Editor and Proprietors of the New Cyclopædia embrace with pleasure the earliest opportunity of announcing the period when, without unforeseen and unavoidable interruptions, their great undertaking will be accomplished. They have published fifteen Parts during the last two years; and in consequence of measures lately adopted, they trust that they shall be able to publish eight Parts in each succeeding year. Of the seventy-two Parts which, as they have now reason to believe, the Cyclopaedia will comprehend, fifty-two are already before the public; and the remaining twenty will, according to this arrangement, be completed within three years.

NEW PERIODICAL WORKS - 3 Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row.

A NEW MODERN ATLAS. By JOHN PINKERTON. The Maps are engraved in the Size called Colombier, from Drawings executed under Mr. Pinkerton's eye; with all the advantages afforded by the latest Improvements in Geographical Precision; and they exhibit the utmost Beauty the State of the Arts can admit. Nos. 1 to 17, each containing Three Maps. Price One Guinea each. The BRITISH GALLERY of PICTURES. In Two Series. Publishing in Numbers and Parts. The First SERIEs comprises Engravings of the whole of the Marquis of Stafford's Collection of Pictures, arranged according to Schools, and in Chronological Order; with Remarks on each Picture. By W. Y. OTTLEY, Esq. F. S. A. Twenty-five Numbers of this Series, price 10s. 6d. each; Proofs on India Paper, price £1.1s.; or correctly coloured and mounted, £2.12s. 6d.; which are divided into Five PARts, price £2. 12s. 6d. each; Proofs on India Paper, price £5.5s.; or correctly coloured and mounted, price £13. 2s. 6d. are already pubbished; to be completed in about Fifty Numbers or Ten Parts. The SEcon D SERIEs consists of Engravings of the finest Paintings of the Old Masters, in the Cabinets, Galleries, and Private Collections of Noblemen and Gentlemen who have liberally permitted the Proprietors to have fine Copies taken of them for the use of this Work, accompanied with Descriptions, Historical and Critical. By HENRY TRESHAM, Esq. R. A. Ten Numbers of this Series, price 10s. 6d. each; Proofs on India Paper, price £1.1s.; or exquisitely finished in colours and mounted, price £6.6s. are published; which form the Two FIRST PARTs, price each £2.12s. 6d.; Proofs on India Paper, £5. 5s. ; or exquisitely finished in colours and mounted, price £31. 10s. - The ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES of GREAT BRITAIN, represented and illustrated in a Series of Views, Elevations, Plans, Sections, and Details of various ancient English Edifices, with historical and descriptive Accounts of each. By JOHN BRITTON, F. S. A. Nos. 1 to 37, in Parts, 16s. and 10s. 6d. each. Three more Parts will complete this work. Also may be had, the same Work, in 3 Wols. imperial 4to. £22.8s. half bound.—Ditto, 3 vols. medium 4to. £14. 14s. half bound. “The engravings are executed in a superior style; the descriptions are sufficiently ample, and appear to be accurate; and, under the superintendance of so able an anti

quary as Mr. Britton, there can be no doubt that the succeeding parts will display a corresponding excellenee.—Anti-Jac. Rev - .

The MöRBIf ANATOMY of the LIVER; being an

Inquiry into the Anatomical Character, Symptoms, and Treatment of certain Diseases which impair or destroy the Structure of that Wiscus. Order I.TUMoURs. Part I. On the Tubera Circumscripta, and Tubera Diffusa. By J. R. FARRE, M.D. In Imperial 4to. illustrated with coloured Engravings, Part I. price 15s. - The Subjects of Tumours and Inflammation of the Liver will occupy a Series of Twelve or Thirteen eoloured Engravings, some of which will contain three or more Figures. The whole will be completed either in four or six Fasciculi. - - ENGRAVINGS from . SPECIMIENS of MORBID PARTS, preserved in the Author's Collection now in Windmill Street, and selected from the Divisions inscribed, URETHRA, WESICA, REN, MORBOSA, et LAESA, containing Specimens of every Disease which is attended with Change of Structure in these Parts, and exhibiting the Injuries from the Bougie, Catheter, Caustic, Trochar, and Lithotomy Knife, incautiously used. With Observations, by CHAS, BELL. Part I. In Imp, folio. £1.16s.

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