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* Mr. Arnall, author of this ingenious traét, and of the Animadversions on a certain Prelate's Remarks, &c. inserted in the 3d vol. of this work, was a man so fingular and extraordinary that a short account of him will be acceptable to the reader. be -- He was clerk to an attorney, when being recom. mended to Sir Robert Walpole as a man of most ready wit and invention in writing, he cock him into his service, and employed him for a course of years in * writing the Free Brites, and other papers in defence of his adminiftration, for which he assigned him a thousand pounds yearly out of the treasury : and be. fides those public papers, he wrote several occasional tracts in defence of his Patron, who laid the treasury open to his demands. But when Sir Robert refigned, all his fupplies being stopped, and having spent his money as fast as he received it, and being in debt a thousand pounds, he died of a broken heart in the 26th year of his age.

His invention was so quick, that Sir Robert used to fay, no man in England could write a pamphlet in so li jie time as Arriall. His exsences were boundiefs,

having at one time ready furnished lodgings in three - vietifferent parts of the city, and keeping a coach ard

fix. , ' . ** su i da - He was author of the Letter 10 Dr. Codex on his modeft inftrution to the crown, in the cafe of Dr. Rundle, appointed bishop of Londonderry: he also wrote Ont ofiicn 10 proof of Parriotism; Clodius and -Cicero; and many other political tracts, all very in

genious and plausible apologies for the administration of that time. It is said, that he affected to be a gentleman, but behaved in all companies as an aliore ney's cleik.

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Reverend Sir, † , A LTHOUGH I am a Jew, a circumcised

A Jew, it will be allowed me to address I myself to a chrifiian high priest; nor will the rabbins of our religion condemă me for this application, since I come to you in behalf of a onmerous innocent people, groaning under oppression, obliged to contribute to every public charge, yet excluded from every public employment; and this, on no other account than that of religion, though you know, and, I doubt not, are ready to avow, that the CHRISTIAN religion was never intended, aor ought, to liave

+ Dr. Gibson, bishop of London.

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the the RIGHTS OF MANKIND in a worfe condition than it found them.

L. The truth is, that we, the Jews of this king

dom, who have always been peaceable well-
meaning, men, submitted with patience to this
hardship, because we never yet faw our christian
countrymen agreed in opinion, whether chris-
tians in general are qualified by christianity itself
for public employments; and we were led to
believe, that if the faith of Christ admitted of so
much distinction, if christians might be separated
from christians, and only those of a favourite
complexion entitled to offices, the Jews in this
case could not hope for much indulgence from
a people who have so little for one another.

But since this stumbling block of offence is likely to be taken away, since it is proposed that no man's RELIGIOUS OPINIONS shall be any longer his civil qualification or disqualification, We hope, that proteflant difenters will not be the only men received within this righteous comprehenfion, but that you, Sir, whose equity we reverence, though we differ from your faith, will be our patron on the pripciple of universal charity; that as the great apostle of your reve. łation gloried to be filed the apofile of the Gene tiles, you will think it no dishonour to be the BISHOP OF THE Jews, and that as your Sa


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viour himself Taid of one in his times, we may
fay of you with equal truth, Behold an Il-
raelite in whom there is no guile. For, ' .

We have an vaquestionable right to your
protection, if you are unquestionable in your
fincerity; (as who dare even fufpect it ?) we are
lold by fome chriftians who fometimes attend at
church, that in your pulpit where you never
deceive, and in your prayers where you never
dissemble, you beseech God for Jews, Turks,
and Infidels, giving us the preference of those
who believe the Arabian prophet,, as you prefer
Mahometans before those who believe none at all,
Now, it would be uoreasonable to throw us
wholly on the care of heaven, without hewing
some regard to us on your own part : It would
be imposing a burthen on the providence of
God, and expecting him to work miracles, whilft
you negleft the natural means of doing us good.
If therefore you refuse our reasonable requests,
and favour us with unprofitable prayers, you act
the part of courtiers, who profess a world of
respect for their friends, whilst they avoid every
opportunity of serving them, and get rid of
them at last by recommending them to princes
or great perfons, who have either no leisure to
mind them, or no obligation to prefer them.'

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We hope for greater candour from you, Sir, apd are therefore thus free to trouble you with


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our most reasonable apprehenfion, that thougti from the rigid instituțions of our religion we vevery one of us must suffer' certain mutilations of the fejh, yet we ought not from any conlidera tion, either human or divine; to suffer such a vivid circumcihon as to be cut out of all employ. Wents, even in our native country, under' a go Yernment whose authority we have obeyed, and whose establishment we have fupported with fuch irreproachable fidelity, and fuch difiote. rested zeal, that divers uncircumcised patriots (not forgetting his Honour'* in particular) who on certain occafions have been favoured with the trusts and loaded with the bounties of this foyal family, would be flattered beyond what their modesty can bear, were it said in the praise, that they have not behaved to the governa ment WORSE THAN 'VERY TEWs. atida

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In fact, our present usage is more grievous than what we endured, even : in the land of Eggpt. We were so far from being onder ino capacities there, that 'Joseph; a circumcised Few, was king Pharaoh's PRIME MINISTER, under whose gentle administration we fourilled exceedingly; which is more than we have fince done by the favour of ministers, though many have been in former times, 'who wanted only cir. cumcision to make them PERFECT JEWS.

* Mr. Pultny.m

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